Search Engine Profits: Two Money Making Strategies for SEO Entrepreneurs… Google Launch Marketing & SEO Client Consulting (bundle)

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What you’ll get in this bundle:


Learn how to make at least $1,000 per month with SEO Client Consulting

Inside you’ll learn:


Understanding SEO Basics

On Page SEO – Different Tactics

Off Page SEO – Building a Private Blog Network and Other tactics

How to get your clients website rank on the first page of Google


How to Find SEO Clients

Local Business Owners


LinkedIn Groups


How to find clients for your business


* How to make money selling HOT products from current product launches online

* The best ways to find an upcoming product launch

* The exact criteria to follow so you’ll have a guaranteed profitable launch

* How to create your website from scratch

* How to create a product review

* Real world examples of awesome launch profits website

* How to rank your website fast without spending a lot of time working on it

* The secret sauce that can easily 5x your profits overnight


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My Secret Marketing Source- The Last Training Your Will Ever Need!

My Secret Marketing Source- The Last Training Your Will Ever Need! review

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Hot! New Earn 75% Recurring Monthly Commissions! All By Answering The Most Burning Question Online. How To Make Money From Home! But That Is Just The Beginning, They Learn Over 20 Legit Ways To Make Money And Then How To Market Their Business Form A-z!

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Trade Up Your Online Marketing: Discover the SEO Tools Every Tradesman Needs to Get Found, Build Trust and Win More Clients Online

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Free reader offer worth £129: “Trade Up Your Online Marketing” gives every reader the opportunity to claim a free website audit – worth £129 – to see how well your trade website is currently optimised for the search engines, and the first step towards to helping you win more clients online!

The first ever guide written specifically for the building and construction industry, Trade Up Your Online Marketing provides a great introduction on how to drive more traffic and generate more business from your company website.

As every trades person knows, having an online presence greatly impacts the success (or otherwise) of your business. With hundreds of new buildings and home improvement companies launching websites each week, the ability to make sure your company website – and therefore your services – get found by the right customer, at the right time, is more important than ever before.

Whether you’re a plumber, roofer, builder, landscape gardener, or kitchen and bathroom installer… Trade Up Your Online Marketing gives you a solid and practical ground plan to follow that will improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Packed with both beginner and advanced techniques and written using simple and easy to understand language, this book provides you with the very latest SEO practices and tools for 2016 and beyond.

Regardless of which buildings or home improvement sector you operate in, using the advice and guidance in Trade Up Your Online Marketing you will have the very best opportunity – and practical knowhow – to ensure your website gets found, builds trust and wins more customers online.

About the Author

Andrew Ludlam is the founder of Choice Digital – the specialist online marketing partner for premium service providers, helping businesses create more awareness, build trust and win more clients online. He is a highly respected business growth expert and author of the Amazon 5-star rated book Maverick Marketing: Essential Business-Building Strategies for Extraordinary Business Growth.

Free Reader Offer Worth £129

Trade Up Your Online Marketing also gives you the opportunity to claim a free website audit – worth £129 – to see how well your trade website is currently optimised for the search engines, and the first step towards to helping you win more clients online!

Praise for Trade Up Your Online Marketing

“We all know that being top of Google is key, especially in the buildings trade and whilst there’s lots of online marketing “advice” out there much of it is out of date, or simply doesn’t work. However, “Trade Up Your Online Marketing” does the job. It is full of usable advice that you can implement straight away. It is a true beginner’s guide based on years of experience and bang up to date. Highly recommended!”

Michael Birmingham – Redrose Limited

“Running my own decorating business, I know how important it is to make sure my company website is found at the top of the search engines. Word of mouth can only get you so far. However, learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) can be confusing. “Trade Up Your Online Marketing”, explains – in plain English – the specific SEO tools and strategies you need in 2016 and beyond to get found and win more clients online”

Jason Chinsammy – Redecorate London Limited

“The first online marketing book specifically written for the trade, “Trade Up Your Online Marketing” is highly recommend for business owners that might have struggled to understand and implement online marketing before. The book is packed full of advice that you can take action on today”

James Warrington – Darusi Services Limited

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Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Strategies: How to use them effectively to boost your business today

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How to use Search Engine Marketing effectively to boost your business today

More Traffic = More Sales = More Money

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to boost your business using effective ways presented in a simpler, understandable list. There are already a number of individuals publishing materials in this subject, but most of them can get very technical. That can be confusing especially if you are just getting started in setting up your search engine marketing strategy.

Also, most texts are usually teasers and sneak-peaks for resources to be found in their associated membership sites. But this book has most of the covered issues downsized into a number of easy-to-follow steps. These generalized, open methods will allow you to mix and match strategies to best fit your purposes in promoting and expanding the reach of your business. You don’t have to try the strategies one after another. You can apply just as many as you wanted simultaneously for maximum marketing benefits to your venture.

What you will learn in this ebook:

Chapter One

EVALUATION & PLANNING: Assess what kind of marketing boost your business needs and plan accordingly.
•Be goal-oriented.
•Increase site traffic.
•Raise brand visibility to target audience.
•Generate more leads.

Chapter Two

RESOURCES & CHANNELS: After identifying your goal, see what your resources can provide for you.
•Do you need to outsource tactics?
•SEO service providers
•Social networking and multimedia sharing sites
•Learning further.

