5 Ways Cloud Protection Service Can Help Your Business Data Privacy

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5 Ways Cloud Protection Service Can Help Your Business Data Privacy

No matter the size of your business, it is vital to observe specific protection and security measures, mainly if you collect and store user data. Protecting data – both yours and your clients should be iron-clad, so prioritizing risk management is an important goal.

Many businesses are seeing the value of storing their data in the cloud. However, many companies need to realize that the security of your data doesn’t end at storing in the cloud. Even the present security alongside protection tools should protect the data well.

As a result, in moving to cloud storage, businesses need to examine their current security strategy and make it meet all necessary security protocols. This article will explore the importance of cloud data protection and how it can protect your brand.

5 Ways Cloud Protection Service Can Help Your Business Data Privacy

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Understanding Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection involves safeguarding and managing data stored in the cloud, no matter the data status. (whether in motion or not). This protection method ensures data is safe from prying eyes and reduces misuse, breaches, and unauthorized access.

Even when your data is corrupt, your sensitive data will be maintained in the cloud. To successfully protect your data in the cloud, it needs to meet the following protection requirements:

  • Data In Use: this refers to data that is used by software, or an application via access control,
  • Data in Motion: this refers to sensitive data that is being transferred via a network with a unique security measure like encryption.
  • Data at Rest: stored data in the cloud or another location are at rest,

Cloud data protection will protect data by ensuring the client’s and customers’ data are free from all threats and backing up processes. Here are ways to ensure your data is secured in the cloud to foster business privacy:


Prioritize Cloud Security Solutions

There has been a 158% rise in ransomware attacks in North America. Many businesses are victims of ransomware attacks; the damage could be up to $29 million.

Cloud security solution serve as a protection measure for your data when it is in storage or motion. As a result, hackers will have a hard time getting access to them. As a result, with your data in the cloud, a cyber security solution is also essential.

Ensure your cloud service provider has various security features to keep your data safe. This involves backup and recovery features. Should there be any emergency, your data should be secured using a cloud-based perform.

Window Hello for Business, for instance, provides complete biometric authentication using fingerprint matching or facial recognition to keep your data secured and prevent unauthorized access.

In addition, your service provider should have a robust technology that enables them to detect and activate preventive steps to stop attacks on stored data. Also, there should be a regular audit which will help determine areas that need attention.

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5 Ways Cloud Protection Service Can Help Your Business Data Privacy

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Ensure to Encrypt Uploaded Data

Even before uploading your data to the cloud, the cloud service allows you to encrypt the data. Also, there are third-party tools that can help with the encryption.

However, you will need a cloud-protection app that permits users to apply passwords and have secret keys to your data before they are stored on the cloud.

Encryption for your data is good. However, consider a double encryption layer to add to your security layer, as it can give you peace of mind that your data is secured.

Have a Backup

Data stored in the clouds are not impregnable. Hackers continually devise ways to access one’s data or cause a breach. This makes it essential to have backups for all data, even if stored in the cloud. Depending on your data type, you should have local storage and a series of cloud storage services.

A cloud expert can help ascertain the redundancy level that fits your data type. Backup is essential as it helps prevent downtime if your data have issues in its central location.

Ensure Connected Accounts, Apps, and Devices on Your Clouds Are Audited

Hackers will never relent in trying to access one’s cloud storage. When they fail to access such storage, they will consider various accounts connected to your data in the cloud.

As a result, getting rid of third-party accounts that are not active but connected to your cloud is a good idea. Adding such accounts whenever you need them is a simple process. The goal is to remove or reduce every access point that might be a ladder for hackers.

Apps and devices linked to your cloud should also be monitored. In upgrading a new device, keep them disconnected from your cloud storage. With this, your data in the cloud will be secured should someone else take possession of the device and tries to access your data.

Activate Your Two-Factor Authentication

Another way cloud protection services help protect your data is the ability to activate the 2F authentication. This extra security layer can give intruders a tough time when trying to access your data.

Many people are familiar with 2F authentication, as many websites and applications use it. Before anyone can access your data, they must act on another device even after successfully getting your password.

5 Ways Cloud Protection Service Can Help Your Business Data Privacy

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The cost of a data breach is unbearable for many businesses. There are monetary costs, reputation loss, and other severe costs. As a result, cloud protection service is a terrific tool to help you stand firm against hackers and make your data impregnable.

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