Control Shopping Ads By Country

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Control Shopping Ads By Country

Google makes it easier to control Shopping ads by country

Control Shopping Ads By Country

On theoretical grounds, it is quite easy to scale a google shopping campaign to multiple nations. All that is needed is the feed and specify where the ad campaign needs to be done. And that’s it. Google takes care of the rest of the things.

Well, that’s how it seems. However, things are not so easy all the time. It is so since the above theory may not be practically possible while working things out with product or service feed. But, similar to product feed, it can indeed pay-off in a good way. For example, there have been instances where people have substantially increased the revenue by adding a new country to the list of the target nations.

Before Going Abroad

There are quite a few reasons for the expansion of google campaigns to various nations. It could be because a business may have reached the plateau stage in sales in the present market or while considering the benefits associated with a large-scale marketing campaign. The reason could also be due to unsatisfactory returns from the current market list. These are the reasons that have mostly been seen.

Further, a PPC agency can highlight the right reasons and guide you ahead in the right direction.

Before taking the final jump, the best approach is to ensure the campaigns have been thoroughly dialed. To promote a new nation, it is essential to design new campaigns first. It means duplication of the existing promotions. As a result, there will be optimization of work. Therefore, it is essential to have the product or service and campaign feed first to check whether things are in good shape before proceeding to expand to a new nation. Once both of these are in place, it will be easier to expand to a new country.

Google allows linking a domain to a single merchant account. If the same domain is used for a different nation, the same google account will have to be used then. However, if different domains are being used for different nations, then a different google account can be used. So, is there any point in going through all this trouble?

The answer is yes. There might be a little extra work involved, but it can drastically help to reduce the risk. For any reason, if the account gets suspended or if reviews are provided, none of the products or services associated with the account will appear in the advertisement.

There was an incident when Google once decided to conduct a review. Unfortunately, the timing was not good one. It was during the Black Friday weekend. The review was initiated all of a sudden. Since there was no warning, there were hardly any changes in the last one month or so. Consequently, non of the advertisements were visible during the busiest time of the year.

If the selling was done in multiple countries with different domains, the risk could have been reduced through multiple google accounts. The chances were very less that all of those might have triggered a review on a particular day. Although it is considered the last line of defense, however, it happens to be quite a valuable one in case a major portion of the sales is from the google ad.

Technical Aspects Of Going Abroad

In case someone is looking to take the google shopping abroad elsewhere, three things need to be taken care of:

· The country.

· The language spoken.

· The currency.

Based on the ones that are different from the new target nation, different activities will have to be done to get the product or service into the google center.

For example, if a seller in Germany wants to do business in Australia, there would be no need to think of various currencies or feeds. Just adding the new country to the feed will be enough. In case it cannot be done, there would be another tool for creating this feed.

Now, if someone based in the United Kingdom wants to operate in the United States, things become a little tricky. Now, the product would be the same, but the currency will be different. As per google policy, the price specified in the feed has to be the same as on the landing page. Google has a system that can convert prices as per exchange rate.

Again, if a seller based in Belgium wants to promote in France, the concern would be the language. Unlike the previous scenarios, there cannot be a quick switch here. Therefore, a new feed will have to be created. For things to work, the site will have to be translated along with the creation of new pages. Besides targeting the native language of a particular country, Google also provides the facility to target other languages.

Guess you have a pretty good concept now about work that is actually involved while trying to expand google campaigns to multiple countries. Of course, it all depends on the country you are focusing on and the technical changes you want to make for getting the desired results.

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