Different Types of Social Media

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Different Types of Social Media – Full Review [Updated 2023]

What first comes to mind when you hear the word “social media”? It’s Facebook for us. Every day, more than 1.3 billion individuals are drawn to this giant. Facebook and other social networking sites are just one type of social media platform, though. We’re going to list at least seven different sorts of social media. What are they, and how can savvy business owners and marketers use them to reach a larger audience? Let’s investigate.

Most popular social networks worldwide as of July 2021, ranked by a number of active users (in millions):

Types of Social Media With Examples 2
Source: Statista

Social media differ. Many think that there are no specific types of social media platforms. You will be surprised to know that there are many of them. In our article, we are going to cover six main types:

The type of social media that’s right for you

Social media is available in a wide variety of forms. In one way or another, you may leverage the majority of these categories to benefit your organisation. Clarify your goals, think creatively, and, most importantly, be authentic. If you haven’t already, you should check out Biteable because it was primarily developed to allow individuals to quickly, conveniently, and affordably generate high-quality video content for several of the social networking sites mentioned above. Businesses and marketers search for various Social Media networks that they can use to target and convert their consumers as a result of the popularity and effectiveness of Social Media Channels.

The only social media platforms that the general public is aware of are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Through social media, you may increase the loyalty of your current clients to the point where they will freely recommend you to others. More than 88 percent of businesses currently use social media for marketing. However, there are a variety of different Social Media platforms that marketers and brands should explore because they are important for prospect targeting and conversion.


Different Types of Social Media

Social networking sites

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are familiar to the majority of us. We can connect with friends, family, and brands through these channels. They promote knowledge exchange and emphasise close, one-on-one communication. A social networking site can do everything. Users can engage in vibrant debates, curate information, submit photographs and videos, form groups based on interests, and share their ideas.

They are designed with the user, their priorities, and their social networks in mind. In addition, they assist us in calculating the social media ROI, which facilitates the development of powerful marketing plans. What benefits may social networking sites offer your company, then?

  • Reach a target audience through ads: These websites foster sizable, diverse communities. Based on certain targeting data, advertisers can rent people’s permission to contact with them. For instance, an advertiser wishing to target a primarily young audience could do so via the app Snapchat, whereas a professional user base might be better served by LinkedIn. We can reach a lot of the correct people using these platforms’ enormous data sets without using up our entire advertising budget.
  • Network:Build relationships with followers, discover like-minded clients or new business partners using hashtags and groups.
  • Research: In-depth customer research can be found on social networking sites, and social listening techniques can be used to monitor talks about particular terms. This can improve our ability to comprehend (and serve) our audience.

Social review sites

What is one of the first steps you take when making travel or purchasing plans? If you’re like us, you’ll immediately look at the reviews. Reviews from the public are displayed on review websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor for a variety of locations and activities. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of making a restaurant or hotel reservation. You’re unsure if it’s the best move for you. Look at the reviews to find out. Businesses can gain a lot by looking at both positive and negative evaluations. They gain from it:

  • Understand the customer’s perspective: From the perspective of the reviewer, reviews describe the consumer experience. Use this to determine what’s working and find places where improvement is possible.
  • Solve problems: Reviews offer a chance to interact with reviewers and address any possible problems before they become major issues.

Different Types of Social Media – Social Networks

Social networks’ main objectives are to facilitate human interaction, the establishment of communities and groups, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. What were formerly straightforward services are now essential components of every social media marketing campaign. Utilizing social networks to develop your business has countless advantages, including lead generation, market research, relationship building, increased recognition, and more!


There is no need to introduce this social media powerhouse. Facebook, which has over 2.7 billion active users each month, enables you to connect with people and businesses, establish or join groups, share photos, videos, and links, go live, and discover local events. Additionally, it offers a marketplace where you may buy and sell locally. Brands struggle with visibility on Facebook since it was designed primarily as a platform for human connection. But if you have a high marketing budget, you can make up for that as Facebook gives you the chance to make effective ad campaigns.

For instance, GoPro urged its 10.9 million customers to “record important experiences” with their GoPro HERO9 Black and share them using the hashtag when it introduced the #GoProMillionDollarChallenge in September 2020. The end result was roughly 29,000 submissions from more than 125 countries, 56 of which combined to create a highlight video with 2 minutes and 668,00 views and counting. Each of the creators received $17,857. The main takeaway from this is that GoPro continues to heavily rely on user-generated content to power their page, appeal to their target demographic, and keep people engaged, even if you don’t have that type of marketing budget. Check out this step-by-step instruction to get you up to speed if you’re new to Facebook ads.


