Benefits Of Displaying Social Wall In Award Function

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Benefits Of Displaying Social Wall In Award Function

Award functions are grand events, organizers can do anything to make them remarkable. From decoration to host, entertaining scripts, special guest appearance, and delicious food, organizers try to use every possible way to keep their audience entertained and engaged.

Hence they forget a very important element that is foolproof to engross their audience, set a benchmark in the best award functions list.

Are you wondering how? By giving a touch of visual element to your award functions. As the trend goes, social media walls are proving to enhance events whether concerts, annual conferences, or award functions.

In simple terms, we are talking about displaying social walls during your award function to avail such amazing benefits and make your event successful with greater audience engagement.

No matter it is the Grammy, Oscar, or your office award ceremony, you can implement social walls anywhere to enhance your event.

Still, confused about whether to use social walls or not in award functions? No worries, check below to find what surprising benefits you can entail by displaying a beautiful social wall during your event.

One of the major benefits of displaying a social wall is audience engagement, which you might understand easily, but what are the benefits you can avail and ask your event manager to invest some money into it.

So let’s learn what are the benefits of displaying social walls and why you should use them during your award function.

Now, let’s get started!

Amazing Benefits of Displaying Social Walls In Award Function

Add Social Touch To Your Event

As social walls are the collection of social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, it will bring social touch to your award function.  Event organizers can look for this opportunity and create social touch in their events.

You may have noticed that people are engaging on their mobile screens in between events and scrolling social media for their entertainment  Instead, you can offer social media touch to your events and run alluring social media walls during the event.

Increase Engagement With User-Generated Content

As discussed above, displaying social walls gives a social touch to your event. You can display entertaining content from social media like funny images, videos, pictures from past award functions, and real-time audience posts with hashtags.

User-generated content on your social walls creates direct links with your audience. Your audience likes to get engaged with content that is generated by real customers.

Instead of displaying simple graphics or images with text-only content, you can bring energy to you with beautiful and entertaining content from social media channels.

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Running hashtag feeds from Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook mentions will allure your event screens with alluring users’ social media content.

Encourage Users To Take Participate

Another benefit of displaying live hashtag feeds on your website is that you can allow your audience to post their pictures of attending your event and displaying them concurrently over the screen.

You can run an on-spot hashtag campaign and ask your audience to update on their social media using your hashtag.

You can display live social media feeds on your digital screens by curating these hashtag feeds and display them on your screen with a single click.

Build Social Proof Of Your Event

Displaying social walls builds social proof of your event. It will tell your audience how popular your award function is among the people.

When your audience sees people are talking about your award function, they would happily like to become part of your function and feel proud to join your award function.

Displaying social walls from Twitter and Facebook can help you to build a strong social reputation among your audience.

Social media walls will work as word of mouth marketing, meaning you don’t need to promote your award function, your social fans will do it for you.

Reduce Cost of Organizing Event

Another important aspect of social walls is that they won’t exhaust your budget at all. You can collect and display social media posts using tools that are specially designed to display social walls during events.

They are cost-effective and comparatively at low cost than other audience engagement solutions you’ll integrate for your event.

Showcasing colourful social media posts or content in attractive themes and designs are enough to engage the audience and enhance your award function ambience.

It will reduce your cost of organizing the award function as you can cut-off all the cost that you might spend on other tools or techniques to engage your audience.

Connect Audience Who Are Not Present During Event

It is not that the audience who are attending your award function can only become part of your award function, people who are connecting with your event through TV or live streaming can also become part of your social walls. They can participate in your hashtag campaign by posting their images, videos, or stories on their social media. You can display your audience posts who are attending your award function from their home or live streaming.

Wrapping Up!

Hence you look to invest in some amazing tools that will help you in displaying social walls for your award function. You can avail all these benefits and maybe more you’ll discover with social walls in your event. There are many tools available in the market such as Taggbox Display, Novisign, cVent, etc. to display social walls in events.

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