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Clean Sweep! Best Sweepstake Casino Sites 2022

Play Sweepstakes Online for Money

Hello, and welcome to our newest member of the family. Everything there is to know about sweepstake casinos will be revealed in this post, including a list of the finest sweepstake casinos and many other useful tips and tricks.

In this sweepstake online casino review, we will discuss what sweepstake casinos are, where you can find them, which ones are the best to play on, whether they are legitimate, and many other topics that you will find interesting.

Best online sweepstakes casino USA 2022

Let’s start by defining what sweepstake casinos are exactly. A sweepstake casino is, to put it simply, a form of casino website that offers games or prizes in which players have a chance to win rewards through chance. Sweepstakes Poker is a poker site that allows players to play poker using the Sweepstakes money system; Sweepstakes Poker is a poker site that allows players to play poker using the Sweepstakes currency system; Sweep Coins are often handed away as free extras when Gold Coins are purchased.

Choosing the top online sweepstakes casino in the United States was anything but a straightforward endeavour. We searched and browsed all over the internet, all the way to the ends of the earth, in quest of the best online casino sites, and we succeeded! We have finally discovered the greatest online casinos where you can participate in sweepstakes for real money, and we are going to share them with you.

The best new sweeps casinos to pay attention to in 2021:

  • Chumba casino
  • Lucky Land Slot Casino
  • Global Poker
  • Funz Points Casino
  • Fend Off Sports Casino
  • River Sweeps Platinum Casino
  • Play River Slots;
  • Vegas X Casino
  • B Spot;
  • Zitobox Slots.

We discovered those websites for which we believe they are legitimate, as well as the greatest websites where you may participate in online sweepstakes games. It is not possible to participate in sweepstakes casinos and win real money. As a result, gamers would need to acquire Gold Coin bundles that included Sweepstakes Cash in order to participate.

Most casinos will provide new players with some free Gold Coins as a welcome bonus, but players will not be able to win any cash prizes unless they use Sweeps Coins, which may be obtained by purchasing them. These sweepstakes casinos are also the top casino mobile applications in 2021, according to a recent survey.

Google Play App Store

Strafe App Download

Tips on how to get started with online sweepstake

At first look, the rules on how to get started and play sweepstakes online for money may appear self-explanatory and simple to follow. However, there are several laws and regulations you should be aware of before you begin playing your online sweepstakes games. Some rules may differ from one country to the next.

For example, rules for online sweepstake casinos in the United States are not always the same as rules for online sweepstake casinos in the United Kingdom. In this sweepstake casino review, we will mention some that are the same for sweepstake casinos in the United States and the United Kingdom. All of the rules listed here apply to all sweepstake casinos worldwide.

  • Sweepstakes Casinos- Websites that provide games or prizes in which players can win rewards at random.
  • Sweepstakes Poker Site- This website allows gamers to play social poker utilising the Sweeps currency system.
  • Sweep Coins- These are free bonuses that are frequently given when Gold Coins are purchased. These can be exchanged for cash.
  • Gold Coins are a type of virtual currency that may be used to pay for things for free. These can’t be redeemed for cash.
  • Sweepstakes Cash– monetary awards won through sweepstakes websites.
  • Casinos distribute free sweeps to players in a variety of methods.


New sweeps cash casino

There are numerous online games to pick from at the new sweeps cash casino. When we started looking for the best ones to recommend to you, we became lost in a sea of amazing games. It took us some time to test them all and pick the best ones, but we accomplished it. We compiled a list of the top online sweepstakes casino games:

  • Sweep Slots
  • Progressive Sweep Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Keno
  • Video Poker
  • Social Poker

Why are online sweepstakes casinos a good choice?

Online sweepstakes casino sites are quite popular since they are available in many states around the United States. Because you do not wager money in the same way that you would at a traditional casino, sweepstakes casinos are not subject to the same legal scrutiny. So, whether you live in New York or California, you can play at a sweepstakes casino, although conventional online casino gaming is not legal.

The good news is that sweepstakes casinos typically provide a diverse selection of games. While the general variety of games may be less than that of traditional casino sites, you should be able to meet your gaming needs. The majority of games at sweepstakes casinos are those entertaining and friendly slot machines. These are based on traditional slot machines and may be played by simply spinning the reels and hoping that the winning symbols line up on one of the paylines. However, we’ve discovered a rising number of sweepstakes casino sites that have begun to include table games.

