Best Ways To Get Free Money

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Best Ways To Get Free Money Fast and Easy – Full Guide and Review

Instead of chasing money to cover bills and necessities each month, real money hacks put money back into your budget. This can be in the form of saving more money than usual or making more money–especially by doing the things you’re already doing. Additionally, money hacks can be a great way to get things for free that you might normally pay for.

Everything I share in this article will be legit and legal. Some of the free money hacks will require more work than others, but they are all generally easy, free, and simple. This article will explore and suggest a myriad of free money hacks that are both legitimate and accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection. When I was a poor student, sometimes a cheeky $20 would be all I needed to get me through the week.

I wish I knew then what I know now about free money hacks! Because although you will need to give up some of your time, there are so many ways you can get your hands on extra money. From surveys, refunds, cashback, user testing, expense reductions, signup bonuses, and everything in between – free money awaits the enlightened! That’s why you’ll love this epically curated list of amazing free money hacks – where you can start making money online, at home, walking, losing weight, investing in farmland, playing games, and everything in between!


How Can I Get Free Money Now?

Best Ways To Get Free Money

There are lots of ways to get free money these days, without having to get a job or even leave the house. The trick is knowing where to find them! The great thing about free money hacks is that they can put cash in your bank account without having to get a real job or start a side hustle.

(But if you want to make money on the side, check out this start a side hustle ultimate guide!) I love free money hacks because they’re so easy to do. And even small amounts of extra cash can make a big difference when you’re living on a tight budget. Some of the money hacks you’re about to learn help you get money for free by saving it; others help you get free money by making it. There are a lot of ways to get free money so here’s my advice:

Don’t try to do them all at once. Go through the list and figure out which free money hacks you want to try first. That can make it easier to figure out which ones are worth your time and energy.

Easy Free Money Hacks to Get Cash When You Need It

Ready to start getting free money on the side? Here are my best money-saving and money-making hacks to try!

Get paid to watch videos online

get paid to watch videos

If you’re spending time online, getting paid to watch videos is one of the easiest free money hacks to try. You literally get paid to watch videos, movies and tv shows — stuff you probably do all the time anyway. So why not get rewarded for it? If you want to get free money for watching videos, I have a few sites to help get you started!



Swagbucks is one of my favorite sites for making extra money watching videos. When you sign up for Swagbucks, you can make money online by watching videos, taking surveys and completing other simple tasks. Watching videos with Swagbucks is a great way to get free money in your spare time.



InboxDollars is another easy way to make money online from home. You can get paid to watch videos, read emails, play games or take surveys. And it’s one of the best paying survey sites to make extra money on the side.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the best-known survey sites for getting paid to share your opinions. But you can also make extra money in minutes a day watching videos with Vindale. It’s free to sign up and they pay through PayPal, so you can get the free money you earn fast!


Like free gift cards? They can definitely come in handy when you need to do your holiday shopping. When you sign up for MyPoints, you can get gift cards for watching videos and doing other simple tasks. I’ve been using MyPoints for over a year now and I love how easy it is to rack up rewards for things I already do online. It’s another must-try option if you’re looking for simple free money hacks.

MyPoints is one of the best shopping rewards apps and makes it easy to get your hands on free money. Firstly, there is an awesome $10 welcome bonus for simply joining! Secondly, they have partnered with over 2000 top retailers so you can earn points on every dollar you spend. You can also boost your earnings by completing surveys and sharing your opinions and buying habits with leading brands and merchants. You know you can trust your information with MyPoints as it’s one of the oldest cashback sites dating back to 1996. You can also combine the usage of MyPoints with a number of the upcoming rewards memberships – a great way to multiply your rewards and maximize your earnings.

Get free money when you shop

Best Ways To Get Free Money

If you’re shopping online or in-store, why not get some of that money back? That’s what you can do with cashback apps. Cashback apps are one of the best free money hacks for making and saving money easily! But which cashback apps are worth your time? Here are some of my favorite cashback apps to get free money!

Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

If you’re not using Rakuten to earn cashback when you shop you’re missing out! This is seriously one of the best cashback apps for earning free money on purchases. Depending on where you shop, you can earn up to 40% in cashback on what you spend! That’s just too good to pass up. Plus, you can even get free money back on top of your cashback earnings when you sign up.


If groceries are a big drain on your budget, then the Ibotta app is a must-have. Ibotta lets you earn cashback at partner grocery stores and retail stores, making it a huge money-saver for frugal families!

Ibotta is easy cashback at its simplest! You can download the free browser extension and mobile app when you open your free account. You then simply shop for your everyday items at your usual haunts and earn cashback every time. The reason Ibotta is so useful is that you can earn your cashback both online and in person. It does seem that the brick-and-mortar retailers tend to be less lucrative in terms of deals and rewards –

but with the Ibotta mobile app, you’ll never be leaving cashback on the table ever again (unless you forget your cellphone). Other awesome features include linking your loyalty card accounts, receipt submission, and nearby store alerts – so you never miss a lucrative cashback opportunity. Ibotta was founded in 2012 and has since paid out over $860 million in cash rewards to more than 35 million users! You can also earn up to $20 in Welcome Bonuses as soon as you join. That’s ‘free money hacking’ at its best!


Dosh is a must-have cashback app if you like to shop or eat out. You can earn cashback instantly with the Dosh app by linking your debit or credit card and spending money like you normally would. Any time you make a purchase at a partner merchant, Dosh pays you free money automatically! It’s a super simple way to make and save money.

I’ll start by saying Dosh is genius! It makes cashback effortless and effective all wrapped up neatly in one beautiful app. The guys at Dosh have created one of the fastest-growing card-linked offer platforms that automatically gives you free money whenever you shop, eat, or book hotels.

You simply link your card and whenever you swipe you’ll earn cashback from over 10,000 eligible retail locations. Free money doesn’t get easier than that! Once you’ve accumulated $25 then you can transfer it to your bank, Venmo or PayPal, or even donate your cashback to charity.



Drop is a newer cashback rewards app that’s worth a try if you’re looking for free money hacks. Here’s how it works:

  • You shop at the brands you love, whether it’s restaurants, shopping or travel
  • Drop pays you rewards on eligible purchases
  • You redeem those rewards for gift cards to top brands like Amazon, Netflix and Starbucks

I love Drop because it’s so easy to use and getting free gift cards is a sweet way to save money!


