10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

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The social media landscape is always being updated with fresh content. Managing a company’s presence on social media requires an investment of time and resources from every type of company, from fledgling startups to large enterprises with decades of experience.

If you want to be successful in such a harsh climate, you may find that you run out of original ideas for promoting your business on social media. Because everything appears to be going in the same direction, you are unable to formulate any remarkable plans.

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media  – Expert Advice & Highly Effective Methods

Your competitors might be succeeding with more followers, posts with high engagement rates, and overall sales while you struggle to even get their attention. It’s good to know that you’re not alone. Finding new ideas and keeping up with trends can be challenging. You may start a live stream on Instagram, post to your profile, and create a Facebook page without much difficulty. But if you don’t have a sound strategy in place, it’s unlikely that you’ll create a community around your business.

Social media enables companies to communicate directly with their target market. Marketing on social media is cheap and allows firms immediate access to billions of people. Due to these factors, social media has emerged as one of the most successful means of online product promotion. But now that every company is aware of it, social media rivalry is fierce.

Utilize the most recent trends and marketing strategies, and constantly and creatively advertise your goods on social media if you want to beat the competition. The following six methods will assist you in increasing the number of leads for your product through social media in 2022.

Why Is Product Promotion Important?

Promotion of a product helps build brand recognition, credibility, and sales. A product without a promotion plan is equivalent to a vehicle without wheels in that it won’t move. Having a promotional strategy will aid in differentiating and selling your products in the face of competitors selling comparable goods. Additionally, by promoting your product, you can gather vital client insights and use them to create future marketing tactics. You can learn about market trends, consumer preferences, and consumption habits through these insights.

The utilisation of internet platforms is the biggest benefit of advertising your goods in the modern digital environment. Online platforms give you the opportunity to increase your online visibility, which eventually improves your visibility to your target market. Knowing why product marketing is vital, as well as how to effectively advertise a product and be consistent enough to do so, are equally critical.


10 Creative Ways To Promote Your Product –  Full Review

Product marketing differs from one product to the next, thus it’s challenging to generalise a single strategy that would deliver excellent results in all cases. To choose the best strategies for your company, you must have a thorough understanding of your own product, your target market, and the industry.

The 10 Creative ways to promote your product  listed below are mostly intended to help ecommerce businesses promote their products. We’ll also highlight some tried-and-true promotion strategies that various online company entrepreneurs have revealed.

 Use Entry Pop-ups to Grab Attention

The first moment a visitor opens your website is the ideal opportunity to capture their interest. Entry pop-ups give you the ability to do that. You can advertise a new product and raise its visibility from the outset with an entry pop-up. You can draw attention to a fresh product or use subscription opt-in forms. It works well to announce special discounts using entry pop-ups. When customers reach your website and immediately notice a bargain, they are more likely to use it.

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

GlassesUSA For instance, you are presented with this one-time 65 percent off offer for your initial purchase as soon as you open the GlassesUSA website. Entry pop-ups are valuable to your promotional approach even if your visitor doesn’t respond to them since they establish product recall.

Retarget Visitors With Exit Offers

One of the best ways to market a service or an offer is to retarget customers after they’ve browsed your website and just before they’re about to depart. Retargeting a customer who abandoned a cart with an on-site exit offer can result in last-minute changes in choices and impulse purchases. Visitors will only be shown with exit pop-ups, as opposed to entry pop-ups, if they are leaving the website without making any purchases. Exit incentives differ from company to company.

Visitors can be offered time-limited discounts coupons, email subscription forms, free proposals, and even free trials. To give visitors one more opportunity to test out their services before they leave the website, PixelScrapper, for instance, is offering a free kit as an exit offer in the image below if they sign up for the newsletter.

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social MediaSource: PixelScrapper

Offer Answers on Q&A Sites

On the internet, there are a tonne of forums and Q&A websites where users may post questions and receive responses from other community members. Reddit and Quora are the two most well-known Q&A websites. On these sites, you can ask and receive answers to all kinds of concerns, from those about product advertising to those regarding how to launch an internet business.

