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Cool Google Tricks That You Won’t Believe Exist!

There are dozens of little known Google tricks to find that’ll make surfing the web even more interesting, from helpful Google tricks you can use on a regular basis, like a tip calculator, to cool Google hacks, like a built-in coin flip.

With more than 87 percent market share among the main search engine providers, Google is the world’s largest and most used search engine. Every year, it processes about 1.2 trillion searches. Google has profoundly altered our lives. It’s difficult to envision a world without Google now. Hundreds of millions of people use Google on a daily basis, and if asked, they would undoubtedly claim to know everything there is to know about its search engine.

However, most people are unaware that Google is a “unicorn tool” that can perform a wide range of tasks, like scheduling appointments and sending messages, as well as tracking your physical whereabouts. Along with the great accomplishments and milestones that Google has achieved, the corporation is also recognised for its lighthearted side. Many Easter eggs, pranks, and hoaxes have been incorporated into Google’s goods and services. We’ve collected a list of several amazing Google hacks that are often overlooked. Look up the term and see what you can find. Some of them might not be compatible with mobile devices.

Did you know, for example, that you can translate your Google page into Klingon or pirate lingo? Or that another clever Google trick is that if you type specific words into the search field, Google’s webpage will tilt or rotate 360 degrees? Yep! These 30 interesting Google techniques will make you see the popular search engine in a whole new way.

10 Fun Google Tricks That You’ll Want to Try Right Away

With more than 87 percent market share among the main search engine providers, Google is the world’s largest and most used search engine. Every year, it processes about 1.2 trillion searches. Google has profoundly altered our lives. It’s difficult to envision a world without Google now. Hundreds of millions of people use Google on a daily basis, and if asked, they would undoubtedly claim to know everything there is to know about its search engine.

However, most people are unaware that Google is a “unicorn tool” that can perform a wide range of tasks, like scheduling appointments and sending messages, as well as tracking your physical whereabouts. Along with the great accomplishments and milestones that Google has achieved, the corporation is also recognised for its lighthearted side. Many Easter eggs, pranks, and hoaxes have been incorporated into Google’s goods and services. We’ve collected a list of several amazing Google hacks that are often overlooked. Look up the term and see what you can find. Some of them might not be compatible with mobile devices.

History of Google

Backrub was the first name that came up in the Google search. This name has a significant meaning. Some websites appear at the top of the Google search engine, while others appear at the bottom. The reason for this is that Google then adopted the strategy. Google began by displaying the most popular websites with links to other websites. Backlinks were used to describe this process. However, the Backrub, which was mimicked by the hyperlink, was called Google a year later. Googol was the source of that phrase. The word Googol conceals a plethora of other significant secrets. The term refers to a sequence of more than 100 0s. Google will become a considerably larger company as a result of these 100 0s.
Cool Google Tricks

One day, you’ll be working for a firm and have a lot of information. Where the report will continue indefinitely, we can now claim that their wish has come true. If you ask Google a question, it will most likely be answered. This information is not just official or necessary; they also have a wide range of information from around the world. Another fascinating tidbit is that Google’s data was initially housed on a four-gigabyte hard drive. Every day, Google processes around 20 petabytes of data. A petabyte is the same as 1,000 terabytes.

History of Android

Let’s learn more about Google’s Android mobile operating system and a portable device named after a robot. Why is the shape this way, and why is the colour green? This information will be available at this point in the film. Hopefully, each piece of information will continue to amaze you. Andy Rubin, the founder of Android, is the key reason behind the name. In his former work, Andy Rubin was known as Android. Because he was a huge fan of robotics, and Android refers to a male robot.
Cool Google Tricks

What a blast. Consider why the Android logo is made of green. The logo designer for Android was also inspired by the pot near the toilet. Make the symbol’s colour a little greener and make the symbol’s colour a little shorter. There is another rationale for the greening, which the designer has interpreted as an evergreen emblem.

Google’s amazing discovery

In its technology, Google has created an electronic tattoo. This is a circuit board that has been drawn. It also includes a microphone. You will be able to control your smart devices with this tattoo. They’ve also created a walking stick. If you want it weirdly, there’s no way you’ll get lost. GPS tracking will inform you where you are because the camera above the strick will snap a photo of your travel.
Google tricks - GPS trackingThese are also the ones for which Google has developed an unique glass. These glasses can be used as invisibility glasses, as shown in science fiction movies. Hand gestures can be used to control it in many circumstances. It’s now being used as a camera gestures technology for mobile phones. Many of you are aware that advertising accounts for a significant portion of Google’s total revenue. As a result, providers must be aware of which products may be beneficial to clients. Assume you wish to purchase a DSLR camera.

