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Top 100 Best Blog Niches (and How to Choose the right one) -Updated  2023

What is the Blog Niche of your blog? When you tell people you’re a blogger, the most typical question they ask is about your blog niche.

It’s also a subject you’ve pondered (or are now pondering): what is the best blogging niche? How do you make your decision? While there are blogs on practically every topic imaginable, this does not mean that they are all good or that you should not start your own. We believe that anyone who invests enough time and effort into selecting a blog niche may grow an internet audience, even if the topic is esoteric. So, let’s get started! Let’s look at how to pick the ideal blog niche for your site, as well as 89 of the finest blog niche ideas to get you started. Let’s start with a simple definition to make sure we’re all on the same page.

What Is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a topic or subject that you will be writing about on your blog, and it is defined as follows: Simply said, it is the response to the query “what is the subject of your blog?” If you’re starting a blog, choosing a niche is a vital step because it’s a significant role in determining the success (or failure) of your blog. If you’re interested in monetizing your blog and earning money online, it’s also crucial to choose the correct blog niche for your site.


What’s the Best Topic for Blogging?

Choosing the right blog niche is indeed a crucial decision. Different bloggers may offer various perspectives on this matter based on their own experiences and objectives. Some suggest writing about topics you are knowledgeable in, while others emphasize selecting subjects that ignite your passion to ensure a never-ending stream of ideas. Both approaches have merit, depending on your goals.

If you are blogging for leisure and personal enjoyment, it is advisable to choose blog niche ideas that align with your passions and interests. While you may not need to be an expert on the subject, having some familiarity or enthusiasm can fuel your creativity and engagement. This way, you can write from a place of authenticity and enjoyment.

On the other hand, if your objective is to monetize your blog and generate income, it is essential to select a profitable blog niche. This entails identifying a topic that appeals to a large audience, particularly one that is willing and able to spend money on related products or services. Conducting market research and understanding the target audience’s needs and preferences can guide you in finding a niche with potential for monetization.

Before finalizing your blog niche, it’s beneficial to explore different blog monetization strategies. This will provide insights into various ways you can generate income from your blog, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, digital product sales, or advertising. Considering these strategies alongside your chosen niche can help you make an informed decision.

Ultimately, finding the perfect blog niche requires a balance between your personal interests or expertise and the potential for audience engagement and monetization. By combining these factors, you can create a blog that not only resonates with you but also attracts a loyal readership and offers opportunities for financial success.

Why Choose 1 Blog Niche, Instead of Multiple Topics?

When considering blog niche ideas, it can be tempting to write about all of your interests. Upon perusing our list of blog specialty ideas, you may conclude that blogging about your favourite topics, such as travel, DIY projects, and board game reviews, would be a fantastic idea. You will never run out of interesting topics to write about, as each topic has a wide audience. In reality, blogging on numerous unconnected topics is not a viable strategy.

Twitter This Building a dedicated audience is a crucial component of successful blogging. Certainly, there are many individuals who are interested in travel and many individuals who are interested in board games. However, there are fewer individuals who are interested in these topics, therefore it will be more difficult for you to establish a devoted readership who wants to read all your postings. It will also be more difficult to rank your blog in search engine results and get traffic from Google, since Google will be unable to determine the topic of your site. Sticking to a single topic will assist you in establishing credibility as an authority on that area, both with your audience and with search engines.


How to Choose a Blog Topic

Consider that you’ve chosen “travel” as your blog’s niche. It will be difficult for you to compete with popular, established blogs if you talk about such a broad topic. It is therefore essential to choose a particular theme, such as economy travel or travel to a certain region. Conversely, you should avoid going TOO narrow. When selecting a subject for your blog, you should select a topic that you can write about frequently for many years. Extremely specialist markets, such as “hydroponic gardening fan gear,” are unlikely to succeed in the long run.

Why? Primarily because you will struggle to find sufficient motivation to write consistently, and you may tire of writing about the same topics repeatedly. There simply aren’t enough readers and customers interested in such a restricted issue for it to be profitable for you. Consider instead expanding the scope of your blog’s niche. Consider all the various forms of gardening, such as indoor, outdoor, urban, flower, vegetable, sustainable, and others. You can still include all the hydroponic fan gear you want inside this broader niche, but you’re also growing into other closely connected gardening sectors and attracting those readers and consumers.

blog niche ideas - blog posts publication stats

What Are the Most Profitable Blog Niches?

Numerous bloggers, including Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome, Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, Gina Horkey of the Horkey Handbook, and Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents, offer monthly income reports. Since they have already established their expertise in their blog’s genre or topic, this is typically how they offer their information products.

Additionally, you can search for additional blog revenue reports in the niche you’re interested in to get a sense of how lucrative it can be. However, keep in mind that only the most lucrative blogs are likely to post income data. Best Blog Niches - picking a blog niche idea that's profitable

These revenue reports can show you whether or not you have a chance of making money in the niche. Some people earn a few hundred dollars per month, while others earn tens of thousands. It all relies on your niche, the quality of your content, the number of your readership, and how you plan to monetize your blog. Here are some tried-and-true methods for making money from your blog:

  • Affiliate programs, in which you advertise and sell products manufactured and sold by others in exchange for a commission on each sale.
  • Site adverts, in which you display ads about connected products on your blog and earn money in two ways: ad placement and affiliate revenue from ad clicks.
  • Sponsored blog content is when a company pays you to write an article about them or their products.
  • Writing (and selling) ebooks, in which you write and sell an ebook on a topic linked to your blog.
  • Sell online courses, which entails creating and selling a course that teaches your readers how to accomplish something (perfect for any how-to blog).
  • Physical products are those that you manufacture and sell, either through dropshipping or by opening an internet store to sell your own things.
  • Selling your services, such as consulting or coaching, in which you utilize your expertise and talents to your audience.