Many people make advantage of these platforms to develop their online personas in their particular niches and covertly advertise their services and enterprises. As the owner of an online store, you can also provide the inquirers with trustworthy responses in the form of solutions. Once you’ve gained a reputation for being reliable, you can also make subtle product recommendations in your responses. If done correctly, you may drive a lot of attention to your website, which eventually boosts revenue.
Quora Answer

Write Guest Posts

You can work with other businesses and bloggers for guest posts in addition to establishing a blog on your own website. One of the best ways to advertise a product to new audiences is through guest blogging. If your company is new, you can form alliances with bloggers in your niche who already have a sizable readership. In this manner, you will be writing to a readership interested in what you have to give when you contribute to their blog.
10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social MediaCloudways Blog as a source Select sites that have a solid reputation in the industry, strong engagement rates, and appropriate audiences when you want to market a new product through guest blogging. Instead of immediately promoting your goods, write about issues that are distinct and provide value to the readers. Being discreet is crucial when conducting promotions through guest blogs.

Introductory Offers

A excellent approach to advertise a new good or service is by using introductory incentives. You can offer your product in the market as part of an introductory deal rather than formally introducing it. These introductory deals may be presented in a variety of ways, including:

  • Low-price bundles and packages
  • Price reductions
  • Free vouchers and coupons with product buy
  • Buy one get one free affords
  • Free items on referrals
  • Joint promotions with different manufacturers

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

McDonald’s is the source These promotions are a fantastic approach to get into the market and encourage customers to interact with your goods. Making sure you convey the notion that these special offers won’t remain forever and creating a sense of urgency to purchase is crucial in this situation.

GMB Promotions

Google My Business is a fantastic internet platform for marketing your business. If you have a GMB account, you may utilise Google My Business to create several types of posts. What’s New and Offers are the two primary post categories. Your product will fit best in the What’s New articles area if it is brand-new. To encourage visitors to view and click on your product, upload images of it. Though posts expire after seven days, so once they’re gone, you’ll need to repost. Use the Offers posts section to advertise your products if you’re giving out limited-time discounts. You will submit images, prices, and other information there so that customers may view and purchase your product.
GMB PostGoogle My Business is the source In both situations, uploading strong visuals and a compelling call to action can help your marketing succeed.

Run a Photo Contest

Running a contest is one of the best methods to boost Facebook page exposure, engagement, and lead generation while also gathering user-generated material for use in upcoming marketing initiatives. Run a social contest on your Facebook page using a platform like Wishpond, and ask your fans to contribute images of your company or merchandise.

Run a Sweepstakes

Holding a sweepstakes is a fantastic method to quickly expand your following and raise brand exposure, just like running a picture competition. Getting people interested in your items is simple because sweepstakes are so simple to enter. If you want to interact with non-winners later on and convert them to customers, make sure your reward is a product associated with your business. To ensure that contest participants connect with your brand, include a “Like this page” popup box with your contest.

Run a Facebook Live Campaign

Your social media marketing gains authenticity and “realness” by interacting with your audience in real-time. Running a live interview, for instance, to respond to fan questions or to promote your newest line of items, enhances the fan experience by giving you a channel to immediately engage with audiences and spark interest in your business.

Use Your Story to Promote Flash Discounts

I adore it when businesses use Instagram Stories to further their marketing efforts. One of the best ways to use your Story is to share “flash” discount codes with your followers. There are many wonderful methods to do this. You may even get creative with it and bury it in a Story post’s backdrop or post a riddle for readers to figure out.

Promote on Instagram

Apart from the brief “Sponsored” statement above the image, Instagram advertising appear to be a natural part of a user’s feed, which makes them highly effective. They’re also fantastic since you can attach CTAs to them, allowing you to link to landing pages, content, and other resources even if they appear to be images. Make product demonstration videos

The variety of things you can accomplish with your Instagram video marketing is through the roof now that longer videos are available on Instagram. Making a video to demonstrate a product is a terrific way to use video on Instagram. Show customers how to use your goods in the best (or most unusual) manner possible via captivating videos that benefit your followers.

