How to find the best SEO Company?

Every brand that wants to make it big in the digital domain will have to depend on SEO. Though the internet is replete with many DIY (Do It Yourself) tips and guidelines on how to promote your business online and get increased website traffic, but it is always better to join hands with a professional SEO service provider. While the decision to join hands with a service provider is easy, the task to select one is a challenging one. Also, the online world is filled with several names that seem too good to be true with their services and service charges.

If you are searching for an SEO service provider, keep the following aspects in mind:


  1. A swanky website doesn’t guarantee great services

Let’s start by clearing up certain misconceptions. A website that appears swanky and impressive doesn’t necessarily mean is the best service provider. Today, many “good looking” online sites claim to provide advanced SEO solutions but has several loopholes. Hence, it is important to not fall for what you see on the outside. In-Depth research is always helpful.


  1. A website has several employees and is billing a good amount

Today, you could come across a company that others say comprise of several employees and professional consultants and staff. The company could also possess many clients and known to bill a high amount annually. And this doesn’t testify that the service provider will be able to address all your SEO requirements. The company might have many clients, but it doesn’t provide special importance to each client when designing their SEO strategy.

It is entirely a wrong approach to hire an SEO service provider, based merely on what others say about a company. The truth is it’s you who will be using the company’s services. Hence, it is necessary to look beyond an impressive website and the annual profits and ask some critical questions. That will enable you to join hands with the best SEO company. The following steps will help you arrive at the correct decision.


  1. Understand and know what you require

Ask yourself what you need most concerning SEO solutions. For instance, do you require smart online reputation management, link removal, an end to end SEO, SEO audit, PPC management, content marketing, link building, retargeting and many more! An SEO company offers all this and many more. If you don’t know what you require, you might want to find out the same.

Try and understand if you want to expand your sales by a whopping 30% in the next eight months? Do you want to generate more leads? Have you been planning to become more visible online and enhance your online search results and website rankings? Go ahead and ask yourself as many questions as you want to. When you do this, your SEO objectives will become clear. The moment it is clear, you will know which SEO company you can opt-in for. For instance, if you want to enhance your ad copy, you will seek an SEO company that is known for its expert PPC services.

  1. Not one, but get several consultations

One of the biggest mistakes that most companies make is that they get a single consultation from an SEO service provider and they proceed to the contract. It’s always a smart call to exercise discretion and take some time to arrive at a decision. And you definitely shouldn’t be doing this after a single consultation. Ask for many meetings from many SEO service providers, but learn to keep that a secret.

The best way to go about it is by drawing up a list of three to five best SEO companies close to your locality. You should draw up this list based on your need first and popularity later. Get speaking with each company either by an email or a phone conversation. Ask for one-on-one consultations. Personal interactions are best when you have to decide if a company is worth your time, energy, money, and trust.  Don’t settle at the first consultations. If you are unsure, you can ask for a second one as well. It will enable you to compare the services and also the charges. That way you can decide better for yourself and also make a cost-effective decision.

  1. Research on the website

No business firm, small or big should say yes to an SEO service provider without conducting ample research on the same. Sometimes, a company might be providing great PPC, content marketing and link building services, but not adequate keyword planning solutions, which could be what you need most. To know the areas in which a company excels you need to research online. Scan and browse through the website and check out the services provided. Also, search the client reviews and testimonials inside the site. Furthermore, you can also read through the reviews and online feedback that are available about a company through Google reviews. It will provide you with real feedback, and you can learn and decide better.

Also, when you are researching on a website, you can also check out its client portfolio.

Today, companies don’t disclose all their clients, but if they have done impressive work, they would be showcasing the same to win more clients.

  1. Judge by the response time

Today, a decent and expert SEO service provider is here to do business! Hence, if you send an online query, the company will be eager to reply the same, cut the chase and want to work with you. Therefore, a professional SEO service provider is one that will come up with a prompt response. If a company takes excess time to respond to your query, you might want to think twice. Taking a nominal time, like a day or two can be adjusted. However, if you receive no answer till about a week and more, you need to take that as a sign of unprofessionalism and move on to search for another service provider.

There are several other tips as well that you can opt-in for when you are searching for the best SEO company. However, these four guidelines are simple and easy to remember. It will help you arrive at the correct decision.