This means that consumers all throughout the United States are beginning to be able to play classic table games like roulette and blackjack from the comfort of their cellphones or PCs. It is important to realize that many sweepstakes casinos are a lot of fun. This is because when you play in sweepstakes casinos, you don’t have to worry about losing money. After all, when you play sweepstakes casino games, you are utilizing virtual cash rather than real money. As a result, you can practice your gameplay without spending a dime. Furthermore, sweepstakes casino sites are frequently filled with exciting social features that allow you to communicate with friends while playing. Ideal for bragging about your big sweepstakes casino win!

Redeeming cash prizes

We hope you’ve already won some cash rewards while playing some of our recommended games. Congratulations if you did. There are various laws and regulations that must be followed when redeeming our cash prize. Restrictions differ from nation to country, and when it comes to USA sweepstake casinos, rules differ based on whether the sweepstake casino is legal in your country.

When it comes to online casinos in the United States, you must have some type of identification to prove and authenticate your identity. It might be your identification card, driver’s license, or any other document with a picture that shows your identity and age. To play, you must be 18 or older, and you cannot redeem any cash prizes unless you are 18 or older. The following are the most popular methods for gamers to redeem their prize:

  • Skrill – a popular e-Wallet that is very convenient with funds taking between 24-48 hours to reach your account.
  • PayPal – such as Skrill, this eWallet is very popular among Sweepstakes players. You can get your funds within 48 hours.
  • Bank Transfer – an easy way of transferring funds into your bank account. Processing time usually takes between 3-5 days.

Sweeps Cash Casinos

Sweepstakes online casino games are very similar to conventional online casino games. The main distinction is that you play sweepstakes games in order to win cash, free sweepstakes, and gold. Although there are casinos where you can play for real money, we will discuss the following. If you’d want additional information or a comprehensive list of all the greatest online casinos accepting real money, simply click the link.

While you cannot deposit funds to play at sweepstakes online casinos, you can purchase what is known as gold coins and use them to play games and win real money. While playing sweepstakes games, the only money you lose is the money spent on gold coins. Additionally, you can earn free sweep coins to use in place of golden points. All you have to do is log in daily to the website to earn some free sweepstakes points.

Are sweepstake casinos legal in the USA?

Yes, they are legal to play in the United States of America. There are numerous online casinos in the United States of America from which to pick, depending on the type of games you prefer. Anyone can create a sweepstakes casino account and play free games for a chance to win sweepstakes cash and prizes as long as they reside in the United States of America and are at least 18 years old.

The lone exception is Washington state, where it is illegal to profit from online sweepstakes games. The most critical feature of sweepstakes law is the provision that no purchase is necessary to participate in free games with the chance to win cash rewards. Numerous sweepstakes online casinos distribute sweepstakes entries in a variety of ways.

This is in addition to the complimentary quantities that gamers receive when they purchase the currency in order to participate in contests online for real money. According to the legislation, when sweepstakes entries are used in a game of chance, such as a virtual Monopoly game or a lotto-style lottery, winning entries are legally entitled to collect cash awards. Because the majority of sites accept daily free sweepstakes, the action is frequent.

Can I win real money?

Users cannot earn prizes when playing with play money. However, sweepstakes casino games are engaging and interesting, and there are numerous ways to spend any winnings. Additionally, you can use your wins to try out other games, allowing you to determine whether you’d rather play with sweepstakes entries. Casinos use what appears to be a separate vocabulary and terminology in order to comply with sweepstakes law.

For instance, it would be incorrect to assert that one sweeps coin is equivalent to one US dollar, as sweeps coins are worthless. Additionally, you cannot claim to have won cash awards when participating in sweepstakes games, as the prize is in sweepstakes coins, not real money.

online sweepstakes casino

Can you play sweepstakes casinos online for money?

Sweepstakes gambling websites differ significantly from standard online casino websites. This is because you are not wagering real money on sweepstakes casino games. Rather than that, you’ll be using a form of virtual currency that has no monetary value. Such virtual currency is frequently referred to as ‘gold coins’ or’sweeps coins,’ although they are all utilised as bets in a variety of games ranging from slots to table games such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.

This is in stark contrast to traditional online casinos, which need real money deposits and then utilise that money to stake. Naturally, you can then win real money when you play at normal casino sites, but there is also a danger that you will lose your money. Some folks may be frustrated because sweepstakes casinos do not allow real money gambling. However, we believe that an online sweepstakes casino is an excellent way to practise playing many types of casino games without jeopardising your own money.