Shape Your Content Strategy Around Video Performance

Analytics reporting is something that YouTube excels at. YouTube statistics provide information on your most popular videos, average viewing time, and the main traffic sources for your videos, among other things. Discover what’s working and what isn’t using these analytics statistics, then adjust your content strategy as necessary. Discover patterns in your popular videos, then use those concepts to produce new content.

Put Offers at the End Of Your Videos

Although including coupons in the descriptions of your videos is a wonderful way to increase traffic to your store from YouTube, you can take things a step further by including coupons or a link to a discount URL at the end of your films. Add a call to action (CTA) at the beginning of your videos, such as “keep watching until the finish for a special deal,” to enhance the likelihood that viewers will stay for the entire video rather than just skimming it for the coupon and clicking away.

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Use Annotations to Link to Products and Other Videos

To make your movies more interactive, use annotations. Use a video annotation to direct viewers to a particular product page on your e-commerce website whenever you feature one of your products. Include an outro (as I stated before) using clips from additional videos and links at the end of your videos. Avoid going overboard; having a video completely covered with tiny boxes can irritate your viewers.

Social Proof

Even while social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are heavily visual, you shouldn’t rely on them to market your goods. To strengthen your relationship with customers, think about making graphics that feature client endorsements. In addition to social proof from your users, you should also leverage the following types:

  • Expert social evidence
  • Social proof from celebrities
  • Social proof and the wisdom of the crowd
  • Social evidence from your peers’ knowledge

In addition to posts, there are additional ways to present social proof. For instance, in your bio, include links to your credentials or honours.

Showcase User-Generated Content

Engagement with your followers is one of the most crucial social media features you should keep in mind. Follow accounts, “like” their posts, and “comment” on them with sincere words. However, you may also come up with your own customised hashtag and display pictures that your fans upload with it. This can serve as both intriguing material and a terrific source of social proof if they bought and liked your goods.

Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Online Store

Let’s look at eight strategies you may use to boost traffic to your new online store, from marketing to existing consumers to obtaining new ones.

Utilize (and keep building) your email list.

Having a solid email marketing plan is crucial, even for brick and mortar businesses. Gather as many email addresses as you can from people interested in your events, customers, and potential customers. When you start selling, you’ll be able to notify everyone via an email that they can go to your store’s website. It can be a good idea to consider a promotion for your email list subscribers or even a discount for referrals to entice users to tell their friends and family about your website.

Keep collecting email addresses on your website because email is still one of the best marketing tools available to e-commerce businesses. Some businesses use pop-up boxes to ask customers to input their email addresses in exchange for a little offer, such as free shipping or a discount of 15% off their first purchase. Additionally, you need to confirm that your email list is receiving regular communication from you. Establish a regular email cadence and include specials, fresh material, new product introductions, and other updates that can tempt them to visit your website.

 Boost your organic social presence.

You should seize every chance to increase digital engagement for your online business. Giving a little additional attention to your social media channels and making sure they are filled with lively photographs and interesting videos is one of the simplest and most efficient methods to do this. We adore how Bon Bon Bon uses their Instagram account to display these exquisite pictures of their merchandise. Hosting freebies, collaborating with bloggers that are active in your field, and utilising relevant hashtags are additional excellent methods to leverage social media.

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

Source: Instagram

This is the time to expand on your social media presence if you already have a devoted following. Increase the number of times you post, and spend a little more time producing compelling short films and rich visual content. Increasing engagement with your followers raises the likelihood that their followers will become aware of your brand. Embrace user-generated content and encourage sharing. If you need to improve your social media presence, do so right away. You are not required to be everywhere. Ensure that you are present on the channels that are suitable for your target audience and concentrate your efforts there.

Optimize your site for SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) covers a wide range of topics, therefore attempting to improve can send you spiralling into a very dark rabbit hole. If you’re just getting started, consider the following. Consider your user’s perspective. How does your target market discuss your products? What do they want to know? Pay attention to the text on the page.

