20 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

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20 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods – Beginner’s Guide

What Are Capital Goods?

Capital goods are products that are utilised in the production of other goods but are not part of the new product. For instance, machine tools, industrial machinery, equipment for process plants, construction and mining equipment, electrical equipment, textile machinery, printing and packaging machinery, etc. A well-known or well-liked employer is not the capital goods industry. In actuality, this industry employs only approximately 5% of all Americans. Workers in capital goods, however, make up for it in terms of demand and pay. For the following reasons, this industry has the highest paying occupations in capital goods:

It can be difficult to work for a sizable, globally-present public firm. Managers have to deal with rivalry from other departments, declining production costs, and other issues that could jeopardise their employment. Recently graduated college students looking to get experience and establish their worth frequently fill entry-level roles.

Companies that want to improve their reputations will offer employees training, fair pay and benefits, as well as a competitive work environment. Operations managers are in charge of the factories as well as the production, shipping, and other administrative tasks. These managers oversee the work of production personnel who handle raw materials, create finished products, or carry out last-stage product checks before distribution to consumers or manufacturers. They are in charge of running the company’s capital goods division daily while keeping up with industry advances and technological advancements to stay one step ahead of rivals.

When physical assets are bought to be used in the production of goods or services, they are referred to as capital goods. They include anything that is typically utilised to create other products or services. As manufacturing systems or services, capital goods are frequently used. Since it is difficult to run a firm without a physical location, equipment, tools, or machinery, these physical assets are the main production variables that guarantee the manufacturing process of finished goods. Why should you then care? I suppose there are advantages, right? What Are the Advantages of a Career in Capital Goods?

Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path in 2022?

Without a doubt! The capital goods industry is a fascinating one for young professionals who wish to advance their careers and stay in the industry while earning stable earnings. When looking for a job in the capital goods industry, there are several excellent alternatives. Employers like Union Pacific, General Electric, Honeywell Worldwide, Lockheed Martin, United Rentals Inc., and Boeing provide retirement plans, vision insurance, tuition reimbursement, vacation days, medical insurance, and dental insurance along with prospects for international careers.

The majority of businesses in the capital goods industry give their employees’ welfare a lot of consideration. Capital Goods are therefore regarded as a promising job choice for young workers in 2022. There are various advantages and bonuses (mentioned below), including retirement plans for employees, a well-stocked gym, and fitness classes offered by the companies.


Benefits of a Career in Capital Goods

Here are some of the more tangible benefits that working in the capital goods industry could bring to your life.

1. Opportunities for career development and advancement

The workforce in this industry has access to a diverse array of professional development possibilities. A worker can go up the production ladder from an entry-level production role to a management position such as a plant operator or a quality control inspector by working their way up through the ranks.

2. Opportunities for novices.

There are several roles available in the capital goods industry that do not require any previous work experience. Training received while working is a more useful choice than obtaining certifications or participating in internships. Read more about 11 careers that pay well and can be pursued with a biology degree here.

Anyone can improve their long-term prospects by gaining useful education, gaining valuable work experience, and learning valuable skills all at the same time.

3. Participating in a real project.

The production of actual physical goods is the focus of this industry of the economy. As a consequence of this, one can see the tangible results of their labour, which may be satisfying. This stands in stark contrast to vocations, which usually produce outcomes that are abstract.

Some Examples of Capital Goods

  • Machinery
  • Steel
  • Textile- that contains cotton, wool, and nylon.
  • Oils, minerals, natural gases, and other substances are chemicals.
  • Automobiles and other vehicles’ parts fall under the category of automotive.
  • semiconductors, industrial, telecommunication, and consumer electronic components are all types of electronics.

List of Industries in Capital Goods?

  • Chemicals Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Machinery Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Energy, Mining and Utility industry
  • Aerospace and Defense Industry

What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field?

Not just in the US but throughout the world, the capital goods sector is dominated by numerous huge corporations. To keep the sector running, these businesses constantly hire thousands of job seekers. The top 10 international firms in the capital goods sector are shown below.

