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Writing content is really expensive: it consumes a lot of time, creativity and ideas. How to minimize your efforts? [7 tools] 1. Hemingway Editor URL: www.hemingwayapp…. Using this tool you can easily understand the most common problems. Also it helps to correct your mistakes by classifying them into different categories. 2. Feedly URL: feedly.com/ Feedly allows you to choose content you would like to read. It’s a good way to transform you RSS feed into readable and friendly platform. There you can get news, articles from blogs and brands you like. 3. Evernote URL: www.evernote.com/ You can save post and pages in Evernote for original ideas, research, infographics or anything else. 4. Grammarly URL: www.grammarly.com/ In a free account you can correct simple grammar mistakes and essential account allows you to see the advanced mistakes. 5. Semrush URL: www.semrush.com/ This perfect SEO tool can be used not only for search optimization of your pages but also for content. It suggests keywords for better ranking in Google. 6. ContentIdeator URL: www.contentforest… Enter a keyword into the search bar, and press Submit. Give it a second to retrieve results, and scroll down to see a ton of headline and content ideas. All suggested topics are SEO-related. 7. Canva URL: www.canva.com/ If you are not a designer but you want to create visually rich artciles use Canva. Add hapes, text, pictures, icons and other form you find in Google pictures. Once you get familiar with the tool, you can create attractive pictures like this one below in less than 5 minutes (for free):

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