Real-Time Mobile Data Statistics May Simplify For Advertising Campaign

If you were to ask any business person in the world what their biggest problem with advertising was, they’d likely tell you it was knowing specifically where to advertise. While traditional print advertising, TV advertising, and radio advertising still has it’s place, statistics show that more and more people are spending more and more time online. The smart business person is already there, with their brand on the most popular websites.


Or so they think.


Typically, when people advertise online, they spend a few bucks and think that’s good enough. But wouldn’t it make sense to advertise where the MOST people are? Advertising on a Starbucks App, with it’s 17 million users making 6 million monthly orders over advertising on the FoodPanda App, which only gets 1 million. Aligning your brand with Samsung, who sells 26 million smartphones a month, over Apple, who only sells 19 million. These are small details that could have huge results for your business. Or get into WhatsApp. 900 billion messages are sent every month, with over a trillion received. Just having a little ad at the bottom of the app is going to expose literally millions of people to your brand.


Over 20 billion users will access Facebook in a month. Target ads to your demographic on Facebook and you will most likely see success. Almost every demographic is on Facebook. Those that aren’t likely have someone representing them who is. Imagine having your brand be positively discussed in one of the over 1.3 trillion messages sent and received in a month. Even twitter, with 12 billion new tweets every month is a great place to advertise, because of the amount of traffic they have. Start a hashtag campaign, get people involved in your brand. Over 3 billion selfies will be taken in a month, why not have them promote your brand FOR you?


The problem arises, however, with trying to get started. Trying to take that first step into better aligning your brand in the digital ad world. There’s simply so much information and so many sites that it’s overwhelming for any single person, or even any team of people, to tackle. Luckily for you, this real time mobile data statistics has taken on the task. With it’s real-time info graphics, Coupon Machine has pioneered a way to track internet traffic across the web, taking all the legwork out of finding where people spend their time online.
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