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50 Top Canva Fonts For Your Brand

Looking for the perfect Canva brand font? Our new font collection features primarily Canva fonts that can be used in graphic design software. Many of these are free fonts, while others require licensing for commercial use. We’ve compiled a list of the best fonts available in the Canva app, as well as Google Fonts available online for free, and premium fonts available after payment. In addition to showcasing these fonts, we’ll also provide guidance on how to choose the right font and pair it with others, as well as the difference between sans serif and serif fonts.

If you’re struggling to find a font that represents your brand and appeals to your audience without breaking the bank, our comprehensive font guide is just what you need. We’ve combed through Canva’s extensive font library to identify the best free and pro fonts for your branding, and we’ll teach you how to select the perfect fonts for your brand even if you’re not a designer. We’ve compiled a list of over 50 popular Canva fonts and ten font combinations that you can use instantly to create a powerful brand identity, whether your brand is elegant, bold, modern, retro, luxurious, or minimal.

How to Choose the right Brand Fonts

Selecting a font that complements your brand’s image across different platforms can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a designer and typography isn’t your forte. With so many fonts available, how do you choose one that truly reflects your brand’s personality? While finding font inspiration is simple, selecting the perfect fonts for your branding requires a deeper understanding of your brand and its values.

To simplify the process of choosing the right font for your brand, I’ve compiled a quick checklist of five questions that we typically go through with our custom design and branding clients. Answering these questions can help you determine how you want your community and potential customers to perceive your brand. Later in this guide, we’ll also provide you with some cool font ideas and Canva font combinations to spark your creativity.

5 Questions Checklist

Find a Font for your Branding

  • Which 3 values do you connect to your brand?
  • In 1 sentence – how do you want your brand to be perceived?
  • How is your ideal buyer persona like? What are their values?
  • What’s your brand mission and how does it show to others?
  • Pick 3-5 of the adjectives below that best fit your brand: Modern – Simple – Elegant – Elaborate – Fun – Ambitious – Luxury – Calm – Dynamic – Familiar – Vintage – Bold – Industrious – Kind – Spiritual – Timeless – Feminine – Authentic – Fresh – Minimal – Empowering – Classic – Sophisticated – Creative If you can think of more adjectives to describe your brand, add them.

The best Handwriting and Script Fonts in Canva

Handwriting fonts are a highly sought-after font category on Canva, and for good reason. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Handwritten script fonts can serve as the primary font for your brand or logo, or they can be used to add a touch of personality and flair to your designs.

If you frequently share quotes and inspirational content like affirmations, using cursive fonts can help break up the monotony of your feed. In particular, Jonathan and BD Script are two of the best (and free!) fonts for quotes on Canva. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to your brand or simply want to spice up your design, handwritten script fonts are an excellent choice.

Calligraphy and script fonts are perfect for your brand if…:

Your branding is feminine, playful or elegant, and if you want to create quotes and lettering in Canva.

Industries where script fonts work:

Coaching, Wedding, Beauty, Fashion, Photography

Where to use handwriting fonts in Canva:

For your logo, in social media quote graphics, as an accent font

Keywords to find the best script fonts on Canva:

Handwriting, Script, Cursive, Calligraphy, Brush, Handwritten, Curly, Signature


The Best Modern Brand Fonts on Canva

If you’re tired of using the same old standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Helvetica, or are in search of Canva equivalents for popular modern fonts such as Futura, Avenir, or Century Gothic, then the following list is just for you.

Canva boasts a plethora of gorgeous modern, contemporary, and classical typefaces that you won’t find everywhere else. So, if you’re looking to elevate your designs and stand out from the crowd, be sure to check out Canva’s vast collection of unique and stunning fonts.

Modern fonts are perfect for your brand if…: f your brand is characterized by being direct, empowering, and bold, and you’re looking to use Canva to select highly professional fonts, then you’ve come to the right place. Canva offers an extensive selection of fonts that are not only professional but also convey a sense of strength and confidence. With Canva, you can easily find the perfect font to complement your branding and help your message stand out.

