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What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat program created especially for gamers. You can make a server, invite people to it, share links with your group, and have real-time conversations. When chatting or coordinating with others while playing a game or working on a project,

Discord is occasionally preferred over Skype. One of the top platforms for chatting, socializing, and exchanging ideas with others is Discord. An online gaming chat program called Discord is available. It was created for gamers before it became well-known. Users could converse while playing video games. Discord now draws a wide range of other demographics, including social clubs, influencers, and brands. Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows are all supported by Discord. I advise you to give Discord a try if you’ve never done so.

A Discord server can be operated in a variety of ways. However, Discord’s built-in features can be used if you want to make sure everything goes without a hitch. You can add new servers, invite users, ban users, and do other things. You can set up rules for your server, such as prohibiting certain words, limiting who can join, and more, if you’re in charge of a friendly, chatty channel.

You have flexibility with how your community will appear and operate on Discord servers. There may be times when things become too much, but Discord gives you the tools to handle trolls, disputes, and other issues. You don’t have to handle everything by yourself. When managing a large number of users, you can also use bots to make life easier for yourself. Install Carl bot, a free bot with lots of helpful features, to accomplish this. Let’s begin with Carl Bot, then!

What is Carl Bot?

Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Carl Bots are practical tools that make managing Discord servers more effective. In addition to many other things, you can use them to assign roles, write your own welcome messages, and customize your commands.

The following list of Carl Bot’s key characteristics. By keeping an eye on user activity and approving content, Carl Bot makes it simple to manage your Discord channel. When necessary, you can easily ban users, report them, or even moderate their messages to increase user engagement. You can also write your own custom commands with Carl Bot to automate processes like making new groups, managing commands in bulk, including members to a group, and more.

Using the main dashboard, you can manage command rules in bulk. Carl Bot makes it simple for you to do a variety of things, including send automated follow-ups, schedule meetings, set up appointments, and more. Additionally, you have the option of setting up automated message responses. You can manage your logs, store chats, create reaction roles, and more with Carl Bot, an advanced log management system.

By not allowing spam or other undesirable content, it also elevates auto-moderation. Carl Bot also enables you to monitor user engagement by posting welcome messages automatically. Let’s examine Carl Bot’s features in greater detail.

Carl Bot’s Features

Carl bot comes with a large list of features that can help you average any member or channel in your Discord server. You may also add new instructions to your bot to make it simpler to make use of.

Reaction Roles: Carl bot instructions permit customers to create customized roles and assign them to customers. This function is useful for big communities. Users who get assigned a task will obtain a notification when somebody reacts to a particular message.

There are greater than 250 roles obtainable to select from. This consists of emojis, emoticons, and different characters when speaking on-line. You may also write glorious customized embeds with embed builders without manually typing them out.

You may also ban spammers by writing customized guidelines. You may also log all messages that happen in your server, member modifications, the variety of members joined, left, and so forth. It is a useful technique to preserve a backlog of every thing that occurs in your server.

Automatic moderation: Carl Bot is an auto-moderation tool that mechanically moderates posts primarily based on particular guidelines. You can configure these guidelines simply.

Welcome new members: This function permits you to create automated welcome messages for brand new customers and simply embed them into the post.

Permissions: The permission system of Carl bot permits you to handle command guidelines, add customized instructions, and override defaults with ease.

Custom tags: Server house owners use tags to establish a task or name a customized command. Carl Bot permits you to add customized instructions not present in the usual templates. Discord permits customers to create customized tags that they’ll use to carry out numerous duties on the server. Carl Bot makes it simpler to create customized tags, that are surrounded by curly braces {}.

Custom tags turn out to be useful when planning an occasion, and also you need your viewers to take some motion. You can use customized tags for personalizing messages too. You may also assign sticky roles to person names in order that customers can’t depart the server and rejoin later.

How to set up reaction roles with Carl Bot?

A reaction role can be made very quickly. Log into Carl Bot, select the command tab, navigate to the roles listed, select the reaction roles option, and then enable the role. Back on the main dashboard, select Reaction Roles, and select the Green Button. You can begin assigning roles after a new window appears with instructions for role creation!

How to set up automatic moderation with Carl Bot?

You can deal with spamming, bullying, and other abuses thanks to the impressive features of Carl Bot’s AutoMod. Spam can be filtered, rude users can be muted, posts can be deleted, and even users can be expelled from your server.