Additionally, certain sweepstakes gambling sites have been known to award players with rewards. Above all, it demonstrates that there are several types of casino sites for various types of gamers. While some people are content to try their luck at casino games without risking their own money, others believe that gambling with real money is far more exciting. Fortunately, there is no discernible difference in gameplay quality between sweepstakes casino sites and ordinary online casinos. It’s entirely up to you how you want to play and what your state’s online gambling rules are. However, one thing is certain: a decent online sweepstakes casino is just as financially sound like a normal casino site!

Sweepstake casinos offering cash prizes

Chumba Casino

Chumba Sweeps Casino is one of the most well-known online sweepstakes casinos in the United States of America, and it offers a variety of exciting promotions. This well-known game offers both slots and table games, making it fairly close in terms of functionality to traditional online casinos. Anyone who want to take part in contests online for money on Chumba Xasino has a variety of options to choose from, including the following:

  • Slot games
  • Table games
  • Jackpot games


The fact that you are having difficulty picking which to test first is understandable to us. After that, we just tested them all and chose the ones that we liked the best from the list of options presented. The following games might be considered if you are more in the mood for slot games, especially if you are looking for a progressive jackpot slot game:

  • Golden Oz
  • Dancing Gold
  • Wild Roads
  • The Sand Princess
  • Celtic Goddess
  • Stampede Fury

Table Games

If you are more of a lover of table games, we have also evaluated them and selected the ones we believe are deserving of your attention. Of all, this is only a list of our own personal preferences. There are many of fantastic games to select from, and if you don’t find anything you like on this list, you can always conduct further research to locate the finest live dealer casino that suits your preferences.

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Jacks
  • Video poker

All of the games begin with as little as a 0.01 sweep coin to get you started. There are more games to pick from, starting with live social casino games and progressing to playing for real money and other options. Chamba strives to provide its gamers with the greatest possible online sweepstakes experience. It is simple to navigate the browser-based system, which includes browsing the banking and account areas.

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In addition to accepting players from the United States, Chumba Casino also provides cash rewards in its sweepstakes. As an added bonus, it rewards you with free sweep coins simply for signing up. It is worthwhile to log in every day, even if you do not intend to play that day, in order to collect the free sweep coins, which you can later use to play with or exchange for a cash prize or free gold once you have accumulated a sufficient number of sweeps.

Luckyland Slots

Luckyland slots are similar to other online casino games in that they are browser-based. Unlike other online casinos, Luckyland focuses exclusively on slot games. There are no table or card games available. If you’re seeking for a casino that focuses entirely on slot games, without any other kind of games, you should check out Luckyland. The Luckyland sweepstakes casino is offered to players in the United States of America. Among the slot games available for playing sweepstakes online for real money are the following:

  • School days
  • Ghoul day
  • Lucky duck
  • Dragon Key
  • Mayan Gold
  • Pirates Bounty
  • Lucky Wheel Galactic Blast
  • Mardi Gras money

Global Poker

If you’re a fan of traditional online poker, you’re going to love global poker. You can play live casino games and live tournaments at Global Poker for a chance to win free gold coins. You can earn gold coins by defeating your opponents in a hand, game, or tournament. Additionally, you can acquire additional Gold Coins at any point in time. Sweeps Coins are an extra virtual currency awarded to players who choose this second choice. Global poker players can also participate in sweepstakes tournaments such as:

  • GOAT
  • Rattlesnake
  • Bounty series

Another advantage of Global is the ability to play from any location. While the site lacks a mobile application, it is browser-based and the platform works well on iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. Global Poker, like Chumba and LuckyLand, is owned by VGW Holdings, an Australian-based publicly traded company authorised by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Table Games

If you are more of a table games fan, Global Poker have got you covered. You can find some traditional table games such as:

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Premium Blackjack
  • Caribbean Poker

If you’re not a fan of table games and prefer spinning games over anything else, you guessed it… Global Poker has your back. There are various fantastic games to pick from, but we’d like to highlight Diamond Panther and Lightning Nudge. While Global Poker lacks the depth of game selection found at full Sweeps Coin casinos, it does provide an option for players to dabble in casino games while not at the poker tables. We’d recommend perusing our poker online reviews for other outstanding recommendations!