People who sell DSLR cameras, on the other hand, will simply forward this advertisement to those interested in purchasing a DSLR. Both the customer and the merchant will benefit if this happens. Using sophisticated sensors in their customers’ mobile phones, Google was able to learn about people’s daily activities. They are able to comprehend what you require as a result of this. They are promoting the things you require through this method. Simply said, Google is aware of everything about you, from your emotions to your requirements.

Why Google is important?

Google’s server went down for only five minutes on August 16, 2013. And, when you consider what could have happened at the time, all Google services were shut down. The number of Internet users globally fell by 40% in just five minutes. Nicaragua, a South American republic, unexpectedly invaded Costa Rica. This is due to a technical issue with Google Maps. Suddenly, a Google map reveals Costa Rica to be a part of Negrogo, a completely different country. Nicaraguan army invaded Costa Rica as a result. They then started erecting their flags. This problem was later fixed by Google.

Best Google Fun Tricks List

Google In 1998

Google in 1998 So let’s give one other thrilling piece of information about Google Tricks. If you typed in Google in 1998, Google’s interface would change. The Google interface will look the identical because it did in 1998.

Google Guitar Tricks

Google Guitar Tricks Go to Google and search “Google Guitar” and faucet on the first outcome. Now, you possibly can see a guitar theme. Search something within the search field and take a look at what occurred. It’s additionally a cool enjoyable trick.

Earth Day quiz Tricks

Google earth day quiz tricks - Cool Google Tricks
Cool Google Tricks

Do you wish to know Which animal are you? Yes, Google will assist you to search out out. Search “Earth Day quiz” and reply some questions. Now, Google instructed you Which animal are you.

Google Terminal

Google Terminal Search “Google Terminal’‘ and tap on the 1st result. Now, the terminal will open. You will see today’s date, Google logo in a different way, and much more. check now!

Dinosaur game v2.0

Dinosaur game v2.0 In this trick, you can play a dinosaur game and you will never die using a setting. For this, go to Google and search “dinosaur game v2.0“. Tap on the 1st result. You will see a game that you mainly see when you lost your internet connection. You can play it. [Note:] Click on the Activate Bot option and you will never die in the game. Also, check ”Dinosaur Game 3D” for a higher model of the game.

Zerg rush Tricks

Cool Google Tricks - Zerg rush Tricks Go to Google and search “zerg rush” and faucet on the primary hyperlink. You will see a yellow and pink ball will come from the top. When the ball hits each search outcome, the outcome will vanish. After vanishing all of the search outcomes, the pink and yellow ball will collect and reveals GG. It’s completely tremendous cool tips verify it now.

Google Zipper

Google Zipper Search google zipper and faucet on the first hyperlink. You will see a zipper. You can simply unzip it by up and down.

Google Mirror

Google Mirror Google Mirror is one other cool trick of Google. Click the hyperlink “Google Mirror” and search something, Now, you will note each mirror search outcome.

Let It Snow – Google Easter Egg

Let It Snow - Google Easter Egg Search “Let It Snow – Google Easter Egg” and faucet on the first hyperlink. Now, snowfall begin in your search outcome, and Snow hides the search outcome. Tap on the Defrost to cover the snow. Let us know within the remark how you’ll like this trick?

The Wizard of Oz – Google Easter Eggs

The Wizard of Oz - Google Easter Eggs It is one in every of my favourite Google Easter Eggs tips. Click the hyperlink “The Wizard of Oz – Google Easter Eggs” and faucet on the shoe icon. Now, you will go to a different world. Tap on the “cyclone” to again in the actual.

Google In Dark Mode

Google in dark mode Now, I’ll present Google in the dead of night mode trick. To do this, click on on the ”Google In Dark Mode” and you will note the darkish mode of Google.

Google 2048 Game

Cool Google Tricks - Google 2048 Game Go to the link to play Google 2048 Game. Play the game and it’s also possible to activate the bot. The bot will play for you. Do you realize this trick but? Let us know within the remark.

Space Invaders Game

Space Invaders Game Search “google Space Invaders Game” and faucet on the first hyperlink. Now, play the game.

goooooooooooooooooogle Trick

goooooooooooooooooogle Trick Open the Google search field and type “google goooooooooooooooooogle” and faucet on the first hyperlink. Now, you will note magic. You will see google as a Niklas. You may also transfer the Niklas and that’s tremendous cool.

 əๅɓoo⅁ Tricks

əๅɓoo⅁ Tricks Type “əๅɓoo⅁” and search it. Tap on the first hyperlink. Now, you will note flip your display in each nook. Search for one thing to see one other cool trick.

Google Maps Snake Game

Google map games Search “Google Maps Snake Game” and click on on the first hyperlink. Now, choose a metropolis the place you wish to play. Now, play the game. Do you want this game?