A robotic spam filter is called Carl bot. Trigger words or phrases are used in messages to catch offenders. When people violate the rules, Carl Bot deletes the offending messages and alerts them to potential violations in the future. No human involvement is necessary for Carl Bot. The moderation tab is located in the top right-hand panel, next to the AutoMod feature.

Select “Auto Mod” and then “Bad Words” from the drop-down menu to censor content. Enter the words you want to prohibit there. You will be given the choice to add additional words and the associated penalty. In order to activate it, you must save the changes.

How to create a log with Carl Bot? 

To effectively monitor and document user actions, Car Bot provides numerous logging capabilities. To initiate the log of user activities, you must first create a designated channel. After successfully creating said channel, proceed to the main panel’s moderation area whereupon accessing the logging tab is possible.

The Channel Selection Window is located under the logging tab. You can choose your preferred channel for log generation from the dropdown list and don’t forget to save after making changes.

After the changes are verified, Car Bot will initiate automatic activity logging in the designated channel covering user actions and interactions on the server.

For a tidy log, you can choose to disregard extraneous channels. Simply go to the Ignore Channels section and pick out the particular channels that Car Bot should not include in its logging process. This feature facilitates an organized log by eliminating irrelevant or unnecessary channels from user activity monitoring.

You may opt to separate the logging into distinctive channels, should you wish. This tactic can be quite advantageous in curbing disarray and streamlining log management. By distributing the logging over several channels, diverse user actions can be categorized systematically for better organization and manageability of logs.

To activate logging features for Car Bot, follow these steps: Create a channel and navigate to the moderation section. Select the logging tab and choose which channel you want logged. Save your changes, and Car Bot will generate logs of all user actions within that specified channel automatically. Additionally, you can disregard irrelevant channels or divide the logs into separate channels for improved organization and increased clarity.

How to create preset messages with Carl Bot?

Carl Bot lets you preset messages (welcome, ban, and farewell messages). You can set them to display whenever a new user joins, leaves, or is banned from your Discord server. You can also use the embedded builder to add images, gifs, and more custom content.

How to create a welcome message with Carl Bot?

To create a welcome message with Carl Bot, login to the Carl Bot dashboard, select the ‘Welcome’ tab, then click the ‘New Message’ button. Enter a description for this message, and add tags. Then click Save Changes.

Carl Bot’s website has a list of commands you can check out.

Carl-bot Dashboard

here’s much to like about Discord, the go-to chat server for communities. It’s free to use and manage, has VOIP support, and thanks to support for bots, it’s pretty customizable too.

Do note that if you’re looking for music-based bots, that in recent times many of the most popular ones – like Groovy and Rythm – have been getting shut down due to cease-and-desists from Google (they relied on YouTube videos to play music through Discord). Don’t be too surprised to see other music bots go the same way in the near future.

With that in mind, here are the best Discord bots you should consider using.

Why Carl-bot?

Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Log everything [docs]

  • Message occasions: Deleted messages, edited messages, purged messages
  • Discord invite hyperlinks
  • Member updates: Roles, title adjustments, avatar adjustments, bans, unbans
  • Members becoming a member of and leaving
  • Updates to the server: Channels, roles, and emojis
  • Ignore channels, members and prefixes (helpful for spammy bots)
  • Split up the logging into separate channels to cut back litter without shedding information
Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Suggestions [docs]

  • Let customers recommend issues and have everybody vote on it
  • Send a message to the consumer who made the suggestion when a choice is made
  • Keep a separate log channel with recommendations with a mod response
  • Anonymous mode to assist fight bias
  • Restrict recommendations to a particular channel
Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Granular permission system [docs]

  • Give every command its personal algorithm
  • Manage instructions in bulk on the web site
  • Add world guidelines
  • Redirect output, mute output, maintain spammy instructions in a delegated bot-channel
  • Use the bot to its full potential without ever annoying anybody
Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Automod [docs]

  • Punish unhealthy hyperlinks, spam, attachmentspam, mentionspam, unhealthy phrases
  • Select your punishments per-rule being damaged
  • Delete scary file codecs
  • Mark channels as ‘media-only’ to delete any messages without a hyperlink or attachment
  • Whitelist sure roles and channels to disregard guidelines being damaged in them
  • Custom rate limits for lots of those guidelines
Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Powerful customized instructions [docs]