  • Union Pacific, with more than 10,000 workers.
  • General Electric, with more than 10,000 workers.
  • Honeywell International, which has more than 10,000 workers.
  • Lockheed Martin – Number of employees: over 10,000
  • United Rentals Inc., has over 10,000 workers.
  • Boeing has more than 10,000 employees.
  • Caterpillar Inc. has more than 10,000 workers.
  • Northrop Grumman – Number of Staff: 90,000
  • 9. 3M, with more than 93,000 workers.
  • ABB – Staffing range: 5,001 to 10,000

List of the Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods (To continue Down)

20 Top Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods (Updated 2022)

Following is the list of Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods.

Engineering Managers

The capital goods industry’s highest-paid employees include engineering managers. Planning, leading, and coordinating engineering activities within a corporation are the primary responsibilities of an engineering manager. Start preparing for the essential prerequisites if working in capital goods is your ideal job. Engineering degrees and several years of relevant experience are strongly preferred for this post. The following are among the duties of the engineering manager:

  • Develops, puts into practice, and improves manufacturing, testing, and product development procedures.
  • Manages workers and assigns work to technical and engineering staff.
  • Oversees the work of teams developing new solutions, products, and procedures.
  • Oversees resource allocation and project logistics.

The average Engineering Manager’s salary in the United States is $137,956 as of February 25, 2022,

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

Manufacturing Engineer

This team of engineers works in the manufacturing sector, and their major duty is to make sure that everything runs well while the items are being made. A manufacturing engineer must possess a set of abilities and credentials, including:

  • Aptitude for doing successfully under duress.
  • Leadership capabilities.
  • Teamwork abilities.
  • Aptitude for fixing issues.
  • Strong computer and technical skills.
  • Commercial sensitivity.
  • Outstanding communication abilities.
  • Knowledge of installing, repairing, and buying equipment.

The average salary for Manufacturing Engineers as reported by Payscale is $71,980/year. Working on a capital goods company’s manufacturing floor offers high stakes, long hours, and even an occasional danger to your safety.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods - Manufacturing Engineer

If you’re up for these challenges, you’ll be rewarded with some of the greatest compensation and benefits available to engineers, including stock options, health insurance (including dental coverage), and incentives that typically total more than $100,000 annually.

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Manufacturing engineers as reported by payscale is $71,980/year in the capital goods industry

Sales Engineer

For businesses in the capital goods sector, sales engineers are experts in high-tech and cutting-edge items. Sales engineers utilise their technical expertise to highlight the advantages of their goods and services compared to those of their rivals and to describe the advantages of those goods and services to potential clients.

Sales engineers earn an average salary of $74,250 per year.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods - Sales engineers earn an average salary of $74,250 per year in capital goods industry

Marketing Manager

For capital goods organisations, marketing managers are in charge of creating, planning, and carrying out strategic marketing programmes that will draw in new customers and keep existing ones loyal. They often have several years of expertise in the industry in addition to a degree in marketing or a closely connected discipline.

The average Marketing Manager’s salary in the United States is $109,831 as of February 2022.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods - Is capital goods a good career path? Get answer here - ng job alerts


Marketing managers are responsible of organising, creating, and carrying out strategic marketing programmes for capital goods companies to attract new customers and retain current ones. To determine the product’s market price, marketing managers work with salespeople.

Average Salary per year: $141,490 per year.

Training and Development Manager

Training and development managers are in charge of educating and advancing other employees in a capital goods organisation. Capital goods companies sell specialist commodities like production equipment for the electronics industry or transportation infrastructure for the chemical industry. this is a critical position. Average Salary per year: $115,640 per year.

Sales Manager

Sales managers manage a group of salespeople who are tasked with promoting a company’s goods. They must have a deep understanding of the production process to supply capital goods items. To calculate the opportunity cost and marginal cost of goods, sales managers need a bachelor’s degree in economics, business, or a technical field.

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Average Salary per year: $132,290 per year.

Management Analyst

An efficiency-boosting plan from a management analyst is presented to a capital goods company. To increase economic possibilities, they analyse financial records and industrial data to create more efficient production procedures.

Average Salary per year: $87,660 per year.

Quality Control Manager

To ensure that products meet quality and efficiency standards, a quality control manager supervises staff and keeps an eye on product development processes. The quality control manager also works with clients to guarantee that the finished products live up to their requirements and expectations. Annual Salary: $72,175 on average.