Industries where modern fonts look good: Service Providers, Coaching, Education, Digital Products

Where to use modern typography in your Canva designs: In big headlines, as body font, as a font for Instagram posts and stories


The Canva Fonts List for Retro + Vintage Fonts

No font guide would be complete without a touch of retro flair, and Canva certainly delivers with its vast library of retro fonts. Whether you’re after the groovy, rounded fonts of the 70s, the funky disco vibes of the 80s and 90s, or elegant vintage serif fonts, Canva has got you covered.

While many popular retro fonts are designed specifically for logos and tend to be quite heavy, we’ve also discovered some typefaces in Canva that can be used as a main brand font. For example, Chloe or Tenor Sans would be perfect for this purpose, offering a retro feel without being overwhelming.

Vintage fonts are perfect for your brand if…: If your brand is all about having fun and being quirky (think 70s and 80s design!), or if you’re looking to add a vintage touch to your branding, then Canva has got you covered. With its wide selection of retro and vintage fonts, you can easily find the perfect typeface to match your brand’s personality and style. Whether you’re looking for a playful and whimsical font or something more elegant and refined, Canva has plenty of options to choose from.

Industries where retro fonts work: Fashion, Food and Drinks, Restaurants, Personal Brands

Find more retro-inspired fonts with these keywords: Vintage, Groovy, Art Deco, Neon, Funky


Minimalist Fonts available on Canva

Choosing the right fonts for your brand is crucial in communicating your brand’s values and personality. It’s not just about what you say, but also how you say it. Whether your brand is traditional or quirky, fun or formal, selecting the right fonts can help attract the right kind of customers.

Whether you’re starting a brand from scratch, reworking your logo, or updating your website, Canva Pro is the perfect design tool for non-designers to create stunning visuals. In this article, we’ve curated 20 unique font combinations to inspire you in creating your own brand. And the best part? All of these fonts are included for free in Canva, so you can showcase your brand in the best possible way.

How to decide on the fitting font on your model?

To add individuality and draw consideration to the distinctive model of your challenge, it’s price getting ready recognizable fonts. Many well-known manufacturers have their very own recognizable fonts like Google or Samsung, and they’re instantly related to the model. Smaller manufacturers can simply select a free Canva font, since you don’t have to assert a trademark to be recognizable. Canva Fonts Guide

You can use font pairing in your advertising and marketing supplies to determine visible hierarchy and distinction, making the design extra interesting to the viewer. Visual hierarchy could be achieved by means of varied strategies, together with coloration, measurement and typographic distinction. Pair massive fonts with small fonts, serif fonts with sans-serif fonts. Some Canva font mixtures are already urged within the app!

What is a serif font?

Serifs are the little “markers” on the endings of some letters. If the letter ‘I’ has a brief top and backside, the font is a serif font. Thanks to serifs, we will simply distinguish between a capital ‘I’ and a lowercase ‘l’ for instance. serif font example Serifs had been stated to have begun with Latin phrases minimize into stone in Roman Antiquity within the Latin Alphabet. To begin chopping, the craftsmen needed to begin with an incision, thus creating serif font. Serif typefaces are most usually utilized in long materials, corresponding to books, newspapers, and most periodicals, and are essentially the most broadly used printed typestyle owing to perceived readability. Serif display offers legibility and may be very engaging to the reader. There are a whole bunch of examples of a Serif font round, together with Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino, and Garamond.

What is a sans serif font?

The first sans serif font first appeared in printed media within the late 18th century. They shortly grew to become in style due to their readability and readability in promoting and display utilization, whether or not printed huge or tiny. Sans serif display is extra legible and fewer distracting, however it’s thought of much less elegant. sans serif font - Canva Fonts Guide Because screens, particularly within the Eighties and 90s had issue with the serif display on the monitor, sans-serif fonts have change into the most typical for textual content display on computer displays. There at the moment are a whole bunch of sans-serif sorts out there, together with Arial, Helvetica, and Tahoma. A sans-serif font is an excellent possibility for varied shorter textual content conditions, corresponding to titles, credit, column headers, and textual content in infographics. Most Canva font pairing strategies advocate utilizing both a sans serif or serif font as a physique textual content and one other model for headings.