More suggestions may be found in our article on how to monetize your blog. To make money from their blogs, successful bloggers employ a combination of these approaches. They begin with one and progress to the next. As a result, they can build an “income ladder” that generates various income streams each month. If one stream has a bad month, they still have others that make money. Now that you know more about blog niches, how to choose one, and which blog niches are the most profitable, let’s look at some blog niche ideas you can utilise to establish a successful blog.


Best Blog Niche Ideas

Now that you know how to pick the best blog niche for you, let’s have a look at our list of the top blog niches and see if any of them pique your interest.

List of General Blog Niche

  • Personal finance areas include debt reduction, student loan repayment, expense reduction, investing, and cryptocurrency.
  • Weight loss, good nutrition, mental health, and mindfulness are all health and wellness specialisations.
  • Parenting niches, such as the many stages of children, the lives of mothers and fathers, or diverse parenting practises.
  • Self-improvement niches, such as various philosophies or styles, methods or concepts for different age groups or demographics, and so on.
  • Building websites niches, covering how to construct sites with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, how to design a site theme, and everything else website-related.
  • Beauty and health, fashion, celebrities, alternative lifestyles such as camping, preppers, and others are all examples of lifestyle blog niches.

Now, let’s have a look at some more particular blog niche ideas from our massive blog niche ideas list. We’ve divided them into categories of blogs you may start, such as travel, and then given you a bunch of specific ideas to use.

Travel Blog Niches

  • City guides
  • Travel tips
  • Learning a new language
  • Traveling for work
  • Sports travel: how to travel to go skiing, snowboarding, or others
  • Traveling to see your favorite sporting events such as major league sports, Olympics, or others
  • Minimalist traveling
  • Working while traveling
  • Being a working nomad

Fitness and Sports Niches

  • Yoga for specific age groups
  • Crossfit training
  • Cycling for beginners
  • Home cycle repair
  • Running and marathons
  • Hiking
  • Cheerleading
  • Training for a specific sport or event
  • Self-defense training for women, kids, single travelers, or others

Blog Niches for Hobbies

  • Gardening for condo dwellers
  • Drawing for newbies
  • How to draw anime
  • Learning to play the ukulele or mandolin
  • Sailing
  • Makeup tutorials and help
  • Community gardening
  • Creating great videos with your smartphone

Food Blog Niches

  • Wines
  • Sparkling wines and champagnes
  • Exotic cuisines: culture and tutorials
  • Home-cooked meals for specific niches like frugal cooking, vegan cooking, and more
  • Baking for kids
  • Craft beers
  • Meal planning with kids
  • Meal planning for busy couples
  • Food travel: learn how to cook the local cuisine while traveling


Entertainment Niches

  • Genre-based movie or TV review sites
  • Funny pet videos
  • Musical theater fans
  • Opera and classical music fans
  • Stand-up comedy instruction
  • Upcoming events for a specific group, locale, or genre

Gaming Blog Niches

  • Video game tutorials for beginners
  • Game reviews for specific platforms or genres
  • Game walkthroughs and tips
  • Strategy games help
  • Card games and board games for those who like analog gaming

Relationships Blog Topics

  • Blended families
  • Weddings and marriage
  • Life after divorce

Green Blog Niches

  • Eco-friendly homes
  • Living green with a family
  • Sewing your own clothes
  • Canning and other “retro” food preparations that have gone out of style
  • Urban commuting (walking, cycling, public transportation, or other methods)
  • Living more sustainably
  • Moving to the country
  • Life in the country for city slickers

Education and Career Blog Topics

  • Career advice for specific jobs or industries
  • Career coaching
  • Learning new skills to get a new job
  • Study hacks for high school or college students
  • Starting a side-hustle
  • Self-employment
  • College planning for home-schoolers

Pet and Animal Blog Niches

  • Rescue animals
  • Getting a dog, cat, or other pet for beginners
  • Farm animals as pets
  • Working farm animals (think using goats to keep your lawn trimmed, that sort of thing)

Technology Blog Niches

  • Building a mobile application
  • Building a mobile application without coding
  • Mobile apps for seniors

Movie Review Niche

The movie review niche appears to be a fantastic fit for movie buffs, and it can be if you’re a really good writer who publishes insightful reviews that others love to read. You must build a fanbase for your reviews if you want to succeed in this sector. SEO is insufficient because you need a large number of page views (millions) to make any significant money. You’d be prudent to branch out beyond reviews and into listicles like “greatest romantic comedies of all time.” Your major source of income will be adverts, but you may be able to supplement your income with affiliate offers, especially if any streaming providers have affiliate networks.

Health Niches

Baby Niche

I dislike the infant niche for two reasons. First, most baby niche fans are new parents. A baby, especially you’re first, consumes you. It’s the ultimate crash course in babies, and you learn a lot about baby gear in weeks or months. You’ve probably spent hours researching baby items and overspending. I know so much about babies and baby gear that I could write an excellent website about babies. If you’re a parent, I’m sure your perspectives are valuable. Here’s the rub. In 1.5 years, your baby will be an adult.

