7 Amazing Side Hustles for Photographers

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7 Amazing Side Hustles for Photographers

The COVID-19 pandemic and other factors have shaped many to be more creative and optimistic. In the recent survey conducted by the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (NAPFA), nearly 70% of Americans consider having additional income sources.

Photography can be a hit-or-miss business due to seasonality and other factors. Photographers have been getting creative with their businesses in recent times. Some have modernized their stores, while others have developed a new clientele. There is never a better time to start a side business and expand your portfolio, whether you are a newbie photographer or a pro.

7 Amazing Side Hustles for Photographers

Here are a few suggestions for boosting your photography business and generating more income.

1. Conduct a Workshop

Consider hosting a workshop that can help increase the knowledge of other photographers if you have in-depth expertise in a specific niche. You can rent a studio or partner with local vendors to create a once-in-lifetime experience. It might take time, research, patience, and effort to conduct your photography workshops. Getting started with basic rules will help a long way.

2. Become a Coach

Coaching is an option to consider if you enjoy sharing your knowledge and passion with aspiring photographers. It is also an excellent way to make a profit. For instance, you can cover everything from portfolio critiques, image editing to marketing and social media recommendations in stipulated time online. People in your audience who are interested can sign up for free coaching sessions, and this is a great way to get started with your coaching business.

3. Offer Retouching Services

If you have a retouching skills as a photographer, you can offer your skill to other brands and photographers. Take Kale Lundholm, who works as a freelance picture retoucher and is known across the world for his surf photography. In that capacity, he specializes in car editing and color grading. If you have an aptitude for editing, value your skill and begin marketing yourself as a retoucher.

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4. Startup a Podcast

You can share your knowledge with fellow photographers. If you have much to say on your craft, then start a podcast! Though podcasts are generally free to listen to, if you are great at it, you could attract affiliate links and sponsors in the future. Sponsorship comes as you grow your audience, while affiliate links are a terrific way to start earning money from your podcast.

5. Create A How-To EBook

Publishing an online e-book on topics you are expertise in can add a lot of value to your business. You can also create a course with several modules of topics that your course covers. Dina Blenko’s books are filled with directions for recreating and reinterpreting 31 of her most astounding photographs, including levitation and gravity-defying exploits. You may accomplish something similar by tapping into your specializations and instructing another photographer on how to follow in your footsteps.

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6. Create and Sell Wall Arts and Photo Prints

Another lucrative side hustle for photographers is creating amazing wall arts and custom photo prints. You can transform some of your best works or create custom prints. There are several effective ways of selling these works. You can partner with reputable online art stores like ElephntStock.com for easier and better marketing.

7 Amazing Side Hustles for Photographers

7. Stock photography

Check your backlog of photos to see if there is any that can be used for stock. If they are images of people, make sure you have the correct model release document signed. Otherwise, experiment with still life photographs, landscapes, architecture, and other subjects to see if any can be used for stock. When selecting a stock photograph, keep in mind that unique photos are the best.

Conclusion – 7 Amazing Side Hustles for Photographers

Being a photographer does not limit you to a single stream of income. There are several other ways photographers can earn extra income both online and offline. The above side hustles are realistic options you can consider. Feel free to create time to think about your passion and set of skills.



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