Ultimate Disaster for the White Race.


This idea (Christianity) was the most significant turning point in history. No plague, series of plagues, wars or disasters during the next two thousand years has wreaked more horrible calamity on the White Race of the world than what happened next. So well did Saul of Tarsus do his job that he was soon joined and backed by the entire Jewish network in selling these suicidal teachings to the Romans. The Jews went about it with a vengeance, feeding the Romans such idiotic and self destructive ideas as “love your enemies”,“turn the other cheek”, “sell all thou hast and give it to the poor”, “resist not evil”, “judge not”

and much other suicidal advice.


Downfall of Rome. Strange to say, the Romans fell for this idiotic garbage like a cat

attracted to catnip. The Romans, who had always been virile, clear headed and practical, who had conquered the world, now gradually turned into limp jellyfish, into pacifist milksops. Their once clear and practical minds turned from the real world to a fantasy world of spooks in the skies. Instead of taking care of their responsibilities in the real world, the only world in which man has ever been known to live, their concern now turned to “saving souls”— their own and others from a fiery “hereafter.” Whereas they had been extremely proficient in building a superior civilization and a better world, they now abandoned all this and a mad frenzy about spooks in the skies preoccupied their minds. Mass insanity set in, and the Jews had done it all with their ultimate weapon— selling the Romans on a suicidal religion.


Slavery and Mongrelization. There is one other major factor that also contributed to the

breakup of the Empire. We said previously that the Jews specialized in the slave trade. The fact is they practically monopolized it, as they did in North and South America more than a thousand years later. Whereas the Jews were (and are) extremely race conscious, the Romans were not. In conspiring to pull down the Romans they frantically promoted the importation of slaves, especially from Africa and Asia. Every wealthy Roman had slaves and some wealthy estates had anywhere from a thousand to twenty thousand alien slaves. Mongrelization between Romans and slaves became commonplace.


Inferior Outbred Superior. In keeping the picture in proper perspective, we must also

remember that not all slaves were of inferior racial stock. Many slaves were also from Western Europe which blended well with the white Roman stock. But as time progressed, the Asiatic, Egyptian and African breed predominated. As bad money drives out good, so the inferior outbred the superior. By the time of Hadrian in the second century A.D. the oriental element increasingly began to predominate. Over the generations the liberated slaves and their mongrelized offspring expanded and the original Roman stock dwindled and died out. It was especially among the poorer riff-raff, the

slaves and the mongrels that Christianity initially found its most fertile soil and took root.

Collapse. So effective was the twin Jewish program of Christianity and Mongrelization that by the year 476 the glory that was Rome collapsed in utter shambles. Dark Ages. Rome was no more. Christianity with the Jews in control took over the wreckage. The Dark Ages set in. For the next thousand years, superstition, poverty, ignorance, confusion and turmoil prevailed. It was a miserable age which can best be described as mass insanity. The Spooks in the Sky swindle was now fully in charge. It was not until the Renaissance that the White people of Europe again slowly began to extricate themselves andcome to their senses. The recovery from the disease was slow, painful and only partial. To this very day this disease poisons and afflicts the minds of hundreds of millions of our White Racial Comrades to where they cannot think rationally.


Rich Heritage Remained. Such is the triumph and tragedy of Rome. Her rich heritage has survived for the benefit of the White Race despite the fact that it has been (and is) smothered and polluted with a subversive creed alien to the White Race— namely Jewish Christianity. Those benefits in the fields of language, architecture, law, warfare, sculpture and the art of government (and many other areas) are strongly imbedded in our present day culture, nevertheless. But her racial genes are as extinct as the dodo and the dinosaur.


Lessons we can learn. So let us take stock. Let us analyze those glorious thousand years of history. What made the Romans so great? Why did they fail to survive and continue that wonderful civilization onward and upward?


On the Positive Side we can conclude:

1. The genius of the Roman civilization was basically due to their excellent racial stock. It was inherent in their genes. They were a tall, blonde, blue-eyed White Race endowed by Nature with beauty, creativity and intelligence.

2. The Romans were brave, energetic, tenacious and ever aggressive to expand and press


3. They were great organizers in warfare, in government, in building programs, in formulating their excellent language, Latin, and practically every other significant field of endeavor.

4. In the field of law, government and administration they have never been excelled, in fact, not even ever equaled by any other people. Most of the fundamentals of the laws of the White Race today have their origins in Roman law.

5. They recognized their (military) enemies and did not hesitate to destroy them utterly, and if necessary, wipe them off the face of the earth, as they did in the case of Carthage.

6. Whereas the Greeks were more imaginative, artistic and creative, the Romans were more pragmatic. They were a practical people. They had a genius for absorbing and adapting other peoples’ ideas, customs and cultures to means useful to their own purpose.

7. They built their military might so that it was second to none. The soldiers were manly,

brave, courageous and relentless. In a few centuries they conquered most of the then-known world.

8. They developed the most expressive and orderly language in the history of mankind. Today 2,000 years later, the Latin Language is still unequalled by any other.

9. They had an inborn sense of responsibility towards their homes, their family, their country and their Empire.

10. The Romans were great builders with a sense of destiny.


On the Negative Side there are characteristics that are also of special significance to us:

1. The Romans failed to realize that their Empire, their civilization and their greatness was due to the innate quality of their superb racial stock. In short they failed to recognize the inherent value of race and failed to protect their own.