Funz Points Casino

Funz points casino, founded in 2018, is a smaller sweepstakes operator that offers a modest selection of casino games that you may play for free or purchase Funz points to play for a jackpot. Due to the fact that Funz Points Casino offers two distinct modes of play: Standard Mode and Premium Mode, two distinct bonuses are accessible. When you first join, you can pick between Standard Mode and Premium Mode, but you can change your mind at any time.

Standard Mode

In Standard Mode, new registrants automatically receive 1,000 Standard Funz Points, which can be used to play some of the site’s games. By sending a request by traditional mail, new members can additionally receive 1,000 Standard Funz Points + 500 Premium Funz Points. This can be repeated every five business days. Every three hours, you can earn more Standard Funz Points by spinning the Funzpoints Wheel, which can add up to 10,000 Standard Funz Points to your balance.

Premium Mode

Premium Funz Points are utilised to play the games in Premium Mode, with the added benefit that winnings are real money that may be withdrawn. By completing your profile, you can get 250 Premium Funz Points. Additionally, you can purchase a certain quantity of Premium Points based on your deposit amount at a rate of 100 Premium Points for every dollar. When you purchase Premium Funz Points for the first time, you’ll also receive 100% additional Premium Funz Points.

Thus, purchasing 500 Premium Funz Points ($5) will result in the acquisition of an additional 500 Premium Funz Points ($5). Please keep in mind that Premium Funz Points cannot be redeemed for cash; they can only be used to play games and earn winnings. Premium Funz Points that are not used within 30 days of deposit expire. A further 500 Premium Funz Points can be obtained by sending a request via regular mail. You may make a claim for them once every five business days.

Coin Sweep

Sweep coins are a fictitious casino currency that may be changed to and cashed out in US dollars. Players can sign up at online casinos such as Chumba Casino and receive sweep coins for free as part of their purchased gold coin package. It’s critical to understand that sweep coins cannot be purchased separately, and any site that does so is almost certainly illegal in the United States. Additionally, some casinos offer sweep coins simply for signing up and verifying your email address. For instance, Chumba Casino provides you with $2 in sweeps coins upon registration.

Additionally, players can earn free sweepstakes coins by entering competitions on Facebook and Twitter by answering a few simple questions. Winners are then selected at random. After that, players may use their sweep coins to play slots and table games just as they would in a real money casino. Any gains can then be converted to real money by the casino using its own conversion rate. Simply be aware that a minimum balance is typically necessary to pay out, such as $50 in sweeps coins.

Coins Made of Gold

Want to win money by entering sweepstakes online? Bundles of gold coins are available at sweepstakes casinos. These coins can then be used to play slots and other games for entertainment purposes, with any profits being added to your total gold coin balance. Certain casinos may even provide you with complimentary gold coin packets upon registration and creation of a new player account. The critical point to remember is that this virtual currency has no intrinsic worth in the real world and cannot be exchanged for genuine coins or cash.

What is a sweepstakes casino?

Not to be mistaken with a live social casino, an online sweepstakes casino enables customers to experience authentic casino activity with little to no risk. When the financial danger associated with online gaming is removed, we are left with an exciting world of games that is relatively stress-free. With no financial risk associated with their gambling activity, customers of sweepstake casinos are eager to experiment with new releases, new game genres, and, eventually, find numerous methods to spend their virtual tokens.

That’s true – online sweepstakes casinos make use of virtual currencies to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable online gaming experience. One of the many fantastic features of a sweepstake casino is the risk-free opportunity to play your favourite online slots. The draw for the majority of sweeps cash users is the platform’s social and entertainment value, not the potential to win cash prizes, as most real money casinos do.

That is not to mean that customers cannot win money when they play at sweepstakes casinos. But before we get into the mechanics of a sweepstake, it’s important discussing the present state legislation governing this type of casino. Apart from residents of Washington, D.C., individuals from across the United States can currently try their luck at a sweepstake casino, providing they are of legal age. This sometimes prompts the inquiry “Why?” or “Why may residents of the United States wager on sweepstakes casinos but not on internet casinos?” The basic answer is that sweepstakes casino games are more closely related to lottery games.

Each virtual wager provides a random chance for all active players to win sweep coins or gold. Because no money is wagered directly or a payment is promised, sweepstakes casinos are totally lawful. Once you’ve registered with your preferred platform, you’ll notice that your account supports two distinct currencies (gold and sweeps coins). As with the live social casino, gamers may either purchase additional tokens or earn them based on their wagering behaviour and general gaming habits. Each currency serves a purpose. Gold coins enable users to play for enjoyment and progress around the site, earning loyalty points and progressing through the tiered program’s levels.