ShopAtHome is a sister site to Swagbucks and MyPoints. This site gives you cashback when you shop online at partner stores. And you can score discounts and coupon codes for even more savings. Plus, you can also earn rewards for taking surveys online, so you’ve got multiple free money hacks to choose from


Honey is a Chrome extension that helps you find the best deals whenever you shop online. You download the extension and Honey will automatically scan your purchases at checkout to apply coupon codes or discounts. And it’s especially great for shopping on Amazon. When you add items to your Amazon card, Honey will scan the site to see if another seller is offering the same item for less.

TopCashback lets you earn cash back when you shop just like Rakuten, Dosh or any of the other apps I’ve mentioned here. You create your account online, shop offers and earn cashback! It’s that easy to get free money when shopping for things you already planned to buy.Get free money by taking surveys.

Best Ways To Get Free Money

Taking surveys may not make you rich but it can put free money in your pocket! The great thing about making money taking surveys is that it doesn’t take up a lot of your time. And you can sign up with more than one survey site to get paid. An easy and genius free money hack!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is hands-down my favorite way to make free money taking surveys. I’ve made over $2,000 this year alone with Survey Junkie! What I like best about it is that they don’t spam your inbox constantly with emails the way some survey sites do.


I already mentioned Swagbucks as one of the best ways to make money by watching videos. But you can also use this app to get paid to take surveys. And if you sign up now, you can get a $5 bonus!

Swagbucks is considered to be one of the most popular online rewards programs that pay you cash and gift cards for completing everyday tasks you already do! It really doesn’t get much easier than that. The process is simple; you sign up and earn points for shopping at your favorite retailers, watching videos, answering surveys, and surfing the web.

Then you can convert your accumulated points into gift cards or cash out directly with PayPal. Swagbucks has already paid out over £293,311,996 in cash and free gift cards since it was founded! That’s a lot of free money! You can signup for free and earn a $5 welcome bonus straight away! This is one of my all-time favorite free money hacks. And the platform has so many ways to earn that you can quickly start racking up the points and begin earning your free cash!

Shopper’s Voice

If you like free stuff and saving money, then you’ll love Shopper’s Voice! With this survey site, you get free money and stuff for sharing your opinions. Plus, you can enter their monthly giveaway to get $500 in free cash!


OpinionInn offers real cash payments for taking surveys online. Each survey you take lets you earn money. Once you reach $25 in earnings you can cash out to PayPal.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an online market research panel that pays people for their opinions. You can take surveys, test products and watch ads to earn money. Opinion Outpost pays you cash through PayPal or you can get your rewards as an Amazon gift card.

 Reward Survey

Reward Survey is a little different from other survey sites. But it’s still worth a mention on this list of free money hacks. When you take surveys with Reward Survey, you earn points. You can then redeem those points for magazine subscriptions. If there’s a favorite magazine you love but don’t want to spend money, Reward Survey can help you get it for free!

Get free money by buying and selling gift cards

Best Ways To Get Free Money

Gift cards can be an easy way to make money or save money. There are plenty of free money hacks you can try to get them without spending a dime. And if you have a pile of gift cards you don’t plan to use, why not sell them for quick cash? Here are some of the best options for earning gift cards, selling them or buying them at a discount.

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is probably one of the best-known sites for buying and selling discounted gift cards. If you have gift cards you’re not using, you can unload them for quick and easy cash. And if you need to buy gift cards, you can find plenty of deals on them here. It’s a win-win for getting free money either way!


Raise offers discounted gift cards, up to 30% off. Plus, you can get a cashback bonus on your first purchase. And if you have gift cards to sell, you can do that here too. It’s another easy way to make money or save money with little effort.


Cardpool is another popular site for buying and selling gift cards at a discount. When you buy gift cards through the site, you can get them at up to 35% off. That’s a nice chunk of savings for you if you need to buy gift cards. You can also sell gift cards through Cardpool for easy money. You tell Cardpool what kind of gift card you have, they give you a quote and you can decide whether to list your card or not. It’s a painless way to get free money!

Easiest Free Money Hacks

Best Ways To Get Free Money

Who said there was no such thing as free money? That person should be shot and tried in the highest court for slander and liable! Here you will find some of the easiest ways to make money that can start right away. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to give up your day job with these hacks, but it will certainly help contribute to your annual holiday or in my case, bi-monthly beard trim!


Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel has been one of the most trusted survey websites since its launch in 2007 – making it a perfect place to execute your free money hacks. They are currently accepting members to take market research surveys and earn points. The points can be redeemed for hundreds of brand named gift cards and also PayPal money directly to your account – making it one of the best ways to make money online. You can also double stack your earnings by referring friends – where you make a sweet 15% bonus based on their earnings.



Free money comes in many different forms – from Paypal payouts, gift cards, cashback, and even discounts – but another way money can be totally free is when you don’t have to pay interest to borrow it! And when it’s money that is already technically yours anyway, it’s even better! So what the hell am I talking about? Earnin is a radical shift in direction from the way the American financial system normally operates. You can access up to $100 per day from the pay you’ve already earned, without paying a single cent. They operate a ‘tip’ service where you can leave what you think the service is worth – but there is absolutely no obligation to leave anything. This means if you’re on a tight budget and need to access your earnings before payday – you absolutely can for free! Earnin has also introduced some awesome new features, including:

  • Balance Sheild – Helping you monitor your bank account balance and prevents you from going into that dreaded overdraft.
  • Tip Yourself – A really fun way of saving money and reaching your savings goals.
  • Cashback Rewards – Where you can earn up to 10% cashback at your favorite stores and restaurants and have the money wired directly into your bank account.


Sell Your Pictures

Did you know in the United States the average person takes an incredible 20.2 pictures per day? That’s a lot of photos. But did you know it’s also possible to easily monetize this obsession with photography? Shutterstock is one of the largest and most trusted online photo submission platforms in the world – and to date has paid out over $1billion!

