Search Engine Optimization Rules: White hat vs. Black hat optimization methods, How to optimize your website ethically


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White hat vs. Black hat optimization methods – How to optimize your website ethically

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There’s a new e-book that opens your eyes and shines the light of – clarity – on what is often a mind numbing, confusing thing to understand. I’m talking about the so-called…

Search Engine Optimization

It’s the “rage” among Internet Marketers – because without it, you die. Don’t even bother getting in the game.
“If you don’t know … how to SEO …” – could be the beginning of the next hit R&B song.
But if you DO know how to use Search Engine Optimization correctly and ethically – as you will once you read this short but lively e-book – you will see your website advance up the ladder and STAY there for the long haul.

A good quality SEO campaign uses only what the author calls “White Hat” techniques – as opposed to the nefarious “Black Hat” SNEAKY TRICKS that were once widely used and now utterly despised by the professional high-end SEO experts.

One read of this book and you’ll know “the lay of the land” – and how to navigate it without getting your head handed to you. You’ll understand all the key principles of proper SEO… and you’ll see that there’s a REASON WHY you should be doing all those things you “hoped” you didn’t have to do with your website.

You’ll also understand the critical difference between “White Hat” (legitimate) SEO techniques… and the risky (penalized) “Black Hat” techniques that work “fast” but cost you BIG TIME in the long run.

(Get ready to understand also the key distinction known as “Gray Hat” techniques – which are ‘borderline’ Black Hat without incurring the wrath of the search engines. Very effective tricks!)
This book is a must for anyone who wants a truly quick, reliable primer on the nature of Good vs. Bad SEO.

Download yours today. It’s a reference guide you’ll go back to again and again.

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