While sweepstakes coins can be redeemed for real money and transferred to a bank account – provided you reach the recommended level. Now that you’ve obtained your virtual coins, it’s time to put them to use! The top sweepstakes casinos in the United States will provide players with a wide choice of gaming possibilities.

As is the case with the majority of online casinos, reliable sweepstakes casinos offer an incredible range of slots, table games, and poker. Users of sweepstakes casinos will have access to table classics such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, as well as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Bounty, and a variety of poker tournaments. Before you join a sweepstake casino, keep in mind that owing to the nature of these games, all slots, and table games will not be checked for fairness and will not have the return to player percentages that online casinos require.

Why should everyone compare sweepstakes cash casinos?

We believe that almost anyone should be able to participate in sweepstakes casino games. After all, it’s the simplest and most enjoyable form of casino gaming available. Simply though sweepstakes casino gaming is not deemed gambling does not mean it is not extremely enjoyable! This is why we’ve created our comparison chart to assist any concerned newcomers in joining the sweepstakes gaming trend. After all, there is a lot of disinformation regarding sweepstakes casino sites on the internet, and we’ll guide you to the gaming sites that do sweepstakes casino games correctly.

Additionally, we’ve ensured that our comparison includes a diverse selection of sweepstakes casinos that you would have missed otherwise. There are a plethora of sweepstakes casino providers available, and we’ve made it our duty to help you choose the best one. As such, our comparison is ideal for seasoned gamers looking for a unique sweepstakes casino. Don’t forget that each sweepstakes casino we feature on this page will offer a diverse selection of games to suit all preferences. Whether you’re a Californian who enjoys slot machines or a Florida resident who enjoys roulette, we’ll ensure that everyone benefits from the phenomenal growth of sweepstakes casino sites.

How sweepstakes casinos seized control of the United States

Perhaps it’s worthwhile to define what we mean by sweepstakes casinos. These appear to be standard online casino sites, but the important distinction is that you’re supposed to be playing for fun rather than for real money. As such, sweepstakes casinos are quite similar to social casinos, except that a sweepstakes casino site may offer the opportunity to win real money. Bear in mind that any real money you win at a sweepstakes casino will be in the form of coins that you can exchange for real money at the gaming site. Playing at sweepstakes casinos entails either utilising the gaming site’s complimentary coin tokens or purchasing these coins directly. You’ll find the same selection of slots and table games as you would on a conventional casino site, but the emphasis will be more on social interaction as you play with friends, family, and coworkers.

Numerous sweepstakes casinos will be linked into mainstream social media platforms like Facebook. Another significant factor in the popularity of sweepstakes casinos is their legality in the great majority of US states. This is because sweepstakes casino gaming is not considered gambling, and hence attracts significantly less regulatory scrutiny. This is why many people consider sweepstakes casino sites to be an excellent introduction to more ‘adult’ real money casinos. However, we’ve discovered that both types of casino platforms have a place and can deliver an abundance of high-quality casino gaming fun. Simply remember to stick with one of our featured providers to ensure you have the best sweepstakes casino gaming experience possible.


Accessibility and usability

When you remove the possibility of winning big from your casino experience, you may expect something of similar importance to take its place. At PlayersBest, we believe that a platform’s usability, appearance, feel, and accessibility may help distinguish the best from the rest. When you arrive on the webpage of your selected sweepstakes casino, you should immediately feel at ease. Are you able to join up quickly? How are you able to log into your account? Where can you find your next available slot? Is it simple to redeem bonuses? These are all relevant questions to consider while evaluating the usability of the greatest sweepstakes casinos in the United States. In terms of accessibility, we’re looking to determine if the functionality of your selected platform is impaired when using the app to play slots or table games. Is there even an app? If not, does their platform automatically adjust to work with a mobile browser?

Portfolio of games and live chat feature

According to the online casino style we are analysing, the game portfolio and live chat are the two most significant elements of a sweepstakes casino – just behind security! With that in mind, we expect your chosen sweepstake casino to offer a diverse array of game categories. Do slot machines resemble the real thing? Can you play classic table games without encountering any glitches?

How many video poker variants are available to new customers? A major selling point of any sweepstakes casino is the social experience associated with your profile. This means that we want to know whether your online sweeps casino lets you to invite friends and family into a chat, whether you can construct your own micro tables, games, and tournaments with your friends, and whether you can talk with other like-minded gamblers while playing blackjack.

