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PBNs make link building simple. PBNs are still a common tactic despite considerable scepticism in the SEO community over their safety and efficacy. Finding the best PBN hosting services is essential if you want to create a private blog network because the appropriate hosting can make all the difference for PBNs. Use one of these PBN web hosts when creating a PBN to ensure the security of your websites.

We conducted the investigation so you may pick a reputable and secure server for your PBN! You’ve been debating creating your own website for a while and have now made up your mind to do so. You’re searching for a hosting provider to fit your demands and perhaps even host your project while it’s being developed. But after looking online, you decided that you need professional assistance. You decided to read this tutorial of mine because you have faith in your ability to understand what I had to say.

Best PBN Hosting Providers for 2022  – Beginner’s Guide

It’s simple to overlook the finer points, particularly when assessing a hosting provider. Important if you have no prior knowledge of the topic. Hosting PBN is challenging since you must be careful to leave no evidence. Backlinks, the hosting IP address, the hosting history, and other factors could be to blame. Additionally, to more thoroughly evaluate all of your possibilities when looking for the finest hosting company, you should undertake considerable research. As you can see, making this choice is not simple, and it is made considerably more challenging if the hosting is paid.

To be sure, you should consider your option carefully before investing any money. You have every right to think so, so let me try to help and let you know which, in my opinion, are the best hosting solutions available online. Remember that I will focus on paid hosting solutions in this guide because they are undoubtedly more suited for building a business website.

What is a PBN?

PBN stands for “private blog network,” which refers to a collection of blogs that are not available to the general public. A significant number of SEOs place links across this network of websites and blogs. Even though these networks have a huge number of connections that point in other directions, Google frequently views them as having a low quality.

Backlinks are an essential component of search engine optimization (SEO) due to the fact that the more backlinks a website has, the more authority it carries in the various search engine results. PBNs are a straightforward method that SEO businesses may use to generate backlinks for their customers who are looking to improve the rankings of their websites. Many search engine optimization specialists avoid using private blog networks for link building due to the lack of transparency regarding the links contained within those networks.

Best PBN Hosting Providers

PBN stands for “private blog network,” which refers to a collection of blogs that are not available to the general public. A significant number of SEOs place links across this network of websites and blogs. Even though these networks have a huge number of connections that point in other directions, Google frequently views them as having a low quality.

Backlinks are an essential component of search engine optimization (SEO) due to the fact that the more backlinks a website has, the more authority it carries in the various search engine results. PBNs are a straightforward method that SEO businesses may use to generate backlinks for their customers who are looking to improve the rankings of their websites. Many search engine optimization specialists avoid using private blog networks for link building due to the lack of transparency regarding the links contained within those networks.

Why is Hosting Important for PBNs?

PBNs require the proper hosting business. Google may deindex your PBN if you select the incorrect web host for it. This would imply that all of the time, money, and effort you invested in developing the PBN and acquiring links to your other properties was for nought.

Experts in SEO and site design agree that the main cause of PBNs being de-indexed and disappearing from Google search results is a cheap, subpar hosting provider.

To ensure that your PBN remains active and operational so that you may create quality backlinks, use a premium web hosting package. So that you don’t have to spend hours hunting for a reputable web host, we have compiled a list of the top hosting services for PBNs.

Best PBN Hosting Providers  – Top List 2022 Full Review

WPX Hosting

fastest wordpress servers


They offer first-rate support that helps with everything, including all migrations, email transfers, SSL transfers, and any other needs you may have. WPX was able to transfer all of our email addresses, SSL certificates, and three websites within a short period of time. Despite the fact that I’m still a beginner, I’ve discovered that their courses and knowledge base have enabled me to fully understand everything so that I no longer feel nervous about altering the settings on my own. Additionally, the organisation has a great mentality.

WPX is more focused on helping its customers than growing its revenue. Overall, WPX Hosting places a high priority on keeping its clients happy. According to me, there isn’t a hosting company out there right now that can be compared to this one. We agree entirely with everyone else that Terry is a living icon and that WPX is fantastic.

