Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Strategies: How to use them effectively to boost your business today


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How to use Search Engine Marketing effectively to boost your business today

More Traffic = More Sales = More Money

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to boost your business using effective ways presented in a simpler, understandable list. There are already a number of individuals publishing materials in this subject, but most of them can get very technical. That can be confusing especially if you are just getting started in setting up your search engine marketing strategy.

Also, most texts are usually teasers and sneak-peaks for resources to be found in their associated membership sites. But this book has most of the covered issues downsized into a number of easy-to-follow steps. These generalized, open methods will allow you to mix and match strategies to best fit your purposes in promoting and expanding the reach of your business. You don’t have to try the strategies one after another. You can apply just as many as you wanted simultaneously for maximum marketing benefits to your venture.

What you will learn in this ebook:

Chapter One

EVALUATION & PLANNING: Assess what kind of marketing boost your business needs and plan accordingly.
•Be goal-oriented.
•Increase site traffic.
•Raise brand visibility to target audience.
•Generate more leads.

Chapter Two

RESOURCES & CHANNELS: After identifying your goal, see what your resources can provide for you.
•Do you need to outsource tactics?
•SEO service providers
•Social networking and multimedia sharing sites
•Learning further.

Chapter Three

IMPLEMENTATION & PROMOTION: Once you have built a SEO program for your business, implement and promote.
•Evaluate the Plan.
•Implement your SEO program.
•Do your other homework: Promote.

Chapter Four

MAINTENANCE & CYCLE: As long as your business exists, the cycle continues.
•Conduct regular optimization assessment.
•Hold regular promotion events.
•Review and upgrade your plan as needed.
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