Then a toddler, then a little boy or girl. Unless you have more, you will not be interested in babies or infants by the age of 3. Even then, your enthusiasm for babies will fade quickly. So what? The Google medic update is my second issue with this specialty. Some niches necessitate specialization. That is now the situation in Google search. If you lack authority in the baby’s specialty or other areas requiring competence (legal, health, personal finance), you will be at a disadvantage from the start. If you’re a pediatrician or have other credentials that allow you to write about babies and infants, you’ve gained a significant advantage. A broad range of products to market as an affiliate means great earning possibilities. Expectant and new parents will spend thousands, and gaining their trust can be lucrative.

Fitness Niche

The key to success in this field is personality. You are required to publish a blog in which you are the central figure. Exceptions apart, you should be prepared to demonstrate your physique and/or abilities through running, yoga, or another fitness activity. The Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification is advantageous. One exception would be if you adopt a scientific approach to your blog, in which case you need to have some academic credentials or degrees to establish your legitimacy. If you eat, sleep, and breathe fitness, whether it’s muscle building, weight loss, or strength, this might be a terrific niche for you. I like it since:

  • It is excellent for email marketing.
  • Excellent performance in search (several long-tail keywords) and social media.
  • As an affiliate, you can sell courses and/or promote several courses and products (supplements and equipment).
  • Video is a viable source of traffic. Even podcasts function.
  • Massive prospective audience.

Challenges: Although I prefer large websites (many niches), I recommend you concentrate your focus on the specific field of fitness you pursue. While the Greatist succeeds as a general fitness website, I believe you have a higher chance of success by specializing. You must be legitimate. Simply churning out recycled pieces will not suffice. You must write properly and be knowledgeable about your topic. Extremely competitive. There are numerous outstanding and well-established fitness websites. You must build a voice/brand in order to meaningfully penetrate the market. Overall, if you have the enthusiasm and knowledge, it is a fantastic niche.

Health Niche (generally)

The Google Medic upgrade brought significant changes to the ranking algorithms, particularly in the health sector. Since then, many bloggers and website owners have found it challenging to maintain visibility and traffic in this field. Prior to the upgrade, it was already a complex niche to navigate, and now it has become even more difficult unless you possess medical qualifications or comparable credentials.

For individuals who are doctors or have degrees in health-related professions, the health sector can be a fantastic niche to explore. The competition has decreased significantly, while the demand and interest in health-related topics have remained constant. This creates ample opportunities for qualified individuals to establish themselves in this niche and explore various income options. It encompasses a broad range of topics, including Western medicine, natural cures, and other health-related subjects.

However, for someone like myself, lacking health credentials and experience, entering the health niche can be quite challenging. It is important to recognize the limitations and potential risks of providing health-related information without the necessary expertise. Misleading or inaccurate information can have serious consequences for readers seeking reliable advice.

Instead, it may be more suitable for individuals without health credentials to explore other niches that align with their interests, knowledge, and expertise. There are numerous profitable niches outside of the health sector that offer plenty of income options and opportunities for growth. By focusing on areas where you can provide value and cater to a specific target audience, you can establish a solid foothold and achieve success in the blogging world.

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Ultimately, choosing a niche should be based on a combination of factors, including personal interests, expertise, market demand, and potential for monetization. It’s important to assess your own qualifications and capabilities before entering a specialized field like health, ensuring that you can provide accurate and valuable content to your audience.

Hobby Niches

Crochet Niche

Before creating our niche ideas database, if you had asked me which was more popular, crochet or quilting, I would have chosen quilting without hesitation. I would have made a mistake. Crochet is a sizable niche with plenty of keywords with low levels of competition. If I did crochet, I believe it would be a tremendous success. Pinterest, Instagram,

YouTube, and Google search are supported. You can sell your own patterns (if you have a knack for design). However, there are few affiliate prospects outside of selling patterns, with the exception of possibly marketing to other individuals who sell patterns. You could sell your completed work on Etsy, but scaling would be tough, if not impossible. This niche is enjoyable if you enjoy crochet, which is primarily why I enjoy it. You crochet, so taking photographs and videos of your work and writing tutorials about it does not need a significant amount of additional effort.

Quilting Niche

If you’re interested in quilting and can come up with your own patterns to sell and/or are willing to sell quilts on Etsy, this is a decent niche, despite the fact that Google trends indicate a declining tendency. Honestly, I was startled by the low monthly search number of 20,000 for “quilting.” I expected it to be taller. It has a keyword difficulty of 20, which is not very high for a seed keyword in such a sector. In this category, achieving millions of page views per month would be difficult. However, there are numerous things to talk about, as quilting is an expensive pastime that involves the purchase of pricey equipment.

Sewing Niche

I had anticipated significantly more monthly searches for this niche. I suppose people do not sew as much as they did forty years ago. According to Google Trends, the declining trend has been significant since 2004. I’m a fan of hobby niches in general, especially if you’re interested in a specific hobby. However, sewing does not have a large audience. Other than sewing machines, fabric, and possible patterns, I doubt there is anything else to promote as an affiliate.