 Easy Blog Networks


The main specialised solution for hosting PBNs is Easy Blog Networks. EBN is a platform, not a hosting company, that uses WordPress blogs to connect to different hosting providers and automates maintenance. They work with the top Internet service providers, including Amazon, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, and SoftLayer. They have more than 150 data centres and 500 unique IPs available. EBN, one significant distinction, employs IPs and nameservers directly provided by the host. You receive their nameserver addresses when Digital Ocean hosts your website. It would be considerably simpler and less expensive to go directly to the hosting provider and build your own servers with them.

Inmotion Business Hosting

inmotion vps hosting package

InMotion is robust, safe, and loaded with features. Overall, InMotion is a solid host, especially for medium-sized and smaller applications. InMotion includes all you require if you need to host more than one conventional WordPress site or other conventional CMS. InMotion offers three shared web hosting plans, just like a lot of its rivals. Although the cost of the InMotion plans may appear exorbitant, particularly when compared to the cost-effective options we have analysed, we must be honest and mention the following: Starting with the most basic plan, the “Launch,” which has two sites, the plans are multi-site.

It is not essential to purchase a separate domain because it is always included in the plans for free (the cost of a domain varies between 10 and 20 euros per year). Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk/space, and unlimited mailboxes are included in even the most affordable package. The least expensive plan, Launch, even comes with free SSL, which is now necessary to access the infamous “HTTPS” protocol, which provides customers with more security and dependability. Those who require professional and business hosting will find the highest floors, Power and Pro, appealing because they provide some more cutting-edge capabilities.



Finding unique hosting for each of one’s PBN sites is one of the biggest challenges people have while hosting all of their PBN sites. Using LaunchCDN is a much easier approach because it saves time and money while still being very effective.

There is no footprint because LaunchCDN hosts all of your websites on the common CDN providers. Your websites will be hosted on CDNs like Stackpath, Cloudflare, LeaseWeb, Amazon CloudFront, and Your PBN won’t ever be identified as being on a dubious host because these CDNs host websites on a global scale. The entire process is made incredibly simple and inexpensively using LaunchCDN.

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For good reason, Bulk Buy Hosting is consistently ranked among the top PBN hosting companies. It is easy to use and accomplishes your goals. If you’re looking for a straightforward way to bulk host on several carriers, this is without a doubt the finest option I’ve tried. For their PBNs, people typically prefer CDN hosting, an area in which their related product LaunchCDN excels. Although the platform may not have as many features as other providers, it is the most dependable and simple method of maintaining your PBN. Your websites are hosted with other authorised firms, and the IP and NameServer distribution was impressive.

8) HostPapa

HostPapa was established in 2006 and has offices in both the US and Canada, with its servers located in Toronto. Although it is now standard practise for hosting companies to offset their carbon impact by obtaining green energy certificates, HostPapa was the pioneer in this field. HostPapa goes above and above the norm, paying data centres and purchasing eco-sustainable energy certificates to account for all of society’s energy consumption.

They genuinely want to do the right thing, not just something they can gloat about with a button on their website. Numerous features from HostPapa are already included in the entry-level service, including an infinite number of domains, bandwidth, storage space, and MySQL databases. Other components include a promotional campaign package, a website builder, and help, among others.


Brent Oxley established HostGator Inc. in his college residence hall in 2002. Over the years, the web company expanded from one person to one with hundreds of employees, and was ranked 21st (in the year 2008) and 239th (in the year 2009) in Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing businesses. Endurance International Group (EIG) purchased the business that Brent sold in 2012 for an unofficial price of $ 225 million. The biggest website hosting firm today is EIG, which also owns a number of other well-known web hosting brands, including BlueHost, iPage, FatCow, HostMonster, Pow Web, Easy CGI, Arvixe, eHost, A Small Orange, and others.