Snake Game

snake Game This is one other snake game. Click the hyperlink “Snake Game” and play with the music. I feel it’s one of many cool tips.

Atari Breakout Tricks

Atari Breakout Tricks Not only that, when you Image search on Google picture by typing Atari breakout, then click on on the primary hyperlink Google Lunch a game in your browser. You can play these video games.

Google Sphere Tricks

Google Sphere Tricks Just type after which placed on the search possibility “google sphere.” Then click on I’m feeling fortunate. Look at this, so google search is sort of a sphere, and every little thing on right here is swirling round, and whenever you transfer your mouse, issues transfer, which is kind of extraordinary. I wish to transfer it that approach. It goes alternative ways, you see, and it’s fairly cool.

Breathing train with Google

Breathing exercise with Google Next Google Tricks is If we type in a “breathing exercise” into google, It provides you a one-minute respiratory train. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or know it is advisable deliver your consideration again to your respiratory, that is good. So when you click on run right here, you breathe out and in with this circle, and it’s an enthralling approach of calming you down. You can do it in your cellphone additionally.

Cha Cha Slide Tricks

Cha Cha Slide Tricks Now, we discuss enjoyable search. If you search on Google “cha cha slide,” then you will discover a video, and also you see somewhat mic on the underside of the video. Click on it, see what occurred. It’s tremendous cool.

Google Gravity Tricks

Google Gravity Tricks Next, type in “google gravity.” and we’re simply going to click on. I’m feeling fortunate, and the entire display drops as in gravity. What we are able to do with that is you can begin choosing up issues. It’s one other tremendous cool trick.

Snake Game

Google snake game Now, the subsequent factor I’m going to point out, It’s a snake game, and we’re simply going to enter the search bar “snake game,” and proper right here, Google has its snake, a enjoyable, click on to play. You transfer it along with your mouse. That’s a snake game.

Google Sky Tricks

Google Sky Another enjoyable trick is, Go to Google and type on the search bar “Google sky,” now click on on I’m feeling fortunate. You can see an area sky. It’s a pleasant one to do with youngsters as well; it’s fairly academic. If you click on down right here on the solar system, You can see various kinds of planate. If we click on in-home, you possibly can go to constellations, and you will discover constellations. The moon seems like which is unimaginable. So in case you are a little bit of an area nerd, then this google trick will apply to you.

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Tip Calculator With Google

Google tip calculator Imagine, you go to a restaurant. After consuming the meals you wish to give tricks to the waiter. You aren’t positive how a lot you should give. Use this google tip calculator to search out out. Type “tip calculator” and supply data. Google will calculate waiter suggestions. If you want these tips, please share this text.

Blink HTML Tricks

Blink HTML The subsequent one is to google tips, search on “Blink HTML,” and scroll down. Look at this every little thing is up and down. This Google trick is tremendous spectacular. How do you want this blink HTML google trick? You can remark below!

Google Logo History

Google logo history tricks Another enjoyable Google Tricks is that we are able to type in “google logo history,” and I feel that is fairly cool. You can see this time emblem and likewise earlier time google emblem as well. The emblem of google regarded like each time it modified, so it looks as if Google’s latest emblem.

Joey Tribbiani Tricks

Joey tribiani tricks Another Fun Google trick applies to the entire pal’s characters, so if You type “Joey tribbiani” and simply hit enter. Now you possibly can see pizza in a nook, click on on it, and see that it’s a very cool one. Don’t overlook to attempt.

Ross Geller Tricks

Ross Geller tricks If you type “Ross Geller,” and click on enter. In the nook, we’ll click on the sofa and see what occurred. It’s improbable on. This is one other good google tips 2022.

Google Metronome

Google metronome tricks You can calculate BPM (Beats per minute) utilizing Google Metronome. Search “Metronome” and click on the play possibility. Now, enhance and reduce BPM along with your beats to know your BPM (Beats per minute). This is cool google tips, proper?

Google Color Picker

Google color picker Google coloration picker will assist to pick your coloration with HEX code and far more choices. Search in google “color picker” and pick a coloration.

Minesweeper Google Tricks

Google minesweeper Minesweeper is one other Google game. Search “minesweeper” and faucet on the play possibility. Now, benefit from the game.

Fun information Tricks

Fun Facts tricks Type “Fun Facts” in Google and Google will present you some cool enjoyable information that may blow your thoughts. Try the tips now and luxuriate in!

Logo Change Tricks

logo change Go to google and search “webdriver torso“. Now, you will see the Google logo will be changed. That’s cool.

Google Down status

is google down tricks Sometimes we want to know if the google website is down or not. This trick will help you to find the solution. Search “is google down” and Google will say the reply.