Bonuses and schemes of loyalty

Despite the obvious lack of real money, the bonuses, promotions, and loyalty schemes available can be deemed (relatively) lucrative. The majority of the finest sweepstakes casinos in the United States will provide their devoted players with numerous opportunities to earn free spins, bonus gold, and, most importantly, bonus sweeps coins. These types of prizes and promotions are critical to retaining clients. Not only do bonuses and free spins entice gamers to return and continue playing, but so does the promise of VIP rewards. The more tokens a user accumulates, the more prizes become available. Customers can earn additional multipliers, free spins, the option to play new games before other members, and access to a VIP concierge as they progress through the tiered loyalty programme.

Customer service

For once, the level of customer assistance provided by an online casino may not be the most critical factor. It is far more critical for sweepstakes casinos to provide clients with a comprehensive and dedicated FAQ page that will address any pressing queries, as well as a number of walkthroughs that will walk them through the process of completing the majority of slots and table games. Naturally, a dedicated customer support service will be beneficial for concerns that extend beyond online gaming inquiries, such as a problem with your sweepstakes token withdrawal. However, in general, an email address or a live help service would suffice.

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Site-wide security

We’ve mentioned it previously, but it bears repeating — we at PlayersBest will always strive to showcase platforms that we believe are safe, secure, and legitimate. Regrettably, given the nature of sweepstakes casinos, we will have a difficult time locating a platform with a credible licence. What we will be able to uncover, however, is a website that uses reputable payment processors, has quick withdrawal times, and uses SSL encryption.


Five requirements we place on all reputable sweepstakes casinos

While sweepstakes casinos can be a lot of fun, you cannot afford to let your guard down when using these gaming platforms. After all, you will be sharing some of your personal information to these companies and may even purchase coins. As such, the following five points should be considered prior to joining with any sweepstakes gaming website:

Legality: Sweepstakes casino websites are not regulated in the same way that regular real money casino websites are. This is because sweepstakes do not entail gambling and hence are permitted to operate in a broader number of US states than traditional online casinos. You should, however, perform research to see whether sweepstakes casino gaming is legal in your state. After all, certain states, such as Washington, prohibit participation in sweepstakes casino games.

Security: You will always be needed to supply some personal information when registering with a sweepstakes casino. This may include exposing your name, address, and date of birth. As such, check that the sweepstakes casino makes use of all necessary encryption methods to safeguard your personal information.

Payments: Because you can only survive on free coins for a limited time, you may need to purchase additional coins from a sweepstakes casino. This is why we carefully select only trusted sweepstakes game sites. After all, if a major US bank is fearful of processing payments to a sweepstakes casino, the casino is almost certainly not secure enough to handle your money.

Customer service: All respectable sweepstakes gaming sites will employ a courteous and responsive customer care staff. This is crucial since you may require assistance with a variety of tasks, ranging from account validation to the purchase of additional coins. As a result, we’ll point you in the direction of sweepstakes casinos that may be reached via live chat, email, social media, or telephone.

On the internet, bad news spreads quickly, and it’s rather easy to find nasty reviews of several sweepstakes gaming websites. Naturally, even the best sweepstakes casino will occasionally receive an unfavourable review. If, on the other hand, you only come across negative reviews for a particular sweepstakes casino, you’ll know to steer clear of it.

The top online sweepstakes casino in the United States has

If you’re looking for a good example of a sweepstakes casino, you should go directly to Chumba Casino. Okay, so it’s more of a social casino, but this great site has well over 80 online casino games that you can play without risking your own money. There are a number of amazing slot games here, such as The Last Empress, Hypernova, and Lucky Emeralds, but Chumba Casino also has a lot of table games, something you don’t find at many sweepstakes casinos.

In addition, we must note some of the finest progressive jackpot games included here, such as Dancing Gold and Stallion Grand. The action begins when you receive an incredible welcome bonus that provides you with a large number of free coins to play with. You can now choose whether to play at Chumba Casino on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You’ll find lots of assistance is available through the 24/7 customer care team, and this site features only the most reliable payment providers in the odd occasion that you need to buy any more coins. While Chumba Casino is a sweepstakes casino, it is important to note that it has taken all of the necessary steps to comply with all of the regulations required to operate in numerous US states. Plus, with over one million users, Chumba Casino is certainly doing something right. So, join Chumba Casino and give it a shot!