Some websites demonstrate how they co-emerged with the internet and how all the industry players are well-known due to their longevity and lack of crisis moments. BlueHost is unquestionably one of the “grand old men” of hosting. It is one of the top businesses in the industry and, based on the most recent research, is the host of more than 2 million websites. Matt Heaton founded it in 2003. The website offers a number of plans, all of which share ample space for the website to expand to its full potential. The piano, for instance, provides 50 GB of SSD hard disc space, which is more than enough for a medium-sized site (clearly useless for a giant like YouTube, but perfect for those who want to create blogs or e-commerce).

The simplicity of use is the main selling feature of BlueHost. The experienced user will be able to navigate all the functions with ease, and even those who are just learning the basics will be able to quickly and easily develop engaging websites with lots of material. The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is automatically renewed thanks to BlueHost’s automated SSL capability. But occasionally, manual user input is necessary. The WordPress platform is regularly updated. The platform and server are automatically updated as part of the WordPress Hosting plan so that newer technologies are always available.


Best PBN Hosting Providers

Due to the fact that PBN.Hosting was created exclusively for private blog networks, it is among the top hosting providers for PBNs. This platform makes it simple to construct your network, host PBNs, and even post to blogs from a single app.

You can easily manage all of your blogs from a single dashboard with PBN.Hosting. They work with premium CDNs and secure cloud hosting to make sure that your websites are hosted on spick-and-span IP addresses. Given that Google cannot connect the websites in your network using this information, you can develop links on your PBN without risk.

PBN.Hosting provides free site migration from other hosting services if you already have websites set up. This service will launch your websites for new sites utilising a random selection of the best WordPress themes. Additionally, PBN.Hosting offers comprehensive reporting so you can monitor your linking strategy, traffic, and rankings.

PBN.Hosting is a fantastic service for centrally hosting PBNs. You may manage your blogs on their feature-rich dashboard, and your websites will be secure on a variety of IPs alongside other reliable websites.


Easy Blog Networks

Best PBN Hosting Providers


Easy Blog Networks is a managed hosting solution designed exclusively for private blog networks, as the name suggests. With the help of our PBN hosting service, you can easily build a network of invisible websites that will give you a natural hosting profile.

By putting your websites on a variety of trustworthy web providers with diverse IP addresses and data centres, Easy Blog Networks makes it simple to build natural PBNs. This guarantees that your PBN doesn’t appear to be a PBN and that your websites can grow safely. With Easy Blog Networks, managing your PBN websites is simple because you have access to various hosts through a single dashboard.

Easy Blog Networks has daily backups, automated WordPress upgrades, and compatibility with WordPress. Your website is secure because this service collaborates with other reliable web hosts. According to a study, East Blog Networks has a very low deindexation rate that is comparable to that of high-end cPanel hosts. One of the most well-liked and user-friendly PBN hosting companies is Easy Blog Networks. With EBN, you may arrange all of your websites on a single managed hosting platform.


Bulk Buy Hosting

Best PBN Hosting Providers

Bulk Buy Hosting is a “secure, easy, and economical” web hosting solution designed exclusively for PBN hosting. This hosting company actually collaborates with a number of other well-known hosts, like HostGator, A Small Orange, and others. All of your accounts are kept on one dashboard with this managed PBN hosting service.

By enabling you to host your domains on numerous high-quality servers, Bulk Buy Hosting makes managing PBN hosting simple. This way, you can host your network of blogs and do so from a single interface. To ensure that there are no traces leading back to your PBN, use a variety of hosts.

Private blog networks can be kept safe and secure by using different IP addresses, as Google cannot link the different domains to your PBN. Additionally, Bulk Buy Hosting provides a lot of flexibility, allowing you to expand your PBN with ease. For building PBNs with no footprint, managed PBN hosting services like Bulk Buy Hosting is extremely helpful. Some SEOs are concerned that this type of service just draws SEOs and PBNs, but with a variety of IP addresses, it should be a secure and convenient option for PBN hosting.



Best PBN Hosting Providers

LaunchCDN is an excellent choice for building a private blog network because it focuses on PBN hosting. Even “Done For You” alternatives are available from this reputable web host, where they will pick your domain, set up hosting, and create the website so it is prepared to go. Of course, you may manually create your own PBN using LaunchCDN as well.