Positively, if you are skilled at sewing and/or coming up with patterns, you can generate excellent films and content. The content still requires a tonne of work (how-content is typically labor-intensive), but it has the potential to be incredibly valuable to visitors and attract links like crazy. For instance, if you input “how to sew” as a seed phrase, you will receive hundreds of long-tail keyword results with respectable search traffic. All of that could be excellent content, including YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV videos. The disadvantage of how-to content is that the keyword value is minimal, therefore RPM-based ad revenue would not be particularly high. Other perspectives to consider:

Photography Niche

The photography market is an almost ideal niche. I’m not involved because I’m not interested in photography, but even a novice can be successful in this field. Currently, everyone is a photographer with their smartphone. We take vast amounts of images; many of us truly care about shooting better photos. And then there’s the tremendous market for internet photographs via stock photography, a niche that I find fascinating. If I were a photographer, I would also build a stock photography company.

There are an absurd number of long-tail keywords and sub-niches to pursue. You might focus on iphone photography or nighttime photos or go wider. The quantity of high-priced things you can market is also absurd, although I suspect digital camera sales aren’t what they once were given the quality of smartphone cameras. You may create photography-related video tutorials, reviews, comparisons, galleries, and blogs for photography experts. This is one of those rare excellent niches that many individuals can enter. I do recommend beginning off with an angle. Before you launch your blog, you should become an expert in that aspect of photography and then extensively cover it.


Whether your site is faith-based or spiritual, this fervent readership will fall in love with it, bookmark it, and return repeatedly. This is the ideal market for digital products such as:

  • Printables
  • Ebooks
  • Plus! motivational tools

You will be helping people form a deeper bond with their faith and spirituality. A blogger you’ll want to look to as a mentor is Arabah Joy.

Best Blog Niches - Spirituality


Homeschooling is educating one’s children at home. It is a popular path for families and a heavily product-based specialty, which presents the potential to improve your blog’s revenue. Parents of homeschooled children require equipment and supplies to establish and maintain the homeschool environment. So they are purchasers!

Your homeschool blog will cover all elements of homeschooling and will include affiliate links to relevant products. The Amazon Associates affiliate programme should be explored. Here, it will be your ally. Affiliate marketing is a potential source of income in this industry. You will also contact engaged homeschool mothers and families that are ready to learn about homeschooling and how to enhance the homeschool environment.

Blog Niches - Homeschooling


Fitness and other self-improvement-related topics are extremely popular online. People want to live their best lives, improve their health, feel and look better, and lead the healthiest lifestyles possible. The readership in the fitness area is dedicated, therefore you will never become bored. There are a TON of opportunities within the fitness niche:

  • Yoga
  • Strength training
  • Walking
  • Gym memberships, etc.

Best Blog Niche - Fitness

Love Sweat Fitness is a standout one that you should review, for sure.


The travel niche is a burgeoning market segment that people are going crazy over. Nowadays, everyone has a travel blog. People want to be digital nomads; they want to travel the world and know where to go, what to do, and what cuisine to sample, among other things.

Check out our simple, step-by-step guide if you’re interested in starting a travel blog. In the past, I ran a vacation blog that worked EXTREMELY WELL, paying me over $500 per month within the first few months. If you have a passion for travel, consider this niche. In addition to other themes, travel is a common topic for bloggers who achieve rapid success.

Popular Blog Niche Travel

Travel Blogger HQ is a cool one to check out.

 Personal Development

This could be related to productivity, self-improvement, motivation, or organising. This is a FANTASTIC topic for a blog, especially if you have an interest in the subject. Another enthusiastic audience that desires improvement. You may funnel readers into a membership programme for personal development that you build, monetize a Facebook group, and generate paid resources, among other options. This addresses a specific issue that people are experiencing, hence it performs exceptionally well online.

Best Blog Niches That Make Money - Personal Development

 Healthy Living

Another passionate niche.

Popular Blog Niches to Make Money

Do you observe the emergence of a trend? All of these niches have devoted audiences. The healthy lifestyle niche is enormous and global. You will enjoy this wealthy topic because there is a multitude of ways to approach it:

  • Meal-based
  • Lifestyle-based
  • Diets
  • Vegan lifestyle
  • Diets and dietary practices that promote good health

This is a fantastic niche for worldwide expansion. If you can expand a niche’s global reach, you can make a tonne of money. This culinary blog, Pinch of Yum, offers a variety of dishes to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, including vegetarian and beyond. This is a fantastic approach to transforming the healthy living niche into a well-oiled machine by combining it with something you enjoy, such as food or recipes.

Food Niche

Small Business

Target a developing market in the small company specialized sector. Did you know that at least 40 percent of the population will be independent contractors by the year 2022? Extremely bizarre, right? Help individuals become business entrepreneurs. They are clueless and in need of assistance, while your burning question is how to become a successful business owner. Assist customers with frequent and uncommon inquiries, develop tutorials and monetize with affiliate marketing, your own products and services, advertisements, and brand partnerships.


This is similar to self-improvement and development. People desire to look better and be fashionable and appealing. They will want to visit a beauty and fashion blog to learn about the current fashion trends, makeup skills, techniques and strategies in the beauty and fashion sector, and more. This niche is highly visual, thus it will perform well on visual platforms like as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


What Are The Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing

The most profitable niches for affiliate marketing are those providing modest to large affiliate commissions for products that meet the needs of your readers. I would seek commissions ranging from at least $2 to thousands of dollars and beyond. The commission should not influence your decision to refer the product. Ensure that it is relevant to your reader and addresses a need. Affiliate commissions are based on product sales, hence the most lucrative markets are those in which products thrive., like:

  • Travel
  • Budgeting/personal finance
  • Food
  • Fashion/beauty

These are but a few instances. You have the concept. Not certain? Visit an affiliate network such as Shareasale and browse around. You can browse products by category and get a clear sense of the niche-specific types of products available, along with commission per sale and other pertinent data.

