Best Android TV Apps

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Best Android TV Apps for 2022

For the best experience on Android TVs — you will need a mix of videos, music, productivity, and system apps. Read on to find the best Android TV apps you need to install right away. No popular apps on the list. Only those that don’t get enough attention, but are extremely useful.


Best Android TV Apps

The mega-media streaming app — Kodi allows you to stream content to your TV from your computer or phone. It does not have any contents of its own, but if you use third-party plug-ins in the right way, you can get access to any and all content on the internet. Sports, Live TV, HD movies, and TV shows — even copyright-protected material — Kodi add-ons make it the one-true digital pandora box.

To download Kodi on FireStick, you will have to jailbreak it. However, to download Kodi on your Android TV, all you have to do is visit the Google Play store and type in Kodi. Simply click on Install to download the app. Thanks to its cross-platform support — Kodi is available for all your devices.

Alexa Skill for Your TV

Best Android TV Apps

The new Android TVs come with Alexa integration. Even the slightly older models have the Alexa app pop up on the home screen. If you do not see the Alexa app pop up, it means your Android TV does not support Alexa.

However, the Android TVs having Alexa integrations could be enhanced with a dedicated Alexa app (TV specific). The benefit of this is you can give commands via both your mobile as well as TV.


Best Android TV Apps

If you already have a subscription to IPVanish, you can install the application even on the Android TV and receive all the benefits it has to offer. What makes IPVanish a must-have tool for Android TV is its massive servers present across 75 countries. Simply routing your connection from the chosen operator allows you to access the restricted content on the streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more.

Moreover, its unlimited bandwidth ensures that you do not have to compromise quality for security. Unlike most VPNs out there, IPVanish delivers ultrafast connection, allowing you to stream in 4K uninterruptedly.

AirScreenBest Android TV Apps

Don’t have an Android phone to cast the screen on the Android TV? Don’t worry; Air Screen has got you covered. It opens up AirPlay functionality for iOS and macOS hardware so that you can mirror the screen via your iOS device. It supports even FHD and UHD mirroring.


Best Android TV Apps

Retroarch is for the gamers out there looking to play classic titles on their Android TV. Retroarch allows you to load ROMs, hook up, and configure all of your favorite peripherals, permitting you to manage all your titles from one place. Initially, you will have to learn how to use it. But once you do, as a gamer — you will never leave its sight.

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TVUsageBest Android TV Apps

TVUsage is digital well-being and parental control app for Android TV. It is suitable for anyone who wants to limit their screen time and avoid misuse. Look, entertainment is fine. But overdoing it — always has dire consequences.

And that’s where TVUsage comes in. You can define the screen time, allowed app hours, and app lock. It is a powerful tool for parents who return home late and often leave the TV to their kids. TVUsage allows you to set the parameters and locks any unwanted hours you do not want your kids to spend on the TV.

Button Mapper

Best Android TV Apps

Operating a remote is damn hard. And that’s where Button Mapper comes in. Allowing you to define the button on your remote — what they will do — will enable you to use it like a power tool that does what you want it to.

Moreover, the controls are not limited to the number of buttons your remote has. Button Matter includes features like double press and long press — meaning you can do a lot more without even altering your remote functions. For instance, if you want to access Netflix directly. And your remote doesn’t have a button for it. All you have to do is define a toggle or behavior (double press on 3, for instance). And there you go — you can double press the three and navigate to Netflix directly.

PlexBest Android TV Apps

Besides being a hosting platform, Plex is also an excellent movie/TV show streamer. With ease, you can store, manage, and organize all your media files within it. Like Kodi, it also includes several free client apps — that often come with free movies and TV shows that are otherwise accessible via paid subscription. But don’t forget that Plex is also a streaming platform. It already has over 50000 movies, and you can also demand a movie and watch it for free, however, with some ads. There are also paid tiers, but the free app is enough to receive all these benefits.

Google Chrome Best Android TV Apps

Android TV doesn’t come with a pre-installed browser. And you may think that a web browser is unnecessary on the TV, but it is critical for surfing the web. But the Chrome Browser is not available in the Android TV app store. So, you will have to sideload it. Nevertheless, the features remain the same as any chrome browser on Android devices. Remember that Chrome comes with a password manager that can remember your passwords across many platforms.

In case you don’t want to deal with the unnecessary ads, you can simply opt for Brave, which blocks all ad types by default. And if you find navigating with the remote difficult on Android TV, other browsers like TV Bro will be helpful. Of course, it does not have the same functionality as Chrome, but it gets the job done.

Conclusion – Best Android TV Apps

In case you are wondering which ones to download and which ones to avoid, here’s the answer: download all of them! That is why we avoided any popular apps on the list, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or ESPN.

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These are apps that one doesn’t know are missing, but they cannot stop using them once they get.



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