  • Variables, together with issues like channel subject, membercount, and creator id
  • Random lists, optionally choose your individual seeding
  • Powerful enough to create Conway’s game of life
  • Share your creations each with the web site and with different artistic and proficient folks within the help server
  • Execute instructions, mutate their habits and override default settings
  • Comes with embeds!
Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Welcome messages [docs]

  • Send welcome messages, farewell messages and ban messages
  • Send a dm upon becoming a member of that’s separate from the traditional welcome message
  • Supports embeds and variables!
Carl-bot Dashboard - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

User engagement

  • It has a starboard, everybody loves a good starboard
  • Send a message each x minutes and optionally ping a job
  • Fast twitch notifications
  • Mention roles without leaving them mentionable with feeds
  • Postcount monitoring
  • Cats, canines and numerous cute animals
  • User data like be a part of date, creation date, and nickname historical past

1. Skyra

A strong multi-purpose bot that’s an ideal all-in-one for servers

Skyra asks the pertinent query in its description: “Why have 10 bots that do one thing, when you can have 1 bot that does 10 things.” Good pondering Skyra, good pondering.

Best Discord Bots Skyra

This bot has tons of features together with ranges, music, memes, economic system, a bunch of moderation actions and even just a few easy video games like Connect-4, Tic-Tac-Toe and, errr, Hunger Games. You additionally earn factors by merely participating within the social stuff, which you’ll be able to then spend on profile banners or on-server playing!

2. Arcane

Level-up bot with a greater free model than the extra well-known MEE6

When it involves levelling bots – that’s, bots with numerous techniques for “levelling up” and rewarding members of a given server – MEE6 might be probably the most well-known, however as non-premium variations go Arcane most likely is the higher possibility.

Best Discord Bots Arcane

It’s extremely configurable, letting moderators handle levelling, xp choices, rewards and all the pieces else from a handy dashboard. It additionally features response roles and highly effective moderation choices.

There’s a good cause arcane is quick staking its declare because the best levelling bot on the market.

3. Mudae

Anime fans will instantly fall for this addictive anime-based bot

Not everybody loves anime, however in case you do you most likely actually adore it. Mudae is for the anime-obsessed, the manga-maniacal. It’s a enjoyable idea, as you acquire well-known anime and manga character from comics, films and TV exhibits, then “marry” them.

Best Discord Bots Mudae

You build up a harem of waifu and husbando anime characters, competing with the tens of millions of different gamers doing the identical factor. You can commerce characters, build your relationships with them, and even catch Pokemon in just a little side-game.

Utterly unusual to outsiders, completely compelling to fans.

4. Dank Memer

Immerse your self on the planet of memes.

You can’t absolutely immerse your self on the planet of Discord communities without embracing the world of memes. Dank Memer collects the preferred memes from Reddit on daily basis so that you could bathe your server with no matter is scorching on the internet relatively than making outdated “arrow to the knee” jokes.

Best Discord Bots Dank Memer

It’s not simply in regards to the memes, as there’s an entire foreign money that this bot brings with it – a buying and selling system that permits you to rob banks, steal digital cash from different gamers – however watch out, as a result of there are law enforcement officials on the market to halt you!

Add to that pets, playing and an assortment of distinctive gadgets, and you’ve got a enjoyable crime-based Discord bot that should assist enhance engagement together with your server.

5. Confessions

Let server members submit nameless confessions and secrets and techniques.

Now that is an fascinating – and barely scary – idea. Confessions is a Discord bot that permits members of your server to anonymously submit confessions about no matter they like! Secret crushes on different folks on the server, embarrassing childhood tales, homicide confessions – you title it.

Best Discord Bots Confessions

Confessions can also be a enjoyable method to play a sort detective game: customers could make a confession, and different server members can attempt to determine who it was. Note that if the channel mods get the “Premium” model of Confessions, then they’ll have a log of the individuals who submit confessions, so don’t reveal too a lot information.

6. Pollmaster

Run every kind of polls – multiple-choice, emoji voting, nameless voting – in your Discord server.

Everyone likes a ballot. Whether it’s getting your guild in an MMO to pick a raid location or just asking folks about their favourite type of pizza topping, it’s an effective way to see which course a given Discord server is swinging in a topic.

Best Discord Bots Pollmaster

Pollmaster takes just a little establishing, however when you do, it’s probably the most complete polling bot on the market for DIscord. There are every kind of features, like nameless voting, emoji/response voting, multiple-choice polls or polls that allow you to make a couple of choice.