Customer Service Representative

A defence against worries about entry-level manufacturing employment, support, and feedback is the deployment of customer service experts.

Depending on the product and sector, customer service agents may work in sales, marketing, or customer service departments. The majority of them work for a single business, although some may cross over into different divisions to help consumers with their purchases. The highest-paying jobs in the sector include customer service agent, customer service manager, and customer service manager-level positions.

Average Salary per year: $40,424 per year.

Manufacturing Director

The management team and the manufacturing director collaborate frequently. He recruits supervisors and managers and also establishes output targets. He is also responsible for making sure the factory complies with the toughest safety regulations. Average Salary per year: $200,000 per year.

Industrial Designer $74,000

An industrial designer’s role is to work with producers to develop new items. Everything is created by industrial designers, including packaging, product designs, and prototypes. Industrial designers are pros at communicating visually. This position is ideal for you if you are interested in the business of design. Industrial designers are employed across various industries, including building, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

The creativity of industrial designers is astounding. The best thing is that they get to collaborate with a variety of clientele, including retailers, manufacturers, and architectural firms. Offices, factories, and outdoor locations are just a few of the settings where industrial designers operate. Best Paying Capital Goods Jobs

Electrical Engineer $84,000

Electrical engineers create electrical products such as instruments, machinery, appliances, cars, and other items.

Electrical Engineer - Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

To be successful in a profession as an electrical engineer, you must have a strong understanding of mathematics, including calculus and physics. Electrical engineers are excellent candidates for a variety of jobs, including quality control supervisors. Electrical engineers are well compensated, with annual earnings ranging from $63k to $80k on average, with some top earners earning more than $100k.

A profession as an electrical engineer can lead to a yearly salary of $84,000. This is competitive compensation for engineering positions. You can work as an electrical engineer in the sectors of communications, power distribution, robotics, semiconductors, and electronics. Electrical engineers create, diagnose, and evaluate problems involving electro-mechanical systems such as computers, power grids, and robotics. Electrical engineers have numerous job prospects, as they can work for small startups or major enterprises. Electrical engineers can find employment possibilities all across the world.


Product Development Engineer $82,000

If you want to work in product development, you can expect to make $82,000 per year. Product development engineers collaborate with product development teams to guarantee that the products they design are market-ready. Product development engineers collaborate with engineering and marketing departments to ensure the success of their products. Product development engineers have numerous job options because they can work in a variety of businesses.

Engineering Manager $103,000

You can make up to $103,000 per year if you oversee an engineering team. Engineering managers are in charge of engineering teams, finances, and timelines. An engineer manager must be detail-oriented and possess strong communication abilities. Engineering managers can work in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, technology, and construction.

Quality Assurance and Control Manager $88,000

Managers of quality assurance and control collaborate with engineering teams to verify that goods meet regulatory criteria as well as consumer expectations. You must be detail-oriented, have outstanding communication skills, and have a solid analytical background to be considered for this role. Quality assurance and control manager’s remuneration varies depending on region and industry.

Sales Engineer $87,000

A sales engineer is in charge of optimising product sales through the sales process, sales analysis, and data analysis. A sales engineer must be detail-oriented, possess excellent communication skills, and be entrepreneurial. A sales engineer’s compensation ranges from $87,000 to $120,000 depending on region and business.

Business Development Manager $96,000

This is the career for you if you appreciate business development and want to earn $96,000 per year. Business development managers are in charge of identifying new business prospects, developing sales tactics, and putting those strategies into action. Business development executives collaborate with marketing teams to create marketing strategies and budgets. Depending on the opportunities they identify, business development managers might operate in a variety of industries.

Research and Development Manager $115,000

If you are interested in exploring and producing new items, then this career is for you. Managers of research and development are in charge of identifying and developing new goods, improving existing products, and managing research and development teams. Managers of R&D work on advanced technologies such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and defence products. A research and development manager’s pay might range from $115,000 to $195,000 depending on location and sector.

Marketing Manager $97,000

This is the career for you if you adore marketing and want to earn $97,000 per year. A marketing manager must be detail-oriented, have strong communication skills, and be persuasive. Marketing managers collaborate with several areas within a firm, including sales, R&D, and finance. Marketing managers have numerous job options because they can work in a variety of industries.