The greatest sweeps of cash casinos in the United States are highlighted.

Do your research! No, we are not looking for an essay; instead, we want you to use our sweepstake casino evaluations. Make a list of the important features you want your new casino to have, and answer the questions raised earlier in this review to get you started. After that, invite your friends! Once you’ve opted on a platform, make sure to invite and play with your friends.

The chance to join tables, establish tournaments, and enjoy some risk-free, authentic casino action is a significant draw for sweepstake casinos. Finally, have a good time! It appears to be straightforward, and it is. Enjoy searching and gambling on 100s of slots, games, and video poker types at the greatest sweepstake casinos around the US with no financial risks but plenty of friends.


Increase your knowledge and experience.

Nowadays, you are not often given the opportunity to improve your knowledge and grasp of a subject for free! By selecting a sweeps cash casino, you will gain access to a plethora of online casino choices. The greatest sweepstakes casinos allow their players to read walkthroughs and tutorials on the best methods, tips, and tricks for beating the bookie. This implies that you can enter your sweepstakes casino as a newcomer and leave as a poker pro, roulette expert, or slots genius.

The importance of theory is matched by the value of practise – by joining a sweepstake casino, you will have access to the online casino world at your fingertips. You may put your theories and strategies to the test here, risk-free, fine-tuning your techniques and winning some fantastic virtual cash prizes.

Sign-up is quick and simple.

Sweepstake casinos, as we have already established, do not provide enticing real-money sign-up bonuses and promotions like online or retail casinos. However, what they lack in promotion, they more than make up for in usability.

We believe it is a fair trade if your primary goal is enjoyment and simplicity. Most sweepstakes casinos will let you create an account by linking it to Facebook, Google, an email address, or by joining in as a guest. While logging in as a guest keeps your information secure, it does eliminate the possibility of winning a cash payment and the ability to save your progress through the dedicated loyalty programme.

There’s a chance to win real money!

You could finish up a little richer simply by playing your favourite slots and table games, due to a sweepstake casino prize. Users from all over the US can take advantage of sweepstake casinos and hope to get lucky from a randomly split prize pool because you won’t be playing with real money and there are no guaranteed winnings.

Maintain a social atmosphere

The chance to play top slots, traditional roulette, Texas Hold’em, and baccarat with family and friends is the major selling factor of the sweepstake casino experience, as we have been highlighting throughout our online sweepstake casino review. Participate in tournaments, create leagues, and tables. Competitions and matchups with friends and family, with the winner claiming all the bragging rights!

Best Online Sweepstakes and Social Casinos of 2022

RankSocial And Sweepstakes CasinoBonusWin Rate
1ChumbaUp to $3096.10%
2Luckyland Slots7777 Gold Coins97.45%
3Global Poker5000 Gold Coins96.10%
4FunzPointsUp to $1094.05%
5Vegas X$15 Coins95.78%
6SweepSlots25% Extra Coins96.32%
7Scratch Carnival25000 Gold Coins97.30%
8B SpotUp to $1095.83%


Play sweepstakes casinos online for money FAQ

Why should you go with a sweepstakes casino?

Those of you who appreciate the thrill of live online casino activity may be questioning why you should not simply choose an online or retail casino. With this in mind, we at PlayersBest have put together a short list of reasons why a sweepstake casino can be the ideal option for you!

Are you new to online casinos?

Hey, we all started somewhere, and our specialists suggest that most online casino customers should start with a sweepstake casino! By joining one of the finest sweeps casinos in the United States, bettors can improve their theoretical and practical expertise, discover games they actually like playing, and do so while remaining confident that their savings will not be jeopardised.

What time of day do you usually play the slots?

This isn’t a trick question; we simply want to know what kind of customer service and gaming alternatives you should seek for! If you are a night owl, we recommend looking for a platform that provides customer care around the clock. If you want to participate in tournaments and competitions, you may find that late nights and early mornings are not the greatest times to do it. If you’ve found a sweepstake casino you enjoy, experiment with your visits; you might discover some new tournaments, games, or even pals along the road!

What happens after the casino sweepstakes?

It’s never a bad idea to be prepared! But, most importantly, we at PlayersBest want you to have a good time when playing online sweepstakes casino games. Try out a range of slots, table games, and poker, participate in tournaments, say hello at the roulette table, and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Review the tips and tricks, read any helpful guides or walkthroughs, and broaden your knowledge to become an online casino specialist. If you decide you want to try your luck with real money, you now have the knowledge and experience to do it. But keep in mind that there are no guarantees in the world of gaming!