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What is a daring font?

A font is a basic form of letters – which could be thicker or thinner, relying on the typeface. Some programs create daring fonts to make use of by thickening them artificially. This could be much less legible than utilizing Canva fonts or Google fonts which have already a daring selection ready by the font designer. It’s best to make use of fonts utilizing the dedicated typeset made by the font designer quite than bolding them in a design tool. bold font example

A list of the best Canva fonts in 2023

We have prepared a list of some of the best Canva font ideas for your designs and ideas. You might already have some of the free fonts installed on your computer, but you can also upload fonts to use with Canva Pro.

Best Canva Fonts

01. League Spartan

Canva Fonts Guide

League Spartan is a contemporary typeface with robust construction and geometric type. This contrasts well in opposition to the elegant and extra conventional fashion of Libre Baskerville. Using a serif on your physique copy makes extra dense information easy to learn.

02. Julius Sans One


Julius Sans One provides a positive stroke, its broader baseline makes it an amazing display font. With the same weight, Josefin Sans is a complementary choice for the physique copy. As distinction is vital for selecting type combos, League Gothic creates a powerful separator for the 2 sections.

03. Libre Baskerville

Canva Fonts Guide

Don’t be afraid to make use of one typeface throughout your total model. Finding fonts like Libre Baskerville which have fashion variants is a intelligent strategy to create nuance without overcomplicating your designs.


04. Bebas Neue


Bebas Neue is a favourite on the market within the design-sphere. It’s condensed and clear type makes it wonderful to make use of for headings. The rounded comparability of Bebas to Montserrat makes for a tidy and modern pairing.




05. Lora


Lora has brushed curves that make it a really elegant and complex typeface. The impact of utilizing italic and common collectively is charming and female.

06. Roboto Condensed


Roboto Condensed is a sans serif typeface with a studying rhythm that’s extra like that of serifs, subsequently an amazing choice for physique copy as well as headings.

07. Cooper Hewitt Bold


With robust arches and curves, Cooper Hewitt is a traditional typeface with wonderful variations to make use of to separate your headings, subheadings and physique copy respectfully.


08. Playfair Display


Playfair Display is a wonderful typeface to make use of for marriage ceremony or invitation design. The heavy fashion of Playfair Display Black offsets superbly in opposition to Playfair Display Italic, making a harmonious hierarchy.

09. Norwester


Norwester is an attention-grabbing, geometric font best used for headings. The pairing of Norwester, Kollektif, and Montserrat is structured, daring and well-composed.



10. Source Sans Pro and Source Serif Pro


Source Sans Pro and Source Serif Pro had been created for use as a pair in design. They are one other wonderful instance of marrying up a serif and a sans serif to create typographic concord.


11. Yellowtail


A enjoyable pairing: Yellowtail is a fats brush script typeface with a mixture of connecting letterforms. Contrasting properly in opposition to the daring and extra fundamental fashion of Open Sans Bold and Open Sans gentle.


12. Cinzel


Cinzel is taken into account modern, though it was impressed classical Roman fashion. With the fragile strokes of Quattrocento and Lora’s curves, this can be a positive mixture to make use of for headings or for invites.

13. Oswald


Oswald has been redesigned as a web font to work throughout all digital screens. Teamed with Montserrat Light and Cooper Hewitt, this can be a extremely practical and easy to learn interface font mixture.


14. Copper Hewitt Thin


Reports require easier type combos, subsequently this trio are an amazing choice. Don’t be afraid to make use of a skinny typeface as a heading. This is without doubt one of the best methods to benefit from a really positive type weight because it exhibits off the construction and letterform.


15. Bodoni


Bodoni is named a traditional journal heading typeface. Massimo Vignelli said that ‘Bodoni is one of the most elegant typefaces ever designed’. The utility of Bodoni paired with the contrasting of Montserrat is subtle and modern.


16. Merriweather


Merriweather was created particularly for web design and never favored as a print typeface. The mixture of daring and common fashion variants makes for easy studying and traditional aesthetic.