Twitter is a form of social media that enables the sharing of text-based, visual, and audio material. It has evolved into a resource for the most recent information on a variety of current issues, including news, entertainment, sports, and even politics. The main benefit of Twitter is the ability to exchange content instantly. The fact that most other websites do not have a character limit of 280 is a downside, but it allows you to keep your message brief and to the point.

Types of Social Media With Examples 3

Twitter has currently established itself as the go-to platform for customer support as you can see individuals message brands directly for efficient online solutions. It’s a terrific method to enhance your brand’s reputation and demonstrate your concern for your customers. International sportswear company Nike established the @NikeService account, which answers client questions in English, Spanish, and French and even offers real-time updates.


For potential job seekers, it’s not just about looking for a job or posting your résumé. You can network by connecting with individuals and businesses on this professional social media platform, contribute material in the form of text, links, photographs, or videos, develop your brand, and establish yourself as a thought leader and authority in your sector. For instance, you are fully aware of HP’s identity and scope when you visit their website. Even though they shared a job posting, they managed to keep things interesting with their graphic content.

Different Types of Social Media

Messaging Apps

We’re all guilty of sending a joke, a meme, or a few stickers to one other on WeChat or WhatsApp, but these social media platforms have grown to be more than simply a tool to send and receive text messages. Having tools for calling, making groups, sending messages to many people at once, transferring money, and the opportunity to build chatbots, messaging applications could be beneficial to your company in a number of ways.

Businesses like Booking.com currently use WhatsApp to send booking confirmations to customers, offering a quick and simple consumer experience. When you typed in a single ingredient or sent a food emoji to a Facebook Messenger chatbot developed by Whole Foods Market in 2016, you received recipe recommendations. There are countless ways you can use messaging apps to give your audience a direct line of connection so they can ask questions, voice grievances, exchange updates, and develop trust.

Different Types of Social Media -Photo & Media Sharing Apps


A media sharing behemoth has emerged from what was once only a picture-sharing website. You may share images, videos, and stories on Instagram using a wide variety of filters, which you can keep as Highlights under your bio. Additionally, you may upload Reels, which are vertical videos that last 30 seconds, post on IGTV to share long-form video content, and even go live! Additionally, you may easily cross-share your material by linking your account to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Direct messaging allows you to communicate privately with other people as well. You may create an Instagram Business Profile as a business and receive analytics for your posts to help you with your marketing plan. What else? Even better, you can boost posts directly from the app or advertise and promote your posts using Facebook Business Manager. Currently, FitBit’s postings are excellent at providing a mix of beautiful, clear images, information, and value additions to their community of followers in the form of health advice, fitness hacks, and self-care.  


Imgur, which was introduced in 2009, is a media network for sharing images and GIFs that enables you to create and explore visual content, much of which consists of memes. Imgur only has users; there are no “friends” or “followers” there. Users on Imgur upvote posts to make them more visible. Downvoted content is anything which is deemed to be of minimal value. Imgur is an extremely specialised community because of its democratic approach to material.

Imgur teams up with marketers to make sure the message is appropriate for the site in order to break into this specialised community, which is primarily made up of millennial guys between the ages of 24 and 36. For instance, eBay tried an experiment on Imgur where, instead of promoting their product directly, they uploaded Father’s Day gift suggestions that combined images and videos of drones with links to the products on their website. Because they were not overly branded, the advertisements were successful.

Different Types of Social Media

Imgur may be an untapped source of potential growth for your brand if it has content that would make a great meme or has amazing ideas to share.


YouTube receives the second-highest number of queries behind Google even though it isn’t technically a search engine. Their data speaks for itself. YouTube contains a wide range of video content, including how-to videos, TV series, ads, and more. If it’s in video format, you can find it there. It’s simple to create and share your video content, and you have the choice of broadcasting live as well.