Lifestyle Niches

Beauty Niche

The beauty niche consists of several subniches, including makeup, hair, nails, and skin. I truly enjoy discussing such vast issues. You can begin with a certain topic and expand into multiple niches over time.

  • “Beauty”: 230,000/month with KD 50
  • “Hairstyles” 240,000/month with KD 33
  • “Makeup”: 167,000/month with KD 63
  • “Nail art”: 65,000/month with KD 31
  • “Wrinkles”: 12,000/month with KD 53
  • “Acne”: “100,000/month with KD 85

About Yes, it is extremely competitive across the board, but the potential traffic, number of keywords to target, and revenue opportunities are all excellent. If you go for makeup and nail art, you must be feminine. Videos may be incredibly popular if you’re willing to appear on camera, and you can create a strong YouTube channel in tandem with your blog if you’re willing to do so. You can generate money through advertisements, affiliate promotions, white labelling, and email marketing. This is a really popular subject, and if you can break into it, you can make a great deal of money.

DIY Niche

There are three ways to approach this market sector. First, content can be curated into listicles. It requires extensive outreach and is inconsistent. Second, you may complete a multitude of DIY projects, photograph and videotape them, and publish them online. Third, you may hire, pay, or ask individuals to submit their do-it-yourself projects to your website. Clearly, you can accomplish all three. This is one of the uncommon niches in which Pinterest traffic might easily surpass Google search traffic. There are numerous, and I mean numerous, keywords to pursue in this market. There are other aspects to consider, such as:

  • DIY crafts
  • DIY room decor
  • DIY home improvement
  • DIY beauty.
  • DIY Halloween / Christmas / Valentine’s Day / Easter

Numerous millions of page views per month are possible. The majority of money will come from advertisements, but given the site’s traffic potential, ad revenue has the potential to be veryștiiștiiștiiștiiștiiștiiștiiștiiștiiștiiștiiștii You can also promote some retailers, such as Amazon, with the materials and tools utilised.

Fashion Niches

What I like about the fashion niche/topic is that if you’re skilled at showing garments and accessories, you can acquire a really loyal audience. Instagram has the potential to be extremely effective in this sector. It’s simple to create content; all you have to do is dress well, shoot photos and videos, and then post them on social media. If you look good doing it and/or have a talent for putting ensembles together, it’s rather simple. There are numerous affiliate opportunities: The majority of clothes can be promoted using affiliate links.

There is a large number of potential audiences: You can target certain audiences that match your style, age, appearance, and other characteristics. There are other sub-niches to cover, including accessories, dresses, shoes, athletic gear, and so forth. You must have the appropriate appearance; you must be fashionable. You must be able to persuade readers to follow you and enjoy your writing style. If you are capable of doing so, this is a fantastic niche.

Lifestyle Niches

It is a term used to describe subjects and niches that belong under the umbrella term “lifestyle blog.” If you want to start a personal blog, you might write about your life and include any or all of the following topics:

  • fashion,
  • decor,
  • fitness,
  • food,
  • gardening,
  • travel etc.

Alternatively, you may specialize on a specific niche and add your own personal touch to it. Some lifestyle subjects are better than others, but I believe that it is important to cover anything that you are interested in writing about or publishing.

Local Blog

The visitor-friendly travel angle offers great potential for growth, particularly when focusing on a major city like New York City. However, there are a few challenges to consider. Firstly, establishing yourself as a prominent blog in a competitive market requires time and effort. While the number of visitors to your site is important, outranking established platforms like Google, TripAdvisor, or Yelp can be quite challenging.

Secondly, news content tends to have a shorter lifespan and may not remain relevant or “evergreen” for an extended period. This can limit the growth potential of a news-oriented blog. While national news sites have broader appeal and can attract a larger audience, local news sites often struggle to generate enough revenue to sustain themselves.

Producing local content can be demanding, and outsourcing content creation may not always be a viable solution, especially if local businesses are not willing to pay for premium advertising or referrals. However, there are exceptions, such as receiving referral payments from law firms, which can provide some revenue opportunities.

Creating a local news site can be driven by passion for your community or as a means to promote your own local business. While it may not always be profitable, it can be a valuable platform for agents, hoteliers, and other businesses in the area. Despite the challenges, the need for more local news sites is evident, and it can be a rewarding endeavor for those who genuinely care about their town and its community.

Mommy Blog Niches

A mother blog is a type of website that caters specifically to moms. It offers a wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and entertainment. The beauty of a mother blog lies in its limitless content possibilities and its conceptual nature. Instead of focusing on specific issues, it caters to a broad audience of moms who are interested in a wide range of topics.

If you are excited to witness your children’s growth and experiences, a mommy blog can be a valuable niche site that allows you to share your perspective as a mother. There are countless subjects to explore, such as parenting, pets, education, and more. The versatility of this specialization is one of the reasons why it is so enjoyable.

One advantage of a mommy blog is the potential for various traffic sources. You can leverage search engines, Pinterest, and video platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to attract visitors and engage with your audience.

