Different Instant Money Making Apps that Pay Plus $100

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Different Instant Money Making Apps that Pay Plus $100

We’re spending a lot of money purchasing our smartphone, but we’re not using our smartphone’s full capacity. There are lots of applications and features that can make our life simple and one of those features is making money from downloads.

There are hundreds of money generating applications that you can install and gain some decent income on your smartphone. But here, I’m showing you 25 best-rated Instant Money Making applications(Apps) that will offer more revenue in less time.

Some can start earning you money within hours or days of installing them, even if you don’t use them all the time. But it begins with signing up and downloading them, of course, so don’t just read this and do nothing at all. By the way, more money making apps will constantly update this page, so you can bookmark this to check back again.

Best Instant Money Making Apps


Just install and start using it to receive as many “swag bucks” (SBs) as you can from very easy operations.

Watching videos for entertainment or information purposes Or also just for playing games on your phone Yes, Swagbucks are actually making money for those who install or watch videos or play games on their phones.

So if you’re hobby about playing games or even watching videos, downloading and using applications like these to play games or watching videos places them among the hobbies that make money for you.

In addition, SB Response also helps you to post reviews of your local shopping experience at some nearby stores. You can enter the online survey group at Swagbucks by simply signing up on the web.

SB Answer has some 18 million members who have received free shopping (gift) cards worth more than US$ 150 million for their services. SB Answers is one of the hottest online survey applications built to make money in the US and some other countries.



Ibotta is one of the money making apps that lets you get cash back on regular transactions. You need to check Ibotta before going shopping, driving, dining or any other transactions.

Buying via the app, which includes a range of exclusive deals, helps save money. You can use it to shop and get some of your cash back at more than 300 affiliate stores around you.

You can use the app to check for shops where you can get rebates before you visit those stores. You’ll then use this device to check your receipt after shopping. If you have a total of $20 in your account you get to cash out.

Download Ibotta



Ebates is another app that gives you cash back when you use it for shopping. It is linked to more than 2000 shops and you get cash back up to 40% anytime you shop.

It’s an app that you can use to make money, and without too much. Only using the links and codes that it provides you with and you’ll be getting cash back. You will also enjoy cash back and coupon offers with discounts.

Download Ebates



If you’re a big shopper, ShopKick is another best app to make money. You can step into any shop for gift cards or coupon redeem. You will make money while shopping. ShopKick charges you a gift card for a total of $2.

The best part is that the app is completely cost-free. You can get that through Google Play for Android platform.


Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that rewards you with coins for taking pictures of the receipts you earn from shopping in supermarkets, dining in restaurants or drinking in cafes, etc. So, yes, this is one of the best online shopping applications to help you make money!

At the virtual “Hog” slot machine you are also rewarded with spins, and you can win sweepstake prizes. You will get paid for taking surveys and even winning other prizes.

It is an app that you can find when you’re trying to make money for doing absolutely nothing online. You can exchange your coins for PayPal dollars, Amazon gift cards or Google Play gift cards free of charge. Through installing the iOS or Android versions of Receipt Hog you will start earning today.



Checkpoints is another incentive app for completing basic shopping related activities, which rewards you with points.

Reward money-making app You can use this app by going to your favorite stores and scanning the product barcodes you want, and earning points.

The points can be traded from your favorite retailers like Amazon, American Airlines, Walmart, etc. for bonuses like gift card deals. You can also use this app to win amazing prizes by playing games. Shopping on the internet, watching videos online, completing deals and taking quizzes are some more ways to earn.

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TaskBucks is an online survey and task application that mainly targets Indian citizens and the Indian subcontinent. In several ways it follows the style of the Swagbucks of America. This is one of Android’s money making apps that is easy to use and allows you to complete online surveys, post product reviews, write the app’s needed impressions, and complete other small tasks.

In return, you’re billed money to your Paytm account which can be used for anything from online shopping to prepaid smartphone recharges.

For Android Users



CashPirate is one of the best money-making apps for fast earning money. Like Mint Coins, you can download the money-making applications, try free items, watch videos and refer mates.

You will earn 10 percent of the earnings each referral receives and 5 percent from the referral. They use the words ‘Money’ for earnings & you can easily remove your earnings from your PayPal account once you have received 2500 money.

Out of 42,000 happy users this app is scored 4.5/5. It means trustworthy on the web.

For Android Users:


Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is among the best apps that make money but don’t cost you cash. It does however reward you with Google Play Credits where you can redeem in the Play Store for Android apps, Google Music, Books, Magazines and movies.

You can earn a profit here by completing a small survey giving Google your opinion on a company. Google forward it to the business that is searching for contact with customers.

They will send you surveys every week once you sign up, and rewards may range from 25 cents to $1 or even more.


Make Money

Google Opinion Rewards is among the best apps that make money but don’t cost you cash. It does however reward you with Google Play Credits where you can redeem in the Play Store for Android apps, Google Music, Books, Magazines and movies.

You can earn a profit here by completing a small survey giving Google your opinion on a company. Google forward it to the business that is searching for contact with customers.

They will send you surveys every week once you sign up, and rewards may range from 25 cents to $1 or even more.