Fool’s Day

This is a cool truth. On April 1, 2004, Google launched the primary g-mail. And surprisingly, Google provides one GB of free storage in Gmail. Back then, 1 GB storage was unimaginable as a result of Hotmail provided only 2 MB of free storage. Many individuals thought that Google April Fool’s Day is fooling everybody due to giving a lot totally free. Even earlier than that, Google did some bizarre issues that make individuals silly.


Googleplex is the name of Google’s headquarters in California. You might be shocked by some of the aspects of this campus if you hear them. Inside, there is a contraption that helps individuals relax. Who is High-tech Energy Pod’s full name? The original purpose of this NASA-discovered technology was to lower people’s stress levels. It was created with Google employees in mind. For moving up and down, there is also a slipper mechanism. These items were only retained by Google to relieve stress among their employees.

Do a barrel roll

Simply asking Google to do a barrel roll is one of the most common amusing Google tricks. To see the magic, go to Google and type “perform a barrel roll” into the search box. The page will spin twice before returning to its previous location. Please take a look at it.

Atari Breakout

Hundreds of variations of the board game exist, but no one can ever forget the original Atari Breakout experience from the 1990s. Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you’ve never had the chance before. The game is no longer available on Google search, but it is still available on elgooG. Scroll down the website and click on Atari Breakout Game. You’ll see that all of the Google photos have been converted into blocks where you can play the classic game. Let me know what your highest score is in the comments section below.


Another one of Google’s amusing gimmicks is Askew. To notice how your page tilts a little, type “Askew” into the Google search field. It may not be as entertaining as some of Google’s other amusing antics, but it’s good to see the world’s most popular search engine tilting a little on your desktop.


“To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.” This Google technique is for the IT professionals out there. If you Google “recursion,” you’ll get stuck in an unending loop that looks a lot like recursion. The term “recursion” refers to the act of repeating something. When looking for recursion, Google will display “did you mean recursion?” Again, it’s a Google prank for all the geeks who know what recursion is in the first place.

Google Gravity

Even on the Google homepage, Gravity operates in amazing ways. Here’s how to bring Google to its knees once and for all — On the homepage, type “Google Gravity” and then click the “I’m feeling lucky” button. It will take you to “Google Gravity,” one of the fun projects. Hi-Res conducted a Chrome Experiment. Many people are unaware that the Gravity trick is essentially a Google interactive search. Finding the options, on the other hand, could be a time-consuming effort.


This clever Google trick is sure to delight Marvel fans everywhere. To find “Thanos snap trick,” go to elgooG and type in “Thanos snap trick.” Jump to Marvel’s supervillain biography on the right-hand side of the page once you’ve arrived at the search results.


This is one of those classic dad jokes that isn’t that humorous but yet makes you laugh. So, here’s a Google Developers example. When you type “Anagram” into Google, it wonders if you meant “Nag A Ram.” It’s just a made-up word that’s really an anagram of the word “Anagram,” got it?

Zerg Rush

Although Zerg Rush appears to have vanished, the interesting Google search may still be found on ElgooG, a Google mirror developed by the All Too Flat. Select Zeg Rush from the ElgooG menu. Several ‘o’s will begin to fall from the search bar, progressively devouring the entire page and leaving nothing behind. It’s entertaining to watch. Alternatively, after typing “Zerg Rush” into the Google search field, click “I am feeling lucky” to access the secret Google trick.

Google Sky

Another interesting Google trick is Google Sky, which allows users to travel across space. Google sky allows you to see astronomical objects such as stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, and the Earth’s moon. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. deception

 The F.R.I.E.N.D.S trick

On the 25th anniversary of the classic sitcom “Friends,” Google devised this Easter egg. This would be perfect for a list of cool things to Google if I ever make one. To activate the Easter egg, simply search for any sitcom character’s name followed by the phrase ‘friends.’ For instance, if you search for “Ross Friends” or “Monica Friends,” a separate symbol for each character will appear on the right side of the desktop. You’ll be able to see it readily on a smartphone. To see the magic, simply click on the icon:

You can also use Google Search to look up “Friends Glossary” to find Friends-specific hilarious definitions of terms from the TV programme.


Timelapse is a new Google Earth tool that allows users to see a 37-year timelapse of how a particular location has changed. This tool can be used to track the growth of metro cities through time, deforestation, and the melting of ice in Antarctica, among other things. It’s not technically a Google search technique, but it’s still a lot of fun. To utilise the function, go to Google Earth Timelapse and select the location you want to see a timelapse of.

Animal Sounds

Try searching for Animal Sounds on Google if you’re seeking for something entertaining to do. You can play sounds of several species of animals, as the search query suggests. Simply tap the volume icon next to the animal’s name when seeing the search results.