Sales Representative – Industrial Equipment & Components

Selling a variety of products and services to businesses engaged in manufacturing, transportation, and utility corporations is the primary objective of a sales representative for industrial equipment and components. Sales representatives look for new clients, establish connections, and close sales.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods - Sales Representative


By identifying more items that clients require or looking for new markets for current products, they may also try to strengthen their ties with current customers.

Research Methodology Manager $132,000

This position is ideal for you if you appreciate learning about new techniques and procedures and have a strong background in statistics. A research methodology manager is in charge of selecting the most effective research techniques, planning experiments and analyses, and reviewing experiment findings. A manager of research methods might be employed in any industry that requires research. Managers of research techniques make between $132,000 and $235,000.

Chief Risk Officer $140,000

A chief risk officer’s job is to recognise and assess potential risks that can endanger a company’s success. A chief risk officer needs to be exceptionally analytical, well-organized, and good at setting priorities. Risk managers need to be open to working in a range of sectors, including energy, healthcare, and technology. Chief risk officers can expect to make between $140,000 and $185,000.

Supply Chain Manager $120,000

The ideal position for you would be in supply chain management if you appreciate that job. A good supply chain manager must be good at leading teams, communicating clearly, and conducting data analysis. Supply chain managers are employed in a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and transportation. Supply chain managers get between $120,000 and $200,000 annually in salary.

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Director of Finance $100,000

This job is ideal for you if you appreciate working in the finance industry. A director of finance needs to be a master analyst with good project management and communication abilities. Every director, including healthcare, technology, and manufacturing, employs directors of finance. Depending on your location and sector, the salary for a director of finance might range from $100,000 to $200,000.

Civil Engineer

Various construction projects are designed, planned, and overseen by civil engineers from beginning to end.

Civil Engineer - Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

Working for manufacturing businesses in the capital goods industries, civil engineers typically make $67,000 a year.

Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers also referred to as mechanical engineers or simply mechanicals in the industry, are in charge of creating and designing manufacturing processes.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods - Industrial Engineers

From a technical perspective, they create and oversee industrial machineries like heat exchangers and intricate electrical networks. An industrial engineer will create a new procedure to address these difficulties if a piece of equipment is not operating at its best potential or causes issues like downtime. From a business perspective, they frequently serve as a liaison between employees and management.

Mechanical Engineer $92,000

Businesses that manufacture machinery, tools, and instruments used to make or distribute other items are categorised as part of the capital goods industry.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

A large portion of this apparatus was designed in part by mechanical engineers. Engineer, research and development manager, manufacturing engineer, business development manager, etc. are some further job titles. The majority of these experts hold bachelor’s degrees and work for private businesses, such as well-known manufacturers like Raytheon or Boeing.

Depending on the area and business, mechanical engineers might earn between $92,000 and $124,000 annually. A mechanical engineer can find employment in the manufacturing, renewable energy, oil and gas, and mining industries.

Government positions in mechanical engineering are also available, with starting salaries of $124,000. Mechanical engineers have a wide range of job options because they can work in numerous industries.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers create processes for producing chemicals or designing manufacturing for chemical processing.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

They collaborate with other engineers to build a system that transforms raw materials into useful products, such as a power plant or a water purification facility. They research to ensure the sustainability and safety of their systems. For the majority of entry-level chemical engineering positions, a bachelor’s degree is necessary.

Maintenance Engineer

Typically, maintenance engineers need to be certified and hold a bachelor’s degree. They make a median salary of $61,980 and an average yearly income of $71,000.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods - Maintenance Engineer

Though you can frequently become a maintenance engineer through an apprenticeship, this job typically requires work experience in engineering or technology. The success of a business depends on maintenance engineers since they guarantee the efficient operation of pricey manufacturing machinery. These people are skilled at locating and repairing broken items so that business can continue as usual.

Sales Representative – Computer Software

The mean base salary and median base salary for the position of Sales Representative are both $101,779 and $97,000, respectively. The average yearly salary for engineering managers is $172,931, for marketing managers, it is $150,709, and for sales engineers, it is $124,210.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

Any economy depends heavily on capital goods, which offer capital of exciting work opportunities. Naturally, being aware of these occupations doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find one quickly; after all, employers aren’t exactly lined up to take on recent graduates. Education is essential because of this. There is a lot of good information out there, and if you can combine it with solid work experience, you’ll be set up for success. You should always endeavour to learn more. One of these top ten highest-paying occupations is a great place to launch your career.

