Best Corporate Gifts For Tech Lovers In 2023

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Best Corporate Gifts For Tech Lovers In 2023

Need to find a gift for your tech savvy employees and colleagues while sticking to a strict budget? Well, worry no more because we have compiled a list of the best corporate gift ideas that will impress the recipient, yet fall within an affordable range so you don’t end up drilling a hole in your pocket while buying those gifts.

Wireless Charger :  JoyGeek 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

JoyGeek 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Wireless chargers are the new “it thing” in the market. We are heavily dependent on gadgets and a dead battery is the last thing a tech lover would ever want to face. The perfect gift then? A wireless charger.

The joygeek-3 Slim Charger comes highly recommended due to its faster charging yet small and compact size. It can easily be carried around and the small size also allows it to sit on the work desk without taking up too much space. And the best part is that this impressive gift will cost you under $50!

It is a gift that comes with excellent utility and is lighter on the pocket too. Any tech lover would undoubtedly want to own a wireless charger. The utility is great since it can be used to charge a phone, ear buds or any other device that supports wireless charging.

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Wireless Earbuds

Looking for a corporate gift for music lovers? There would be no better option other than a pair of wireless earbuds. People prefer using wireless earbuds because they are convenient to use. You can wear them without having to deal with a long wire that can easily get tangled or cause trouble.

The Beats X Wireless Earbuds are one of the best wireless headphones you will find in the market. The sound quality of the headphones is bomb! You will surely feel as if there is a mini concert going on inside your ears. The waterproof feature makes them a great choice for people who like to listen to music while exercising. And the $119.99 price tag is surely affordable. They can be paired to a phone or a laptop via Bluetooth connection. Therefore, you can play music and even use the buttons on the body to change the track, or increase and decrease volume without having to access your phone all the time. The built in mic, also allows the users to take calls when using this set of ear buds.


Know of someone who is always on the go and wants charged gadgets? How about gifting them a powerstick? As indicated by the name itself, a powerstick is literally a small sized stick, that can serve as a backup power for mobiles and other rechargeable devices. It is so compact that it can fit in the palm of your hand. Yet the battery extension is so extensive, that it can power devices for days to come.

Powerstick Utilikey Black is the most popular powerstick. Priced at only $10 and up, it sure is affordable yet powerful. The powerstick has an extensive battery life so you can fully charge it once and use it as a power backup for days. It charges quickly, yet discharges at a slow rate, allowing users to take maximum advantage of the power.

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From the price point of view, it will make an excellent choice for companies who want to buy a corporate gift for a large number of people. It can be customized and even when bought for a lot of people, the expense would still be quite affordable.

Portable Speaker:

Who doesn’t love music? And if you are a music lover yourself, even you would agree that a portable speaker is a life saver. It can be carried around everywhere you go. Connect it to your phone wirelessly and play music for as long as you’d like.

Despite a huge variety of portable speakers in the market, the Sony XB01 Extra Bass Portable Compact Speaker has its own place. The name of the speaker itself is a clear reflection of why this product is a hundred times better than the custom work shirts that seem to be the first choice of companies when picking a corporate gift. The receiver will thank you for this gift. Priced at $34.99, this speaker is worth every penny that is spent on it.

The sound quality, connectivity range, battery life, every aspect of this speaker is just perfect. The bass boost is so amazing that it is hard to believe that such a small speaker is the actual source of such powerful sound! And the plus point is surely the price as this is one of the most affordable corporate gift options that you will come across.

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