Slide Cha-Cha

Do you want to learn how to do some awesome dancing moves? In the featured box, look for Cha-Cha Slide and pick the Microphone icon. Continue to click on it and experiment with new moves.

Google Gravity- A New Cool Google Trick

Even on the Google homepage, Gravity performs admirably. Here’s how, for the first time, you’ll be able to bring Google to its knees. On the homepage, type “Google Gravity” and then click the “I’m feeling lucky” button. It’ll take you to one of the fun “Google Gravity” games. Hi-Res conducted a Chrome Experiment. Many people don’t realise that the Gravity trick is a Google search that you can interact with. Even so, locating the menus would be a time-consuming effort.

Once In A Blue Moon

The second full moon of the month is known as a blue moon (or a third or fourth full moon in a season). Although it does not occur frequently, it does so on a regular basis, which is why the phrase is so powerful. The name has nothing to do with the hue of the moon in modern usage. This pseudo-period can be converted to frequency, which is generally measured in Hertz, because it occurs on a more or less regular basis. When you Google “once in a blue moon,” the frequency comes up, indicating that a blue moon occurs every 2.71542689 years.

Secret languages

Go to My Account by clicking the 9 squares in the upper right corner of your Google homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Language, which is listed under information and personalization. You’ll be able to change your lingo to be more entertaining. Muppets (Bork, bork, bork! ), Elmer Fudd (Ewmew Fudd! ), Klingon, and pirate are just a few examples. For example, you’ll notice “moorr” rather than “more” in the last one. To show off your Google voice assistant, follow these steps.

Do a Barrel Roll

This is the greatest time to surprise your buddies with something like this. To use the Barrel Roll technique, simply search for “perform a barrel roll” without the quotes and see the Google page roll around like a barrel. When a user tries this tactic for the first time, they are likely to panic, believing that something is wrong with the computer. Send this link to a friend and see what they think.

Send the crooked link to someone who is trying to find something on Google and see how they react. Askew/Tilt will tilt the Google page, shocking the viewer who is viewing it for the first time. To see how your friends react, try it out on them.

Zerg Rush
As you search for Zerg Rush, you’ll notice that your Google results start to vanish one by one. The search will send you to a Google page where you can witness alphabets erasing and falling one by one all of the results.

HTML Blink
Search for Blink HTML on Google. All of the words are blinking at the same time.

It’s time to party like it’s 1998. Send this URL to a friend who has a high-speed internet connection and inquire if he sees a rudimentary version of Google loaded? He or she may become perplexed, believing that his internet speed has been reduced.

Trick Shake It This shake it trick will launch YouTube and play a song while shaking the YouTube symbol. Send the link to your friends and inquire about the situation.

This is an incredible trick. Go to and type “recursion” into the search box. The expected outcomes will show. All you have to do now is press the “did you mean recursion” button to be trapped in a loop.

Gravity With the Google gravity trick, watch the site come crashing down. Type ‘Google gravity’ into Google. Ignore the auto-suggestions and select “I’m feeling lucky.” The complete Google page is shown inverted.

Do you know that you can learn to play the guitar with just a few lessons? Simply click on this guitar link and type the alphabets into the google search box below.

The Answer To Life, The universe, And everything

the-answer-to-life-the-universe-and-everythingDouglas Adams, an English author, published The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in 1979. “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the cosmos, and everything is 42,” he added as a major joke that became more renowned than the novel itself. Google acknowledges the novel by providing the same response to the author.


AskewIf you’re not sure what the phrase ‘askew’ means, Google has a unique explanation for you. If you write askew in the search box, the results page will tilt left to right, leaning down.


anagramWhen you search for anagram, you’ll come across an odd proposal. Google rearranges the letters to make it appear as if you were looking for “nag a ram.” An anagram is a wordplay in which the letters of a word or phrase are rearranged to form a new word or phrase. I hope you can see why Google does this now. If you Google ‘define anagram,’ you’ll get results like ‘Did you mean: nerd famous again.’


Recursion-Recursion is a term used in computer science to describe a function that calls itself directly or indirectly. The self-reference is precisely the type of programming entertainment that Google nerds enjoy. When you type’recursion’ into the search field, it suggests that you were looking for recursion.

Once In A Blue Moon

Once-In-A-Blue-MoonThe second full moon in a month is known as a blue moon (or a third or fourth full moon in a season). Although it doesn’t happen very often, it does happen on a regular basis, which is why the term is so powerful. In modern usage, the phrase has nothing to do with the hue of the moon. It is feasible to translate this pseudo-period into frequency, which is commonly measured in Hertz, because it occurs more or less on a regular basis. When you search for “once in a blue moon,” Google provides the frequency, indicating that a blue moon occurs every 2.71542689 years.