Shutterstock is a stock photo website used by online marketers, bloggers, big business, and creatives alike, and the demand for new photos is relentless! This means you can get a piece of the action by downloading the app and uploading your snaps! They pay between 15% and 40% per photo and if your picture takes off the earnings can keep on coming for months or even years! Once you’ve taken the picture and uploaded it the rest is basically just free money!



Who among us hasn’t been given a gift card that’s sat in a drawer and gone unused? Well, my friends, this is money down the drain if you don’t either use it on something you need or find a way to convert the gift card into cash. And that’s where Raise comes into its own! It’s totally free to list cards for thousands of brands, and you even get to set the selling price. Once the card has sold you can receive your funds via Direct Deposit, PayPal, or check! And that’s free money in your wallet because an unused gift card is ‘dead money’! You can also earn $5 for every friend you refer!


Gift Card Granny

One of my favorite ways to make free money is by utilizing discounts. The gift card market is very interesting, and the secondary resale market is even more interesting still! Did you know you can buy gift cards at less than the face value amount from providers such as Gift Card Granny? This free money hack only works if 2 very specific criteria are met:

  1. You already have a necessary purchase in mind
  2. You can buy the item from a gift card relevant retailer at a decent price point

Firstly, it makes no sense to start accumulating discount gift cards if you have no reason to cash them in! Secondly, you’ll need to do some math before executing the hack. Firstly, try and find the best possible price for the purchase you desire. If the retailer that supplies the item is listed on Gift Card Granny then you’re good to go. If however, the lowest price is at a non-relevant Gift Card Granny retailer then you’ll need to calculate the difference between the lower price and the gift card discount price before you execute. Gift Card Granny has been in the industry since 2009 and is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to discounted gift cards. They often have discounts of more than 15% on cards from your favorite retailers! This is a great free money hack everyone should use!


Free Money When You Shop

Best Ways To Get Free Money

The simple truth is that we all need to shop! Even the most ‘anti-capitalist’ amongst us require food, fresh underwear, toothpaste, and dare I say it, the occasional Starbucks! And so one of the best ways to get free money is to ensure you receive maximum value for the things you are already buying! When you shop if you’re not utilizing cashback and discounts then you’re leaving money on the table! The corporate world now operates in a society with which proactive discount hunters are rewarded, so take the time to ensure you’re getting a slice of that sweet ‘free money’ pie!


Honey is one of my favorite discoveries since finding out I could connect my Apple Air Pods to my Samsung Smart TV (game changer). The free Honey browser extension is many things, but automatically saving you money when you shop online is what it’s known for. And boy does it know how to do that! Instead of searching the web aimlessly for discount codes and coupons that actually work,

Honey does it all for you and on autopilot. Just shop as you normally would and when you get to the checkout, if there is a working discount Honey will automatically add it for you. Honey has a feast of other impressive features such as Droplist – which alerts you when items you’ve had your eye on drop in price and Honey Gold – which is their gift card giving loyalty program. The Honey program has over 30,000 participating merchants and gets its users an average discount of 17.9% – which translates to over $100 average annual savings!

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Drop automatically rewards you for shopping at the brands you love – so it’s no wonder over 3 million people actively use the money-saving app! Once downloaded, simply shop as normal directly through the app and your points will start to quickly add up. And what makes the whole process effortless is the card linking feature! Once you have the app installed you can safely and securely link your bank card details and let the app work its magic in the background.

You can also pick your 5 favorite brands for more curated and specific offers – so make sure you pick places you shop at regularly to maximize the free money rewards. After accumulating points (and this will happen fast) you can begin to exchange them for gift cards at various retailers. And to make it simple, 5000 points gets you $5!



TopCashBack is one of the oldest and most trusted cashback providers and currently has over 15 million members. You can join for free and save hundreds of dollars each year from over 4400 online retailers. Remember, saving money you would have otherwise spent is technically free money! That’s why discount shopping and cashback purchasing is such a powerful tool, and one every savvy shopper should have in their arsenal. Payment is made either directly to your bank account, via PayPal, or in gift cards. And with the average member earning $345 cashback each year – you can see why it’s so popular!



For starters, ShopAtHome has a $10 welcome bonus if you join today! The free money is already starting to rack up, hey! ShopAtHome gives you cashback when you shop at your favorite everyday stores, and they have some really nice partners that I’m sure you use frequently. And that’s the key to these cashback providers, ensuring you’re getting money back from places you would normally go to anyway! Some of the brands they work with include Expedia, Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, and Groupon. You can claim your free money either by check, PayPal, or from over 80 gift card options.


Refund Money Hacks

Best Ways To Get Free Money   Sometimes even when you’ve paid full price for an item it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s game over – there is a chance you could get a refund! And in a way that’s the best sort of free money going – retrospective money hacking is a wonderful thing!


Earny can save you money in more ways than one – and is free to install on the Chrome browser. Firstly, you can earn up to 20% cashback when you shop online at your favorite stores. Secondly, you can link your Amazon account and get 24/7 price tracking and price drop alerts on Amazon items saved to your wish list. This makes getting the best prices effortless and efficient. Finally, you can get money back on your late Amazon deliveries – Earny will let you know if your Amazon packages are late so that you can request compensation. This is a must-have for money lovers everywhere – and with over $1m+ monthly savings found it’s a no-brainer!


Rakuten Slice

If you’re anything like me then keeping hold of receipts is a real bugbear! And for someone who considers themselves pretty savvy with saving money – having easy access to your receipts is a real must. That’s just one of the reasons I love Rakuten Slice – it helps you easily find receipts via the app for returns and work-related expenses. No more digging through your wallet or inbox! But it gets better still! With this genius app, you can automatically track a package number in your email whenever you buy something. And, if the price drops after you’ve made a purchase it will let you know and help you get a refund.



Paribus is free to download and helps find out if stores owe you a refund – completely effortlessly! All you have to do is shop as you normally would and let Paribus check your confirmation emails to identify price changes. If it picks one up, and identifiers potential savings, it will let you know and help you get your money back. They track purchases from over 25 major retailers and have saved over $29 million for its users to date.


Sift Wallet

To quote the Sift Wallet website – they help you to find free money automagically. Sift Wallet is a powerful money-saving app and was actually voted the best daily helper app in 2018! They take your personal information seriously as well and use bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption. Sift Wallet will automatically track price drops for all your online purchases and even send you alerts on your Amazon Wishlist items.

