7 Best SEO Plugins to Bring more Traffic to your WordPress Website

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7 Best SEO Plugins to Bring more Traffic to your WordPress Website

You have designed a unique and attractive WordPress website with highly readable content for your target visitors. You hope that visitors can easily get attracted to the innovatively designed website. But, in reality, the scenario is different. Until you think of taking SEO steps, you cannot find visitors on your WordPress site.

The good news is that WordPress plugins can be the best resource for you to make your SEO campaign successful. The choice of the right plugins will drive more web traffic to your WordPress site.

After a creating a WordPress blog you need find a list of the most reliable WordPress SEO plugins that draw the target audiences to your site.

Key Considerations for WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

Here are some important things to know about WordPress SEO plugins and tools:

  • Overabundance of SEO Tools: When you explore SEO tips for WordPress or search for the “best free WordPress SEO plugins,” you may encounter articles listing numerous tools. This can be overwhelming, especially for beginners and non-technical users.
  • Practicality Over Quantity: You don’t necessarily require a multitude of SEO tools to achieve better search engine rankings. While many blog posts highlight the most popular SEO plugins, it’s crucial to grasp the specific purposes of each tool.
  • Avoiding Plugin Conflicts: It’s essential to avoid using multiple WordPress SEO plugins on your website. Commonly mentioned plugins include All in One SEO (formerly All in One SEO Pack), Yoast SEO, SEOPress, and Rank Math. You should select just one to prevent conflicts between plugins.
  • Choosing Tools Carefully: Tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs are powerful, but when you’re starting, you don’t need all of them since they often have overlapping features. It’s advisable to select tools based on your specific needs and business goals.

Understanding these points will help you make informed decisions about selecting the right WordPress SEO plugins and tools for your website, ensuring optimal functionality and avoiding unnecessary complexity.

#1. Yoast SEO

Best SEO Plugins to Bring more Traffic to your WordPress Website

As a free WordPress SEO plugin, it helps you with website optimization for higher rankings. With Yoast SEO plugins, you can take advantage of

  • Meta description
  • SERP previews
  • Ratings
  • XML sitemap development and more


This plugin is best for your on-site SEO campaign. You can add the relevant keywords to your site while maintaining their frequency. Moreover, you can optimize your meta title, URL, and meta description. Yoast SEO makes it easy for you to delight search engines and readers.


#2. SEOPress

Best SEO Plugins to Bring more Traffic to your WordPress Website

SEOPress is an easy-to-use, potential SEO plugin best for making a difference in your WordPress website. It provides you with every feature that you desire from SEO plugins. Meta description, meta title, image, XML sitemaps, open graph, and redirects- everything is manageable with SEOPress.

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Although the free version is highly functional, you can subscribe for SEOPress Pro to get more tools and benefits. You will also get access to Google Analytics to gather data about your website performance. Based on the SEO report from Analytics, you can take effective steps.

It is easy to deal with the installation wizard for SEOPress. You need to choose an option to be adjusted and make the configuration.

#4. Rank Math

Best SEO Plugins to Bring more Traffic to your WordPress Website

You can choose it for better optimization of your WordPress website content. You will have real-time insights into your posts without leaving the WordPress website interface.

Like other SEO plugins, Rank Math enables you to make your meta description and titles SEO-friendly. It also gives you the snippet preview and reduces the risk of Google’s SERP display errors. The unique feature of Rank Math is that it helps in ensuring the optimal speed of your WordPress website. Furthermore, it offers features, like 404 monitoring, redirections and WooCommerce site SEO.


To ensure SEO-friendly redirects in your WP website, you can choose this plugin. It is the best WP plugin to solve the 404 errors on your site.

Broken links affect your website’s SEO performance, as your users can leave the platform. That is why you have to check the broken links of your website and eliminate them. While you have found the broken link, you can direct users to the right link.

#5. Internal Link Juicer

How to Automate Linking with Internal Link Juicer for WordPress - GreenGeeks

It is another WP plugin to make sure that your WordPress site’s internal link has a proper structure. Moreover, the plugin helps with the automatic linking of keywords and phrases in your posts with the relevant categories and pages. Thus, internal link creation becomes easy with this WP plugin, and you can avoid SEO penalties.

#6. WP Super Cache

WP Rocket vs. W3 Total Cache vs. WP Super Cache - IMTips


As you like to have a fast-loading WordPress website, you must learn about caching. Normally, when a webpage receives requests from the browser, the server does complicated calculations. It restores the posts, identifies the sidebar widgets, and does several other things.

WP Super Cache generates static HTML versions of the dynamic web content. Then, it serves these webpages to your visitors and prevents slower-loading versions.

#7. WP Meta SEO

9 Best Alternatives to Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin in 2021


You can choose this plugin as your meta information editor. Without reaching every page separately, you may work on the overall site. You may also integrate Google Search Console for keyword suggestions. Accurate data can be obtained directly from search engines to make the right decision. With WP Meta SEO plugin, you will get some other special features, like the sitemap generator and redirections manager. Use the bulk editor to accelerate your workflow speed.

Now, you can choose the best WordPress plugins that make your SEO campaign successful. You will find more traffic and a better rank of your website.


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