Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

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Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

If you ask website owners and Internet marketers how they are able to get more website traffic, they’ll probably say that it isn’t always easy. Indeed, if you don’t know what you must do to work on increasing the traffic to your site, you’d probably have a hard time too. But the thing is, it can be done and it isn’t very difficult to do once you get the hang of it.

When you set up a website that offers products or services, as much as possible, you want to target buyers and not just browsers. How can you make sure you’re reaching buyers and not just mere browsers? 

Follow these techniques to increase your website traffic and start generating more sales/conversions for your business.

Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

How to use content to increase visitors to your website

Build an email list:

One great way to get targeted traffic is to start doing email marketing. How you compose your email is entirely up to you. But as much as possible, you would want to encourage the person you’re sending it to likewise forward it to the people in his contact list as a favor to you. 

Most website owners can attest to the power of email marketing when it comes to encouraging more website traffic.


Join forums:

You may also join forums that are related to your website’s niche. These forums allow users to customize their profiles so you have plenty of chances to promote your website by adding a personalized (hyperlinked) signature so that every time you post an entry, a link to your site appears below your post and people can click on it to get to your website.

Online forums actually encourage their members to promote anything they want to promote, albeit making sure that they follow the guidelines. You can even place a link going to your website as your “forum signature”.


Search engine optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is another way to drive targeted website traffic to your site. You can submit your site to different search engines so they can include you in their list.

Filling your site with relevant content using keywords related to your site, properly creating hyperlinks and such, and regularly updating your website will surely make your website rank high in search engines. 

When that happens, your website will appear among the most popular results in search engines when people start searching for websites using appropriate keywords. Tools such as Semrush can help you to increase your online visibility. Get a Semrush free trial and use the tool for free.

Link building is also effective in generating traffic to your site. In fact, it’s one of the most popular means of gaining traffic. Article writing is also one way to get people to notice you. 

Submitting articles to article directories using related keywords is one way of subtly letting people go to your website. Keep in mind that article submission sites are free to join. So you can promote your website through your articles without putting a dent in your budget.


Interview an Expert:

qWhile you want to position yourself as the expert in your niche, you can leverage the expert status of others in your niche or outside of it to drive traffic to your website. The way you do it is to find a few people to interview and reach out to them to see if they are interested in being interviewed.

Most people do not mind getting interviewed if the interview is less than an hour. The expert being interviewed sees an interview as an opportunity for increased exposure and will do the interview for free. All they will want is the opportunity to tell your listeners about one or all of their products at the end of the call (and some do it throughout the call, unfortunately).

How does this tactic drive traffic to your website? It is simple really. You set up a lead capture form on your website and you tell the person you are interviewing to send everyone to this web page to sign up for the free call. In the process, you just got the expert’s best and most responsive customers to join your email list.

It is also likely that someone will pick up the news of your upcoming interview and the message will go viral, leading to a flurry of traffic to your website.


Never forget to create quality content:

Consistency and quality of content on your website play an important role in building and maintaining website traffic. Though other techniques also play an important role, good content on their website will force readers to come back. 

It is important that content is added consistently on a website so that search engines keep a check and you automatically get more traffic. If the site is checked more often, a website automatically gets better page rankings.


Article marketing:

This could be among the oldest methods in the book but nonetheless works like gangbusters.

There will be a lot of work involved. You will have to put the work in, to start with at least a few hours a week. However, it works brilliantly for generating targeted web traffic to your website for free. 

If you were to create 2 articles every day for one month, you will have 60 articles driving traffic to your business completely free 24 hours a day. Do this for a year and you have 700 articles sending targeted free web traffic to your website 24/7, 365 days a year!

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When writing your articles make sure to use attention-grabbing headlines so your article is sure to get clicked on. Failing to get this done can result in your article not getting read and you will never generate any traffic. 

Therefore be careful to avoid making the error of bypassing this critical step!

Click-through (PPC)

Pay-per-click is great. Pay-per-click is as described. PPC helps you maximise your visitors’ profit potential. After opening a pay-per-click account and creating a PPC ad, your website traffic will alter. Even on the first day or hours, many visitors will visit your site.

