Christians are being manipulated by the Jews threw their religion.

The Old Testament is one of the Jews holy books, supposedly their Bible.

The Old Testament is also the first part of the Christian Bible.

In the Old Testament the Jews claim they are Gods chosen people.

Most Christians believe this garbage and will do anything the Jews tell them to.

For example Congress has the Jew controlled ADL advise them on so called hate legislation

The Old Testament also has many "prophecies".

Some of these "prophecies" deal with the reestablishment of Israel

The Christians feel it their duty to God to make these prophecies happen.

As a result most of the Christians in congress vote for funding of Israel and

wars to defend Israel and expand the Jew control in the Middle East and the

rest of the world.

We call Christians that do this Christian Zionists.

Jesus was supposed to be the son of god according to the Bible and was a Jew.

Many of us feel Jesus was working for his fellow Jews to establish the

self destructive doctrine of Christianity which was created by these Jews

to manipulate the non Jew masses.

Judging from what is going on in the Western World the Jews have succeeded.