17. League Gothic


League Gothic has a particular condensed fashion that is analogous to Archivo Narrow but offsets well in opposition to the spherical type of Kollektif, appearing as a pleasant barrier between heading and physique copy.



18. Montserrat


Contemporary and funky, this is a wonderful instance of utilizing a positive weight typeface for a heading and heavier variations for subheading and physique copy. Montserrat has a clear, structured and easy to learn type. The utility of Montserrat Light for a heading softens the overall impact.




19. Anton


A sans serif mixture—Anton is a transforming of a conventional promoting typeface so designed to seize the eye of an viewers with its sturdy, geometric type. To create extra influence, it has been teamed with Open Sans Light for it’s contrasting visible qualities.

20. League Spartan + Libre Baskerville

League Spartan is one other fashionable font that has geometric stable straight strains. Contrarily, Libre Baskerville is a serif font that’s elegant and exquisite. Although these two fonts aren’t alike, they pair fairly well, and their distinction completely displays the overall outcome.


21. Lemonada Semi Bold + Open Sans Bold

This mixture is a wonderful possibility for both shows or social media posts. The Lemonada Semi Bold font as a header provides this full of life spirit to the design. Open Sans Bold is one other instance of a basic, elegant sans-serif font, and it matches well as a physique textual content with the Lemonada Semi Bold header.


22. Lovelo + Gistesy

The modern and clear type of the Lovelo font provides a up to date sense to your writing. Pair it with the playful, gentle Gistesy font, and also you’ll have a match made in heaven. This combo is unbelievable for way of life and trend articles.


23. Lovelo + Montserrat

This is one other possible Lovelo combo; however, this time, it’s with extra of the identical type of pairing. Montserrat, similar to Lovelo, is a sans-serif typeface that has clear strains and a geometrical type. Additionally, for those who only have entry to Canva’s free fonts, you possibly can think about Montserrat because the best substitute for Proxima and Nova Gotham.


24. Anton + Nexa Script + Aileron Regular

Pairing two fonts isn’t a strict rule, as you can too combine and match three fonts in a single piece of writing. That mentioned, you should know that three fonts are the restrict. So, this combine is a superb instance of three fonts that go well collectively. These fonts are Anton as a header, Nexa Script as a subheader, and Aileron Regular as the primary physique textual content. The distinction between the three fonts creates an easy-on-the-eye concord. Anton is a simple conventional font that was used plentily within the commercial business. It’s additionally one of many best Canva fonts to make use of on Instagram. In addition, Aileron Regular is a perfect physique textual content font attributable to its clear and distinct strains. In opposition, Nexa Script balances every little thing out with its natural composition.


25. Alata

alata font This modern fashionable font could be very aesthetically pleasing. It was impressed by the lettering on early twentieth century posters, as well because the monoline letters on Greek inscriptions.

26. Amatic SC

amatic sc Amatic SC (Small Caps) is an easy however efficient hand-drawn web font. Amatic SC can be utilized for titles – as a substitute of fonts like Comic Sans – and brief texts. It is a pleasant natural typeface.

27. Barriecito

barriecito font The undeniable fact that it seems prefer it was created by a newbie provides this Canva font a pleasant and real tone that works well for handmade products and billboards. It additionally seems good in headlines on screens. It works completely as a font mixture with each serif and a sans serif font.

28. Courgette

courgette font This is a medium-contrast, hand-patterned typeface that may be a nice pairing with the Helvetica Neue font mixture. This Canva Font can be an awesome choice for giant textual content in Comic Sans type, because it is likely one of the hottest free fonts changing that controversial typeface.

 29. Alegreya SC

alegreya sc font Alegreya is a contemporary and classy font initially created for ebook design. One of its best features is that it has a full of life and different rhythm, which makes it simpler to learn long texts. In addition, it provides the web page a recent look, invoking calligraphic aesthetics.

30. Darker Grotesque

darker grotesque Darker Grotesque is a contemporary grotesque (sans serif font) designed by Gabriel Lam. Inspired by postmodern and brutalist tendencies in typography, it appeared in 2019. This typeface was made by a Vietnamese font designer and fits many languages. For many, it’s a basic journal heading typeface – however this versatile font works well as physique textual content.