They also do something really neat when it comes to unused subscriptions – because if you pay for a service you no longer use then free money awaits you! The Sift Wallet app will automatically identify new and upcoming subscriptions so you can keep track and never overspend again! Finally, when it comes to credit cards the Sift Wallet team really knows what they’re doing. All your credit card policies are automatically combed through to show all your benefits in one place. And, it can even help you save thousands on your credit card debt.


Save Money On Your Bills

Best Ways To Get Free Money

Sometimes free money can be a real pain in the ass to come by! As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with special offers, discounts, and product promotions. But what we fail to closely monitor is the things we have to pay for on a monthly basis – and therefore can quite easily allow for ‘higher prices’ to slip through the net and evade our watchful eyes. This list below is quite special in that a lot of the hard work is done for you – so getting free money back from your monthly outgoing bills has never been easier.


When it comes to bills, wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own personal assistant to do all the negotiations for you? It sure could save you a lot of money – which at the end of the day is what free money hacks are all about. Well, Trim is ready to save you up to $645 per year on autopilot and you can see how it works with a 14-day free trial – sometimes you have to spend money to save money!

Trim analyzes your spending patterns and find ways that can save you money. It will negotiate cable, internet, phone, and medical bills, and also cancels old subscriptions for you. You can also earn extra free money with the Trim high-yield savings account and get a 4% annualized bonus on your first $2,000 – perfect for that emergency fund you’ve been meaning to start. Finally, Trim only takes a cut if they save you money, and at only 33% of your total yearly savings, you can’t lose!



Tally is the app that can help pay your cards for you and save you money on interest. The average lifetime savings for its users is a whopping $5,300. Debt can get expensive, and anyway you can reduce it essentially means free money – and that’s why the world’s first automated debt manager Tally is so powerful. If you have debt spread across multiple high-interest credit cards then this is a money-saving hack you will definitely want. Tally combines the debt from all your cards into a single monthly payment at a lower interest rate.

The money you save is yours to keep! You will need a FICO score of 660 or higher to qualify, but as long as you have that then you’re golden! And it doesn’t matter how many cards you have, Tally will combine them all into one single monthly repayment at a much lower interest rate – thus saving you a small fortune every single month. Never suffer from high APRs or late fees ever again, and enjoy being debt-free soon.



Managing your finances doesn’t need to be difficult, and Truebill makes it easy to optimize your spending, manage subscriptions, lower your bills, and stay on top of your financial goals. You can see your cash, credit, and investment balances all in one place and keep track of your upcoming bills and monthly spending goals. Incredibly, 84% of people have subscriptions that they have simply forgotten about, and Trim will help you find them and cancel! Just think how much free money you could be throwing away each month! Truebill also handles all your negotiations for your cell phone, cable, security, and other bills – they even sort out refunds for you when your internet goes kaput!



How does saving 25% on your monthly bills in 2 minutes flat sound? Well, Billshark’s team of experts handles all of your bill negotiations for you and gets the best rates available. And with a 90% success rate, you’re in good hands when it comes to saving money! In fact, their largest savings for a single customer is an eye-watering $9,500. That’s not just a cheeky free money hack, that’s a windfall. Billshark handles internet, wireless, pay-tv, and satellite radio and charges a one-time fee of 40% of savings. If they can’t save you money, you don’t pay a fee. Seems fair, right!


Banking And Finance Free Money Hacks

Banking And Finance Free Money Hacks

This wouldn’t be much of a personal finance blog if we didn’t cover some epic free money hacks from the industry. The world of finance can be lucrative and rewarding but also dangerous if you’re not savvy with your money. Even in the ‘high stakes’ arena of personal finance, there is free money to be made, you just need to know the right places to look. And remember, like with all of these hacks, make sure you actually need to use the service and will find some benefit from what it provides.

Axos Bank

Axos Bank is completely digital and offers some of the world’s highest levels of security and privacy. They also provide a comprehensive range of products and services – meaning you can make some great rates of interest on your savings and pay less in fees! Nothing quite beats completely free money, and that’s exactly what you get as a new customer when you open an Essential Checking Bank Account. If you use the code EXECTRAS50 when you open the account you’ll receive a $50 cash bonus. And not only that, the account comes with zero monthly fees, unlimited ATM fee reimbursements, early direct deposit, and referral bonuses when you invite friends.


CIT Bank

Earning interest on your savings is one of the oldest ways to earn free money. The rates of interest which you can earn will vary over time according to economic factors and world events. But it’s always a smart money move to keep a portion of your wealth (however small) in a safe place – and let your money work for you. CIT Bank offers a Savings Builder account – and because they are an online-only bank they can offer some really competitive rates of interest.

You can get started with $100 to open an account, and if you deposit a minimum of $100 per month you get access to their highest rates of interest. They are also a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means your deposit accounts are insured up to $250,000 per depositor. Safe and sound!


Webull Free Stock

Webull is an investment trading platform that has 0 Commissions and no deposit minimums. They have a comprehensive suite of investment products including stocks, options, ETFs, and ADRs. You can open an individual brokerage account that allows you to buy and sell securities and assets or save for retirement with Webull Traditional, Roth, or Rollover IRA. They are registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) so you know your money is in safe hands.

But the best part is, if you successfully open a Webull brokerage account you will receive 2 free stocks valued between $2.50 – $250. If you then go on to fund your account with just $100 minimum you will then go on to receive an additional 2 free stocks valued between $8 – $1600. Stock allocation is completely random and given out via a lottery system, but either way, if you open an account you are guaranteed 2 free stocks, and if you fund it, 4 stocks! You can also earn more free stocks for every successful person you refer, with each referral stock valued between $8 – $1600.



Instead of getting your hands dirty and scrabbling around for your own free money, why not let someone else make it for you? eToro is the world’s largest social trading platform and has thousands of options for traders and investors. They have a 0% commission on stocks and competitive trading fees and your funds and personal information are fully protected. The best thing about eToro and I know from experience, is the social trading feature which means you can let professional and experienced traders manage your funds via the CopyTrader feature. If they are making profits then so are you!