This is especially true if you’re first or top on the search engine results page. The pay-per-click scheme is effective, so expect enormous traffic. To offer items or services, any website needs traffic. “Visitors” are traffic. It’s site visitors. More visitors means more sales. No traffic means no visits and no one to buy your goods.

Many people and websites need a boost to produce traffic and cash, thus marketing strategies are everywhere.  It’s business, and every business requires buyers or customers. You’ll need people, so pay-per-click can bring you more.


Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most common techniques of marketing employed by web marketers today. It’s very effective and a cheap approach to sell different items or services.

How does article marketing increase website visitors, despite all the hype? Online marketers can increase their business’ authority and market effect using article marketing. Online company owners generate quality articles about their field, product, or service and distribute them via article directories. Start your own website with a cheap web host. Even before computers and the internet, article marketing was helping firms promote offline.

Offline article marketing is common in newspapers, which print business articles for a fee. This agreement is a win-win for everyone involved: the business gets in touch with its market, and the newspaper receives publishing fees from the business owners. Internet article marketing resembles newspaper article marketing.

Webmasters publish articles in a similar fashion, which supports a win-win situation for everyone concerned – online article directories gain free content while internet marketers or business owners reach their target audience cheaply and conveniently.

Online article directories are usually free or have low submission fees because the proprietor makes money from ads. More articles boost the website’s rating and popularity. Since article marketing increases a website’s popularity and search engine rating, it’s typically tied to SEO.

In SEO, producing web articles involves keywords that define a market niche. These keywords target a certain readership to maximise revenue.

By publishing articles with selected keywords, a website can attract a large number of internet visitors, leading to more customers and clients.



SEO analyses and builds web pages so they may be easily recognised, evaluated, and indexed by search engines for a higher ranking. If you follow SEO rules and understand how search engines rank websites, you may make your website more beautiful, relevant, and readable to get indexed. Internet users resemble search engines Search engines act human. It ranks websites on the validated information they present.

Most relevant and informative sites appear at the top, exactly as we judge a site’s quality based on its content. Search engines generate and sustain traffic. Organized, informational webpages score higher. To make a profit, a business must target the correct audience. Without the right audience, you won’t make a sale.

Search engines categorise the market and match customers with products. If you sell what someone wants, you’ll make more sales. Internet users search for many topics, and search engines connect the market.



SEO is a full-time, learning-curve profession. That’s why some webmasters engage SEO companies. To acquire the desired results, pick a company with a recognised track record. SEO can be a cost-effective approach to enhance web traffic and presence if done correctly.

SEO determines the destiny of every online business or website. Losing consumers to competitors despite having a better product is a businessman’s biggest nightmare.

Online marketing requires knowing how a website ranks. Semrush and Ahrefs can boost your organic visibility. Ahrefs vs. Semrush: A Comparison.


Facebook marketing

Many of Google’s first-page results are social media websites. Using these websites could provide you access to their pages. First, social media marketing boosts SEO.

Google and Bing have admitted that your social presence can help your SEO, therefore using Facebook and Twitter improves your SEO. Search engines claim Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts have the most weight, and they look at your authority on these networks.

Get more likes and followers for your sites and submit interesting content.


Speed & Structure

Users like quick, time-saving websites. After three seconds, users lose patience with a website. 79% of users won’t return to a poorly performing website, according to studies. This reduces conversions and sales. Therefore, you must design a faster-loading website. Information delivery networks optimise website speed by delivering web pages and content based on users’ locations and choices.

The webpage should look good. The website pages should be interconnected. Users should easily find what they need. Technical and functional.


Really Simple Syndicate (RSS) Feed Submission is the greatest SEO tool for submitting a website’s feed to important directories and search engines. This helps search engine rankings. The feed can represent your website to bloggers directly and indirectly. Google incorporates supplied feeds.

Every search for a keyword related to your site is stored in the search engine’s database, benefiting you.

Feed Submission has several advantages. This helps get inbound connections without reciprocal links. It’s a creative way to deliver educational messages and attract new customers. Your visitors and customers get regular information.

The website is maintained and intriguing information is provided to keep visitors coming back. This may push readers to buy. Feed refreshes the website’s database. It prevents regular content updates. This procedure keeps your website looking new, saving you time, work, and energy. This supplements content update. Feeds submission promotes website pages. Others can download it to add your feeds to their websites.