On-page content includes things like product names and descriptions, pictures, any blogs you may have, and other content you may have. Make sure the material answers your consumers’ inquiries and employs terminology they could readily use when looking for relevant products. Furthermore, meta tags are crucial. A search engine’s title tags, which function as headlines, aid it in determining the subject matter of each page. Your website’s pages should each have their own distinct title tag. The meta descriptions for each page are concise summaries. Users will notice your title tag and meta description before anything else when your website appears on a search engine results page.

 Create interesting, useful content.

A smart strategy to drive traffic to your website and offer valuable content that establishes your brand as an authority voice in your industry is to write excellent content for individuals eager to buy your products.

Robert Ellis, the proprietor of Bavarian Clockworks, set out to create comprehensive reference sites when he opened his e-commerce storefront so that customers could learn more about his products, which were genuine German cuckoo clocks. Our user manuals are the foundation of the website, according to Ellis. They offer enormous value to potential clients, and SEO benefits greatly.
10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

Try Google Ads out.

In order to rank top in search engine results pages, you can bid on keywords while using Google Ads for search engine marketing. Search engine optimization is all about obtaining the desired “top spot,” but be aware that Google Ads will still appear first. Since search engine marketing doesn’t involve any design work and may be quite efficient at bringing in new visitors, it’s a terrific approach to promote your website. Results are provided in real time, and you can modify your campaign strategies as you go based on performance. Use social media to promote.

Because you know people utilise social media, it’s an excellent area to concentrate your advertising efforts. Which route would be the greatest to place a billboard if you were planning to buy one? Consider social media marketing in the same way. You should concentrate your efforts on Instagram if your audience spends a lot of time there but not on Twitter. Ads can include images and moving pictures, but start out modestly. A photo advertisement is a fantastic method to introduce new people to your goods. Try using straightforward, captivating images of your product in use, and then tweak your strategies based on how it does throughout the first few weeks. partner with brands that are complementary.

To cross-promote, establish alliances with other brands. Find a company with a complementary product and a similar target market. Each business partner so reaches a completely fresh yet pertinent audience. If you sell outdoor equipment, for instance, a relationship with a company that specialises in hiking shoes would be appropriate. There are different ways to cross-promote, and you may do it at every stage of the funnel. Top-of-funnel activities include things like joint-sponsoring a podcast or blog about outdoor living. A co-branded gift guide can be a terrific idea depending on the season. You could also run promotions at the bottom of the funnel, such as giving customers who buy one product a discount when they buy another.

Participate in online events and discussions.

There may be chances to raise brand awareness within target communities as online communication and events grow in popularity. Take advantage of your skills to promote your company by taking part in webinars or online conferences. Take advantage of any possibilities you may find for online shops and markets like the one at Privy.com.

Consider using influencer marketing.

Influencers are people with significant online followings who have the ability to “influence” their followers’ purchasing decisions. Working with the proper influencer can increase brand awareness by putting your product in front of a large number of potential customers. Make sure your chosen influencer’s following and brand values match those of your target audience in order to maximise the effectiveness of influencer marketing. A blogger writing about your product, a social media user reviewing or showcasing your product, or an influencer speaking about your product at an event are all examples of common influencer marketing strategies. As Jeni’s Ice Cream did with musician Tyler, the Creator, you can also collaborate creatively. His own ice cream flavours were original.

Leverage your offline store(s).

If your brick-and-mortar company has a strong brand and a devoted following, you may leverage the time you spend with them in person to promote your new online store. For instance, you may assist clients continue to engage with your business long after they leave the store by using non-intrusive methods. This can involve requesting their email addresses at checkout, informing them about your customer loyalty programme, if you have one, and letting them know about any social media campaigns you are running that they might want to follow. Offer flyers with discount codes so customers can distribute them to friends and family who might not be in the area of your actual store. Your in-person clients can serve as your biggest evangelists and aid in the wide dissemination of your message.