You can set deadlines to your polls and even assign totally different “weights” to peoples’ solutions relying on their position on the server. Higher-ranking of us get extra votes, for instance.


Engage server members and gamify your Discord server by turning it into an old-school RPG expertise.

EPIC RPG is only for the enjoyable factor, permitting members of the channel to take part in a neverending RPG, full with its personal economic system, dungeons, outlets and even PvP fight!

Best Discord Bots Epic Rpg

Of course, Discord channels are primarily based round communities anyway, however including a text-based game to it’s an effective way to encourage bonding, as customers share their ranges, their loot, their rankings within the leaderboards and so forth. It’s additionally a fairly compelling game in itself, with loads of RNG occasions and battles making issues good, and unpredictable, with new tales being created for gamers to share.

It’s a deep little game and an ideal addition to game-related Discord channels.

8. Rythm (Shut Down)

Quite probably the best music-focused Discord bot on the market has just lately shut down after 5 years. This was to adjust to a YouTube cease-and-desist, presumably referring to the truth that the bot linked to YouTube and allowed its almost 600 million customers to play music from YouTube movies in Discord.

Best Discord Bots Rythm

So that’ll come as unhappy information to many. The builders have, however, introduced that they’ve a brand new music-based venture within the pipeline that’ll once more revolutionize how we hearken to music on-line. If you need to keep tuned, subscribe to Rythm’s newsletter to see what’s subsequent.


One of the best moderation bots that’s additionally able to serving up cat details.

If you’re on the lookout for a bot that does an entire bunch of issues to a high normal, then YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot) is a superb possibility.

Best Discord Bots Yagpdb

It has a bunch of self-assignable roles for moderation, letting you assign roles through reactions, assign a number of roles directly, or add roles to particular teams inside your channel. It has an ideal auto-moderation setup for guidelines, letting you set them up and auto-kick, auto-warn and even time-ban violators.

Rounding out the features are numerous cleansing parameters, quick feeds from Reddit and YouTube, and cat details. Yes, with a single command, you will get handled to one in every of 250 distinctive details about cats to your channel. So there’s that.

10. Carl Bot

A strong and deep moderation and roles bot for superior customers.

One of probably the most helpful shortcut features in Discord is response roles, which allow you to type instructions and even emojis into Discord to offer your self permission to make numerous modifications to the server – like altering embed colours, prefixes to your servers, and so forth. Carl Bot has a whopping 250 roles so that you can play with, amongst many different features.

Carl Bot is brimming with automod features that make it one of many best moderation bots on the market, and it permits you to log title modifications amongst folks in your server, so you can also make certain nobody’s as much as mischief. There are tons extra features right here. (Auto-feeds and DMs on title point out are only a few.)

There’s fairly a bit to study with Carl Bot on the subject of customized instructions and extra superior server tinkering, however in case you’re prepared to place within the time, you’ll be handled to one of many best server administration/dashboard bots round.

11. MEE6

Server moderation for critical admins, with strike techniques, leveling and extra.

There’s a cause MEE6 is likely one of the best Discord bots at present out there. It comes with intensive features and help. You may improve to a “premium” subscription package deal for much more features.

Best Discord Bots Mee6

Many Discord bots are designed for server moderation, and MEE6 doesn’t disappoint. You can arrange automated mod guidelines to cowl issues like server spam. MEE6 admins may configure a “strike” system to automate punishments if customers recurrently break the principles.

The bot is customizable, so that you’re capable of create your individual instructions for customers as well as customized welcome messages. If you need customers to have the ability to set their very own roles, you may arrange your individual instructions for this.

There’s additionally a leveling system for customers. Regular customers can “level up” with larger ranks primarily based on their server exercise. You can set your individual rewards, similar to further room entry or new roles.

If you already know how to add Discord bots to your server, you won’t discover it onerous to hit the bottom working with MEE6. Just invite the bot to your server to get began.

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12. RED

Moderation, trivia bots, music playback and extra in a single massive package deal.

If you need a bot you may actually customise, RED should be in your radar. It’s self-hosted, so that you’ll want your individual server to host it.

Best Discord Bots Red

RED’s modular method means no two servers working RED are equal, however there are some core features. Like MEE6, moderation is a central characteristic, with instructions to kick or ban as well as filter messages.

There are additionally trivia bots and on line casino video games, music playback, GIF looking, auto-server messages and extra. Like MEE6, you may also customise bot instructions. You may even customise the title and avatar of your bot to match the person type of your server.