Use email to increase website visitors

Email is a tried-and-true method of driving traffic. Email is a potent outreach tool that can be used to target, educate, and direct visitors to particular web pages on your site. Email promotions come in two major formats.

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Email newsletters may include informative content as well as advertisements, such as sales or events. They may encourage viewers to visit your website and read an article or take advantage of a promotion. While they might not attract many new website visitors, these might be an effective approach to attract customers who are already familiar with you.

Promotional emails may draw attention to particular discounts or occasions. You may, for instance, advertise a wine tasting, a trunk display in your shop, a new film you’ve made, etc.

In both situations, you can use data-driven segmentation of your email list to target the segments most likely to respond to customised versions of your newsletter or offer.

The most crucial aspect of email communication, according to Sean Fletcher, Product Marketing Manager at Mailchimp, is speaking to interested parties. And since you have access to data that enables you to send personalised material that is appropriate to each person, you are not need to blast the same thing to everyone. Say someone recently bought shoes from you. Based on their past purchases, you can build a section and send them email campaigns promoting your newest shoe styles.


Interact with your viewers on social media

You might be posting the same kinds of information on social media that you have on your website, such articles, pictures, or advertisements. Did you realise that social media can increase website traffic in addition to amplifying your message? For instance, if your website allows for online shopping, you can use social media to advertise a discount and increase traffic to it.

Choosing the social media platform that best conveys your message and one you can properly manage is important. Depending on your business model and the target market, this will change. For instance, LinkedIn is a wise choice if you want to reach a professional audience with a white paper or webinar, whereas Instagram is better suited to visual content, such as product pictures.

According to Jon Holbrook, Product Marketing Manager at Mailchimp, “You can test to see where you get the greatest exposure, and that will assist you see where you should focus time and resources.”

You can easily use the content you create when you develop and maintain your website in Mailchimp while creating and publishing social media posts.

Video marketing: 

This method is still growing every day and video is starting to have a higher perceived value than content. About as critical as article marketing when trying to generate free targeted website traffic online video marketing is an additional key way to use and may generate even faster-targeted traffic than articles can. I am letting you know, it’s not a thing to leave out.  It helps to engage your prospect, which is something every person involved in free targeted website traffic needs.


Press Announcements:

As a final point, if you want to generate free targeted website traffic you need to be certain and press releases are without a doubt a great way to generate traffic and exposure.

This can encourage the media and the search engines to see your opportunity, which is a critical component to getting free targeted website traffic. 

A press release is a great way to do this and really not used today by many people, but if you do it right and you can get a huge surge in traffic and I presume we are able to agree that this wouldn’t be a good thing!

increase your website traffic Find out how to do this - Mustqr

Utilising Google Adwords:

With this immediate high volume of traffic, even if only a small portion or percentage turns out to be buying customers, it’s still generating income. This method of bringing targeted website traffic is worth every cent. 

The surge in popularity of Google’s AdWords is very evident as you can see so many sites sporting this form of advertising.

There are many informative guides available that will show you and walk you through the most effective and profitable ways to use Google AdWords without putting a big strain on your finances. 

Simply going to the Google AdWords website you will find instructions on the many ways you can utilize this method to your advantage.




You hear about it everywhere, but are you doing it? By starting up a blog and posting on it once a day you can start to increase targeted website traffic almost instantly! 

Start your blogging journey with Bluehost – a WordPress recommended hosting provider. Get an overview of Bluehost pricing and deals that you can acquire to save some money.

The only hard part about blogging is getting started, but after you give your blog some time it will start to snowball into a mass amount of traffic and a great way to increase your site’s Page Rank. 

If you want to have an awesome blog and article strategy, try interlinking the two. You will get huge increases and Google love, this allows you to go for big keywords.


Conclusion – Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

Learning how to increase targeted website traffic is not as hard as you would think, all it takes is a lot of work and dedication, so go out there and start to get website traffic!

If you really want to start to see an increase in targeted traffic though, I would suggest a few things. One, keep learning new ideas, there are many ways out there to gain massive traffic, and I just showed you 3.

There are all sorts of strategies for website traffic generation, SEO, Blogs, Building backlinks, social marketing. All of these strategies have the potential to send you thousands of customers a day every single day!

The best thing to do is try to hit as many resources as you can. Happy Marketing 🙂



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