6 Mind Blowing User-Generated Content Campaigns That Stood Out

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Have you ever trusted a product after seeing your friends or family posting about it online? Most of the time it must have happened, especially when you know that someone else has used the product already and has given positive feedback.

The content shared by the users online is said to be the most trustworthy, authentic & reliable form of content i.e. User-generated content.And since quite a few years, be it small or big global brands, each of them is increasingly running User Generated Content campaigns.There are a number of reasons why they are leveraging UGC campaigns as a crucial part of their marketing strategy. Reap all the amazing benefits that are associated with Consumer-generated Content.


For instance, such campaigns help brands to increase audience engagement, gain customers’ trust & loyalty, boost sales & revenue, and lead generation. If you have decided to create your user-generated content campaign but are not sure then you better go through this blog.Successful User-Generated Content Campaigns to Take Inspiration from


We have curated a list of a few top International brands that come up with unique ideas and share them with the world in the form of UGC Campaigns.

Let’s dive in!


1. Starbucks

This American brand had launched a #WhiteCupContest UGC campaign back in 2014, which gained popularity internationally as Starbucks received around 4000 drawn cups by the users.After seeing the huge success of this UGC campaign, Starbucks again launched another campaign in 2016 with the name #RedCupArt challenge under the hashtag.

Both the campaigns received great attention from the customer on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram. In a nutshell, the major reason for the success of these two user-generated content campaigns is the direct customer participation it allows.


2. Coca-Cola

Another globally popular UGC campaign launched by Coca-Cola is the #ShareACoke for the first time in 2011 in Australia.  The idea which came into the mind of their marketing team was welcomed with open arms by the customers all across the globe.  came up with the idea of starting a ‘share a coke’ campaign through the social and ads channel.

In this UGC campaign, the brand decided to print its bottles with 150 most common and popular names. Then the customers were asked to share the coke with their loved ones with the branded hashtag #ShareACoke.

The campaign instantly became a globally social media hit, not just in Australia but all across the world.


3. Burberry

As a part of their changing the company’s aging brand, the British clothing brand- Burberry decided to launch a user-generated content campaign, “Art of the Trench”. The company launched The Art of the Trench website in 2009 to let the customers share pictures of themselves wearing Burberry’s trench coat. As a result of this UGC campaign, Burberry’s e-commerce sales increased 50% year-over-year following the launch of the site.

4. Apple

Due to the customers’ lost trust in iPhone’s camera aptitudes, ‘Apple’ was losing a great number of fans.  So, to get back the trust of its users, the brand launched a #ShotOnIphone campaign. In this campaign, both the newbie and pro-Apple users were encouraged to take beautiful shots in low-light with their iPhones and share it online with the branded hashtag. As a result of this innovative user-generated campaign, Apple not only revived the trust of its cynical users but also was able to save a lot of money.

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Along with that, Apple was also able to work in the betterment of the user-engagement in its community.


5. Wayfair


Do you know about the #WayfairAtHome campaign? It is basically a fun initiative by the online furniture store Wayfair to allow customers to post pictures of their home setups featuring Wayfair products. The innovativeness has made it well-known amongst the online audience of Instagram. Also, Wayfair’s other UGC campaign which is not so popular user-generated content campaign i.e. #WayfairPetSquad lets customers showcase its products in an adorable way.



6. Adobe

To outsource the UCC and share it with the hashtag #Adobe_Perspective, creative software company Adobe showed off its capabilities while engaging with its community of users easily on social media.



If simply put, the brand encourages customers to share their experiences related to their product on various social media platforms. And when a brand leverages a UGC campaign, this gives a clear picture to the customers of what they can expect from what they can expect. Taking ample inspiration from the aforementioned creative user-generated content marketing campaigns, you can also respond to the challenges that your brand is facing currently or will face in the future as well.

So, generate awareness and buzz around and let your user-generated content campaign speak for itself to promote your product.



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