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Technologies with smart assistance like API (Application Programming Interface) have established the most secured facilities like Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Transactional Email, and OTP service, which have become an essential part of our lifestyle.

API is software that serves as an interface between various sectors and delivers relative information as required. These functions enhance security standards and are employed in all business fields.



This service is self-programmed and delivers information to the consumer within a few minutes. This has been employed in many business sectors, Banks, Online Merchants, Networks, and many more.

This notifies the customers regarding details of their purchase, bills, orders, and delivery. The message sent through this service provides 24/7 availability and also reaches mobile in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.

Banking sectors use this to notify the account holder of any form of ATM, UPI, and account transactions. It also immediately alerts in case of unauthorized or wrong entry of passwords. All details will be shared within 3 minutes.

Both online and in-store shopping dealers use this facility to reach out to people. Online shopping provides details of the order, package, and delivery clearly, and it can also be tracked with the link attached in the SMS.

In-store merchants update their customers with sales, discounts, offers, best deals, and coupon codes that can be available during their purchase.

Transactional Emails attest to sharing reminders, updates like electricity bills, Online shopping, E-commerce, configurations, greetings, offer letters, configurations, and reactivating accounts. Social media notifications are reflected in emails accordingly.

Any login to your account from a different device will also be alerted. It increases security and protection to accounts efficiently. It can also be sent in bulk in case of commerce.


Promotional SMS attributes to reaching out to people and improving their revenues. SMS is known as Short Messaging Service. As a marketing strategy, even freshly established business organizations use this as a tool to be acknowledged in the market.

The messages programmed to be delivered can only be sent at particular timing. It cannot pass-through DND mode on phones. It renders optimum results for the vendors.


OTP is abbreviated as One Time Password, which means these codes can be used only within a particular time limit or only once as programmed. OTP service ensures security and privacy to the users. It avoids fraudulent, data theft, or any cyber activity.

OTP is a six-digit code that is numerical generally and sometimes mixed with alphabets. It is personal and should not be shared with others.

This facility has been implemented in all possible applications used by people in their mobiles, desktops, laptops, etc. But the OTP will be sent only to Registered mobile numbers after proper verification.


OTP Service is enabled while making payments with a card online, net banking. The payment will be processed only after entering the OTP sent to Users’ registered numbers.

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With this assistance, the risks of any unauthorized access can be averted. A generated OTP, once used, cannot be reused again for other transfers. For each transaction, a new OTP will be developed once the user clicks ‘ Get OTP ‘.

As people install and operate many applications and are present in varied social media forums, it is quite confusing to remember all passwords. It is also not safe to store passcodes digitally or verbally, leading to hacking and security malfunctions.

To make such issues easier, the OTP service assists individuals with signing up into a new account, logging into accounts, and in times when people forget their passwords. Some apps require code only during sign-in and can be used regularly without any interruption or queries.

Social applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others ask for a password every time they log in. Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc., requires OTP, but a password is not mandatory.


  • SMS OTP- once the number is registered, it is verified and authorized. An OTP is sent via SMS for login. This is a regularly used format and takes up to 10 secs to be delivered.
  • VOICE CALL OTP- In this method, the number entered is verified through a call, and the code is delivered in SMS for login.


  • Any field of business can attempt this service to avoid security issues.
  • It enables two-step verification and authorization systems.
  • It is cost-efficient and reliable.
  • It facilitates resetting account passwords shortly.
  • OTP is generated and delivered merely in just 8 seconds.
  • Prevents accounts from unauthorized entries and avoids replayed attacks using the code which has been already used.
  • It can be reached to mobiles irrespective of any operating systems, namely Apple, Android, Windows.
  • A passwordless login facility can be established.
  • These are carried to even DND enabled phones as it comprises sensitive information and is not restricted under any time limits.

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