Chapter Three

IMPLEMENTATION & PROMOTION: Once you have built a SEO program for your business, implement and promote.
•Evaluate the Plan.
•Implement your SEO program.
•Do your other homework: Promote.

Chapter Four

MAINTENANCE & CYCLE: As long as your business exists, the cycle continues.
•Conduct regular optimization assessment.
•Hold regular promotion events.
•Review and upgrade your plan as needed.
Get Your Copy Today

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Questions to ask your Plumber before you do business with him

Before hiring a plumbing contractor, there are a few practical things you have to consider. Over the years, you might have heard a few horror stories about new plumbers who might have ruined someone’s plumbing system or have had a few complications along the process of the job. From these stories, you can now understand how important it is to take the time in finding an experienced and reputable plumbing contractor.

There are few things more stressful in the home than a disaster with pipes or fittings. In trying to keep calm, fix the problem and limit the damage, you will often reach for the phone and call the first available expert.

But it pays, whether you are in the suburbs of North Virginia or the Hurley-burly of the New York metropolis, to ask a few questions and get the best help. Asking the right question will lead to more better answers & will eventually help you on the whole.

If you want to make sure that your plumbing system is in good hands, here are a few key questions that you can ask the plumber:

  1. Are you licensed?

This is the most important question to ask a plumbing contractor. Do not just take their word for it, but ask them to show you proof. Several companies operate without a license, and many homeowners assume that every plumber has one. Being a licensed plumber means that they are registered with a governing body within the state or locality they are in. For more information, you can always look up the licensing rules for your area online. The problem with having a good plumber who is not licensed would mean that the work they offer has not passed a proper inspection.

  1. What is the total cost?

Most professional plumbers will offer their customers a free estimate for the job, but be careful if they want to provide their estimate over the phone. They should come over to your place and check out the job before they start the work. Once your prospective plumber has checked the job, they can provide you with the total cost including the materials, labors, and a contingency plan for any problem. Some estimates will look good on paper, but it will only include the necessary costs of the materials, and as the job goes on, you might be surprised if the price increases.

  1. When should I pay?

You want to find out when the plumber expects to be paid and how much of the total cost should be paid up front. If the plumber asks you to pay for the complete total before the job starts, it is best you walk away. Ideally, you would want to pay your plumber by milestones. Once they finish an individual piece of work, you can pay a certain percentage. Some plumbers will also base the payment on the time spent. After a specified number of days or weeks, you can pay a certain portion of the total cost. Nonetheless, be careful about this process because some plumbers will work slowly on purpose to receive a higher payment.

  1. Who will complete the work?

Professional plumbing companies regularly employ more than just one plumber for larger projects. You always want to ask if the plumber who is giving you the quotation is the one who will complete the job. If not, you want to ask who will do the job and what level of experience and qualifications they have. If you are uncomfortable with the answer or if the plumber does not provide complete details, you may want to keep looking for another plumbing company.

  1. Will you clean up the mess?

This should already be an obvious answer, but some plumbing companies will not clean up after themselves once the project is done. They will end up leaving the homeowner with the old parts, scraps and debris, boxes from the new materials, and a huge mess. Ask if clean-up is included in the quote, and if not, ask why. Some companies even charge additional for clean up, and the cost should not even be worth it.

  1. What if something breaks?

Before signing a contract, you want to know if they are bonded and insured and offer warranty for the services they provide. Some will come back within a year to fix any problem, while others will service only particular fixtures such as the bathroom or other parts under certain conditions. You also want the warranty coverage to be correctly written in the contract.

Hiring a professional plumbing contractor or if you are going for online plumbing parts it can be a challenging task, but by asking the proper questions, it can assure you that your plumber will be doing a good job and will not leave you with a half-baked project.


iCooker Herb Grinder With Pollent Catcher [Grinds Weed] Aluminum 4 Piece – Best for Spice Tobacco, Herbs and Marijuana – 2.5 inch

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Aesthetically Appealing

This herb grinder is forged from high-grade aluminum. The unit’s outer design is appealing and blends in with the rest of your kitchen. If you are serious about grinding herbs in the best possible way, this product is a must have. Grind all types of herbs and spices with a top quality grinder that’s always ready to get the job done, easily and conveniently.

Superior Mechanics

The current model of our herbal grinder goes beyond what’s common in this industry, leveraging high precision mechanics and a technology that’s yet to be mastered by competing products. Despite the highly advanced inner mechanics that deliver incredible power in your herb grinding, this accessory is nonetheless easy to use.

The multi-layered approach increases both the capacity and capabilities of this grinder. Length Warranty – order confidently from the #1 brand for home products. Try it RISK-FREE with our 2-year comprehensive warranty.✔ LATEST GRINDING TECHNOLOGY – the iCooker herb grinder rides on the latest grinding technology in the market. Features a massive upgrade from all existing grinders, providing a more fluid and high-end experience to both new and experienced users.
✔ INSTANT OPERATION – designed to be a high-level herb grinder. Operates at the touch of a button and very easy to use. You don’t need to master complicated internal mechanics to make the best out of it.
✔ ICOOKER CUSTOMER SERVICE – order from a premium brand that has a reputation for standing behind its products. Our customer service team answers all your questions – promptly. We keep you HAPPY and SATISFIED.
✔ 2 YEAR GUARANTEE – Try the industry leading herb grinder today. You get to buy risk-free, and confidently with our 2 YEAR Warranty.

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