As a business, YouTube delivers superb SEO and all the necessary metrics, all for free. Even better, you can use YouTube advertising to broaden your audience. Either giving your subscribers something of value or having fun with them can help you succeed on YouTube. For instance, the video content from LEGO appeals to both kids and adults. LEGO has mastered the art of keeping its audience interested with everything from educational videos (using LEGO) to animated series. Similar to this, you can make lessons, how-to films, arrange a product launch and release the video as a premiere while uploading videos, organise live sessions, or make engaging videos centred around your product, depending on what your business does. The ways you can use YouTube to grow your business are virtually limitless.


Businesses may make, publish, and market high-quality videos using the tools available on Vimeo, a platform for sharing videos. It provides you with a more engaged audience who values quality and contributes useful information. Pre-roll advertisements are also not a concern because Vimeo forbids them. It features excellent customizability possibilities and high-quality audio and video. You can gain access to premium services like technical assistance, creating a unique player logo, robust analytics, etc. by subscribing to one of their subscription packages.

A paid Vimeo account can provide you with specialised support from their team if you’re new to video marketing and don’t have much experience. Additionally, it provides you with extremely specific privacy choices that might be quite helpful if you wish to embed your video on a single website, password-protect it, or change viewing access. Given its high quality and customisation options, Vimeo is the way to go if you have movies that are particularly personal to your company, such introductions, explainers, product videos, or testimonials.

Different Types of Social Media – Blogging & Publishing Networks

If your company doesn’t already have a blog, you might want to think about starting one. By identifying a niche of readers that appreciate your material, you can become recognised as a thought leader by having a solid content marketing plan. Additionally, it can assist you with SEO, raise brand awareness for your company by sharing insights and knowledge, and produce content for cross-promotion on other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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A blog may support your content marketing strategy from the ground up. For instance, the Etsy Blog features user success stories along with other material related to their shop. It’s a wonderful strategy for increasing user engagement and achieving your business goal. WordPress is the best option if you decide to host on your website. You may create a website that is completely unique to you and speaks your brand’s language. You may drive the engagement you desire with the choice of many plugins, without having to worry too much about server management and the tiresome backend inspections. Tumblr and Medium are unquestionably the social media platforms you should use if you decide to independently host your blog.

You can submit multimedia and other stuff, including text, quotes, links, chats, and even audio, to a short-form blog on Tumblr, which other users can find and share. Posts can be liked, commented on, and shared on this page. If you want to produce less wordy, fun content that appeals to a younger audience, Tumblr is a terrific website. Unlike Tumblr and WordPress, Medium is a serious publishing platform. Its design isn’t adaptable because all you get is your personal profile and there aren’t as many formatting possibilities as there are with WordPress. The visibility of Medium is its main benefit. Despite the fact that it is not free, it ranks considerably higher in search engines and has a more upscale appeal because of the calibre of the writers it hosts.

Interactive Apps – Different Types of Social Media

Users of these forms of social media are able to share photographs and videos together with a wide range of innovative elements, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) filters, audio overlays, and other types of interactive features.


When Snapchat first came out, it was the platform that made the format of stories popular. It enables you to use various filters when sharing images and brief videos, known as “snaps,” with the peers you’ve added. A picture you post to your stories can be seen for 24 hours. Your snaps in private messages vanish once they have been viewed by the recipient. Discover is a unique feature on Snapchat that allows you to watch the stories of your friends, our stories, a collection of user-submitted Snapchats, publisher stories, stories from Snapchat’s media partners, and shows, which are stories from TV network partners.

One of the earliest users to collaborate with Snapchat and appear on their Discover tab was VICE. They offer news, films, and use Snapchat’s quiz feature, and currently have 8.2 million subscribers. Additionally, Snapchat provides you with strong advertising solutions that can boost your business’s sales, generate leads, or expand your audience. Just a Snapchat Ad Account will do. You can use this guide to start working on your first Snapchat advertisement.


With over  1.7 billion in 2023 active users, TikTok has become one of the largest social media networks in a short period of time. TikTok, a popular app among Gen Z and Millennials, allows users to produce and share 60-second or shorter movies that may include lip-syncing, dancing, fitness, voiceovers, or both. Users also have the option to cooperate with or comment on the work of other users.

TikTok is adaptable, genuine, appealing to local audiences, and it is brief and to the point. Additionally, capitalising on current trends is a fantastic method to increase platform awareness. 50 percent of the leading brands at the moment are not active on or present on TikTok. Small businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to use the platform and develop a following. To get started with TikTok, you might make a catchy video in a matter of minutes utilising thousands of free themes.