Personal Capital

Have you ever heard the saying ‘money goes to money‘? Well, Personal Capital is a wealth management solution that can identify and alert you to money-making opportunities so you can act on them. They offer investment services that can help you build a more tax-efficient portfolio and even give you insights on your cash flow, spending, and budgeting. For higher net-worth individuals this is definitely a service you’ll be happy paying the all-inclusive annual management fee for!



Bank and credit card fees are the scourge of the modern world – but what if there was a way to get them back? Well, that indeed would certainly be free money back in your wallet. Cushion automatically scans and gets your fees refunded, automatically. And you get to keep 100% of your refunds. They support all 15,000 US Banks and Credit Unions and operate 24/7 fee scanning – so if there is free money to be had, Cushion will find it. Using Cushion will not harm your credit score, and when you get late fees waived, it can actually improve it in some cases. This is a no-brainer if you’re one for racking up charges and Cushion has already clawed back over $4,000,000 in refunds so far!



Have you ever heard the saying ‘squeeze the budget’? Free money comes in many different disguises, but when you find it within your pre-existing budget, it’s even sweeter. That’s why it’s so important to be on top of your money and in control of your personal finances. Mint helps you effortlessly manage your finances all in one place, and it’s free. You can easily create budgets, see recommended suggestions based on your spending, and check your free credit score as many times as you like – while getting tips on how to improve it. Sometimes the free money is hiding away in plain sight, you just need to get organized, and Mint can help you do exactly that!

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If you leave your money alone it’s not going to do anything! It certainly won’t be increasing in value. That’s why one of the best free money hacks you can start is putting your hard-earned wages into a reliable and safe investment platform. Acorns is a simple way to make your money work for you. For as little as $1 a month you can invest your money and start earning interest and great returns.

When you signup there are no hidden fees and every dollar you invest is automatically diversified into over 7,000 stocks & bonds. Also, Acorns is the only micro-investing account that allows you to invest your spare change. The app monitors your bank account and uses round-ups to make micro-investments. So if you spend $2.70 Acorns will automatically invest 0.30 cents into your portfolio. I love this feature, and even though it’s not technically free money, every little bit sure adds up to feel like it after a long period of time! Great hack!


Splash Financial

Student loans are unfortunately a necessary evil – I know, I’m still paying mine off! But if you’re paying high rates of interest spread across multiple loans, you could be a few simple clicks away from some easy free money! Student loan debt consolidation with refinancing is a simple solution to lower interest rate payments and secure one single monthly payment. Splash Financial is the go-to place for saving money on student loans and they are working tirelessly during these unprecedented times to bring you historically low rates which you can lock in today! Checking rates online will not affect your credit score and there are no refinancing fees or pre-payment penalties.


Acre Trader

The dream for any aspiring entrepreneur or money enthusiast is passive income – where the very thing you are trying to make actually makes you more money. That’s why I love alternative investments with high payouts and a little extra risk thrown into the mix. You should always consult a professional before investing – and always only invest what you can afford to lose. Land is one of the oldest investment classes and can produce enormous wealth over generations. Acre Trader gives you direct access to this exciting investment opportunity – and with a rapidly growing global population and demand for food, farmland can provide long term returns and portfolio diversification.

Card Cash

Want to get rid of unused gift cards and exchange them for stuff you really want? That’s what you can do with Card Cash. You can sell unwanted gift cards for up to 92% cashback or trade them for other gift cards. When you trade for other gift cards, you get up to 9% more value! And you can also buy discounted gift cards through the site to save money. All-around, it’s an easy way to get free money with gift cards, whether you’re buying or selling.


ClipKard pays you cash for gift cards you want to sell or lets you buy them at a discount. Compared to other gift card sites, ClipKard offers some of the best deals. And they’ll even pay for you to ship the physical gift cards that you want to sell.

Monster Gift Card

Monster Gift Card lets you list gift cards for sale that are valued from $10 to $200. It’s an easy way to pick up extra cash for free. Just note that they pay by check, not PayPal so it could take a little longer to get a payout after selling your gift cards.

Get free money with refund apps

make money with apps

Cashback apps save you money when you shop. Refund and price matching apps save you money after the fact. These apps work differently but the idea is simple: if you can find something you bought for less elsewhere, the app negotiates a refund or price match for you. This is probably one of the best free money hacks that doesn’t get enough attention! Here are my top picks for price-matching and refund apps.


Paribus is a price-matching app that does all the work for you. You sign up for Paribus using the email that you have your online receipts delivered to. The app scans your receipts and looks for lower prices on the things you bought. If it finds potential savings, Paribus negotiates a price match refund for you. Besides that, the app will also negotiate with Amazon if your deliveries are late. And it keeps track of refund windows so you never miss a chance to get money back!


Earny is a price protection app that you can use to get free money back on purchases. The app offers 24/7 price monitoring and if something you bought goes on sale, you can get a refund of the difference in price. Earny also pays you cash back for sharing links with friends that shop online. So it’s a win-win free money hack!

Sift Wallet

If you use a credit card to shop and want some free money hacks to save on purchases, you’ll love Sift Wallet. You link your credit card to the app and Sift calculates which of your rewards cards will offer the most points or cash back on purchases. Plus, you can get automatic refunds when prices drop. If your credit card has done away with price protection as a member benefit, Sift Wallet can pick up the slack.


Save money on monthly bills

save money on bills

Tired of trying to stretch your budget every month? Another of my favorite free money hacks involves using bill negotiation apps to find a better deal on almost everything. These apps review your expenses, negotiate better deals with your billers and help you pinpoint expenses you can cut out of your budget to save. Here are three of the best bill negotiation apps for saving major cash!


Sell things you don’t need to get free money

sell your stuff for money

Got stuff lying around the house you don’t need or aren’t using? Turn it into free money by selling it! There are plenty of options for selling your unused or unwanted stuff. Here are some of the best ways to make money selling things you no longer need.


Decluttr is a go-to pick for selling CDs, DVDs, games and books. You tell Decluttr what you have to sell and they give you an instant quote. If you like their offer, you ship in your items and get paid! It’s that simple and best of all, Decluttr covers the shipping costs for you.