If there isn’t a characteristic you’re on the lookout for, you may lengthen RED with python-coded plugins (or “cogs”). You can seek for community-created plugins on the RED web site.

13. Dyno

Moderation tool that’s managed by means of an accessible on-line dashboard.

Another polished Discord bot price contemplating is Dyno, used on over 1.6 million Discord servers. One of its largest advantages is its intensive web dashboard, providing you with full control over customization.

Best Discord Bots Dyno

You don’t have to self-host, as all the pieces is hosted by Dyno, managed through the web dashboard. Moderation tools are intensive, with custom-made triggers for automated moderation.

Dyno makes position creation easy, permitting server admins to create new ranks (linked to server roles). You may do server channel tuneups with “purging” instructions that mass-delete messages primarily based on person, server, or age.

It’s not nearly moderation, although. You can arrange a bot DJ with particular person playlists, play slot video games, seek for random details, and even seek for random pics.

14. Tatsumaki

Playful bot designed to extend member engagement with details, memes and different instructions.

Fun is the buzzword best related to the Tatsumaki bot. It’s colourful and has loads of enjoyable features to your server customers to reap the benefits of to “increase user activity,” within the venture’s personal phrases.

Best Discord Bots Tatsumaki

This Discord bot covers all of the bases, with features designed to enhance moderation and enhance server utilization, as well as give your customers enjoyable instructions to play with.

Tatsumaki’s moderation features require no configuration. They’re prepared to make use of, with instructions to control customers (ban, mute, and so on.), prune messages, configure welcome messages, and extra.

You may search YouTube, search for cat details, and play numerous assorted video games, as well as run server-wide polls. There’s an in depth leveling system with XP out there for customers primarily based on their exercise.

15. Pancake

Moderation, music playback and tons of of instructions for members and admins.

Over 300,000 servers use Pancake on their Discord server and for good cause. It’s easy to make use of, with a wholesome stability between enjoyable instructions for customers and intensive moderation for admins. It’s one other invite-to-get-started bot, so that you don’t want to fret about server hosting.

Best Discord Bots Pancake

A customizable moderation system permits you to control all the pieces from voice chat to person banning, with a permissions system to arrange your moderating groups with totally different powers.

There’s an easy-to-use music playback system with help from a number of sources, together with SoundCloud and YouTube. Social features – like video games, picture searches, and joke instructions – additionally assist to make your server just a little extra vibrant.

With tons of of instructions out there, there’s one thing for everybody on a Pancake Discord server.

Ever created your server on Discord?

Discord can help a number of channels and uncountable members on one server.

While having no cap on public membership definitely helps manufacturers develop their viewers, managing that viewers is solely one other factor.

As a consequence, many wrestle to observe a number of channels, to not point out their member actions.

Enter Carl Bot.

Carl Bot makes it easy so that you can control your channel’s actions and reasonable members.


In this information, I’ll inform you all the pieces it’s essential to find out about Carl Bot.

Before I get began, I assumed to share Discord’s background for these simply familiarizing themselves with it as we converse.

Discord—A Social Platform


Discord is a social app just like Slack, or Skype, but it surely affords barely totally different features custom-made to their goal market.

For instance, think about on-line players who need to join on a platform to speak about Fortnite. What type of platform would you envision for them? That was the thought behind Discord’s creation.

Discord was solely built for Gamers earlier than it attracted social golf equipment, influencers, and in the end manufacturers. Now, it’s slowly gaining recognition, and firms are utilizing this social community for marketing.

Succulently put, Discord brings collectively like-minded folks and gives them house to debate their widespread pursuits.

With that lined, let’s transfer on to the Carl Bot and the way it can assist you successfully run your Discord server.


3. Advance AutoMod


Carl Bot’s AutoMod has some exceptional features that make it easier to in crowd control to stop guidelines violations.

Through AutoMod, you’ll be able to ship a warning to the potential rule breaker, filter spam, kick out denigrates, mute the offensive members, and auto-delete abusive content material.

Let me offer you an instance.

You are a toy model, and considered one of your guidelines entails no specific content material.

Since it might be inconceivable to observe each post, you’ll be able to ban sure phrases as a substitute. So anytime somebody mentions Bad****, Carl Bot will routinely delete or defer the message as per your directions.

AutoMod is extraordinarily helpful for manufacturers hoping to maintain their content material clear. In truth, you’ll have a lot control over the content material you’ll be able to even mute somebody talking in capital letters! Amazing, isn’t it?

