Top 5 Blogging Practices for the Busy Business Owner

Business owners are busy people – we all know that. Unfortunately, no matter how much business owners are valued  for their expertise and leadership, crafting purposeful post on a regular basis can be a monumental undertaking for a busy business owner.  An obvious fact why blogging can be too challenging for them. It is a bit hard to stay active online as ongoing commitments are happening beyond and outside the world wide web.


Let us help you set a new path toward producing a strategically targeted, high – converting blog posts to increase your market and audiences. This can also help you improve your customer satisfaction which we know can ring a bells and whistles relevant to your business.


  1. Get Personal


Before anything else, be clear on  your intentions and objectives. What message do you want to imply to your readers? Is your topic timely? Will reading your content benefit them career – wise?


Answering these kind of questions can already help you garner information. By knowing more about them such as their demographic details, you can already develop leads and prospect. Not all business owners blog for the same reason. Some blog for SEO, other to gain more exposure and establish their own credibility.


  1. Know What You Want and Need to Blog About


Thinking of what to blog about could definitely waste your time. Here are some ways to make it easier as per ENMAST.COM


  • Ask your customers/readers what they want. Conduct a short survey on your blog or ask a question on Twitter or on your Facebook page.
  • Keep an idea list. Write ideas down as soon as you get your “aha” moments or get inspired by something you read, heard, or experienced. Use tools like  Evernote or Workflowy to keep track of them, and Pocket or Instapaper to bookmark articles you want to reference.
  • Revisit your other content, even those offline.


  1. Decide Who Will Blog


You can decide whether to have someone to write for you or do it yourself. However, we still recommend you to write for your blog. As the business owner and as someone who is on the actual feed, you must consider yourself as an expert making you responsible for anything that will be coming out of your site.


If you really have the luxury of time, as your employees or business partners to help you out. Look for someone you trust and and assign them topics to write about. As you can see here, it would feel like you are managing a project so you don’t have to feel bad if you are not able to do the content. This also means that you have to be more organize as managing a team also requires time and attention.


  1. Schedule a Scrum Meeting with Your Team


Again, managing a team also requires time. This include an allotted time to meet with your team who will be working on your content. The meeting does not necessarily needs to consume or take long hours, it just needs to be able to discuss pointers and the members’ questions if they have any.


A scrum meeting is a quick collaboration which is a good start. Just make sure that as their leader or head, you get your pointers all ready for discussion. Remember, you are all there to discuss about some points you have in mind. Not to talk about what needs to be discussed, in that case it will be just a complete waste of time.


  1. Go Where the People Are


This simply means getting your potential market to read your posts. Here are some key reminders from ENMAST.COM:


  • Don’t forget to share and to ask people to share. Make it easy for your readers and place sharing buttons prominently on your blog.
  • Respond to comments and Twitter or Facebook conversations.
  • Ping search engines. Some blogging platforms do this automatically. But if you’re not sure yours does, you can use a free service like Ping-o-Matic to update different search engines that you updated your blog.


Maintaining a business blog could be pretty tough especially if you do not have enough time to write. We hope that we are able to give you useful tips to make your blogging easier.


Catherine is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.

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Catherine is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.

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