Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins to optimize your website in 2021

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When talking about the content management system for making a new website, WordPress comes at first. The biggest benefit of using WordPress is the accessibility to the free plugins and themes that would help you to perform different types of tasks easily without any development or coding. If you are making the website on this platform, then you get the opportunity to perform the SEO of your website easily with the help of the plugins. In this article, we will discuss some of the best plugins that are available for WordPress SEO and it can easily be installed on your website.  

1.    Yoast SEO For web masters and SEO experts, Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins to use and quickly configure the SEO of the website. Yoast SEO is for every person who needs to occupy a high rank at Google and willing to look for organic traffic to their site. Now, it doesn’t mean that only installing this plugin would give you an SEO boost to rank at the top of the search engine result page. Instead, you need to have a better configuration for this plugin. Anyway, Yoast SEO will help to make for on-page optimization setting. Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins to optimize your website in 2021 It is allowed to use most of the features completely free of charge, although, in the premium account, you would have more options for better optimization of your website. If you set it accordingly, it will set the optimization automatically without your interruption. This plugin would automatically suggest the improvements as you type the content (in real-time). You can use them to improve the clarity of your posts and compose keywords that both customers and Google love. You can easily add XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs, upgrade permalinks, and other special features that are essential for crawling and ordering on the Internet.  

2.    Prepostseo SEO is a factor that mostly depends on the content that you are writing for the website. If the content is not of high-quality then you can never obtain a better SEO result. Prepost SEO is a WordPress plugin that can help you in making your content better for a better search engine ranking as well as for a better user experience. Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins to optimize your website in 2021   The Prepost SEO holds different features as listed below:

  • It offers a plagiarism checker to check the uniqueness of the content
  • It offers the word count for knowing the total word count of the content you wrote
  • The grammar checker would help you to know the grammatical and spelling errors in your content
  • It would tell you the readability score to know how much content is better for users and search engine
  • The broken link feature would tell about the broken links of the website to solve and get better SEO results

3.    All-in-one SEO If you don’t know any of the information about SEO then this plugin would help you to optimize your site without knowing any special skills. It is full of features but easy to configure and manage, somehow, which is ideal to use for SEO newcomers, but it also has some additional advance and professional features. Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins to optimize your website in 2021 Overall, All-in-one SEO is available free of charge from, and the premium version is available with the basic version for $57, business form for $97, and enterprises version for $419. A premium account includes unlimited downloads, advanced maintenance, video tutorials, and SEO for various classes and labels.

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4.    Rank Math After Yoast and All-in-one SEO plugins, Rank Math appears in the indexed lists, but it probably won’t be some time before it surpasses Yoast as the customer’s choice for the best WordPress SEO plugin. Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins to optimize your website in 2021 Rank math has currently more than 400,000 users for its plugin that are getting benefits out of this amazing plugin. For those people who need to do a ton of SEO but don’t have the opportunity to focus on doing it as such, Rank Math is an excellent option. Talking about the settings of the Rank Math, this tool would automatically configure and you can use it easily without any special knowledge.

5.    Broken Link Checker Broken links can harm your WordPress site and it’s SEO. Although it probably doesn’t seem as if a serious deal that has one or two links on your site that no longer work could affect your search engine rankings. However, regardless of the size of your website, physically checking individual links is an unsatisfactory and difficult task. Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins to optimize your website in 2021 Through checking the internal and external broken links, it would tell you to remove or fix the broken links. It allows customers to check posts, pages, comments, and even custom fields, distinguishing any connection that does not work.


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