Gadgets Geeks Box Set: The Best Guides on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Echo and Other Gadget Geeks and Useful Tools (seo, youtube, search engine optimization)


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BOOK #1: SEO: 20 Search Engine Optimization Tricks to Get Your Website to the Top of Search Results

You may often omit some of these tricks, but these will help you a lot to understand all important things. This will increase your understanding of SEO procedure. Search engine optimization can help you to increase the ranking and importance of your website. You can use keywords and optimize your images with the help of given ideas. There are numerous techniques that are helpful to increase potential customers on your website. You will be able to understand the difference between internet marketing and SEO.

BOOK #2: Youtube: Top 10 Strategies to Create a Successful Youtube Channel and Make Money Online (Youtube Channel Guide to Grow Passive Income Through Social Media)

Are you tired of working your nine to five job wondering when you’re going to make enough money to retire or, at least, take that vacation you’ve been planning?

Would you like to know how to make money without having to constantly manage the source?

Then you should look into YouTube videos! There are plenty of ways you can monetize your YouTube videos and create ones that will be successful. In this book, you’ll learn the top ten ways to make money on YouTube.

BOOK #3: Kindle Unlimited: 7 Tips to Maximizing Kindle Unlimited Subscription Account Benefits and Getting the Most from Your Kindle Unlimited Books

Upon its launch in 2007, Kindle was a novelty product. It enjoyed instant popularity. The Kindle allows you to carry an entire library’s worth of reading material wherever you may go. Affordable and easy to use, it gives avid readers the joy of accessing millions of authors and titles. Many other versions of the kindle have been released since its initial release. Newer kindles have updated features, such as touchscreen and mobile phone technology.

BOOK #4: Amazon Echo: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Echo 2016 With Amazon Echo Accessories Explained

Have you ever crawled into bed and then remembered that you had not turned off the light or closed the garage door? If you have, then you would understand the pain (groan) of having to get back out there, hit the switches and go find the remote to the garage. This after a hard day’s work and the only thing you can think of is sleep.

BOOK #5: Kindle Fire: 10 Reasons to Get the New Kindle Fire ASAP and Enjoy Your Kindle Devices

Amazon’s Kindle fire 8.9 is the latest among the Amazon’s tablets family and considered a necessity among the self-published writers community. With all its features designed to complement a writer and reader’s needs, Amazon indeed managed to come out with a reader that encompassed all traditions when it breaks the tablet market by coming up with affordable high-quality tablets.

BOOK #6: Cyberbullying: Detect a Bully and Stop Online Emotional Abuse in 15 Simple Steps – Online Bullying and Safety Guide

Cyber bullies are really dangerous because they can practice it without any fear. They don’t think about the consequences of bullying and give mental torture to others. Bullying creates bad memories and these may last for whole life. A victim may feel anxious after hearing the name of the bully.Anyone can be a victim of cyber bullying and it doesn’t feel different than traditional bullying. It is a way to harass others with the help of advanced technology.

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