How To Create An AutoMod Action

AutoMod characteristic is saved under the Moderation tab in the primary right-hand panel.

Suppose you wish to censor content material.

Click on the AutoMod, scroll all the way down to the Bad phrases window, and point out the phrases you like to ban. The kind will provide you with the choice so as to add a number of phrases and an appropriate punishment for the offense.

blacklisting words 1

Save the adjustments, and the Carl Bot will activate the motion.

Here’s a list of actions you’ll be able to take with AutoMod.

Scroll all the way down to Spam Settings. Trust me. You’ll love the superior features.

4. Activity Logging


Logging basically means making a file of any motion going down on the server. Who is invited, what number of have joined inside a month, what messages you’ve gotten deleted, what has been up to date. You get my level.

Carl Bot means that you can log the whole lot in a separate channel. Furthermore, you’ll be able to restrict the quantity of people that can see the data.

As a marketer, you may usually have to revisit the logs to measure your marketing campaign efficiency. Through Carl Bot, you’ll be able to arrange a separate log channel for a selected occasion to research your marketing campaign.

How To Create A Log 

To generate a log, you should create a channel first.

Once you’ve gotten built a channel, say an occasion log, go to the logging tab displayed under the moderation part in the primary panel.

Pick your channel from the drop-down list under the Channel Selection window and put it aside.

creating activitty log

The second you verify the adjustments, the Carl Bot will begin logging your actions.

You may also take away pointless channels within the “Ignore channels” tab. The possibility is on the market within the first kind. Do test it out.

5. Preset Messages

preset messages

Carl Bot means that you can preset welcome, farewell, and ban messages. This characteristic spares you from typing a whole greeting post each time a member joins the group.

As you preset the message, a welcome message will pop up anytime a member joins the server.

You may also customise your messages to fit your model message via an Embed builder.

It is a sophisticated possibility that helps you add an avatar, embed photos and GIFs, and personalize your message.

How To Create A Welcome Message

Log in via Carl Bot dashboard, choose the welcome tab. It will open a brand new window displaying a number of containers for the welcome message, member left message, and a ban message.

Fill within the description field, add tags, and save the adjustments.

You will even uncover an embed builder under the outline field to create a customized message.

You can both use the embed builder instantly on the welcome message or entry it from the primary panel.

customize messages

Using the embed builder from the primary panel means that you can create and preview messages concurrently. It’s an extremely helpful possibility that may prevent from toggling backwards and forwards merely to edit your message.

How To Install Carl Bot


Carl Bot is easy to make use of when you get the grasp of it. The below is the preliminary setup process so as to add the bot to your server.

1. To function the Carl Bot, you should have a server for the bot to handle. You can each create a server or use an present one. It’s as much as you.

create a server

2. After you’ve chosen the server, register to the Carl Bot web site. You can invite the bot to your server via the invite button talked about on the top of the landing page or log in from the Carl Bot web site.

adding carl bot to server

3. Once you’re logged in, a pop-up window will seem asking to your chosen server, permissions, and authorization. As the steps are self-explanatory, you won’t encounter any bother. As a thumb rule, enable all.

carl bot login

4. The authorization will direct you to Carl Bots’ dashboard.

carl bot dashboard

That’s It!

Go forward and build response roles, create channels, and arrange moderation as you see match. I’m attaching Carl Bot’s setup documents here to your consideration.


The automation features offered by Carl Bot are among the best on the market. As you are aware, Discord is not what I would describe as a user-friendly platform. Several servers, channels, and individual conversations are all under your management at the same time. Carl Bot helps you spend less time online so you can concentrate solely on the things that matter.

After learning how it operates, Carl Bot is simple to set up. You can automate activities like moderating, banning, generating logs, and welcoming new members with the aid of Carl Bot. The default settings can always be changed to your liking if you don’t like them. Check out Carl Bot to improve community member experience and keep your servers operating efficiently.


  1. This article provides an excellent overview of Carl Bot and its extensive range of features for Discord server management. The detailed explanations on setting up reaction roles, automatic moderation, logging, preset messages, and welcome messages are particularly helpful for both beginners and advanced users. Carl Bot’s versatility, offering 250 roles, custom commands, and auto-moderation, makes it a powerful tool for Discord communities. The article also offers valuable insights into other Discord bots, catering to various needs. Overall, a well-structured and informative piece for anyone looking to enhance their Discord server management.
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