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Cameras and logos? How do they click? Many of you, as photographers, might be perplexed at the thought of investing time, money and effort into a photography logo, designed to promote your studio or brand. To anyone who advises you about getting yourself an exceptional photography logo designed, you may respond by saying, “Why do I need to invest in a logo to succeed? I’ve got a great portfolio to do that for me”.

While your perfect clicks will undoubtedly boast about your skills as a photographer, a good photography logo design will depict your professionalism, thereby gaining the trust of clients. After all, as a photographer you won’t always stick to covering birthday parties, right? The gist of the matter is, without a good photography logo, designed with a creative flair communicating your vision, your photography may be perceived as a simple hobby. It’s only when you’ve got an identity aka logo attached to your business that you officially enter the competition for the perfect picture.

Now, whether you’re a business owner with an entire production crew who needs to get an impactful logo for advertising purposes or an independent photographer seeking some inspiration to get his/her logo designed, here are a few logos which can give help you out:

  1. The nostalgic group

If you’re aiming to build a rapport with your clients as a photographer or company that captures your most precious memories in the classic or traditional way, you can reach out to all those nostalgia-seeking customers with a simple yet great logo design. Making use of fonts that belong to the old film era stimulates sentiments in those who belong in those times while attracting generation-now at the same time because old-school is now “cool”.

12 Photography logo designs for inspiration 12 Photography logo designs for inspiration 12 Photography logo designs for inspiration

  1. The Creative

So, you’re about to swim with the big fish, eh? You’ve entered the industry with a vision to do more than just ask people to “strike a pose”? Well, your photography logo design needs to communicate that far sightedness for brand. When you’re planning to shoot for the stars (if you know what I mean) or are looking for bigger canvases, you may want to opt for a logo that’s conceptual and creative.


12 Photography logo designs for inspiration


Along with the humorous name “Paw traits” which is self-explanatory, indicating that this is a photography studio for pets/animals, the logo showcases a dog behind the camera: a fun and creative way of incorporating your expertise into your photography logo design.

  1. The composed ones

As someone who knows cameras like the ‘back of your hand’, you must certainly have an eye for capturing the right moments at the right time with precision. As a photographer you’re aware that composition and aesthetics play a key role in making your photograph look like a million dollars. So, that’s precisely what your photography logo can portray: an emphasis on composition. Have a look at these logos:

12 Photography logo designs for inspiration

  1. Fun-lovers

We all know the horizons of photography extend far beyond wedding functions or corporate events. You could be a wildlife photographer or a production house that specializes in travel photography. Either way, your photography logo design could capture the interest of your potential clientele with an element of fun or excitement. Just like your clients may judge your work with a handful of “good or bad” photographs, they’ll most likely try to comprehend your skills and expertise by analyzing your logo.

The Roving Photos logo here is a very clever illustration of a traveler who is carrying a camera instead of a backpack. Talk about pun intended! I simply love this artistically designed logo that carries the message and is visually attractive.

12 Photography logo designs for inspiration


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