The Loneliest Number

The-Loneliest-NumberOne is ‘the loneliest number,’ according to Google. Also equal to 1 is ‘the number of horns of a unicorn.’ Indeed, the outcomes of a number of Google trickery may be computed. ‘The number of horns on a unicorn plus the loneliest number,’ for example, will return.

Google Logo History

Google-Logo-History-If you Google ‘Google logo history,’ you’ll get a slideshow showing the company’s logo variations, starting with the present one and finishing with the ones used in 1998.


Spinner-Google will offer you an interactive spinning wheel with a dropdown option to set the numbers on the wheel if you search for’spinner’ (between 2 and 20). A toggle button on the right top allows you to switch to fidget spinner mode. Simply imitate a rotating motion to spin it. Mediate, Color picker, Metronome, Flip a coin, and Roll a die are some of the additional quick tools available.

Super Mario Bros

super-mario-brosIf you type “Super Mario Bros” into Google, you’ll see a Knowledge Graph with a blinking “?” block. When you click it, you’ll hear a classic clinking coin sound. It also has a nostalgic surprise waiting for you once you’ve clicked on it 100 times.

Friends Characters

Friends-Characters-Six characters from the iconic American show Friends have Easter eggs encoded in Google. You’ll notice something peculiar in the Knowledge Graphs of Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, and Chandler Bing if you Google them. When you click on these ‘abnormal elements,’ you’ll be sent to a fun little game that replaces the traditional list of results.

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I’m feeling curious

Im-feeling-curiousGoogle is a complete boredom buster, and not in the sense that it wastes time. Instead, it aids in the development of general knowledge and the acquisition of intriguing facts while having fun. If you type ‘I’m feeling interested’ or ‘fun facts’ into Google’s search bar, you’ll get a short fact with a source link in one to four phrases. You can use the ‘ask another question’ box as many times as you want to acquire a variety of interesting facts.

Animal Sounds

Animal-SoundsHave you ever wondered what an alpaca or a camel sounds like? Simply type in “animal noises” and you’ll be presented with a list of animals whose sounds you may listen to right in your browser.

Do A Barrel Roll

do-a-barrel-rollIf you type ‘do a barrel roll’ or ‘z or r twice’ into your browser’s search box, the webpage’s content will complete a 360-degree somersault. A Google Barrel Roll is what we call it.

Wizard Of Oz

Wizard-Of-OzMany Wizard of Oz lovers are likely to be found behind the curtain at Google headquarters. And, unlike the phoney magician in the cherished narrative, Google has the ability to transport you to Oz and back. Google will show you a pair of red slippers if you search for “wizard of oz.” When you click on them, the webpage will spin in a tornado-like effect. Meanwhile, Judy Garland will be heard saying, “There is no place like home.” When the effect is complete, you’ll see a retro webpage with a tornado replacing the red slippers. The page will spin again if you click on the tornado, and everything will return to its original state.


ThanosGoogle will display a Knowledge Graph with an Infinity Gauntlet if you search for ‘Thanos’ or ‘Infinity Gauntlet.’ When you click it, its fingers snap, destroying half of the search results. When you click it again, the previously disintegrated results are restored. It’s a nod to the Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War, in which Thanos wielded the Gauntlet to wipe off half of the universe’s population. The Avengers utilised the Gauntlet in the second half of the film to undo Thanos’ death and destruction.

Do a barrel roll

Inquiring Google to perform a barrel roll is one of the most popular amusing Google pranks. To see the magic, go to Google and type in “perform a barrel roll” in the search box. The page can turn twice before returning to its original place. Please take a look at it.

The Loneliest Number

According to Google, one is the ‘loneliest number.’ One is ‘the number of horns on a unicorn.’

Anagram- A Funny Google Trick

Trick for Google Developers Anagram is one of those classic daddy jokes that isn’t amusing under any circumstances. Regardless, it will make you laugh. As an example, here’s one from Google Developers. Google asks if you meant “Nag A Ram” when you search for the word “Anagram.” It’s not even a real word; it’s an anagram of the term “Anagram,” get it?

Customize your Google Search Settings

Google lets you personalise your search parameters so that the results are more relevant to you.

  • Go to the search settings page to customise your Google search settings. Safe Search has a tendency to block specific results.
  • You may even ask Google to speak back to you with answers to your voice searches. You’ll also be able to customise immediate forecasts and the amount of results displayed each page.
  • And your language and positioning to compel. As well as personalised results and recommendations.


To sort through university research, ZDNet gives a helpful technique.