Gazelle is a great option for making money selling your stuff if you have old electronics you want to get rid of. With Gazelle, you can sell used cellphones (or buy them), along with other electronic devices. It works sort of like Decluttr: you tell Gazell what you have to sell, they give you a quote and if you’re happy with the amount, you ship your stuff in and get paid.


I love books but every so often, I have to clear out the clutter and get rid of the ones I’m not reading. So I sell them through SecondSale. This site is all about buying and selling used books. So if you have a library that’s bursting at the seams, you can try selling your books here for free money.


thredUP is the world’s largest online consignment store. This could be a great place to sell your old clothes or clothes your kids have outgrown for real cash. Plus, you can also shop thredUP to find bargains on gently used clothes and save your family money!


If you have some high-end clothing or accessories, you could sell them to get free money on Poshmark instead. Poshmark caters to shoppers who want to look fashionable for less. So if you have some designer gear that you no longer want or need, you could easily sell it here for free money.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great option for selling your stuff locally. Some of the things I see sold on our local Marketplace include furniture, baby items and pet accessories. And another easy way to get free money through Facebook is to sell your stuff in local bargain groups. I see people selling just about anything and everything in our local group for quick and easy cash.

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eBay is another great choice for selling items and making easy money. There are fees for selling on eBay but you could easily make them back if you’re pricing your items correctly and the things you have to sell are in-demand.Get free money from your bank

get free money from your bank

There are some great free money hacks that can help you get cash from your bank. There are a few different ways to do it, including:

  • Signing up for new account bonuses
  • Changing banks to save money on fees
  • Opening a new savings account to get a higher interest rate

If you’re in the market for a new bank, try these options for getting free money.

Axos Bank

Axos Bank is another great online banking option for making great money in interest while saving money on fees. Their high yield savings accounts offer a stellar APY and there’s no minimum balance required to open an account. If you’re looking for all in one banking to save money on fees, you can also open checking accounts and loans with Axos Bank.

Chase Bank

If you want to stick with a brick-and-mortar bank you could check out the bank account bonus offers on tap with Chase. Chase routinely offers bonuses worth several hundred dollars to new customers who open checking or savings accounts. You may have to meet certain requirements, like making a certain number of minimum deposits, to snag a bonus. But this is one of the best free money hacks that doesn’t take a lot of work.


HSBC is another solid option to consider if you’re interested in bank account bonuses. They’ve offered bonuses as high as $450 in cash to customers who open new accounts. That’s an insane amount of money you can get for free just for switching banks! So if you’re looking for a new bank, HSBC is worth a look.

Even more free money hacks!

best free money hacks

There are some hacks for getting free money that don’t really fit into any one category. So I rounded them up here for you instead! Try these money-making ideas to make easy cash when you need it!

Rent out your car

Got a car you’re not driving all that often? You could make money renting out your car on sites like Turo or GetAround. Both let you list your car for rent and help you connect with people who need a temporary set of wheels. It’s a much easier way to make money with your car versus driving Lyft or Uber or trying a delivery side hustle. (But if you’re interested in delivery side hustles, you can easily make quick cash with Instacart or Postmates!)

Or wrap your car instead

If you don’t want to rent your car out you can still try this free money hack to get paid: wrapping your car. Companies like Wrapify will pay you cash money to drive around town with ads on your car. If you don’t mind advertising while you’re cruising around, then it’s another super easy way to get money free!

Get paid to lose weight

I don’t know about you but I could lose a few pounds. And if you’re the same, then you could get paid to lose weight while getting healthy. Yes, really! With HealthyWage, you can place a bet for real cash on how much weight you want to lose. If you reach your goal, you earn cold hard cash!

Get paid to listen to music

Like listening to music? With Slice the Pie, you can get free money to do it! Slice the Pie pays you money to listen to up and coming artists and rate what you hear. This free money hack doesn’t get any easier, plus it’s a fun way to pick up extra cash

 Contribute to your employer’s 401(k) plan

If you’re working and you have access to a 401(k), you could be leaving free money on the table! How, you ask? It’s simple. By not taking advantage of your employer matching contribution. If you haven’t checked your contribution rates lately, give it a look. At a minimum, you should be contributing enough to your plan each payday to get the full employer match. If you’re already putting money into your plan, bumping up your contributions to get the match tops the list of no-brainer free money hacks!

Grab Sign Up Bonuses

There are many sites that offer sign-up rewards to new members. Easily sign up for these free accounts and get money instantly. woman using smartphone to sign up and get money instantly IgorVetushko | Depositphotos InboxDollars – Get $5 instantly for joining InboxDollars. This platform is popular among members looking to add a few extra dollars each month. MyPoints – Instantly see $5 added to your new account when you sign up for MyPoints and complete five simple surveys. Panda Research – Earn a $3 bonus for signing up with Panda Research, a site commonly known for paying members to complete tasks.

Watch Commercials

Commercials are already part of our everyday lives. Get some money for watching commercials which is something you’re already doing. tablet displaying a commercial PrizeRebel – Get a free account and start making money watching commercials on PrizeRebel. Vindale Research – Watch videos and ads on Vindale for some extra cash each month.

Test Products

Hack your way to free money as a product review. Get free stuff and rewards just for sharing your experiences on different products. Pinecone Research – Earn $3 per simple product questionnaire. Opinion Outpost – Review products and share your opinions in exchange for cash or gift cards. PinchMe – Get a shipment of free products in the mail and exchange your thoughts for free gift cards.

Take Surveys

There are companies that will pay you to answer simple questions about the products you already use and love. Taking surveys is a free money hack that you can do at home or while on the go. Survey Junkie – Answer questions for cash or find an occasional focus group opportunity for up to $150. Branded Surveys – Earn a 100-point sign-up bonus, take surveys, and get paid in cash or gift cards. Valued Opinions – Answer opinion-based questions and earn credit toward gift cards to your favorite stores.

Play Games

Companies often need users to test out new games. They will pay you for the time you spend playing those games. woman playing real money earning games on a phone Mistplay – Mistplay pays mobile gamers to test out the new games released by developers. Lucktastic – Play scratch cards daily and try your hand at winning big money from Lucktastic. Toluna – Discover unique games and influence major brands on a trusted platform. Gamehag – This site offers many newly created games that you can play in exchange for rewards.

