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How to Make a Successful Social Media Strategy

If you're an artist, freelancer, designer, or writer of any kind, you need a social media strategy to promote your work, discover new clients, and create buzz! Follow these guidelines for establishing a digital social media plan that works for you. Source by 20four7va

These Widgets Can Help Your Readers Understand You Better

When we write to share or educate our readers about something, our blog becomes more than the content we publish to it. It becomes a reference and a firm source of data which later on can define your capability as an expert. This clearly sums up and explains our desire to write better content. But the challenge is, there are a lot of widgets to...

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Top 5 Blogging Practices for the Busy Business Owner

Business owners are busy people – we all know that. Unfortunately, no matter how much business owners are valued  for their expertise and leadership, crafting purposeful post on a regular basis can be a monumental undertaking for a busy business owner.  An obvious fact why blogging can be too challenging for them. It is a bit hard to stay active online as ongoing commitments are...

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