  • To limit the query to academic institutions, type “site:edu” at the start.
  • Then try putting “intitle:” in front of your topic. Site:edu intitle:” American magazines,” for example, returns results. Harvard, the University of Michigan, and other universities have contributed to the findings.
  • You can also use a similar strategy to search for results from a certain website. Anyone remember Learn about the nine things you should never Google.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush appears to have vanished. Even so, you’ll be able to use ElgooG to perform a fantastic Google search. It’s possible that’s a Google mirror formed by the all-too-flat.

  • Go to ElgooG and look for Zeg Rush. Many ‘O’s can slip off the search bar and gradually consume the entire page, leaving nothing behind. It’s entertaining to look at.
  • However, by picking I’m feeling lucky, you’ll be able to access the hidden Google trick. When using the Google search field, type in Zerg Rush.


If you type’spinner’ into Google, you’ll get an interactive spinning wheel with a dropdown menu to change the numbers on the wheel (between 2 and 20). (between the ages of 2 and 20) You can switch to fidget spinner mode by pressing a toggle button on the right top. To spin it, simply imitate a spinning motion. Mediate, Color picker, Metronome, Flip a coin, and Roll a dice are some other quick tools.

Search by Image

Even so, Google can’t just look for words; it can also look for photos. This is one of those Google Search tips that is quite useful, despite the fact that few people are aware of it. You’ll utilise a picture to search for images that are related. This is particularly useful when you have a photograph but no context for it. You want to have found the camera icon in the Google images search box, right?

To upload or transfer an image, simply click the Camera button and paste a photo. To create an image search from your system. You’ll also see a slew of different reverse image search engines on this page. While Google’s Reverse Image search engine is useful for putting photos in context, Individuals, on the other hand, are not so kind. Of course, it will determine well-known people. Traditional users, on the other hand, cannot be removed. If the primary goal of your reverse image search is to locate someone. Individual search engines created for that reason will rank you higher.

Search a particular Phrase

The double quotes (” “) are frequently used to search for a specific phrase. Google displays the results that include the specified term (between the double quotes). The words are in the same sequence as they are listed within the phrase. For example, typing “I’m good” into Google will cause it to search for that word. There’s a chance you won’t find any related search results. If you want hyper-specific search results, this can be useful. And you don’t want your searches to be clogged up with related search results.

Cool Google Tricks You Should Try

The Barrel Roll

Although this is the most basic of all the Google search hacks, it is nonetheless entertaining. Google will perform a barrel roll if you type “do a barrel roll” into the search box. Before returning to its original location, it will rotate twice. It’s a simple trick that’s worth trying.

Google is a Word Nerd

If you type “anagram” into Google, you’ll get the result “nag a ram,” which is an anagram of anagram. When you Google “recursion,” the first result is a definition: “the repeated application of a recursive technique or definition.” Furthermore, Google will question you “Did you mean recursion?” and provide a link to a search for “recursion.”

Secret Languages

All languages are supported by Google. And when we say everything, we mean everything. Click on the nine squares at the top of the homepage to go to My Account. Data and Personalization can be found at the bottom of the page. To change the language of your Google, go to Language. Aside from basic English, there are other entertaining methods to communicate, such as Klingon, pirate, Elmer Fudd, and Muppets!

Google Gravity

google search on phone Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Google is attempting to defy the laws of physics. For a change, make the search engine bend down. Enter “Google gravity” in the search box and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” on Due to the lack of online gravity, Google will fall down once you do so. Try this interactive Google search method if you want to spice up your search.

Cool Google Tricks

Explore your neighborhood Looking for a brand new restaurant to order take out from? Simply type in “restaurants near me” in Google to money in on a brand new native sizzling spot.

Time the sunset (or the dawn!) You can even use a cool Google trick to both unwind or begin your mornings with peace. Search both sundown or dawn time and add the title of your metropolis and Google will let you know!

Calculate the tip When it involves ordering out, does calculate the tip get your thoughts spinning? Don’t fear, Google has you lined! Just type “what is the tip for $___” and insert your invoice quantity. Then, Google will provide you with a proportion which you can modify relying in your generosity. It’s additionally good to separate the invoice between mates!  

Find worldwide time zones Ever puzzled what the time was in Timbuktu? Now, with Google, you could find out in lower than a second! Type in “local time in” and the realm in query and Google’s received your again with the intel you want.

Kicking it old-school For the last word retro throwback, type in “atari breakout” in a Google picture search and you may play the game for a pleasant dose of nostalgia.

Flip a coin If you need assistance making a choice, Google may help! Simply type “flip a coin” for a solution that can’t be solved by frequent info.

Currency converter For a helpful journey hack, ask Google to transform one type of forex to a different to maintain your budget balanced when you’re exploring!

Learn a brand new phrase Need so as to add a brand new huge phrase to your lexicon? Simply type in “definition of” and the phrase you’re making an attempt to outline. The outcomes will convey up a featured definition snippet in Google!