Start a Side Hustle

Since working on small projects is a hobby to me anyway, starting a side hustle is one of my favorite free money hacks. I like to see how much money I can earn while doing something I enjoy. If this sounds like you, consider starting an easy side hustle. Proofread – For the avid reader and grammar nerd, proofreading can become a fun and rewarding side hustle. Start a blog – Write about virtually anything and get paid to help others solve their problems. Write for clients – Earn between $.05 and $1 per word as a freelance writer. Edit photos – Put your photo editing skills to good use and get paid to edit photos for other professional photographers. Write slogans – Almost every popular brand is accompanied by a catchy saying, and you can earn money writing those. Become a virtual assistant – Earn money to do the little things for clients like set appointments, publish blog posts, or respond to emails. Become a consultant – Share your wisdom with fellow entrepreneurs and get paid for the time spent talking about something you love. Transcribe audio to text – Listen to voice recordings and type them into a document for some extra cash. Design websites – Set up beginner websites for clients who don’t have the tech skills to launch their own.

Start an Online Store

Selling online can be a great free money hack if you can spend the time upfront to set up a professional-looking store. Shopify – Start your own selling business and sell just about anything you can imagine on a Shopify store. Amazon FBA – White label your own products and sell them on autopilot on Amazon FBA. Etsy – Create simple printables and sell them on Etsy for passive income. Printify – Design unique t-shirts with your own graphics to sell on Printify. Plexus – Find a product you enjoy yourself and then sell it for a commission.

Online Money Hacks to Save More

Saving money can seem like a no-brainer to do, but it isn’t always the easiest. Here are some easy money hacks that will help you save more each month.

Upload Receipts

Get money back by uploading the receipts you receive from the purchases you are already making. woman uploading a receipt for cash Ibotta – Take pictures of your receipt after grocery shopping and use the Ibotta app to get money back on daily necessities. Fetch Rewards – Use e-receipts or upload physical receipts to the Fetch Rewards app for money back in your wallet from common purchases. P&G Good Everyday Rewards – Earn 50 points for each P&G product purchased (65 brands) and automatically donate to a charity of your choice for uploading your receipt. NCP ReCap – Upload receipts using the NCP ReCap app for any of your purchases in grocery, hardware, and many other stores.

Earn Cash Back (Without Receipts)

Not all purchases are made in-stores. For the important purchases you make that don’t include a receipt, here are some other methods to use for getting cash back. woman using Rakuten on a laptop Rakuten – Shop online using the Rakuten site and receive cash back rewards for making purchases on the popular e-commerce platform. Dosh – Dosh allows you to connect your debit/credit cards to your Dosh account so that you can get money back each time you swipe that linked card. Drop App – The Drop App is a rewards program that gives users money back for purchases they make at places like coffee shops, clothing stores, and even travel related reservations. Related: Ibotta vs Rakuten: Which Cashback App Is Better?

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

If you have subscriptions to companies that you no longer use, this can be a big money hog in your monthly budget. Cancel those old subscriptions for maximum savings. woman working on laptop outside GaudiLab | Depositphotos Trim – Trim can cancel old subscriptions for you, saving over $100 for the average user. Billshark – Use Billshark to negotiate subscription cancellations on your behalf. Truebill – Truebill is a company aiming to help people with their finances, including canceling subscriptions for them.

Invest Your Money

The easiest cash hack is to use the money you already have to earn passive income and get paid to do nothing. Investing your hard-earned money is one of the best ways to do this.

Make money flipping art online

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Masterworks – Invest in shares of popular artwork and potentially grow your money faster than the S&P500 (according to Robinhood – Get a free bonus stock valued between $3 and $220 as a new user. The app allows you to invest in the stock market and potentially grow your money. Fundrise – Invest in real estate with as little as $500 instead of purchasing a property that needs hands-on work and management. M1 Finance – Automating investments is one of the easiest free money hacks because you can just set it up and let it grow. M1 Finance is a great free solution for managing stock market investments. Acorns – A well-known change investment app. Round up the spare change from each purchase you make and invest on autopilot. Open a 401(k) – If your employer offers a 401(k) match, consider opening an account and investing at least the minimum to receive the free money it matches. Get a free analysis of your retirement accounts from Blooom to make sure your plan is on track.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Paying full price for a gift card can eat away at the budget. Try buying gift cards at discounted rates instead. person discount shopping online Raise – Raise offers discounted gift cards for purchase in addition to cash back opportunities for purchases made on the site. Gift Card Granny – Gift Card Granny is an online platform used to purchase gift cards for discounts and in bulk. All gift cards available for purchase are either at discounted prices or offer cash back. Post a local ad – Share an offer in your local Facebook groups to buy gift cards at a discount.

Offline Quick Money Hacks to Earn More

Online isn’t the only place to turn to for free money hacks that work. Here are some offline ways you can get free money right now.

Start a Local Side Job

Deliver groceries – Hop in your car and grab some local delivery jobs to earn some quick cash. Officiate soccer games – Already planning to watch your kids’ soccer games this summer? Become a referee and earn cash while you watch. Become a woodworker – Sell your woodworking crafts and take custom orders to earn even more. Place vending machines with local businesses – Starting a small vending machine business can be an easy money hack to earn extra money. Donate plasma – Get paid to make life-saving plasma donations, which can also put some extra money back into your budget. Start a worm farm – Start a compost bin to feed your worms and sell to local fishers, farmers, and gardeners.

Flip Stuff for a Profit

Flea Market Flipping Rob and Melissa of Flea Market Flipper earned a 6-figure income in their first year flipping items; some of which they found for free on the curb. Now they offer the same opportunity for others to learn from them! Join their FREE online workshop to learn more about this profitable money hack. Flip free or cheap stuff – Similar to flipping houses, you can actually flip free or cheap items for a profit. Invest some time to clean up the items and get the most money for the value. Sell clothes – Clothes you no longer want or wear can be sold to someone else looking to add to their wardrobe. Cheap finds at second-hand stores can also be flipped for profit if you can give them a unique look. Sell shoes – Source shoes locally or go through your old shoes and clean them up then sell them to others. Sell toys – Kids grow out of their toys frequently. Sell the toys they no longer use to someone who could use it. Sell books – All types of books can be sold to a number of readers. Sell your gently used books to others who can enjoy them.

