7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

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7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

Internet users prefer video. This rule works not only in the field of entertainment but also in digital marketing. Although it is the most complex of all types of content, the investment pays off.

7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

Just look at video marketing statistics:

  • the number of clicks on video emails increases by 200-300%;
  • video landing conversions increase by 80%;
  • the probability of online shopping due to video increases by 64%.

Analyze your behavior. If you add a quality video to the description of the product, the desire to make a purchase will increase.

Your business will reach a new level thanks to great videos. In this article, we will tell you how to do it.

7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

Business promotion begins with a content marketing strategy. Even short videos for Instagram stories are part of your marketing strategy. Successful digital marketing for business contains 7 components: goal, platform, content types, content plan, post-production, promotion, metrics analysis. Consider each of these points in particular.

Step 1: Set clear goals for your marketing strategy

What do you want to achieve with video marketing? Goals can vary depending on the mission and stage of your business. You can create videos for:

  • direct advertising of goods or services;
  • informing consumers about the development of a new product;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • expanding the target audience;
  • increasing the social responsibility of the brand.

What is the most important thesis you want to convey to consumers through video? Customers are in one of 5 stages of the marketing funnel to your business:

  • awareness;
  • consideration;
  • conversion;
  • loyalty;
  • advocacy.

If you set a clear goal and define a funnel stage, you’ll create an effective call to action for your video content. This is the basis of business promotion.

7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy


Step 2: Choose your platforms to communicate with customers

Video content works best on social media. The reason is simple: short videos attract attention. Users are happy to view and share such content.

Choose a video marketing platform:

Where have you already gathered the largest audience? We recommend that you start promoting your business with video on that platform. Pay attention to the functionality of video capture on different platforms. Some have built-in video editing programs. You can also upload an already edited video using Clipify – an easy-to-use but powerful video editing software, Fastreel by Movavi or other video editors

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Step 3: Select your types of content

The type of video depends on the digital marketing goals for your brand. Also, don’t forget the tone of voice and manner of communication your customers are used to.

There are several common types of content:

  • educational content increases brand awareness and builds your expertise;
  • entertaining content attracts new viewers and forms the voice of the brand;
  • testimonials content creates a sense of trust and directs the viewer to buy.

Start with videos that showcase your product or service. We will talk more about the types of content in video marketing below.

7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy


Step 4: Create a plan for video content

Creating videos for your business can be delegated to professionals. Some companies provide such outsourcing services. If you want to develop the content creation process as internal, then you need to start with a step-by-step content creation plan.

  1. Choose equipment for video recording.
  2. Write and edit the script.
  3. Make a video storyboard.
  4. Arrange a place to shoot (background, extraneous sounds, lighting, etc.).
  5. Take a few takes for your video.
  6. Edit the video.
  7. Make sure you’re using licensed music.

It is much easier to work according to the plan. Especially for beginners in video creation.

Step 5: Immerse yourself in post-production, but do not hang there

This stage can also be entrusted to professionals or performed by yourself. It all depends on what result you want to get. Post-production allows you to combine individual scenes with music, add subtitles, add a call to action, contact information, tags, and more.

Think about how important it is for your video marketing to bother with this stage. Isn’t it enough to download a video with an edited caption via a mobile app?

Step 6: Schedule and promote videos

Don’t limit yourself to one video post. Schedule different advertising campaigns for different social networks, add videos to your business blog, automate video sharing on a specific schedule. Preparing video content takes a lot of time. Instead, you get great material for promoting your business in the long run.

Step 7: Analyze video marketing metrics

7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy


The set of such metrics differs slightly depending on the platform. Here is an approximate list:

  • number of views;
  • viewing time;
  • likes and comments;
  • sharing;
  • click-through rate;
  • conversion rate;
  • feedback.

Measure audience response, analyze metrics, draw conclusions, and improve the quality of your videos. This is a great plan for business promotion, and it works!

7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

Types of content: which one to choose?

Now you know almost all the intricacies of creating video content. All you have to do is decide the type of video for your marketing strategy.

Talk show format

If the popularity of talk shows on television does not fade, then why not try to apply it in digital marketing? Include videos in blog design, choose topics, and remember about regularity.

Live Streams

The advantage of such videos is spontaneity, not quality. Launch them in the story so that viewers get used to living communication with your brand. Live videos allow you to react quickly to important events and increase the level of trust in the brand.

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A look behind the scenes

Consumers are interested in the internal processes of the brand. Use this in your video production. Show how the product is created, tell about the team, and share new products that have not yet hit the market. People love it!

Create a video of the event

Brand events are often limited to a narrow circle of guests. Modern technologies can significantly expand this circle. Include quality videos from the event in your marketing strategy and enable people to join it.

Make a real movie

Yes, it is expensive. You will have to attract specialists and invest a lot of money. But it’s worth it! This is a significant investment, which is repaid by a significant expansion of the boundaries of your business. Are you ready for big changes?

7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy


Conclusion – 7 Steps For Creating A Truly Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

Video content is the most effective digital marketing tool. The format depends only on your resources and imagination. Do things that others in your niche have not yet thought of. Create creative video content for your business.


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