8 Best Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers in 2024

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Best Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

Adobe is the world leader in offering digital imaging solutions. For years, Adobe’s Photoshop has been a promising tool for photographers and designers all over the world. It allows them to experiment with digital imaging and creative projects.


But, at times making certain changes or tweaking things in Photoshop can be rather painful. To achieve the final cut, you may need the right tools. That’s when you need plugins and extensions to cut down on your efforts.


Good thing is, in 2021 there are a ton of cool and free Photoshop plugins to pick from. Just like you need plugins for optimizing a website for SEO, the same way you need the right Photoshop plugins for all your designing woes. But, picking the right one may take some time.


In this post, we look at the best and Free Photoshop plugins that will make your design and creative works breeze. Remember, some of them are free only during the trial period.


Here they are…



Web Font Plugin


By downloading this free plug-in, you can use Google Web Fonts and WebINK if you create website mock-ups in Photoshop. If you want to get this free plugin, you will need to install the free version of Suitcase Fusion 5. It’s a font manager by Extensis.


Right now, the Web Font Plugin is usable with Adobe Photoshop CS5.1, Adobe Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS5, and Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.



ON1 Effects 2020


Instagram is the big boy on the block. It’s the dream of everyone with a creative drive. It has a huge library of colors and styles to offer. So, if you find one of the IG style effects impressive, you can experiment with it in Photoshop using ON1 effects.


This plugin allows you to create a voluminous array of presets which covers styles like hipster, cinematic, as well as the one that revolves around film stock. What’s more, this plugin lets you experiment with a variety of filters. You can use those to improve the colors and tones of your images.


‘ON1 effects’ also lets you view one-click panels in Photoshop. With this feature, you get to exercise control over all the presets and see how they apply to the images.





CSS3Ps plugin lets users convert Photoshop layers to CSS3. All that it takes is selecting the layers that need converting to CSS3 and clicking the CSS3Ps button.


The plugin also exports various effects from Photoshop as properties of CSS3. For example, the plugin converts PSD strokes to the border and the inner shadow is converted to box-show property.


There’s no need for users to worry about bugs or updates as the plugin runs on the cloud. All the calculations happen on the cloud which allows you to see the results in the browser first.

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CSS3Ps plugin happens to be among the best Photoshop plugins available for free right now. There’s a ton of excellent features available such as multi-layer selection, vendor prefix for all the popular browsers, SCSS and Sass conversion, text layer support, and several others.





Many web designers like to spread several layouts all at the same time. Such designers will find Ink useful as it gets the job done well in Photoshop. This is a powerful plugin that can help you convert different components of the page into CSS and HTML code. If those are your requirements, then look no further than Ink.


Ink allows you to get a detailed layout of all the information. Additionally, you also get to know about information like colors, fonts generated, leading and size, etc. You can also create codes for shadows and gradients and produce measurements that are almost pixel-perfect as part of your design component.



Subtle Patterns


If your design or website is in need of full background patterns, then you will find SubtlePatterns to fit all your needs. The plugin supplies a huge variety of patterns so that no designer has a problem picking the right pattern depending upon the design. You don’t have to spend hours creating one of these on your own. But, if you want to, there’s also the option to create your own patterns. Therefore, in no way the quality has been compromised.


Although a designer can add complex components to a site, the subtle nature of the pattern will make sure that the user-attention does not deviate from patterns.



Suitcase Fusion


If you are in need of a plugin that is helpful with font management, then you will find Suitcase Fusion to fit all your needs. There’s also the option to preview the fonts before you use them. The plug-in is also helpful in the organization and accessibility of fonts. Suitcase Fusion comes with a huge collection of fonts so you will have no trouble picking the one that goes well with your design.






For designers that have to work with color swatches, the Prisma Photoshop plugin is the best thing. It is loaded with global color swatches that provide versatility. The color swatches are particularly useful for designers who have the habit of using the same colors across multiple pages.


Prisma further allows you to sync colors across multiple PSD files, recolor them in huge numbers, and also connect layers. In this plugin, you can pick colors from 3 places – color picker dialog, color panel, and regular Photoshop swatches. Designers can link the global swatches to however many layers they wish. You can also work in collaboration with your team by sharing swatches. You also get shareable URLs that convert project colors into SCSS, Sass, and Stylus variables – and display them in the browser.



Perfect Resize


Also known as Genuine Fractals, you can use Perfect Resize to blow up the images without destroying the sharpness of the image. The plugin is also good for those who struggle with background and header images. There’s a 30-day trial version of Perfect Resize available. Alternatively, it’s downloadable as a stand-alone software also.

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In Conclusion


We’re sure that picking any one of these plugins will make your life as a web designer extremely easy and stress-free. It’s good to keep experimenting and see which ones fit your needs.


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