Advanced Tools And Tips To Speed Up Your Website3 min read

5 Advanced Tools And Tips To Speed Up Your Website

Time is money especially when it comes to website speed relative to the earnings-related to ad clicks you can earn money any second through web app development. According to a study single delay in seconds affects up to 7% conversion rates. And when the user stares at a blank screen that reduces views 11% and also user satisfaction by 16%. The basic thing is that how will you know that your website is slow? For that, there are many tools available to measure your website speed. So you must use those tools to speed up your website in the era of web application development.

Advanced Tools And Tips To Speed Up Your Website

Five tools are given to speed up your website;

view page speed insight Google is good to start, it will help you to know how Google sees your websites and it will give you a report in which included page views as well the error of what Is making your website delays the clicks.

While the website is taking Google for help then Google analytics gives you good information on time rather than the time of the test.

It is a very popular service and helps you to identify that what are the components making your page slower and with the plugins is fast server. go through the report to know where the server is lacking and why.

As this tools name, this tools helps you to run the tests with different platforms, browsers, and geographic user location. It will be a very clean test when you have an audience throughout the globe.

Unlike the services given previously this tool is an open-source browser plugin. this identifies page speed and also provides the information on what are the causes of delaying the loading of the website.

Tips you need to speed up websites

Clean old clutter 

By looking at your website content get rid of the thing you don’t need any more on your websites like image, themes, and unused plugins, and outdated loading pages. If you are using word press then cleaning up of old clutter will be very easy just to use word press optimize and it automatically trashes the old clutter. Moreover, a plugin image cleanup t will find and remove the unused images.


Advanced Tools And Tips To Speed Up Your Website


Shrinkage of images

Another easiest way to lower the weight of the website is to shrink the images. This won’t hurt the quality of the image. Moreover, most of the website uses gigantic images which loads fully doesn’t make a delay in loading. For this you can use the image compression tools that reduce the size of the file are;

  • Tiny PNG; this reduces the by 25 to 80 percent without damaging the quality of the image
  • JPEG mini; this also works as Tiny PNG works
  • Smush it; scan the website and identify images which needs compression
  • EWWW Image Optimizer; this shrinkage the images
  • WP Smush Pro; it also an image compressor it has more options than EWWW

Turn of browser caching

Through this, you can control the time length stored in the users’ PC from your server control panel. This will help you not to make wait for your loyal customers for the content downloading on your websites.

Advanced Tools And Tips To Speed Up Your Website

Minimize HTTP Request

File requests are also important as the file size. As more files browsers will get from the web the more connections will be needed and this means slower the loading of the website. The number of requests can be slower as per needs.

Push the script down

Script language on your website avoid using <> these in the field. These scripting languages can slow website loading. Move the script language to the end.

Load above the fold first

This tip will help you not to affect the search engine which measures the site speed, it will make the user improve the experience. The focus must be on the loading website.


These tips and tools all you need to do testing. Moreover, these will help you to optimize the website speed.

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