How To Maximise The Benefits Of SEO Techniques

How To Maximise The Benefits Of SEO Techniques

SEO techniques are ever evolving with new changes taking place almost every day. It is, therefore, very important to keep abreast of these advancements and improvements in order to see a considerable increase in the visibility of your website. But in order to have a strong online presence, it is important for you to have a multifaceted, integrated and highly organised SEO strategy.

Basic of SEO techniques

SEO techniques enable websites to get a high search engine ranking as well as healthy and good inbound traffic. In order to achieve this four very simple and basic steps have to be followed. They are:

  • Step 1: Understanding SEO:  It is very important for anyone interested in using SEO techniques to know the basics of the same. A person, thus, has to educate himself so that he has a fair idea of the processes and techniques involved. There are many SEO guides available online, some of which like the Google “SEO Starter Guide” and “SEOmoz’s Beginners’ Guide to SEO” are highly recommended for their comprehensive approach.
  • Step 2: Finding the keywords: Keywords are the instruments for gaining visibility. Hence it is very important to know the best keywords for your website which will generate the maximum traffic.  There are a number of ways to do it. some of them are:
    • Finding out the keywords being used by competitors,
    • Making a list and them finding out which among them ranks high with regards to volume and low with regards to competition,
    • Searching for the targeted keywords to see how your website stacks up against that of your competitors etc.
  • Step 3: Optimising the website for keywords: For the keywords to generate the desired results they have to be strategically placed in your website contents. Optimum use of keywords can be done by
    • Incorporating the keywords in the address or URL as well as the name of your website,
    • Ensuring adequate presence of keywords taking care that the website of webpage does not look like a spam page and
    • Building landing pages with back links for keywords that are of great relevance to your website.
  • Step 4: Committing to an SEO strategy which is long-term: The website built using the keywords has to be upgraded and updated regularly using interesting bits and articles which will add value to web visitors accessing your website. Also having webinars, gust blogging and getting press releases add value by generating back links to your website. It is thus important to finalise an SEO strategy and stick with it so that it gives good results in the long run. Short term strategies have a way of misfiring while patient handling of long term strategies is sure to yield results.

The above techniques will help you to understand and build the best possible search engine optimised website for your business. But even the best of the websites designed need to be worked on to ensure regularity of results. Certain advanced techniques which, if and when, adopted yields continuous good results are:

  • Auditing the framework of the site,
  • Researching for data with regards to end-user value,
  • Creating more and more optimised back links and landing pages,
  • Making the site mobile friendly as well as user-friendly,
  • Doubling your infographic power,
  • Implementing LSI or latent semantic indexing,
  • Keeping an eye on and targeting competitors keywords,
  • Leveraging on social platforms with authority,
  • Deepening links to internal pages and
  • Refreshing your archived pages.

Proper creation and designing, timely up-gradations and incorporating interesting topics and articles form  part of a strategy that never fails to yield good results in the long run thereby making for a healthy website.

Author Bio: Adam is a renowned SEO expert and Calgary web designer from, who has seen the Internet since its dawn. He has seen it boom through the 90’s Internet revolution, the 2000’s era of SEO Calgary and online marketing, and the recent flurry of Google updates that have rocked the SEO world like anything. Currently, he spends most of his time sharing his knowledge with webmasters and SEO experts.

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