However, it’s important to consider the drawbacks as well. When you have young children at home, it can be easier to share personal information, but what happens as they grow up? As a “veteran” mom, you might find yourself less interested in certain aspects or facing new challenges. Additionally, there may be concerns about whether it’s necessary to be a mother to run a successful parenting blog. It’s worth noting that there are examples of thriving parenting blogs founded by corporations or even young men, highlighting the diversity within the niche.

Parenting Niche

One of the primary challenges of parenting is that many parents tend to lose interest as their children grow older. It can also be more challenging to maintain relevance and authenticity in the parenting niche if you are not a parent yourself. The newborn niche can be particularly appealing for new parents, as parenting an infant or toddler requires a significant amount of time and effort. During this phase, parents often become experts in their child’s care and development, absorbing information and experiences rapidly.

However, as children grow and enter different stages of life, such as starting school and progressing into high school, parents may find themselves less connected to the parenting experience. This is especially true if they don’t work in a field related to child development, as their knowledge and experience may gradually decline.

Despite the challenges, the parenting niche offers various positive aspects and opportunities. There are many sub-niches within parenting that cater to specific age groups or topics. The content possibilities are virtually limitless, allowing for diverse discussions on DIY projects, food, health, technology, travel, and more. While the specialty may be of interest to you today, it’s important to consider how your perspective might change in the future. For example, in five years when your youngest child is eight years old, writing about toddlers may no longer be relevant to your personal experiences. However, as previously mentioned, if you work with children in a professional capacity, combining that expertise with your own parenting experiences could make the parenting niche an excellent fit for you.

Pet Niches

Own pets? A pet specialty is fantastic. SEO and Pinterest have substantial traffic potential. Some Instagram profiles with one million or more followers charge $16,000 for every post. There are numerous keyword phrases. While I prefer larger niches, I would target a specific breed of dog, aquarium fish, or a less common pet like a hamster in the pet vertical.

For instance, if I had a German Shepherd and was educated about dog training and care, I could easily create a website devoted just to German Shepherds. This phrase is searched 451,000 times per month and has a KD of 47. That is a large niche by itself. You can get revenue through display adverts, Amazon, and information product affiliate links. Email is profitable due to the abundance of informational products and the popularity of pets. Overall, pet-related niches are wonderful for animal lovers. Since I do not own pets, I will not enter this market.

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Religion Niches

Religious niches, I think, go overlooked. What I appreciate about them is: With the relevant knowledge, you can easily develop a dedicated following. Religious niches, like celebrity niches, have a lot of crossovers. You might develop religion and commercial website. OR A RELIGION AND HEALTH S Alternatively, you may target a religious demographic (moms) and then post content on any problem that is relevant to religious moms.

I like it since it is adaptable. However, you must be religious and make religion a priority in your life. It’s difficult to imitate. Create something that reflects your faith and personality to develop a dedicated audience. If you are religiously minded, covering any niche with a religious angle is a good idea.

Content Curation Blog

The concept might be applied to any industry. As a result, I am unable to provide analytics. Curation as a content structure and kind have both advantages and disadvantages. Because I’ve done it previously, I’m familiar with the procedure. My preferred content curation method is to generate listicles from fragments of other information. “25 DIY Mason Jar Ideas,” for example, displays 25 DIY mason jar projects and then links to the guide.

While it appears to be simple, it takes hours to put together. You must conduct extensive research to identify the specific bits (sources). A big list takes hours to compile. This type of material may or may not rank well in search engines. I’m not clear why certain people rate higher than others. This type of material abounds online. I wouldn’t dedicate a complete website to content curation, but I feel every blogger may add curated content to their mix.

That is my responsibility. My grade is low because I would not want to curate a full website, but there is merit in curating bits. Aside from that, the majority of web content is curated in some form. After all, the majority of online articles are not original. Except for research, case studies, ideas and opinions.

Food Niches

There will be a lot of cooking and baking to be done. Producing recipes, photographing or filming them, and then publishing them is the perfect technique. In order to get into the long-tail keyword market, you’ll have to perform some serious digging. The goal is to come up with dishes that are absolutely remarkable. Guidance on how to create a food blog. For food blogs, there are many sub-categories to choose from.

Fun niche

To do this specialty right, you must travel. It may be a lot of fun earning money while traveling if you enjoy/can travel.  Start local: Local keywords abound, and you may begin by covering restaurants, sights, and lodgings in your own backyard. This way you wouldn’t have to go and yet adequately cover a location. Unless you dwell in New York City or another popular tourism destination, you’d eventually have to venture out to acquire serious traffic.

Travel booking sites score really well and cover so many keywords that it is difficult to break into this sector. You should pick an angle and delve deep into it. An angle could be an area or a mode of transportation. It takes time to get momentum in this competitive climate, and you’ll need to generate material that is unique and that people want to read Most people who want to travel look at travel booking sites and review sites like Trip Advisor. Yes, you can promote trip booking sites, but conversion rates are minimal unless you rank for a good “booking intent” keyword. You can also promote travel accessories and gear, which could be beneficial, but conversion rates would be minimal unless you ranked for the correct “intent” keywords.

Wedding Niche

Clothing, food, hair, nails, rings, photography, places, travel, fitness, and do-it-yourself projects are just a few examples. It’s one of those niches with a lot of overlap between categories. Pinterest has the potential to be a valuable source of traffic. This suggests that it is a very popular topic, as indicated by the enormous number of high search volume terms (which also have a lot of competition).

There are numerous affiliate marketing options. Seasonal: Search traffic climbs considerably in the spring, reaches a peak, and then begins to fall rapidly. Seasonal niches are not my cup of tea.  Many of the keywords are highly competitive since a significant number of shops and local service providers target them.