Discussion Forums – Different Types of Social Media

One of the earliest forms of social media is discussion forums. Although these websites don’t encourage direct advertising, they can be a significant resource for gathering market data, creating communities, obtaining honest customer feedback, fostering trust, and generating leads. Brand pages are not present here like they are on other social networking platforms. Individual accounts are made by entering the bare minimum of data.

Discussion boards like Quora and Reddit use a straightforward Q&A style where helpful responses get upvoted and unfavourable ones get downvoted. On these platforms, you can also select paid advertisements. However, things do become a little complicated for marketers because paid material may receive negative comments.


If you’re new to Reddit, a user account is denoted by the URI u/”username,” whereas subreddits are denoted by the URI r/”topic.” Subreddits are online communities that are typically focused on a specific topic, problem, or question. You will accrue Karma Points as an active participant in these communities when you comment, distribute links, and receive upvotes or downvotes. For Redditors, Karma Points function as scorecards. You can view how many Karma Points and Awards Netflix has accumulated from the Reddit community by visiting their user profile.

By looking for themes or subreddits that align with your marketing objectives, your company may monitor the conversations taking place around your brand. By creating your own discussion threads, leaving sincere reviews of your services, and choosing relevant subreddits to submit your information, you can also contribute to subreddits. For instance, Netflix uses the subreddit u/trailers to upload movie trailers, or they search for appropriate subreddits to put particular content there. For instance, they published a beyond the screen Army of the Dead film in the r/zombies subreddit.


Reddit and Quora both use the same Q&A procedures. Quora can help you develop your brand’s reputation. The key here is to stick with topics that are relevant to your company. Imagine you are a clothing company. You can enter “clothes” in the search field and select any relevant topic to follow. Even further filters include author, time, and type (question, response, post, profile, and topic).

You can look for the appropriate questions to answer once you’ve started following subjects. You must be careful to avoid sounding overly commercial to avoid being downvoted. Since there are no brand profiles on Quora, you will need to ask one of your employees, ideally a senior executive or an authority in the field, to respond to the questions you choose. After the responses, you can include a CTA that points visitors to your website. To get your answers upvoted, include as much detail without any filler as you can. More upvotes equate to increased visibility. For instance, the most popular response to the question below, “What’s the best site to purchase cheap apparel online?” is from a company owner who is disseminating knowledge that the community will find useful.

Different Types of Social Media – Bookmarking & Content Curation

You can easily make these kinds of social media networks your go-to outlets for ideas, news, hot topics, and trends because they help you discover new information, save it, and share it with other people.


Pinterest serves as a visual search engine and is one of the top websites in the world for exchanging ideas and finding creative inspiration. With a unique user interface, Pinterest uses “Pins,” which are simply visual bookmarks that you accumulate on “Boards,” to operate. A Pin may link to a source or include an image, video, infographic, or other media. A specific Board can be used to establish a collection of Repins or Pins from another source, which essentially serves as a category of things or concepts. Boards make it easier to organise your pins as a user and as a company to assist your audience in finding what they are looking for.

For instance, Whole Foods Market produces advice, DIY, or How-To infographics that are relevant to their audience, seasonal, and topical. The content from Whole Foods Market is aesthetically pleasing, well-organized, and offers the user useful information in the form of tricks, tips, news about new goods, etc. Their graphic content is all linked to their website. Pro-Tip: If you haven’t already started marketing on Pinterest, see our comprehensive guide to do so for ideas and how to begin going.


Flipboard is a content curation website where you may choose topics that interest you from, such as news, entertainment, technology, design, etc. and flip them into a magazine. It was launched in 2010, around the same time as Pinterest. A magazine is a unique compilation of the content you choose that makes it easier for you to access and manage them. There are periodicals available for all of your hobbies. In order to provide you with original and trustworthy content, the editorial team additionally curates specialised magazines with the most recent news and trends with publishers like the Guardian, BBC, The Telegraph, Forbes, etc.

Unlike Pinterest, it is less concerned with aesthetics because it is a platform that is driven by news, information sharing, and trending themes. You may position yourself as an authority in your field and increase traffic to your website by producing and collecting material that is current and pertinent to your business. The company Levi’s excels at doing that. They have turned stories from 11 magazines covering a variety of subjects. Each magazine contains carefully chosen articles that either advertise their publication, give information exclusive to Levi’s, or direct readers to their website.

