5 Best WordPress Themes For Cryptocurrency

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5 Best WordPress Themes For Cryptocurrency



As fast as cryptocurrencies consume the web world, new websites are coming up with cryptocurrency-related content. Multiple topics like consultancy for cryptocurrency investment, the market price, general information about every cryptocurrency are topics that all these cryptocurrency websites are talking about. Some great cryptocurrency exchange websites help investors to trade and invest in different cryptocurrencies. In addition, investors engage in crypto arbitrage to earn more profit. Interested people are looking for better ideas to create new cryptocurrency websites to get into this website war; WordPress themes make a website speak of its qualities and purposes. In this article, I will help you with five WordPress themes for Creating Your Cryptocurrency website.

5 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes5 Best WordPress Themes For Cryptocurrency

Here are the five WordPress themes for designing the most professional-looking cryptocurrency website.


If you are looking for an ICO-related and business-focused theme, Blockchain might be the best choice. The CSSIgniter team is responsible for creating the blockchain theme. Blockchain offers WordPress themes that give a business-related vibe. In addition, there are some cryptocurrency features in the Blockchain WordPress theme demo package. One of the many cool features of the Blockchain demo package is the inbuilt tool to demonstrate the cryptocurrency exchange rate on your website. Powered by coinmarketcap.com, this exchange rate showing tool is great for attracting many new visitors to your website since the crypto investors always check the exchange rates. The WordPress theme by Blockchain offers web designers the ability to customize widgets, headers, footers and design their page layout. In addition, there are some custom header designs that you can choose from. With Blockchain, you can create the most professional cryptocurrency website.


There are four different demons of the Crypton WordPress theme demo package. It is a multipurpose Cryptocurrency WordPress theme. If you create an online magazine, Blog, cryptocurrency journal, or cryptocurrency service site, Crypton will help you with amazing WordPress themes to design your desired cryptocurrency website. Crypton helps you out if you are one of those website designers who want no compromise when designing a website. There are many design options, settings, and features in the Crypton WordPress theme. There are different demos based on the type of cryptocurrency website that you want to design. For example, there is a Blog writing theme demo, magazine demo, as well as cryptocurrency coaching demo theme to serve the exact purpose of your cryptocurrency website design. Since it does not compromise on features, Crypton may be your choice of WordPress theme.


Blabber has some high-quality theme demos. However, the templates are mainly focused on cryptocurrency. To offer you a varied set of choices, Blabber comes with more than 20 demos in the package. One of the other options may be your choice, so do not overlook any of the demos. The homepage layout blabber offers rich features, and you can utilize it to the best of your potential to share cryptocurrency-related information on your website. There is a built-in slideshow feature; you can use it to highlight the latest news and the important content on your website. In addition, there are more sections to display video content, trending topics, and vlog fragments. You can customize all these options based on your needs. You can even customize the look of the templates.

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In Crypton, you have six different layouts to choose from. This WordPress theme is great for starting a cryptocurrency service-related website. This theme is very flexible and offers a varied set of customizing options. In addition, the set of blog templates are very useful if you are creating a cryptocurrency blog. Crypton offers you a premium page builder tool and lets you customize your website to a premium design without limiting you to the standard WordPress theme that is readily available to you at all times. You can change the header layout, adjust the fonts, and customize the color selection. Crypton offers you such options to uniquely personalize your website. Crypton offers you to design your cryptocurrency website as a one-page website or the traditional multi-page website based on your needs. You also have the option to use multiple sidebars using Crypton.


Are you planning to create a cryptocurrency magazine website? If that is the case, then CoinPress may be the WordPress theme that you need. This theme is also best for cryptocurrency. In addition, there are lots of blog post templates on this website. As per the developers of the CoinPress theme, it helps the cryptocurrency website craters to create websites for crypto coaches, mining companies, and ICO agents. You get three demos out of the box that you can customize to best suit your requirements.


A Good website has a dynamic interface that attracts viewers with authentic, good quality, and relevant content. Thus, designing a good website contributes to its development and recognition. These WordPress themes here are good for all kinds of cryptocurrency websites. You can create websites for cryptocurrency magazines, crypto coaching, and for those traders to whom crypto arbitrage is not a new thing. Did you like any of these cryptocurrency WordPress themes? Comment to let me know.

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