High audience turnover: As soon as the wedding is held, your individual audience members will lose interest in what you are doing. For the foreseeable future, expect a tiny but devoted fanbase. On the other hand, every year, just as many new people become interested in the profession as drop out.

Despite the evident problems in this specialisation, I give it a good rating because of the multitude of perspectives you can take on it. You could also use this specialisation to supplement your present company. As an example, for a DIY website, you would wish to cover DIY wedding topics.

Camping Niche

The busiest times are late spring, all summer, and early fall. I’m not a huge supporter of seasonal niches because I find it difficult to motivate myself to work on a site during a downturn (even though I know it’s for great revenue during the good months). Apart from the fact that it is seasonal, this is an excellent niche for a variety of reasons. There are numerous products to market as an affiliate (and I mean tons).

Because it is a fairly marketable sector, ad EPMV rates are reasonable. There are numerous angles to take gear and/or travel, as well as numerous sub-niches within the camping world. Don’t allow the seasonal issue to stop you if you enjoy camping and collecting gear. If you enjoy camping in any manner, this could be a terrific niche for you.

Top Miscellaneous Niches For Startup Websites.

News sites

The reason it isn’t lowered is that if you do it correctly, you can build up a dedicated daily readership that is superior to organic search traffic since, well, you’re no longer as reliant on search engines.

That being said, you should do everything you can to get into Google News because it is a simple and consistent source of traffic. In fact, if you have a lot of money, you could be better off buying a site (and paying a premium) if it’s already in Google I’ve never published a news site, so I’m not sure what’s involved, but I believe that if you’re a one-man show, you’re better off limiting down into a niche rather than attempting to be like a huge news network like CNN or Fox News. Another strategy is to include a news component in an evergreen niche. Include current articles or a finance news section on your finance blog.


Budgeting Niche

As you can see, the tactics for saving money end up overlapping with numerous other fields, such as do-it-yourself, homesteading, woodworking, etc., as you save money by growing, creating, and constructing things yourself. If you prefer doing things on your own, this is an excellent specialty for you. Because so many North Americans have accumulated unmanageable levels of debt, debt repayment and debt removal are trending topics. If you want to enter this industry, you must be a frugal individual who enjoys exploring ways to save money.

If you’ve been able to quickly pay off large amounts of debt, that could be a great beginning point for a blog on this topic. Obviously, the irony of such a site is that if it gets wildly popular and you start making money, would you continue to live frugally or start living like a baller? (which may turn off your viewers). If you begin living like a baller, you may transition into a “how to make money” website. In actuality, this type of website can serve both “budgeting” and “earning money” purposes. The two are rather complementary.

This niche’s diverse monetization options are one of my favourite aspects. Initially, creating an email list is a successful endeavor. Second, there are several affiliate opportunities that pay well. Thirdly, there is significant traffic potential for DIY material, so display ads can be lucrative. In other words, monetization is straightforward, and you should be able to amass a fortune for every thousand visitors.

Personal Finance

I was going to mix personal finance and budgeting together, but they aren’t the same thing, so I changed my mind. The goal of budgeting is to save money. You need to think about more than just saving when you think about personal finance. You need to think about money management, investing, and insurance as well as saving. To work in the field of personal finance, I think you should have credentials like a CFP or CPA, like someone who has worked in that field.

In your writing, you will need to know a lot about technical things. Taxes and the fine print can be very important when it comes to credit cards and other financial products, like loans, insurance, and other types of debt. It’s like a job in law, where you need to know a lot and have a lot of training. This type of blog could be a great way to grow your Personal Finance business (i.e. get more clients) or be a stand-alone publication if you have the skills to write it.

Email, YouTube, and podcasting can help you build a big following. Some even get their own TV shows (Suzie Orman). This market has a lot of chances. You can make money by selling courses, sponsored articles, ads, and affiliate promotions, just like you can with budgeting. As long as you have a big and interested group of people, you can make money for every 1,000 people who come to your site.

Business Niche

You have a general idea. If you do not have 50 exceptional writers or business reporters on staff, you must find a technique to attract people to read your article. I have a high opinion of business-oriented categories because I own two business-oriented websites and adore them. I am helpless. As a business owner with some knowledge of SEO, web marketing, etc., I find it easy to write on business themes. This enables me to produce an excellent business blog from a variety of angles. You cannot imitate this. It will be difficult to succeed if you’ve never had business success.

Either you need a skilled business journalist who can find stories, or you will experience difficulty. If you have an excellent sense of witty, popular (clickbait) business themes, you can make an exception. Consider “net worth.” In comparison, it is simple and enjoyable if you have performed well at work or operated your own business. Since you know so much about what to write, it is simple to generate excellent ideas. Your readers appreciate the material very much. Once a large number of individuals read your work, it can be highly profitable.

Careers Niche

You get the gist. It’s difficult to get readers if you don’t have 50 great writers or business reporters on staff. I love business categories because I operate two business websites. Helpless. As a business owner familiar with SEO, web marketing, etc., I enjoy writing about business. This allows me to write a great business blog from several perspectives. This is unique. A lack of business success makes it tough to succeed.

You either need a business journalist who can find stories or you will struggle. You can make an exception if you have a great sense of funny (clickbait) business themes. Think “net worth.” It’s easy and fun if you’ve done well at work or run your own business. It’s easy to come up with great ideas when you know so much about writing. Your readers love the content. It can be quite profitable after many people read your work.