If your business is in the fashion and leisure sector, like Levi’s, you could make product catalogues that you can turn into magazines, highlight industry news, provide corporate insights and events, or even start a newsletter for your subscribers. It’s important to maintain consistency.

Review Networks

How many times have a Yelp review prevented you from making a bad food choice or a Tripadvisor review kept your trip from being a complete nightmare? These social media platforms enable you to discover and exchange reviews about goods, services, meals, lodging, and other topics. To avoid a bad experience, people frequently read online reviews. Positive evaluations are crucial for your company and can surely affect sales.

These social media platforms can aid your understanding of your consumers’ perspectives as a business. Positive or negative reviews can help you figure out what is and isn’t working so you can make the required adjustments. They offer you the chance to address problems and build a solid reputation for your brand. Regardless matter how big or small your business is, how you respond to negative feedback can have a huge impact on your ability to win over clients’ trust and loyalty.

Social Shopping Networks

Do you remember when there were malls? Since everything is now accessible online, social shopping platforms like Etsy and Faveable enhance the e-commerce experience by fusing the sale of products with customer suggestions. These social media platforms put a strong emphasis on fostering communities of people with related interests and viewpoints who might influence one another’s purchasing decisions.

Social shopping is approached editorially by Faveable. Faveable simplifies purchasing by hiring experts who independently investigate things by thoroughly evaluating them, as opposed to just offering the buyer a product. After being tried out, the products are reviewed in articles with a link to where you may purchase them. Similar to this, Etsy’s store supports small companies and independent artisans by giving them the opportunity to market and sell their work for as little as $0.20. Customers that buy the goods you sell provide feedback. Positive reviews have an effect, and helpful reviews are frequently upvoted.

Making ensuring your branding is strong is essential for success on Etsy and Fancy. This includes not only your logo but also how you photograph your goods and how descriptively you write your material. There are several ways to make amazing product videos at home if you do not want to invest in a studio.

Interest Based Networks

Passion-based networks, whether they be for music, books, or interior design, concentrate exclusively on one particular interest, in contrast to other forms of social media that cover a wide range of topics. Interest-based networks can help you precisely target the proper audience if you have a very limited market. For instance, Goodreads is a fantastic resource to use if you’re a publisher. Authors and voracious readers are the sources of Goodreads content.

In a variety of categories, you may find, browse, rate, and review books. You may find out what your friends are reading, what they wish to read, and offer comments by adding them. You can access a variety of books by searching for a category, rating them, or choosing to read them. This information is then published on your profile so that your friends can leave comments or reviews. Similar to this, Houzz enables you to connect with people looking for interior design services, view the work of other designers, and create collections of your own work if you work in the housing or interior design industries.

Users have the option to download or share your images, ask questions, or offer comments when you upload a design. An interest-based network can assist you in connecting with customers who are specifically interested in your service and staying up to date on trends if you have a very specialised target market.

Sharing Economy Networks

Networks that promote the sharing economy address the issue of people’s declining desire to own goods. By sharing services, it makes it possible for people to save money. It’s the ideal technologically advanced internet option for both people who want to make money and those who want to save money. For instance, Uber uses the ease of a smartphone app to match people who need a trip with drivers. Even better, you may rate your ride and then share your thoughts on it.

Sharing economy networks serve specialised niches just like interest-based networks do. Therefore, engaging in these social media platforms is only conceivable if you fall inside the umbrella of those particular sectors. For instance, listing your bed and breakfast on Airbnb can help you generate more leads and purchases.

Audio Only Apps

There are lots of people who routinely listen to podcasts. You might also belong to this group! This category exclusively contains audio, as its name would imply. In contrast to your profile image, your content literally speaks for you! A popular social audio app right now is called Clubhouse. You can use the app to browse a number of rooms made by users on a range of subjects. Where else may you be able to join a chat room where Elon Musk is discussing cryptocurrencies? You can listen in, speak up, and engage in conversation with others who share your interests. The best thing is that you may host your own room, giving entrepreneurs the thrilling chance to impart their knowledge and position themselves as thought leaders.

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You can keep up with current events, listen to experts, meet people who have the skills you need, give free advise, and possibly even gain new clients by starting a room or joining a club. There are countless options. What better method to reach more people if your company already has a podcast than to make it available on Spotify? It presently has 158 million paying customers and 356 million monthly active users. For as little as $250, you can make an audio advertisement for Spotify if your company doesn’t do podcasting.

