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5 blog writing tips from professional writers

Outline the structure and direction of the blog

Content structure is not only about the structure of your publications, meaning the sizes of the articles, number of words, headings, subheadings, images, and so on. The entire blog needs to have a single structure, purpose, and direction. As the blog is tasked with the organic promotion of your content, thereby services or products, the articles you write and post need to be related to this specter of services and products in order to show your awareness of the industry, market, customers’ needs, pains, and expectations from your business. Surely, your monthly content plan has to obtain trendy topics and news to be on the same page with your audience and keep up with competitors. But overall, the topics of publications need to correlate with the business objectives. Foremost, you need to determine the number of new posts you and other writers, who you can find on the writing service Best Writers Online, are going to create for the blog and what types of content these publications will be. To define the number of posts and their specifics, you need to start with the purpose you follow—what results you have to achieve in the short term with this content. For example, if your company is a marketing agency, then your task is to promote your services and differentiate them from competitors. This area defines the topics for your publications, which somehow must be related to marketing tips, content writing knowledge, and so on.

Consider article headings optimization

Heading of the blog articles is half of its high visibility and success in meaning reaching the expected results in traffic and its conversion to leads. The writers must dedicate much attention and the highest creativity when typing the heading of the next article, which has a great impact on user engagement. Basically, there are several ways that will help you write a suitable heading for each publication, but each of them also entails different approaches that suit certain blog directions. To begin with, there are long and short headlines, and it is pretty clear. However, some topics require the first variant, while others the second one. So how to decide which one to select for your fresh article? Short headings are commonly used to attract the user’s attention and make them want to click the link. Such headlines are not really informative and may not precisely describe what content you will find in the article, but this approach works great for traffic and user involvement. Long headings are surely more informative and also outline what information you will find out from this publication. For instance, if the long heading sounds like a question, then users have to find the answer to this question. That’s what defines if the content is valuable.

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Don’t distract by editing while writing

When you come up with the creation of the text body, you need to completely focus on what you are writing. Don’t think about the structure, visual content, bullets, and subheadings much. You have to create unique, creative, and valuable content that will fully open up the topic and provide readers with answers to all questions related to the topic. You can easily fix all the mistakes, apply the needed structure, and add images and links after the content is ready. This is a great approach not to distract yourself from thinking and writing. It is pivotal to write the main idea of the article, and then make the adjustments. When you start editing while writing, there is a risk of getting confused in your thoughts and proceeding in the wrong direction of the article. You can boldly expand your article and add new blocks and subheadings, but it will not change the core point of the content body.

Think of your readers as a priority

When writing an article, you should always remember your end users—who you write this piece of content for, if this content will be interesting and meaningful for them, if they want to make a purchase via your CTA, etc. Surely, you use blog writing for the purpose of promoting your business due to the strategic goals and enable readers to choose your brand. Nevertheless, the pains and needs of your audience must be at the center of your attention as a writer. That is why you need to explore your target audience, their needs, issues, and expectations from your blog to know what you should write about and how to do it properly. Remember, your blog subscribers are not just readers, they are your potential clients or partners. So make sure your foremost care about their impressions of your content and make the person you turn to in your articles clear for the audience. There is also a marketing approach that entails the creation of an ICP or Ideal Customer Profile when the writers find out who their readers are, what they do, what they require, what problems they struggle with, what they expect, and so on.

Include visual content in your strategy

Visual content should be a separate part of your content marketing strategy. Surely, each article requires various visual elements like infographics, images, videos, presentations, etc. But you also need to provide templates for each type of visual content. For example, to make your blog look appealing, you should create a template for the featured images that are displayed on your blog page along with headings. Also, all images and other visual objects have to be done within the same brand colors and logos marked in your brand book. Visual content attracts more attention to content for many reasons like explaining complex information in a simple way using infographics or videos, putting some piece of content to images to dilute the text, etc. In addition, each image needs to have an alt description to explain what each object depicts in case it is not visible due to high loads on the website or poor internet of your subscribers.

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To end up

Summing up the aforementioned recommendations, it is crucial to keep working on the quality of the content and thereby blog in order to provide your readers with fresh and relevant to their preferences information and maintain them as our blog subscribers.


Melissa Mauro is a self-improvement author who is always interested in new projects. She wants to create her own writer brand, and that’s why Melissa is looking for fresh platforms for the implementation of her ideas. Creativity and unique style make it possible to deliver valuable and engaging content to her ideal reader. 5 Best Tips From Professional Writers For Your Blog Launching a blog requires constant work on its development and improvement. People expect high-quality and trendy articles that provide them with valuable information related to various subjects. Despite the business niche, writing a blog is always an effective way to promote the brand organically with quite a low investment. In this article, we would like to share the tips provided by professional writers with long-time experience in writing content for different types of blogs, so you could adjust your content marketing strategy to make it work profitably.

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