What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)(TIPS) 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that the method of fixing the position of your web site in search engines like google, yahoo, bing results. the upper your web site ranks, the larger potential you’ve got to extend organic web site traffic and attract additional customers. A winning SEO strategy must be associate integral a part of your overall digital promoting efforts, provided that businesses currently on the average square measure outlay 40% less on ancient outgoing promoting than they accustomed.

In order to uplift your web site in organic search results, I like to recommend implementing following steps or components of SEO. There’s such a lot to mention regarding every of those steps, except for the aim of this blog post, I’ll teach them at a awfully high level just touching the main topics.



Health of web site

Analyze the structure of your web site for potential technical problems like address canonicalization, 404 pages, page speed load times, etc. If you’ve got technical problems, your web site could rank below your competitors.

web site  Functionality

Build your web site as easy and as  practical as Possible therefore folks remain your site and ultimately convert to paying customers. Google provides website guidelines to assist improve your quality.

On-Page SEO optimization

This step involves things like developing a listing of target keywords, applying a content strategy using the keywords, optimizing meta tags and measure your success. Developing high-quality content is vital and we’ll speak a lot of regarding it later during this post.

Off-Page SEO optimization

This step includes things like links back to your web site from different  websites sources, business listings, press releases, social media sharing, and something you’ll be able to do outside of your web site to inform Google and different searches regarding your site. Where your business is linked to outside of your website and what people are saying make a huge difference.

Social Media Marketing

This step involves using social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest and Google and in your content Marketing strategy. Having a solid and sound social media strategy is needed in today’s world of communication and can facilitate the search engines discover your content.

The building block of your digital marketing strategy is content marketing.

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research, which involves figuring out the keywords  that your potential customers are using to search for things in search engines like google,yahoo,bing is the foundation of overall search engine optimization and content development. You need to have a keyword plan or else you’re just shooting in the dark.

There are a variety of tools you can use to do keyword research; I prefer using Google’s Keyword Planner tool which is part of Google AdWords. We’ll often go through hundreds if not thousands of keywords to discover the “golden nuggets” for our customers. After analyzing and fine-tuning your keyword list, you’ll then use the keywords to develop high-quality content, which I’ll discuss next.

SEO Site Audit

Performing an SEO site audit on a regular basis will help you gather data to see how customers are interacting with your site, how long they’re staying and what they’re downloading.  There are a lot of free tools to use; here are a few that I like:

  • Google Search Console– website health data such as broken links, website errors, etc.
  • Google Analytics– different kinds of data about your website or app such as organic search volume, bounce rates, length of visit, and much more


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