There are many possibilities for your websites because LaunchCDN collaborates with a variety of well-known content delivery networks (CDNs). By employing different servers, different IP addresses, SOA records, and other methods, our service makes sure that there are no traces connecting the websites in your private blog network.

With the option for free SSL certificates and other security measures, this is a secure way to create PBNs. With LaunchCDN, you can even configure email forwarding so that messages from all of your domains arrive at a single, practical mailbox. They provide scalable solutions and round-the-clock client service.

Another simple method for building a PBN and avoiding footprints is LaunchCDN. The primary worry is that receiving all of your backlinks via CDNs may leave a trace for Google because this service functions well. However, you can avoid this by broadening your backlink profile.

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Best PBN Hosting Providers

If sustainability and green practises are essential to you, GreenGeeks may be your best web hosting option because it is known for being the most environmentally friendly web hosting provider. WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller web hosting options are all available from GreenGeeks. They provide scalable and safe hosting choices, which are excellent for PBNs.

You may be sure that your website won’t frequently go down because GreenGeeks boasts a 99.9 percent uptime. They have excellent speed and security capabilities, and even provide zero-day vulnerability solutions and specific security policies. Their packages include managed support, cPanel accounts, and free cPanel migrations. They also include a free SSL certificate.

In addition to providing excellent customer service, GreenGeeks also offers round-the-clock chat, ticket, and phone assistance. Because actual businesses use this service, your PBN will be safer on this well-known hosting platform. GreenGeeks is a fantastic choice for a trustworthy and secure web host. For PBN hosting, GreenGeeks is a very safe and dependable choice. GreekGeeks is a good choice if you’re looking for a PBN hosting provider that practises environmental responsibility.

Host Gator

Best PBN Hosting Providers

Another excellent choice for hosting PBNs is HostGator. With their impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can be sure that this dependable hosting service will keep your websites online. When you join up with HostGator, you receive a free SSL certificate and a free domain for a year.

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and high-end dedicated hosting are all options provided by HostGator. You can quickly build the websites for your PBN using a drag and drop publisher thanks to their additional premium website builder, which is available for a nominal monthly subscription.

The unmetered bandwidth included in HostGator’s services enables them to support sites with high traffic volumes. They provide free transfers for sites that are already live. You may integrate your apps with HostGator using one-click instals as well. HostGator is incredibly user-friendly, so even if you’re not experienced with managing websites, you can use it with ease.

As a trustworthy web host that many legitimate companies use, HostGator is a wise choice for building a PBN that won’t be penalised by Google.

One of the most well-liked hosting providers is HostGator, and for good reason. For PBNs, this is a dependable service, however it may get pricy.


Best PBN Hosting Providers

Another reputable web server is SiteGround, which offers superior service thanks to Google Cloud. Website owners don’t have to worry about regular hosting maintenance because they have managed hosting options available. Automatic WordPress updates are included with their managed WordPress hosting plan. For online stores, they also provide hosting for WooCommerce.

Most people recognise SiteGround as a reliable web host with strong security features. Security professionals track software vulnerabilities on a server and website level, and security is regularly maintained. Additionally, their hosting includes SSD permanent storage.

Because their inexpensive GrowBig plan allows for limitless websites, SiteGround is a wonderful option for PBNs. With SiteGround, managing a website is simple, and domain and email administration are combined.

Another trustworthy PBN web hosting service is SiteGround. They have excellent security, and their GrowBig package is excellent for administering an unlimited number of PBN websites.


WPX Hosting

Best PBN Hosting Providers

Anyone wishing to create a PBN should consider WPX Hosting because it is another reputable and well-known hosting company. WPX Hosting is a go-to for many digital marketers because of its fast site loading times and excellent uptime. They provide free malware detection, free site fixes, and free site migration from other hosting services.