 31. Alpha Slab One

alfa slab one font Alpha Slab One was created to have a really heavy stem, massive serifs, extra distinction on the stem and a easy end with a single serif. This font has a chic look and can be utilized as an accent font as it really works in lots of languages.

32. Berkshire Swash

berkshire swash Berkshire Swash is a beautiful, charming typeface that has a daring, female or romantic really feel. You can simply use this typeface as a font mixture together with the favored Lato font to create a ebook cowl, game, web site template, or some other undertaking you want.

33. IM Fell

im fell font This basic typeface is one in every of England’s oldest punches and matrices that also works. The University of Oxford has given permission to make use of it. It’s one of many best Canva fonts as a result of it has a retro look and a basic type. When selecting fonts use this one for headers! It works particularly well with different Canva font pairings like with a serif Times New Roman.

34. Bangers

bangers free font Bangers is a Google font that’s daring and used for posters or headlines. It’s the right “comic book style font.” It seems sturdy, so it will likely be easy in your prospects to note it.

35. Cantora One

cantora one Cantora, which suggests “singer” in Spanish, is a pleasant, semi-formal, half-serif font. It seems like handwriting and combines straight and cursive strains. It works well for giant headlines.

36. Cooper Hewitt

cooper hewitt Cooper Hewitt, a contemporary typeface, is a contemporary sans-serif font, with characters composed of curves and arcs primarily based on modified geometric shapes. It is a variation of the Polaris typeface made accessible by the museum from which the font takes its title.

 37. Celandine

celandine Celandine is a blackletter font that has a contemporary, minimalist, and stylish look without dropping its basic type. This font has two types – common and description – which make it easy to make use of and blend with different fonts.

38. Girassol

girassol Girassol is a typeface designed to appear like hand-painted street indicators in and round Portugal. It makes an attempt to evoke the id and spirit of the area by means of thorny, ornamental serifs.

39. Give You Glory

give you glory This font with unusual letter sizes is a unusual, enjoyable font that has one thing particular about it that makes it genuine. It’s not excellent or conventional, nevertheless it has the fluidity of actual handwriting.

The best Canva fonts combos for any use

The precept is at all times the identical: you mix a playful font with a extra critical one. Combine Cooper Hewitt with a comfortable Canva font like Give you Glory and create the wonderful font pairing.

40. Selima + League Spartan

selima league spartan This font combo enables you to match flowy Selima with spiky, sans serif League Spartan.

41. Chewy + League Gothic

chewy league gothic League Gothic seems good when paired with flowing Chewy. Match it with a serif physique font to create designs which are memorable {and professional}.

42. Glacial Indifference + Homemade Apple

glacial indifference Homemade Apple provides off very comfortable vibes when mixed with the appropriate fonts – like Oswald or Glacial Indifference.

43. Julius Sans One + Archivo Narrow + Source Sans Pro.

Julius Sans One has elegant, easy, and slim letters that combine adequately with the harsher look of Archivo Narrow. This makes them nice candidates for formal writing or resumes. Top them off with Source Sans Pro. and also you’ll have an easy-to-read piece.


44. Chewy + League Spartan

Getting again once more to the playful and enjoyable fonts with Chewy. It’s a chubby and playful font, which makes it excellent for casual articles. Contrasting it with the trendy League Spartan ensures a hanging and creative outcome.


45. Chloe + Moontime

This mixture has the identical vibes because the Lovelo and Gistesy mixture. A modernized, basic serif font paired with a chic and enjoyable script font is every little thing you would consider when designing an invite. The outcome shall be spectacular, whether or not it’s a marriage invitation or an occasion invitation.

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46. High Cruiser + Fraunces Thin

At first look, High Cruiser could appear to you want an oddly formed font with these elongated letters. However, it provides a fairly in-your-face visible influence, which is nice for grabbing the reader’s consideration. To stage every little thing out, you want a primary font for the subheadings and physique textual content, and what would match higher than the soft-serif Fraunces Thin? This mixture works best for editorial items.