Rent Out Your Stuff

If you’re not ready to sell your stuff for money, one of the best free money hacks is to rent out the stuff you’re not currently using. – Rent out storage space in a closet, basement, attic, garage, or shed. Airbnb – Rent out a room or your house. HyreCar – Uber and Lyft drivers can rent your car while it’s not in use. RVShare – Rent out your RV on a nightly basis.

Sell One-and-Done Services

One-and-done services are quick money hacks you can use whenever you need the extra cash. Offer simple services in and around your neighborhood. woman working easy summer jobs Dog walking – Some dog owners have to work long days, and don’t have the opportunity to head home to let their dog(s) out. You can offer your dog-walking services and make money doing something you love.

Car detailing – A clean car can make all the difference for car owners, especially people with children. Offer car detailing services and help make their cars sparkle again.

Gardening – A tedious task others don’t want to do can be a gold mine for you. Offer to pull weeds, mow lawns, and other gardening tasks to earn money.

Painting/staining – Offer to help touch up paint on the exterior of a house, paint indoor walls, or stain some wood surfaces for money.

Cleaning/organizing – Clean homes, attics, garages, sheds, basements, and any other place that can help you earn some extra money.

Laundry services – Sort, wash, dry, fold, and deliver clean clothes to neighbors. Related: How to Make 5000 Dollars Fast

Offline Easy Money Hacks to Save More

There are simple luxuries we enjoy having, but they aren’t always necessary to keep. Consider saving on some of those with these easy money hacks. money in a jar

Switch Companies

Getting comfortable with a utility company or brand can end up costing you a lot of money in the longrun. If you revisit your bills and check competitors for better offers, this is one money hack that could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year.

Phone companyRepublic Wireless is one of the cheapest phone plans, and you can usually switch your current phones to the company without hassle.

Insurance company – Car insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, and more are necessary expenses. Make sure you’re getting the best deal with Insurify.

Bank – Switching to a new bank or opening a new account with your current bank could land you a $100 to $400+ cash bonus.

Retailers – If you notice that prices are increasing on everyday necessities, visit different retailers to price check similar items.

More Money-Saving Hacks That Work

Saving money is an effective free money hack that can help you get ahead in the long run.

Cut cable – Use free TV apps instead of paying for cable. Save on the expensive monthly bill and cut the cord. Use a credit card – If you can commit to paying off your balance each month, then consider using your credit card to earn the points for free items like gift cards, hotel stays, airline points, and more.

Buy second hand – The latest and greatest isn’t always within the budget. Purchase the items on your wishlist from second-hand stores instead to receive better prices.

Make your lunch and coffee at home – Eating out every day adds up over time. Make your own coffee and lunch at home to avoid the temptation of stopping elsewhere and paying for those items. If you love coffee, you might be interested in these legit ways to earn money for drinking coffee!

Shop with a list – Stick to a grocery list when shopping to keep on budget.

Use grocery pickup – Shopping from home gives you more time to plan out frugal meals instead of walking up and down food aisles while picking extra items on a whim.

Don’t grocery shop while hungry – Eat a balanced meal, or at least a filling snack, before you go shopping to avoid picking out expensive things that you’re craving.

Participate in a clothing swap – Swap kids’ clothes with local families. Exchange clothing your children have outgrown and pass them on or trade for larger sizes.

Carpool to work – Save on gas and carpool with a friend to work. Chip in for gas which will be about half of what you would spend on driving yourself.

Turn off lights and unplug devices – When you’re not in the room or using a certain device, turn off the lights and unplug devices not in use.

Consider a cheaper housing alternativeFinding less expensive ways to live can make a significant difference in the monthly budget.

Refinance your student loans or consolidate debt

If you have student loans or credit cards, then you know the pain of interest charges costing you money each month. A simple solution is to refinance your loans or consolidate debts with a new loan at a lower interest rate. Even if you only lower your rate a little that could translate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings over time.

Invest and save to earn passive income

Last but not least on this list of free money hacks is investing to earn money passively. So what does that mean? Passive income is money you earn without having to do anything. And that’s really what investing is. You invest your money in a mutual fund or ETF. If the fund goes up in value, you make money! I know investing seems like a complicated thing but it isn’t. If you need a simple way to start investing for passive income, give Acorns a try. Acorns links to your bank account, rounds up your transactions and invests your spare change. It’s a stupid-simple way to get free money and grow a little wealth while you’re at it. ⇒Start investing with Acorns and get a $5 bonus

How can I get free money now?

If you want to get free money, then the simplest way to do it is to start putting some of these free money hacks to work. My favorite (and possibly the fastest) way to get free money is to sell things around the house you don’t need. This is a great way to get cash the same day if you’re selling things through a local bargain group on Facebook or Craigslist. After that, I love cashback apps for getting free money. Rakuten, for example, gives you $20+ in bonuses each time you refer a new shopper to the app. How sweet is that? You can make money with Rakuten even if you don’t buy a thing, just by telling other people how great the app is.

How can I make $100 fast?

If you need a quick $100, then again, selling things is probably going to be your best best. Or you could hire yourself out for a work today, get paid today gig. For example, you could make an easy $100:

  • Doing yardwork
  • Helping someone move
  • Running errands for someone

If you need to make $100 fast, think about what items you can sell first. Then think about ways you could sell your time or skills to make the cash you need quickly.

How can I earn $100 a day?

Making $100 a day consistently could be a lifesaver when money is tight. And if you play your cards right, you could get free money and make $100 a day without leaving home. My favorite way to make $100 a day online passively is blogging. This blog makes around $100 a day from ads and affiliate sales. I’m not going to be able to quit my regular business yet but the extra income I make is pretty sweet.

If you’re interested in blogging to make $100 a day, I’ve got a step-by-step guide to starting a money-making blog you’ll want to read. Or you could head over to hostarmada now to purchase hosting and get your new blog up and running in minutes! Besides blogging, delivery side hustles can also be a great way to make $100 a day or more. With Instacart, DoorDash and Postmates, for example, you get paid an hourly rate to make deliveries. But you can also score tips along the way. I always tip my Dashers and Instacart shoppers generously so I know this can be a legitimate way to make cash quickly.

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