Your websites are safe with WPX Hosting since the provider runs its own servers and has excellent internal security procedures. Additionally, they facilitate hosting several sites on a single platform, which is advantageous for PBNs. Your sites are automatically updated and backed up every day using WPX.

WPX hosting is a wonderful option for large traffic sites, even though some PBN websites aren’t designed for it. WPX Hosting is an excellent choice for you if you’re truly attempting to attract readers to the websites in your PBNs rather than just using them for links. Another benefit is their Cloud CDN.

Excellent hosting provider WPX Hosting is a top choice if you want to increase traffic and the size of the websites in your private blog network.


Best PBN Hosting Providers

Many PBN managers and producers use the inexpensive web hosting service iPage. When you sign up with iPage, you may get a free name for the first year as well as tools to quickly launch a new website without any coding knowledge.

A reputable and trustworthy web host is iPage. They provide fantastic security and a free SSL certificate to keep your websites safe. Website crashes will be infrequent with a 99.9% uptime. The bandwidth for websites hosted by iPage is likewise unlimited, allowing for site expansion.

WordPress can be easily installed on iPage, and it also has eCommerce features. You can add an unlimited number of domains to your account and generate an unlimited number of email addresses for your domain.

Since it permits unlimited domains and provides various IP addresses, iPage is a reliable option for web hosting and an excellent option for a private blog network.

Host Papa

host papa

A fantastic, inexpensive solution for hosting PBNs is web hosting from Host Papa. They offer a free domain as part of their web hosting package, so you may use Host Papa’s platform to find and buy domains for your PBN.

They also provide a website builder, allowing you to use their tools to begin building your website right immediately. With Host Papa hosting, you get quick and dependable storage, apps, and tools to quickly build a website with a polished appearance.

With servers optimised for WordPress websites, Host Papa is WordPress-friendly. Additionally, their servers are protected by sophisticated firewalls and intrusion detection systems. They also provide support for running websites, such as free domain transfers and free website migration. Anyone looking for PBN hosting has a great choice in Host Papa for the price. Their feature-rich, cost-effective service includes a dependable server for private blog networks.

List of 12 Best PBN Hosting Providers 2022 Cheapest PBN Hosting Provider

SeekaHost PBN Hosting

The founder of SeekaHost, Fernando Raymond, is an expert in running a hosting company. SeekaHost is one of the greatest PBN hosting services, outperforming all other hosting rivals in the market. I personally hosted some PBN sites with SeekaHost, and I never experienced any downtime issues. Because SeekaHost gives exceptional assistance and has a crew on call to handle any technical concerns, unlike the majority of PBN hosting companies. 2020 saw the release of SeekaHost’s own PBN administration tool, which offers everything needed to host WordPress and scale PBNs with multiple address hosting.

With 1-Click WP, a free SSL certificate, and activation with domain-level SEO data tracking, the SeekaPanel offers a more affordable and convenient way to host WordPress blogs.
Best PBN Hosting Providers


Seekahost pricing plans

Seekahost PBN hosting pricing plans Seekahost PBN hosting pricing plans Best PBN Hosting Providers

BionicWP Managed Hosting

BionicWP can be an excellent hosting option if you’re seeking a cloud hosting solution to manage your PBN website. It is ideal for anyone searching for a simple way to scale their PBN sites quickly. The best thing about BionicWP is that for each new cloud server instance you start, you get a unique IP address. This implies that BionicWP removes any traces that your hosting solution may have left behind.

Best PBN Hosting Providers PBNs are only prohibited since it is possible to track them back to the ancestors of other websites. As a result, Google starts to view them as link farms, which might potentially harm other websites’ results.


Conclusion – Best PBN Hosting Providers

The option really lies with you and your requirement as to which PBN hosting solution is right for your needs. As stated above, there are many popular moderately priced non-managed PBN hosting solutions while there are the managed types which takes the hassle out of PBN management for you.

FLATsite also offers a solution designed to build, secure and reduce hosting costs for PBNs with zero footprints. Whether you’re a small or large enterprize PBN management can benefit your business

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