47. Yellowtail + Open Sans Bold and Light

This is, without a doubt, one of many friskiest font combos. The Yellowtail font has thick script letters contrasting pleasantly with the essential Open Sans. Open Sans is the best possibility for complementing Yellowtail with its daring and lightweight variations.


48. Bellaboo + Arimo + Space Mono

This trio mixture has a female aura surrounding it. Bellaboo is elegant and candy with swirly letters. Arimo, then again, is a extra serious-looking font that balances the entire ambiance. Then, lastly, comes the Space Mono font for the extra retro touch.


49. Archivo Black + Archivo Narrow + Arialle

Combining a daring typeface with its lighter, the condensed model appears to be the appropriate option to convey simplicity and cleanness. With the Arialle, you graduate to an much more easy-to-read type, which is nice for compelling reads.


50. Libre Baskerville

This is a daring choice to make, which is to stay to only one font as long because it has type variants. You might not imagine that it really works higher than you suppose. Libre Baskerville is a basic serif that applies superbly as a header and physique textual content. This type of utilizing the identical serif font all throughout your design suits utterly with any e-book or one thing of that kind.


51. Versailles + Open Sans Light

You’ll discover that Versailles is by some means just like the font utilized by Versace however a bit slimmer. It seems so elegant and opulent. That’s why it goes well with Open Sans Light being a clear and easy font. This combo screams “Luxury Brand.”


52. Sacramento + Montserrat Light

Sacramento is one more script font that provides you a “French Patisserie” temper. It’s not that match for an excessive amount of writing; as a substitute, it’s extra of a heading font. That’s as a result of connecting strokes that would make it onerous to learn if used as physique textual content. The tamed nature of Montserrat Light makes it the right font to stability every little thing out. The Sacramento / Montserrat Light duo is flawless. It radiates femininity and magnificence.


53. Six Caps + League Spartan

Six Caps is a press release display font that’s actually condensed and tight. Merging it with the extra basic League Spartan makes a daring but beautiful piece of design. The complete mixture provides you a cinematic and retro really feel.


54. Norwester + Kollektif Regular + Montserrat

This is one other successful mixture. Norwester is a geometrical font that appears actually good in headers, as if it was particularly designed for that goal. When paired with the fastidiously structured Kollektif Regular and Montserrat, it’s a concord of geometry. This particular type creates a visible motif of energy and power which works best with industrial-themed designs.


55. Bodoni + Montserrat Light

Bodoni is a font that has this journal heading type typeface. It’s one of the vital elegant and stylish fonts on the market. You can use its daring and lightweight variations to create headings and subheadings. Blending Bodoni with Montserrat provides that edgy and fashionable touch to your design. This mixture is nice when making a trend journal or trend catalog cowl.


56. Playlist Script + Hussar Ekologicsy

Playlist Script is a hand-written script font that appears fancy and easy on the attention. Combining it with the hole Hussar Ekologicsky is a wonderful choice. You would possibly get shocked by the concept, however imagine me, you won’t remorse utilizing this combo.


57. Brilliant Signature + Aileron Thin

As its title suggests, Brilliant Signature is a script, hand-written font that appears like a signature. It’s ethereal and stylish, which makes it excellent for high-end model designs. Additionally, Aileron Thin has the identical magnificence and airiness however with a minimal typeface that’s extra easy. The two fonts collectively are one other match made in heaven.

Canva Fonts Guide


25 Best Free Fonts on Canva:

58. DM Serif Display

DM Serif Display is a contemporary and classy font that can be utilized for quite a lot of completely different designs. This font is ideal for including some further aptitude to your designs!

SM Serif Display Canva font, Canva serif font

59. Vidaloka

If you’re in search of a unique font, Vidaloka is the one for you! This font has a really whimsical and playful look, making it excellent for designs with a contemporary or classic really feel. Vidaloka is a serif font.

Vidaloka canva font, Canva serif font

60. The Seasons

The Seasons is an ideal font choice for designs which are both nature- or season-themed. This font has a really earthy and rustic vibe, which might be nice for including some further character to your work. The Seasons is a serif font.