How to Start a Career in Capital Goods

Ready to start working in the highest-paying capital goods positions? Finding a job will be your primary priority. Your local employment office is the ideal location to begin. Although it is a small industry, capital goods may exist in your city. The yellow pages under “Manufacturing” are the greatest place to seek them. You need to be good at math and have a thirst for knowledge to be ready for a job in manufacturing.

If you’re unsure if going to college is a good idea for your job or not, you should still explore it because some high-end manufacturing employment demand a college degree. Many online degree programmes offer a good introduction to manufacturing if you’re not sure if a college degree is right for you or if you’d like to study independently. There is a ranking of the top online manufacturing degree programmes provided by U.S. News & World Report.

Tips for those seeking employment in the capital goods industry

  • Employees in the capital goods industry typically start quietly and move up the manufacturing ladder. Senior staff employees and members of management frequently earn more money than manufacturing workers and frequently earn more than purchasing managers.
  • Employees in the capital goods industry are hired via several corporate tiers and have little to no access to senior management.
  • Although work is frequently flexible, it does not change careers. Even though you might be able to create your schedule, the majority of jobs require extensive on-the-job training.
  • While some industries offer good benefits, some don’t. Make sure you are informed of the options accessible to you and the expectations placed on you.
  • Be ready to work on the weekends and on holidays.
  • The responsibilities that capital goods employees must complete are numerous. Even if you lack certain skills, the majority of jobs demand practical experience.

FAQs – Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

The following are some of the most often asked questions regarding capital goods; do you have a question of your own? Let’s see!

Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path?

Yes, a career in capital goods is a good choice. A significant portion of the economy, the capital goods industry, offers work to graduates in a range of professional options. You can contribute to making the world go round as a capital goods professional by designing and constructing the devices that power modern economies, such as power plants, aeroplanes, and many other things.

What are Capital Goods Examples?

Automobiles, electronics, machinery, chemicals, steel, textiles, and other capital goods are a few examples.

Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?

Yes, You can make an average of $50,000 to $90,000 each year, depending on your education, talents, and experience. For instance, according to Salary.com statistics, an Engineering Manager in the US can expect to make between $123,330 and $155,054 year.

What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?

There is a variety of benefits to working in the capital goods industry, many of which include the following:

  • Retirement plans
  • Vision insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Vacation days
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental Insurance

Here’s a heads-up if you’re curious about the average yearly salary in the capital goods industry.

  • Salary for a Technician in computer-aided design $65,000 annually.
  • Salary for a  robotics engineer. is $107,000 annually
  • Engineering in Manufacturing: $71,980 annually
  • $123,000 a year is the manufacturing director’s salary.
  • Salary for electrical engineers: $78,016 annually.
  • Salary for a Business Development Manager: $75,544.
  • Salary for a marketing manager: $109,831 annually
  • Salary for Sales Engineers: $74,250 per year
  • Salary for an engineering manager: $137,956 per year
  • Salary for a Research and Development Manager: $144,880 annually

Conclusion – Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

You can pursue a wide variety of occupations in the capital goods industry. A business degree is a requirement for employment in this profession, but more significantly, you must have a passion for developing and designing things. You don’t have to accomplish this by yourself, though. To help their products succeed in the market, a lot of businesses employ people with a wide range of talents. You must be imaginative, motivated, and able to cooperate in a group to be interested in 20 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods.

When you have identified the professional path that is best for you, you must be prepared to put in the required job and make financial sacrifices. You might work in an office setting, a firm factory, or the field, depending on the industry you pick. The greatest paying professions in capital goods do, however, necessitate a large degree of training, which is typically supplied by your employer in 20 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods.

One of the job boards around with the quickest growth in Capital Goods Jobs. It is a job market with a focus on locating qualified individuals for a range of manufacturing-related occupations. In the 21st century, it is a good career to pursue. I hope this essay was useful to you. Please sign up for our email newsletter below to receive more news like this.

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