Upload content outside of business hours

It’s not a good idea to market when your target audience is at work and not using social media. When people are at home before or after work, your material will get greater attention. With the use of technologies like SocialPilot, scheduling posts at the ideal time is simple. Nevertheless, some potential clients might use social media while at work (e.g. during lunch). They are more likely to utilise it after dinner with their family or while travelling. Word-of-mouth advertising will also be greatly aided by targeting the appropriate audience. It will raise the likelihood that they will see your offering, visit your website, and possibly tell others about it. Establish a posting schedule and follow it. Check out our comprehensive guide on posting to social media in just one hour a day if you’re not sure where to begin.

Publish high-quality & authentic content

Posting valuable, honest, and high-quality content enhances the perception of your brand. It motivates potential customers to go to your website and social media pages to read more of your material. You might try several methods of content creation if you are having trouble consistently coming up with pertinent and worthwhile material. To assist you with content creation, you can work with a company, freelancers, or interns. If you have any blog entries or videos, think about breaking them up into more manageable chunks. Think of using recent blog posts as inspiration for visual quotes, for instance.

Make use of promotional keywords

Keywords like “Free,” “offers,” “discount,” “giveaways,” and “sale” have a tendency to draw people in. These words can easily lure your audience and increase your chances of making sales if you use them effectively in your posts. However, be sure that the material on your social media channels corresponds to that on your website. Typically, holidays and other major occasions are when these promotional offers are most effective. Although using these keywords frequently will increase your sales, exercise caution.

Be creative while posting videos to Instagram.

Instagram videos are certain to receive greater attention. Videos display your new products, branding, and client endorsements while also telling stories. Hence, efficiently grabbing and holding users’ attention. You can participate in a tutorial or Q&A session live. To share a collection of DIY or testimonial videos, you can submit reels and IGTV videos. Utilize Instagram stories to keep your presence active all day long.

Add social media buttons to your website.

Including social media icons on your website encourages users to follow your social media accounts. They facilitate finding and following you by customers. Use your brand colours in your icons to make them stand out. This effectively incorporates them into the design of your current website. Including these social network symbols will even improve the likelihood that people would share the content on your website. It does away with the extra process of physically copying, pasting, and sharing the links with friends and relatives. Now customers have the ability to immediately share informative blogs or products from your website to their social media accounts. the creation of infographics

If you have a lengthy piece of material, think about making an infographic out of it. Create it using a programme like Canva or Visme, and then connect it to a blog post or other page on your website so that potential consumers can read more about it. Many consumers think that visual content is easier to consume. Infographics are a quick and easy approach to increase value. This is a straightforward but successful social media strategy because they are very simple to share. host interviews with guests

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Hosting a conversation with other influencers on Instagram or Twitter is a smart idea. You can use Instagram Live Rooms and Twitter Spaces. Again, you can shorten them into more palatable pieces or videos to increase views. Choose a hashtag and engage in conversation with other influencers in your sector. Your follower base will expand and engagement will go up. Use stories with countdown stickers to advertise these sessions in advance. That will also generate the required buzz. generating revenue via social media

Few millennials nowadays have the time to drive to physical places to shop, especially when they can often find the same products online for less money. Users can now shop right from their social media feeds more easily than ever thanks to tools like Shopping on Instagram. Choose a hashtag and engage in conversation with other influencers in your sector. Your follower base will expand and engagement will go up. Use stories with countdown stickers to advertise these sessions in advance. It will generate the required buzz. Give to a charity

Customers adore companies who care about the community. Social media can be used to distribute information about different organisations or to support important issues. Even better, run a promotion in which you donate to a chosen charity in exchange for likes and comments on your social media profile. These humanitarian endeavours will entice social media people to follow you who aren’t already.

Design a memorable character

Does your company have a mascot, logo, or maybe even a pet that represents it? On your social network, you can utilise that as a recurring character. It will make it easier for fans to recognise and relate to your brand. Additionally, it would foster a sense of familiarity among your clients and help them relate to you better.