The Seasons Canva font, Canva serif font

61. Cardo

Cardo is a wonderful font choice for designs with a basic or classic really feel. This font has a really elegant and timeless look, which might be nice for initiatives that require a extra skilled look. Cardo is a serif font.

Cardo Canva font, Canva serif font

62. Lora

Lora is a wonderful font choice for designs that require a female or romantic really feel. This font has a really delicate and fairly look, making it excellent for initiatives resembling wedding ceremony invites or birthday playing cards. Lora is a serif font.

Lora Canva font, Canva serif font

63. Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville is a contemporary and classy font that can be utilized for quite a lot of completely different designs. This font is ideal for including some further aptitude to your designs! Libre Baskerville is a serif font.

Libre Baskerville Canva font, Canva serif font

64. Noto Serif Display

Noto Serif Display is a contemporary and classy font that can be utilized for quite a lot of completely different designs. This font is ideal for including some further aptitude to your designs! Noto Serif Display is a serif font.

Noto Serif Display Canva font, Canva serif font

65. Merriweather

Merriweather is a wonderful font choice for designs that require a extra relaxed or informal really feel. This font has a really down-to-earth and approachable look, making it excellent for initiatives resembling flyers or posters. Merriweather is a serif font.

Merriweather Canva font, Canva serif font

66. Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a wonderful font choice for designs with a classic really feel. This font has a really basic and timeless look, which might be nice for initiatives that require a extra skilled look. Playfair Display is a serif font.

Playfair Display Canva font, Canva serif font

67. Poppins Light

Poppins Light is a wonderful font choice for designs which have a playful or child-like really feel. This font is ideal for designs resembling get together invites or bulletins. Poppins Light is a sans serif font.

Poppins Light Canva font, Canva sans serif font

68. Glacial Indifference

Glacial Indifference is a wonderful font choice for designs with a contemporary or minimalist really feel. This font has a really clear and streamlined look, making it excellent for initiatives resembling logos or branding. Glacial Indifference is a sans serif font.

Glacial Indifference Canva font, Canva sans serif font

69. Josefin Sans Thin

Josefin Sans Thin is a wonderful font choice for designs which have a contemporary or minimalist really feel. This font has a really clear and streamlined look, making it excellent for initiatives resembling logos or branding. Josefine Sans Thin is a sans serif font.

Josefin Sans Thin Canva font, Canva sans serif font

70. Quicksand Light

Quicksand Light is a wonderful font choice for designs with a contemporary or minimalist really feel. This font has a really clear and streamlined look, making it excellent for initiatives resembling logos or branding. Quicksand Light is a sans serif font.

Quicksand Light Canva font, Canva sans serif font

71. Agrandir

Agrandir is a wonderful font choice for designs that require a extra skilled or critical look. This font has a really modern and refined look, making it excellent for initiatives resembling enterprise playing cards or resumes. Agrandir is a sans serif font.

Agrandir Canva font, Canva sans serif font

72. Montserrat

Montserrat is a wonderful font choice for designs which have a contemporary or minimalist really feel. This font has a really clear and streamlined look, making it excellent for initiatives resembling logos or branding. Montserrat is a sans serif font.

Montserrat Canva font, Canva sans serif font

Best Canva Fonts List:

  • DM Serif Display
  • Vidaloka
  • The Seasons
  • Cardo
  • Lora
  • Libre Baskerville
  • Noto Serif Display
  • Merriweather
  • Playfair Display
  • Poppins Light
  • Glacial Indifference
  • Josefin Sans Thin
  • Quicksand Light
  • Agrandir
  • Montserrat
  • Raleway
  • AdBhashitha
  • Montserrat Classic
  • Josefin Sans Bold
  • Oswald
  • Bebas Neue
  • League Spartan
  • Brittany
  • Playlist Script
  • Sacramento

One wonderful factor about discovering a good font is that you should utilize it on your whole favourite designs and on your whole social media platforms. Have you spent a lot time attempting to create the best branding in your Instagram profile? You can use this list because the best fonts to make use of on Instagram in 2023!