Marketing Niches

The issue with marketing blogs is that too many folks write about them without any marketing experience or street cred. This happens way too frequently. Someone dreads going to work. They discover that they can make a fortune online while still dressed in their pajamas. They read about it for weeks or months. They decide to create a website right now. They must now choose a specialty. They had heard somewhere that they should choose a topic or specialty that they are interested in. Guess what they prefer. They, of course, want to make money online through marketing.

So what? A new “internet marketing” blog has been launched. But how could these people possibly know? Except for what they read. Then their site begins to gather traction, and they have results to blog about. So the content is centered on marketing their marketing blog. That is why I despise the market. If you’re a previous marketing professional, have backed local businesses, or own profitable niche sites, this is the blog for you. This niche receives a 1/10 rating for the inappropriate individual (those with no real-world experience) (those with no real-world experience).

Doing any of these things successfully will prepare you to establish a terrific marketing blog. When you have experience, getting traffic and building an audience is simple. Even with experience, it’s a tough market. Money is difficult to come by. Advertisements pay less than other niches. You’ll face stiff affiliate rivalry.


SEO Niche

The options for monetization include selling high-priced courses, high-priced services, display adverts (with high-priced clicks), and affiliate marketing. “Expensive” is a constant. SEO is a lucrative business. Ask Google (or should I say Google shareholders). It’s not a winner yet, and here’s why. You better know SEO if you want to create an SEO niche site.

You must not only know how to execute it but also have a proven track record. , please please don’t be a failure SEO blogger whose only experience and reputation is ranking your SEO blog. Bad model. They are far too numerous. But if you do SEO for clients and help them get wealthy, or if you rank your own niche sites and are already affluent, go ahead and get richer by killing it in SEO. Be prepared to bring your A-game because SEO keywords are incredibly lucrative. You need an A-game SEO and know how to monetize it.

Celebrity Net Worth

Google Trends: steep ascent Forbes Lists gave us this niche. In 1982, Forbes published the inaugural list of the 400 richest Americans. Although the internet didn’t exist back then, this specialty quickly grew in prominence. This niche is covered by many large sites. Personalised “net worth” keywords drive a lot of traffic to these sites. You can cover literally thousands of people and list angles. Despite my 7/10 rating, this niche has issues. You’re imitating other sites… Forbes generally performs the research. With a little ingenuity, you may identify alternative keyword perspectives. I like this niche because I believe it has a lot of potential if approached correctly. Once set up, it can be mainly outsourced. This opportunity is why I rate this niche so highly. This area also appeals to me because you may write about pretty much anything linked to luxury and money.

How Do You Know If A Niche Is Profitable?

If a blog niche has a lot of people who are excited about it, then it can be profitable. Whether or not you can put products behind the blog, this is true even if you can. Because, if the niche has a lot of people who are really into it, more people means more traffic, and a high-traffic site, even if it doesn’t have any products or affiliate links, can always make money with ads. It can be hard to figure out if an audience is excited.

How do you actually know?

There are a lot of places you can use your common sense. Like the pet niche has a group of people who are very excited about it. Many people love their pets so much that they think of them as a part of their family. This is called “pet love.” This is why there are so many things for pets to play with and eat. If a group of people belong to a group or club, that group is very excited.

An easy way is through Facebook.

Make a fast search for your target audience niche and see if any groups come up in the results. If you come across Facebook groups, join them and learn more about them. Examine the size, the engagement, the amount of activity, and so on to get a true sense of how “into” the niche these individuals are. This might assist you in determining how enthusiastic a niche is.

What Are the Most Profitable Blog Niche Markets?

Blog niches that can be monetized are the most profitable. First, determine whether the audience is enthusiastic. The next step is to confirm that you can monetize the site. Most niches can be monetized, at the very least with adverts.

However, some can be trickier than others, such as the CBD oil specialty. Or, brand new growing niches that are popular, but there may not be enough things on the market to sell, become an affiliate, or advertisements may not function So, to summarise… It can be beneficial if the readers are enthusiastic and you can monetize the blog with adverts, sponsors, affiliate links, products, or services.

So You’ve Chosen a Blog Niche – What Is Up Next?

Once you’ve chosen the best blog niche for you, it’s time to acquire a domain name and hosting! Next, please review our suggestions for selecting a blog name. Then you may generate a free domain name with a domain name generator and register it with Bluehost (where you can also get site hosting). Read our blog launch checklist for a summary of the next steps on your blog’s journey.

Creating a blog is a laborious endeavour. Prior to writing a single post, you had to complete a significant amount of research and preparation. Nonetheless, if you take the time to do so, you will establish a solid foundation for your website. You are creating the foundation for its (and your own) success! It all begins with choosing the right blog niche for your site.

A blog topic that encourages you to post consistently, has an interested readership, and will result in sales of the products you advertise and create. Then, follow our whole step-by-step guide to launch your blog immediately! Have you considered a profitable blog niche for your website? Share your thoughts in the comments area.


  1. It’s important to note that while certain niches may be profitable or popular, it’s crucial for a blogger to choose a niche that aligns with their interests and expertise. A blogger who is passionate about their topic is more likely to produce quality content and engage with their audience. Additionally, it’s also important for bloggers to conduct thorough research on their chosen niche and ensure there is enough demand and interest to support their blog.

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