Where can I participate in free sweepstakes games?

Read our guide to find out where you can play free sweepstakes games. This is due to the fact that we have analysed every online casino site in the United States to determine whether they are online sweepstake casinos with free games. Take a look at our BetMGM review to see if this is an online casino that could satisfy your sweepstake gaming requirements.

Do sweepstakes casinos provide casino games for real money?

Sweepstakes casinos provide a fun and simple way to play a wide range of online casino games. It is worth mentioning, however, that they may act differently than the online casinos accessible at gambling sites such as the one included in our Caesars review. So make sure to read our guide to sweeps cash casinos to check if they provide casino games for real money.

Where is the best place to play online sweepstakes for money?

Check out our list of the best online sweepstakes casinos in the United States. This will rapidly disclose whether you can play casino games for real money at these sites or if it’s one of those sites, like the one in our Betrivers review, that has nothing to do with casino gaming at all. All of this will guide you in the direction of some fantastic websites where you may play sweepstakes online for money.

Is it possible to earn a sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus?

There are many fantastic online gambling bonuses available, but the majority of them, like the Sporting Index bonuses, require you to put your own money down. We do know, however, that sweepstake casino differ from conventional online gaming sites. So check out our guide to see whether you can obtain a no deposit bonus for playing at these sweepstake gaming sites.

What are the finest casino sweepstakes games?

Check out our guide to find out what the top games are at all sweeps cash casinos. After all, there will be numerous methods to play at these sites, and the games available may differ from the casino games we saw in our Boyrgata review. So be sure to receive our opinion on which sweepstakes casino games are the most enjoyable to play and which will help you win the most coins!

Is online sweepstakes casinos legal?

Casino sweepstakes are currently permitted in 50 states, including New York. If you don’t have the opportunity of playing at real money New York casinos, sweepstakes casinos and poker sites are a terrific alternative. These websites allow you to play popular casino games and win prizes that may be converted into real cash reward redemptions.

What is the procedure for using sweepstakes casinos?

Sweeps casinos accept two types of currency. Sweepstakes cash or coins are the ones you need to buy if you want to play real money slots, table games, or even poker. Players are free to buy either as long as they are satisfied with the things that may be purchased with the currencies.

In Chumba Casino, how can you get money?

Sweeps Coins can be used to play Chumba Casino games for a chance to win more Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins that you earn while playing can be redeemed for cash rewards. Sweeps Coins must be played through once before they can be redeemed for rewards.

Do you have a chance to win sweepstakes coins?

When you utilise sweepstake currency to play a game, any winnings can be redeemed for cash prizes. On the same vein, unlike a casino app that pays real money, you cannot play sweepstakes online for money because you only win Sweeps Coins, not actual money.

Is international poker licenced and regulated?

The Malta Gaming Authority regulates Global Poker’s sweepstakes programmes and prizes. Being licenced by these guys is not easy or inexpensive, and we totally support their objective to ensure that our games are fair and transparent to players, as well as to combat crime, corruption, and money laundering.

Conclusion – Check back here to find the best sweepstakes casinos

We were blown away by how much fun we had playing all of these exciting sweepstakes games. The best part is that there are so many to pick from, and unlike traditional casino games, there is no need to invest any money. All of your money is spent on purchasing gold coins to play with. We had a great time, and we’re confident you will as well.

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of the greatest sweepstakes casinos in the United States. You’ve probably realised by now that there’s a lot of choice out there, and that you shouldn’t always go with the first sweeps casino you come across. After all, there is a wide range of diversity in terms of games and overall quality among various sweeps cash casinos.

Sweepstakes casinos, in our opinion, are fantastic fun because they provide a risk-free chance to play certain classic casino games. They can also provide you with a lot of helpful practise for when you decide to take it up a notch at a regular real money online casino. So make sure to return here and check out our comparison of the finest sweepstakes casinos to ensure that you’re always enjoying the best sweepstake gaming experience!

Finally, when you join a sweepstake casino, you can have a lot of fun. Sweepstakes casinos, in our opinion, have it everything, from the chance to play new up-and-coming games risk-free to learning about conventional table games and playing classic poker variations. You can earn a piece of a randomly distributed prize pool, keep in touch with old friends or make new ones, and do it all from the comfort of your own home or while travelling throughout the United States.

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