Best Canva Fonts for Instagram

  • DM Serif Display
  • Vidaloka
  • The Seasons
  • Cardo
  • Lora
  • Libre Baskerville
  • Noto Serif Display
  • Merriweather
  • Playfair Display
  • Poppins Light
  • Glacial Indifference
  • Josefin Sans Thin
  • Quicksand Light
  • Agrandir
  • Montserrat
  • Raleway
  • AdBhashitha
  • Montserrat Classic
  • Josefin Sans Bold
  • Oswald
  • Bebas Neue
  • League Spartan
  • Brittany
  • Playlist Script
  • Sacramento

I hope you liked this list of the 50 plus  best Canva fonts. These are fantastic font choices which could be good for any of your designs. In addition to this list, I have to share the best Canva fonts list Canva template with you.

I made it easy in an effort to receive this best Canva fonts list Canva template to get all of these fonts in your Canva account correct now.


FAQ: Canva Fonts Guide

Q. Can I take advantage of Canva fonts for commercial use?

Yes, fonts on Canva can be utilized commercially! You can use all fonts which are obtainable inside Canva (whether or not they’re free fonts or premium) for industrial functions.

This means you should utilize them, for instance, for social media graphics and advertisements, in your web site, to create digital products like workbooks or another advertising function.

Q. How can I add customized fonts to Canva?

It’s not an issue if in case you have a model font that’s not obtainable in Canva.

Canva makes including customized fonts easy as pie.

First, it’s worthwhile to improve to Canva Pro as they only permit customized fonts for Pro customers. If you’re not sure if Pro is for you, you’ll be able to join right here for a forty five days trial, no strings connected.

To add customized model fonts, go to the Canva Dashboard, navigate to Brand Kit and add your fonts there.

Q. Can I download Canva fonts?

You can’t download fonts straight from Canva, however you should utilize a hack:

Jump over to Google and type in {FONT NAME} obtain.

Many of the fonts inside Canva can be found to obtain without cost someplace on the internet, for instance on Google Fonts.

If you’ve occurred to decide on a premium model font in Canva, you’ll be able to often discover it on the market on the font desinger’s web site or on marketplaces like Creative Market.

There you should purchase a license of the font to be used in programs apart from Canva.

Q. How can I take advantage of these fonts?

Are you supposed to drag up a Microsoft Word doc prefer it’s 2008 and hop to it? Heck no.

If you haven’t already, I counsel trying out Canva! Canva is certainly one of my favourite methods to simply create graphics. Canva has so many templates to select from, you’ll by no means run out!

If you’re not presently on Canva’s premium plan (Canva Pro), you’ll be able to strive Canva Pro for 30 days for FREE. I work in Canva each day and use it to make nearly all of my graphics. I extremely counsel checking it out!

Q. Can you add a font to Canva?

You can add a font to Canva by clicking your Brand Kit from the side panel in Canva. Under Brand Fonts, you will notice the choice to add a font. Canva helps ITF, TFF, and WOFF font file codecs. Choose your font file to add and click on Open inside Canva. Once the font is uploaded, it should seem on the top of the font list when including textual content to a design.

How to Upload a Font to Canva:

  • Open the Home Page in Canva.
  • Click Brand Kit from the side panel.
  • Choose which Brand Kit you want to add your font to.
  • Click Upload a Font under the Brand Fonts tab.
  • Click the font file you want to add to your Brand Kit.
  • Click Open.
  • Click, Yes add anyway! if in case you have the license or rights to make use of this font.
  • Once the font is uploaded, it should seem on the top of the font list when including textual content to a design.
  • The font is added to your list of fonts and you can begin utilizing it in your designs.

Fonts will be overwhelming when beginning out on Canva, however this list may help you get began! This list of 25 best free fonts in Canva can be utilized for all of your designing wants, from social media posts to branding supplies. These fonts are good for any designer! Happy designing!

I hope you discovered this post useful! As at all times, if in case you have any questions, please be happy to achieve out. I might be completely happy to assist in any method possible. And don’t overlook to take a look at Canva Pro for your whole design wants!

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