Best Bitcoin Plugins For WordPress

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Best Bitcoin Plugins For WordPress – Easy Guide for Beginner’s

Are you planning to accept payments on your WordPress site? Then you’ve probably already considered the usual eCommerce payment gateway suspects. With 79% of Americans shopping online, it makes sense to turn to the most popular—and trusted—forms of payment to support your site’s conversion process.

But what about cryptocurrency? Currently, only about 1.5% of Americans have ever actually owned or used bitcoins, but awareness of cryptocurrency is growing as nearly half of consumers have heard of it. As awareness grows, so too will adoption, which means it may be a good time to start thinking about adding

Bitcoin payments or donations to your website. As the overall popularity of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies is on the rise across the globe, it is high time that business organizations of the world realize the importance of integrating the applications of the cryptocurrencies in the given business structure. Bitcoin along with other forms of cryptocurrencies is gaining impetus in recent times as a reliable mode of accepting online payments.

This is the reason most of the business owners out there prefer including an effective plugin that accepts the Bitcoin payments on the respective WordPress site. Some webmasters even decide to add a cryptocurrency exchange script to their websites. There are several reasons for including Bitcoin payment as a reliable way of payment in the WordPress site.

Right from enhanced security to the ease of carrying out digital transactions, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and fraud prevention. The business enterprises out there can consider leveraging the true benefits of including the ease of Bitcoin payment in the respective WordPress websites.

Why Should Your WordPress Site Accept Bitcoin Payments?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies haven’t gained quite as much traction as supporters originally thought it would (at least not in the mainstream), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable form of payment. In fact, it may be a more attractive option when you compare it to the usual payment processors you work with. Here are some reasons why your website could benefit from accepting Bitcoin:

  • Digital: Because Bitcoin is a digital cash system and doesn’t require a third party banking entity to process the transaction, it is completely peer-to-peer. It’s all organized through a digital network (also known as a blockchain), which is basically just a ledger that keeps a secure and (pseudo-)anonymous record of all transactions.
  • Security: Bitcoin is what’s known as “pseudo-anonymous.” Obviously, a bitcoin needs to be linked to an individual in order for them to make a payment in the first place. However, unlike with credit card and banking payments, no personal information needs to be given out in order to do so, which may ease consumers’ concerns about making payments online.
  • Simplicity: Since it’s totally peer-to-peer, you don’t have to worry about consumers paying with a compatible financial solution. So long as they have a Bitcoin wallet, they’re good to go.
  • Cost: For the most part, Bitcoin transactions come with much smaller processing fees (if any).
  • Convenience: There is no waiting period before you can gain access to your new funds. Once money is transferred from customers’ wallets to your own, the money is yours to use. Just be aware that payments can’t be reversed—on either end—which means that if you plan on issuing refunds, it’s not as simple to do with Bitcoin.
  • Fraud: Each bitcoin has a hexadecimal code which is extremely difficult to crack. And because payments can’t be reversed, you won’t have to worry about fraudulent payments and the ensuing fees you have to pay for those chargebacks.

One thing to keep in mind here is that cryptocurrencies can be volatile, so you won’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, there are clear benefits to accepting Bitcoin as a payment option, but the key word here is “option”. Bitcoin should be offered in addition to the other payment types accepted through your WordPress site; not in place of them.

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Top Plugins for Accepting Bitcoin Payments on the WordPress Site

We have compiled a list of the top best plugins that you can consider making use of for integrating Bitcoin payments on your WordPress site.

Digital Paybox

Digital Paybox is a plugin that supporting the sale of digital products & services. Digital Paybox is a premium plugin that you can make use of in your WordPress site quite easily. The given plugin functions solely for the purpose of supporting the sale of digital products & services. With the help of the Digital Paybox plugin, you are able to create a specialized “paybox”. Here, the customers are given the option of selecting the payment portal as per their choice.

With BitPay (known for accepting Bitcoin) is one of the most popular ones out there. Then, the users can submit the respective email addresses for ordering the given digital product. The Digital Paybox Plugin serves to be a great choice. If you are looking forward to monetizing the non-profit website as you are able to set minimum rates. As such, the customers are offered the ease of selecting the “Donate” option as per their specific choice.

This premium plugin for WordPress works solely for selling digital products. What it does is create a “paybox” where customers can select their payment portal of choice—BitPay (the one that accepts BitCoin) being one of them. They then submit their email address and order the digital product. This is a particularly great option if you’re trying to monetize a non-profit website since you can set minimum prices. Customers can then choose to “donate” more as they see fit. Interested in Digital Paybox Plugin?


GoUrl Bitcoin Payment

With the GoUrl Bitcoin Payment plugin website owners can accept Bitcoin payments. If you are starting out on the online business scenario and do not wish to spend or pay for integrating the Bitcoin gateway for payments in your site. You can consider giving this plugin a look. The highly cost-effective GoUrl Bitcoin Payment plugin for Bitcoin also offers more options to the business owners for accepting the cryptocurrencies.