Promote Us on Other Channels by Using “Follow Us on Social”

Reminding your fans on occasion that you have other social media accounts is one of the simplest cross-promotion strategies. Asking people to follow you on social media or other networks is nothing to be embarrassed about. This can be as easy as posting a link to a certain social media page and encouraging people to follow the account. Use the area in your bio to make notice of your presence on other networks for a more subtle kind of cross-promotion. A profile photo change to their Snapcode works effectively for those who frequently use Snapchat. UMD Athletics uses Twitter to advertise their Snapchat code and is active on Snapchat. You are quietly informed that they are also on Snapchat when their Tweets appear in your timeline.

Use Unique or Branded Social Icons on Your Website

Your website is typically the first to appear in the search results when clients look for you. Make it simple for others to find you on social media. Nowadays, many website themes have readily fillable social media icons. Add the graphics or colours of your brand to the icons to take them a step further. While some websites like to change the colour, others employ brief banners.

Promote your social media accounts in email signatures and newsletters.

The social media symbols should be included at the bottom of newsletters that are sent out on a regular basis. The recipients will be subtly reminded once more that you are available if they need to contact you. Add a fan section where you highlight a snapshot from the neighbourhood to your newsletter for a more overt method of advertising your social media profiles. The majority of newsletter services permit embeds. If yours doesn’t, you can still add a photo and include your account link. Add links to your email signature if your business frequently sends emails to outside recipients, such as prospective customers. Another chance to build your brand exists here, and it should be taken full advantage of.

west elm newsletter

The West Elm email includes their social media symbols and customised hashtag at the bottom. Customers are encouraged to share a photo, use the hashtag, and follow them on the social media platform of their choice.

Promoting Products and Driving Sales on Social Media

We’ll look at a few strategies in this second section for promoting your accounts in order to increase sales. Depending on your industry, you may be able to immediately capture these sales from social media or they may appear as referral links on your website.

Create Targeted Ads

Facebook advertising can be targeted in a variety of ways. You can start by including the Facebook Pixel on your website. Once you’ve done so, you may set up advertising to automatically target website visitors. Utilize Facebook’s audience insights to target specific interest groups. You might have noticed that you’re getting more shoe adverts than usual if you’ve lately done some online shoe shopping.

That’s because Facebook put you to that interest category based on your buying preferences. We clicked on another mattress advertisement, and Nectar’s ad appeared, despite the fact that we were unfamiliar with the business. Use a platform like Sprout Social to manage the comments you’ll certainly get after setting up your advertising. Never again overlook a query from a potential client.

Sprout smart inbox

Tag Products to Your Posts

Shoppable tags, a feature available on Facebook and Instagram, are essential for retail firms. They help your clients recognise your products, and they make it simple for them to make purchases from your website thanks to the tags.
10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media  In this post, Letterfolk makes use of Instagram’s shoppable tag. You can see the product page and a brief description of it by clicking on the tagged item.

Provide Social-Only Discounts

You can get discounts by email or see weekly specials in the newspaper with traditional advertising. Social is the same. These special offers are given to a particular audience group and expire after a specified period of time. The simplest method is to post a code. Try out discounts available solely to social groups. Try publishing an Offer on Facebook or running limited-time specials in Instagram Stories.

Run Contests on Social Media to Attract Attention

Unobtrusively promoting your goods without actually advertising it is possible with a contest. Social media contests will draw viewers’ attention to your brand and your product. Keep the contest lighthearted, straightforward, and give out prizes to all participants to get the most out of it. In the end, this will foster client loyalty toward your goods, assisting you in producing leads over the long run.
10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media Dove has launched a contest on Facebook called “Real beauty should be shared.” Users had to explain why their friends symbolise true beauty by filling in their friend’s name and the qualities that make them a real beauty in a fill-in-the-blank contest. They offered contestants the opportunity to become the face of Dove as a prize (to be printed on Dove soap case). This was a superb branding strategy that gave Dove a real face for marketing while also drawing a lot of attention to its goods.

People who are interested in your product will like your social media profile. Businesses must make additional steps to ensure that their products are viewed by their target audience due to a decline in organic reach on social media. Social media advertising expand your audience and might increase the number of views on your postings. This finally generates more leads for you and gives your product the advertising you want for it.