Dosh is another reward app that will give you cash back on transactions made from stores, restaurants and hotels. To receive cashback on all of your transactions, you’ll need to attach your credit or debit card to this app. Dosh partners with over 100,000 brands and retailers.

To get the most out of this app, attach your cards and make your transactions as usual after you download it. The app can search for the best offers and coupon offers that suit your transaction. Dosh then redeems your Dosh wallet and puts the deal right in.

You can then transfer money into your PayPal or bank account from your Dosh wallet. Making money simple with Dosh is possible, and with that, many people have made and continue to make money.



Rewardable app pays real cash not like making money from apps like Google Opinion Rewards where you’re getting points. This specific app is for users residing in the US only.

The work will be online to complete a task or to answer a few questions in a shop. Depending on the job you choose it could cost you from $5 to $20. They pay you through PayPal.

For Android Users


ESPN Streak For The Cash  

ESPN’s Streak For The Cash app will make you money forecasting games and winning streaks. Using this app to predict every game’s results, and seek to predict the longest winning streak in a month.

For various types of sports you choose the right wins from different games. You have a chance of even winning a $5,000 grand prize in a month, making it one of the games out there that rewards real money.

Of course, money isn’t guaranteed but you can’t tell if you’re not trying, right? If you’re someone who loves games and a bit of betting, install this app and start. It can be as easy as game analysis and money-making.



Much like Rewardable, Gigwalk is available in the US and some parts of Canada for people as well.

Gigwalker is one of the apps where you make money by completing your assignments. This may be taking pictures of various locations, handing out fliers or brochures or being a shopper of mysteries.

These applications to make money are laborious because you may have to go out on the streets. You will make anywhere between $5 and $20.


Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that rewards you with coins for taking pictures of the receipts you receive from grocery shopping, restaurant dining or café drinking, etc. Yeah, yes, this is one of the best online shopping apps for helping you make money!

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You’re also rewarded with spins at the virtual “Cow” slot machine, and you can win sweepstake prizes. You’ll get paid to take surveys and even win other awards.

It’s an experience you’ll consider when you’re trying to make money online for doing absolutely nothing. You can swap the coins free of charge for PayPal dollars, Amazon gift cards or Google Play gift cards. You’ll start earning today by downloading the iOS or Android versions of Receipt Hog.


SlideJoy lets you spend time testing trending news and unlocking your lock screen. Slidejoy charges you in cash or in gift cards to get trending news and commercials on your lock screen. “Redeem cash bonuses to your favorite retailers / brands on your PayPal account or gift card bonuses.

You can also donate the money you’re earning from Slidejoy and send money to charity, “the website says. Slidejoy register users will make money while they are using their mobile phone. “You’ll get a card with news or a deal on your lock screen every time you unlock your phone,” it adds.

For Android Users



Champcash is a very recent entrant in Best Money making apps providing money to complete small tasks. Champcash is running a referral programme. This means installing the ChampCash app and handing your mates over to follow suit.

Champcash pays you a small sum of money for every positive download by the individuals you refer to. But ChampCash comes with a big catch. After you’ve successfully installed the app and registered, you’ll just get paid to install more and more applications and download videos.

Hence, make sure your cell phone has enough memory to handle all the extra applications you need to make money and watch videos before you get the promised rewards. Compensation is in the form of Amazon India and Flipkart shopping coupons, and others.

For Android Users



iPoll is also one of the Best Payable Survey Apps. This is one of the money making android apps that allows you to take surveys and make cash.

iPoll will pay you cash, as well as iTunes and Amazon loans. You can pick various surveys, some surveys that can be taken up by anyone and others are limited that not everyone can take up.



Viggle is one more app for which you can make some decent money. You will make money watching television and listening to the radio.

You get points of recognition for watching tv shows or listening to songs. You can gain points with Viggle Live by completing polls while watching a live TV show.


Earn Talktime

Like the name suggests, you won’t win money but by using the ‘Earn TalkTime’ feature you will gain free speaking time. There are a variety of ways that these money making apps will receive free talktime.

Installing other free mobile app If you don’t have ample cash, you can get loan from ‘Earn Talktime’. Win by signing up to a website Discover Premier provides extra discount on shopping on any website Answer polls & do online surveys Watch videos.


UberEATS is an application that makes money when you deliver food to clients

This app can be activated and you can start making money by helping restaurants, diners and the like to make deliveries to people and businesses near you.

You don’t have to do much here because you just need to have a car, a bicycle, a motorcycle or any means to deliver the food to customers. UberEATS lets you pick your own work schedule and set it up. You will receive $10 an hour, on average.



Stash is one of those apps that pay money for investment to users. To make your first investment, all you need is $5 and the app will show you where and how to make the most profitable investments.

You’ll enjoy smart financial targets with investing apps like this and you’ll enjoy easy investments that will earn you compound returns in just a few years.

Stash is a Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which operates under SEC regulations. So, your cash and your investments are safe.



Decluttr is an app that you can use to sell your CDs, DVDs, cards, books & tech things like consoles for mobile phones and cards.

This app can be used to make money out of your things. It will help you get rid of your belongings without having to leave the house.

Instant quotes can be retrieved using Decluttr. You just need to check the barcodes. One nice thing about this feature is you don’t even pay seller fees or list fees. Registered on both Ios and iPhones.


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