The GoUrl Payment plugin for Bitcoin is a 100% dedicated WordPress plugin that allows the website owners to accept the Bitcoin payments. This plugin also tends to work efficiently if you wish to make money out of WordPress. For instance, you can consider selling digital as well as physical products, offer paid memberships. Charge for getting access to certain gated content, and so more with the help of this plugin.

Now, for those of you who don’t want to pay for a Bitcoin payment gateway and want more options for accepted cryptocurrencies, give this plugin a look. This one is 100% dedicated to allowing users to accept cryptocurrency payments. It also works well if you’re trying to make money with WordPress. For example, you can sell physical and digital products, charge for access to gated content, offer paid memberships, and so on. Interested in GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin?


GoUrl WooCommerce

The GoUrl WooCommerce plugin help you adding a cryptocurrency payment gateway to your WordPress site. If you like the overall working concept of the GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway plugin and you have successfully built your online store with the help of WooCommerce, then you can consider adding this innovative WooCommerce plugin. It is quite similar to the GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway plugin and functions in a similar manner. It can help in adding a cryptocurrency payment gateway to the WordPress site easily & conveniently.

However, this plugin is specifically constructed for the sites that operate on the WooCommerce platform. If you like how the GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway plugin works and you’ve built your store using WooCommerce, then you’ll probably want this plugin add-on. It does the same exact thing as the other plugin (i.e. add a cryptocurrency payment gateway to your site), but it was built specifically for the WooCommerce platform. Interested in GoUrl WooCommerce Plugin?


Bitcoin & Altcoin Wallets

Create a specialized cryptocurrency wallet in your WordPress site with the Bitcoin & Altcoin Wallets plugin. While you might come across a large number of wallet software solutions out there, if you wish to offer to the end users the lucrative opportunity of making use of the specialized cryptocurrency wallet in your WordPress site, then you can consider making use of the specialized Bitcoin & Altcoin Wallets plugin.

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Bitcoin & Altcoin Wallets is available as a free version for the WordPress sites. The free version is quite effective when you wish to launch the Bitcoin-enabled wallet for the ease of the end users making the digital payments. The end users can use the wallet plugin for depositing, withdrawing, and transferring the Bitcoins as well as Altcoins to & from the WordPress site.


Best Bitcoin Plugins For WordPress Out of all the available plugins for integrating the ease of ensuring Bitcoin payments in your WordPress site, the BitPay plugin is a highly effective option out there. When you own the WordPress site and wish to convert digital payments to instant cash automatically. Then you can consider making use of the innovative BitPay digital wallet plugin on your site.

Most of the famous e-commerce web portals out there make use of the BitPay wallet plugin due to the overall ease of use & convenience offered by the same. The BitPay plugin charges the transaction fees at around 1 percent or higher for the utilization of its services.

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Best Bitcoin Plugins For WordPress Easy Digital Downloads is another WordPress plugin that enables users to set up payment gateways for their digital products. While the plugin itself is available for free in the WordPress repository, if you want to include payment gateways other than PayPal or Amazon Payments (i.e. BitPay), you have to purchase the premium extension. Interested in Easy Digital Downloads Plugin?


Mollie Payments for WooCommerce Plugin

Mollie-Payments-for-Woo-600x192 As you know, adding too many plugins to your website can have a detrimental effect on site performance and security. So, if you want to add Bitcoin payments to your site and still want more common options available as well, the Mollie payment gateway might be the right choice for you.

  • It includes credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer, and more. Interested in Mollie Payments for WooCommerce Plugin?Details

Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Plugin


Best Bitcoin Plugins For WordPress When reviewing the top e-commerce payment gateways for WordPress, we named Stripe as the most developer-friendly platform. If you get excited about plugins that are flexible and easy to use and that will work with your WooCommerce site, you may want to consider this Stripe Payment Gateway plugin. It accepts Bitcoin payments in addition to credit cards, too. Interested in Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Plugin?


In Conclusion

It’s interesting. Despite the appeal of new technology that’s supposed to make our travels through the world wide web more efficient and safer, it doesn’t seem as though Bitcoin has caught on with too many consumers. That said, 1.5% of the U.S. population isn’t a drop in the bucket. If there are roughly 323 million people in the U.S. right now, that means that nearly 5 million people pay with bitcoins. If you really want to cater to your target audience and ensure that they’re receiving the best experience with your website, empower them to pay by whichever means they prefer.

And with the help of one a WordPress plugin, you won’t have to install (or pay for) a variety of payment gateway plugins to do it. All you need is one really solid all-in-one plugin to take care of it for you. Owing to the rapid advancement and growth of the different forms of cryptocurrencies in the global market.

It is high time that you should consider accepting Bitcoin as a major form of payment on your WordPress site. With the upcoming years reaching high-end, affordable value, the collection of the Bitcoin payment as a major source of payment on your WordPress site could lead to lucrative future gains for your e-commerce business. If you are looking forward to catering to the specific needs of the target audience. You can consider integrating the leading Bitcoin payment plugins in your WordPress site as soon as possible.


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