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

Here are some statistics from our most recent YoKart Facebook advertising (a multivendor ecommerce platform). As you can see in the screenshot above, despite having only a few hundred Facebook followers, we were still able to reach close to 300K individuals by using Facebook advertisements, and we did it for just $120.

Use a tool like Rebrandly URL Shortener to enhance your social media paid approach. Even if the links you provide on social media don’t lead to your website, you may retarget users who click on them with Rebrandly. Using news and material from many websites, you can use this tool to increase the audience for your advertisements.

Run deals and promo codes on social media

Giving free discounts and promo codes is a recently developed but effective method of promoting products on social media. Regularly post promotions to your consumers’ social media accounts to keep them interested. Consider how you might customise the idea of providing discounts & promo codes to your customers in order to make them feel special. For instance, offering birthday discounts, listing the names of discount credit cards, etc. This will aid them in developing long-term brand loyalty.
10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

By selling off its clothing inventory at the end of the summer, Lane Bryant made a profit. The company advertised a 50 percent discount on all summer clothing on social media. The e-commerce company methodically arranged the discount and used the announcement that the summer clothes would no longer be available after this sale to interest the audience.

 Provide Social Proofs to build trust in your product

Customer reviews and recommendations serve as an influential factor that helps market your goods favourably to consumers. To keep an eye on their social proofs, even big businesses with big money establish up social media command centres. It is usually preferable for customers to make an informed decision after learning about other customers’ experiences rather than after being swayed by social media marketing, which is why you need to produce and track social proof.

Because of this, it is wise to make user-generated content or consumer reviews the face of your brand on social media. Check out the tools that can assist you with this, such as Yotpo. There are several Yotpo alternatives that are less expensive for small businesses if it is too expensive for your company. GoPro’s Facebook page is flooded with reviews and user-generated content. Users upload their jaw-dropping photos taken with a GoPro camera, which GoPro then shares on social media to reach more people who might be interested in purchasing their products.

 Share Creative Visual Content for Better Engagement

It has been shown that using images, videos, and other forms of visual information is the most successful way to engage viewers on social media. Therefore, you can generate a significant amount of interest in your product by publishing unique photographs or videos of product demos on a variety of social networks. The design specialists  are responsible for the creation of the video that can be found above as part of the company’s introduction.

 Promote Your Product in Social Media Communities

A smart strategy to promote your product is by joining social media groups and communities that are related to your specialty. Since members of social media groups are already interested in a similar product, your attempts to promote your products there will inevitably provide better results. However, it is crucial that you establish a good rapport with group members, engage in conversation about their hobbies, and be open and honest while describing your offer. Social media communities will show to be a good source for acquiring quality leads for your product if you pay attention to these things.


Q1. How can I promote my product online?

A product can be promoted online in a variety of ways. Writing blogs, doing social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram, sending emails to your subscriber list, and many other methods that you’ll see above are some of the most popular and straightforward ways to promote your product online.

Q2. Where can I promote my product?

Here are some crucial actions to establish an online goods sales business: Numerous websites and apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Amazon, and many others, can be used to advertise a product.

Q3. Where can I sell my new product?

On e-commerce sites like Amazon, AliExpress, and Etsy, you may sell your goods. Additionally, you may sell them through Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop as well as your company website.

Conclusion – 10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool in the recent years for promoting brands. However, to get the most out of this channel, you must have a deep understanding of the social media audience. If something intrigues them, they are willing to trying it, but they ignore forceful and promotional messages.

Social media techniques connect you with your target audience in an effective way. You won’t likely get good results if you don’t provide value to your audience. Social media marketing establishes a personal connection between your audience and your company. By keeping them informed about your products and services, it adds necessary value. Always put your followers first, and make sure your tactics are in line with what they are interested in. To get the most out of your social media, stay current with evolving trends. And, to expand your audience and achieve your business objectives more quickly, combine the ideas outlined above with some practical digital marketing tools.

Observe how you can increase engagement and sales for your product by paying attention to the characteristics of the social media audience as you implement the aforementioned advice.

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