Google Sky Maps Are metropolis lights bogging down your night time sky? Using Google Sky Maps you possibly can see the night time sky from the protection of your individual computer. If you zoom out sufficient, you possibly can even see separate planets and galaxies!

Speak fluent Klingon Even although Star Wars has been crushing information on the field workplace, Star Trek nonetheless reigns supreme within the Google universe. Turn on the Klingon search to provide your Google homepage a enjoyable twist. Klingon received your tongue? Try extra sudden languages like “Pirate” or “Elmer Fudd”.

Askew, askew If you Google “askew” or “tilt”, Google will shift your world ever so barely to the left.

Written numbers Type in any string of numbers with “=English” on the finish and Google will spell it out for you (actually.)

Find your IP tackle Become your individual tech wizard and use Google to shortly get your IP tackle throughout a technical time of want.

Catch a flight Use Google to schedule a flight after quarantine is lifted! Google will recommend some flights to your dream vacation spot and might even observe the flights for value adjustments. Google will ship an electronic mail to your inbox to inform you of the adjustments.

Suicide prevention Turns out there may be precise human empathy behind the machine. If you or a liked one type in “suicide” or “ways to commit suicide”, Google will floor assist articles and the assistance quantity in your nation.

Google earth view Feel small in a good approach and marvel on the universe. If you go to Google Maps’ satellite tv for pc view and zoom out so far as you possibly can, you’ll get a view of the Earth from house with real-time shadows.

Google is aware of the reply to life, the universe, and every part else If you’re searching for the reply to all of life’s questions or simply one of many well-known Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy references, merely type “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” into the Google search field.

Find lyrics Have a partial track caught in your head? Simply, type “lyrics to” and both the title of the track or a snippet of the lyrics into Google and, as soon as once more, the search engine has your again!

Google Mars If you wish to discover what life on different planets could appear like, head on over to Google Mars to take a peek of an infrared map of the purple planet, Mars.

Mind studying searches As an April Fool’s joke, Google launched MentalPlex, which has been stored in its unique kind so that you can get pleasure from right this moment (and gander how far we’ve come by way of graphics). Simply stare into the hypnotizing MentalPlex circle and mentally venture what you want to see.

25. Set a timer This is a useful tool for bakers or newbie cooks who spend a number of time within the kitchen. Google “set timer for x amount of time” and the search engine will pull up a timer. Push begin, and it’ll beep when the time runs out.

26. Once in a blue moon If you Google “once in a blue moon” the mathematical equation will pop up, providing you with the prevalence of a blue moon.

27. Zerg rush The Google web page has adopted the gameplay of the favored on-line game, Starcraft. Type “zerg rush” into the search field and Google will ship a unending fleet of Google O’s to destroy your web page. Click on them to destroy!

Google’s behavior of employees

You’re probably aware that Google is very concerned about its employees. Here are some more data to persuade you to reconsider your position on Google. The names of Google employees have a strange pattern. The new Google employees will be known as Nuglar. Googlers are those who work with senior staff. The names of those who have departed the company will be Juglar. Anyone who took a pet dog with them would be known as Dougler. The Google cafe, which is located at Google’s headquarters, will surprise you.

These Google employees were fed some of the world’s tastiest and healthiest meals. The hilarious part is that they are not obligated to pay anything in exchange for this. According to Google, employees should walk 200 metres before eating anything. A Google employee’s family will receive half of their salary for the next ten years if they die. I believe that these tiny features have aided Google’s climb to prominence. Because, in order to prosper, it is vital to look after personnel.

How much is Google’s revenue?

After that, he’ll have a good time. The subject of Google secrets is Google revenue. Let’s take a look at Google’s earnings. Many people are familiar with Netflix, a prominent streaming service. It’s a massive conglomerate. Netflix was founded a year before Google. Netflix was founded in 1997, whereas Google was founded in 1998. Despite the fact that Google is one of the world’s most profitable companies, and despite being one year younger, Google’s income is significantly larger than Netflix’s. Every minute, the corporation earns $2 million.

On the other hand, Apple makes $3 million per minute. This should not come as a shock to anyone. Based on the information I’m about to give you, you might think we had a million dollars a few days ago. Google planned to sell their entire company to Yahoo in one go for $1 million. Yahoo, on the other hand, declined at the time. According to them, if Google charges $1 million, the price will be significantly higher. The present value of Google appears to be more than three lakh times one million dollars. It appears that we would buy it if we had a million dollars.

Final Summary

Everything you see here comes from our end. As you can see, there are a lot of funny and cool Google tricks that you may employ to get the most relevant search results. When you have determined which of them are most important, you should then use them three to four times to ensure that you do not forget them.

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