2. They failed to understand the parasitic characteristics of the Jews, and did not recognize the deadly virus in their midst.

3. They failed to understand the power of ideas, propaganda and religion, and subsequently had no defense against the treacherous Jew, who understood them only too well.

4. They allowed the Jewish slave traders to import niggers, orientals, Asiatics and other mud races into their empire, and had an open policy of “assimilating” their conquered subjects and territories. They practiced inter-racial marriages. By these two means they polluted and poisoned their own blood stream into extinction. As the saying goes, Rome conquered the world, but lost her own soul. Actually, she lost her own racial genes.

5. Instead of breeding their own workers in every category, their slave policy led to shrinkage and extinction of their own race.

6. Similarly, the policy of being administrators and rulers of their territories led to the

advancement and expansion of their “subjects,” but the decline and extinction of Romans. In fairness to the Romans, they did found and settle many of their colonies and provinces with their own veterans. Unfortunately, many of them intermarried with the natives. But again, they paid too little heed to race, which proved their ultimate downfall.

7. If they had had a strong sense of racial loyalty, rather than “national” loyalty to Rome, and embodied this as their central national religion, they would neither have been mongrelized, nor would they have succumbed to the poisonous new religion the Jews injected into their thinking: a religion which unhinged their reasoning and brought about their destruction.

8. Had the Romans had such a religion, instead of the silly, superficial religion they copied from the Greeks, Roman civilization would undoubtedly have survived to this day and for many thousands of years thereafter. In fact, civilizations do not die except when their racial blood becomes contaminated and the progeny is no longer the same as the forefathers who created the original civilization and culture in the first place.

9. If Roman civilization had prevailed, what a blessing for this world it would have been!

Instead of a Jew-ridden world racked by revolution, dissension and anarchy, teeming with

increasing floods of mongrels and mud races, we would today have a beautiful White world in every part of every continent, prosperous, peaceful, orderly, and productive. We would have a world minus the mud races and inferior scum that infests so much of the good realestate of the globe today, and undoubtedly minus that destroyer of all civilizations— the parasitic Jew.

10. Because they allowed the mongrelization of their racial stock; the infiltration of the Jew into their finances, education and government; and because they then succumbed to the suicidal “new” Christian religion, they perished miserably.

The Romans in their time were without a doubt the greatest colonizers the world had ever

known. This is a basic urge in Nature that every creature has inherent in its make-up. In the next chapter we will examine how well, or how poorly the White Race has done since the days of the Romans, and how it is doing today.



Mental Sickness engulfs White Race. A strange malaise has settled on the White Man’s

thinking in the period following World War II. By means of the Satanic propaganda impinging on his brain from every direction, the White Man is overwhelmed with a neurotic guilt complex. And what is he ashamed of! Why does he feel guilty? Evidently, he is supposed to feel guilty for the inferiority of the niggers and the other mud people. He is supposed to feel ashamed of his own astounding success in culture, in technology, in producing vast amounts and varieties of food, for creating civilization and learning, and a host of other most outstanding accomplishments.

Twisted Thinking. By today’s Jewish standards, success is failure, success is guilt. Failure and stupidity (as per the mud races) is good. Black is white, and white is black. Success (by the White Race) is to be condemned. Failure by the mud races is to be highly commended. Not only commended, but subsidized and proliferated— at the expense of the White Race, of course. As a result of this twisted, lunatic thinking, the White Race is desperately trying to assuage its “guilt” feelings by hopelessly trying to compensate for the niggers’ stupidity and the niggers’ inability to cope in a modern, White Man’s civilization.

Victim of Jewish Propaganda. Somehow, in the deluge of Jewish propaganda, the White Man has completely overlooked the obvious”— that the nigger is innately backward, never can, and never will be able to cope or fit into the White Man’s civilization. Nor does the White Man consider the obvious fact that he is stupidly shrinking his own race in favor of an obsolete stoneage species of sub-humanity to whom he owes absolutely nothing.

Jewish Goal. The Jew is thereby achieving his goal— to either exterminate or to mongrelize the White Race into a dumb, brown, subhuman monstrosity. This mongrelized product will then be subservient, easily controlled and never again pose a threat to the parasitic Jewish race.

Back to Basics. To fully appreciate how insane, how suicidal the present attitude and

behaviour is, we have to go back to basics. We have to go back to the Laws of Nature and see what all the millions of other creatures are doing in regards to their own survival.

In so doing, we find that today, as in the past many millions of years, we can discover not

one single creature which has now, or ever before, adopted such a stupid self-destructive course. None, that is, except the White Race of today. Even among the inferior mud races there is none so stupid in this regard that say— “I will hold back the expansion of my own kind in deference to my adversaries and promote their welfare and expansion at my expense.”

No other creature so dumb. There is no creature in the animal, bird, insect or reptile

category that says “in deference to a weaker, inferior species we will hold back our own

expansion and development and promote our inferior rivals so that they can multiply and crowd us off the face of the earth.” There is no creature in Nature’s Realm that takes this stupid attitude— except the befuddled White Race.

Back to Laws of Nature. In order to get our thinking straight again on this vital issue, we must go back to the fundamentals of the real world— Nature’s Laws. When we do so, the answer comes out loud and clear.