Connection Between Guest Blogging And Self-Publishing

Connection Between Guest Blogging And Self-Publishing

No matter what niche your writing resides in and which marketing tactics you focus on, there can be no doubt that self-publishing your work successfully can be a difficult task, often leaving you wishing that you had the kind of advertising team behind you that a traditional publishing house offers.

Fear not: the internet is chock full of the kinds of tools and platforms that you need to make your mission a successful one, with a little ingenuity going a long way, and that includes the idea of guest blogging in order to aid your self-publishing efforts.

Whether you submit content to other blogs or accept the work of other authors on your own website, the connection between guest blogging and self-publishing promises to be self-evident once you get the ball rolling; here are five tips to make it all happen:

1. Offer Your Content to Others

The most obvious aspect of guest blogging from a self-publishing author’s point of view is the ability to have your voice heard on platforms other than your own, helping you to garner new readers and build more interest in your abilities as a writer.

Luckily, given the wide proliferation of guest blogging around the web, you’ll find that there is no shortage of opportunities to lend your content to other blogs in your niche, providing you with a nearly unlimited number of platforms from which to connect with new readers.

2. Accept Outside Content on Your Own Blog

Conversely, inviting other bloggers and writers involved in your genre to post their content on your blog also opens up a number of new opportunities for you to work with. Besides helping you to flesh out your online home with fresh new content, you can bet that fans of your guest writers will find their way to your blog when you accept guest content, helping you to secure a whole new conduit of web traffic which can be easily converted into personal fans if you’ve got a quality website to offer.

In order to take full advantage of the visitors that allowing guest content on your blog will bring, be sure to monitor their activity and present them with the links and calls to action necessary to get them excited about who you are and what you have to offer them. Given just how targeted these visitors will be, a mere minimal effort is sure to offer great returns.

3. Maximum Effort Means Maximum Return

Remember: you’ll get only one opportunity to impress a new group of readers when submitting your content to another blog, so make the very best of it each and every time.

To that end, you’ll need to identify and target only the most appropriate blogs by using a helpful tool such as that offered by My Blog Guest, ensuring that your content ends up in front of the kind of readers that will have an interest in your niche and style.

Here’s one of the most recent articles I did through MyBlogGuest: I wouldn’t have been able to find such a great blog on my own!

4. Backlinks and Traffic

When it comes to providing guest content on blogs belonging to other authors in your niche, you can also count on the ability to leave a backlink in your wake.

While it may seem like a small thing, that simple link not only gives readers an easy way to track you down in order to take in more of what you have to say, but it also alerts Google and friends to the fact that your website holds some importance in the circles that you surf in, helping your blog to rank higher in search engine results pages and thus providing you with more organic traffic.

5. Always Follow Up on Your Efforts

Whether you’ve shared your writing with another blog or accepted a new author’s content on your own website, make a point to get the word out about your new endeavor via social media in order to push it as far and wide as it will go.

Readers often enjoy collaborations and are always up for something new and exciting, giving you everything you need to base a successful social media campaign around your guest blogging efforts.

Once you’ve done everything in your power to spread your new posts around the web, take the time to pay close attention to how that content plays with your readers by using traditional web analytics and common sense when reviewing comments and reviews.

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