Anonymous Social Networks

These are the kinds of networks where you won’t be able to find new prospective venues, social media networks, or users. If you’re seeking for those things, you should look elsewhere. You are able to post in an anonymous capacity on anonymous social networks, as the name says.

Primitive examples are websites such as Whisper and 4chan. It is easy for these networks to become venues for cyberbullying, venting, gossiping, or snooping because users may post on these sites anonymously, therefore there is no accountability for the user. None of these activities are beneficial to any company or brand.

Image sharing sites – Different Types of Social Media

Our hearts, eyes, and imaginations are captured by visual content like pictures, infographics, and illustrations. The purpose of social media sites like Instagram, Imgur, and Snapchat is to increase the impact of image sharing. Users produce, collect, and share distinctive images that provoke thought and stand on their own. For your business, a picture might be worth a thousand words. Utilize these websites to

  • Encourage user-generated content: Image sharing websites are a boon for businesses with a good shot. You can launch campaigns enticing customers to take a photo of your product and post it online with a special hashtag.
  • Create inspiration: You may inspire and engage users by creating, curating, and sharing your own photographs. This helps people connect over a common interest.

Video hosting websites

YouTube revolutionized the way in which we watch, create, and take into consideration video. It reworked the medium into one thing accessible. Recent enhancements in tech and connectivity helped video go the remainder of the way in which. Video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo assist creators put collectively content material and share it to a platform optimized for streaming. This accessibility makes video an excellent essential medium. Use video hosting websites to:

  • Share phenomenal content material: Yes. This level is a bit apparent, however creators can use YouTube to build communities and get their content material on the market.
  • Engage: YouTube’s remark part gives loads of alternatives to get to know the folks watching your content material.

Community blogs

Sometimes a picture or post isn’t complicated sufficient for the message you’ve acquired to share, however not everybody on the internet needs to run a weblog from a self-hosted web site. That’s lots of work. Shared running a blog platforms like Medium and Tumblr give folks an area to specific their ideas and assist join them with readers. These neighborhood weblog websites present an viewers whereas permitting loads of room for personalisation and self expression. Use them to:

  • Develop your voice: Starting a weblog might be daunting. Use platforms like Medium and Tumblr to search out your voice, get some readers, and get clear about your imaginative and prescient.
  • Syndicate content material: If you do have a weblog, you should use neighborhood running a blog platforms to share, re-purpose, and re-post older content material and expose it to a brand new viewers.

Discussion websites

While most of us have seen many a heated dialogue occur on Facebook, dialogue websites like Reddit and Quora are particularly designed to spark a dialog. Anyone is free to ask a query or make a press release, and this attracts folks with shared pursuits and curiosities. However, not like Facebook and Instagram, customers have a tendency to provide out much less identifiable information. So how can these platforms assist what you are promoting?

  • Research: Reddit is made up of various sub-communities. With a little bit of analysis, you’ll find and have interaction folks in your subject, uncover what they’re asking, and use this as a place to begin to your content material advertising technique.
  • Answer questions: Quora customers ask all types of questions. Answering them might help set up you as a thought chief and drive extra visitors to your website.

Sharing economy networks

Websites like AirBnB and Rover are useful resources for more than just finding affordable vacation apartments or a pet sitter. Networks for the sharing economy connect those with resources they want to share with those in need. By combining resources in a way that wouldn’t be conceivable without technology, these communities offer opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

These social media platforms are used to connect with people (and brands) online. They support your company through lead generation, conversion, relationship building, social awareness, branding, and customer service. On these networks, you can direct different kinds of social media campaigns that will help you reach a wider audience. These social marketing networks provide a number of advantages, including the following: I They enable people and businesses to communicate online and share information and ideas to foster fruitful relationships.


(ii) If you are looking for the best ways to optimise ongoing marketing campaigns, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a choice of free and paid methods for doing so.

Media Sharing Networks: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube – Different Types of Social Media

Social networking platforms with media sharing capabilities are used to locate and share online images, live video, videos, and other types of media. Additionally, they will aid you with lead creation, target marketing, and other activities. So that target audiences can be identified and converted in the most persuading and result-driven manner possible, they provide consumers and companies with a location to discover and share media.

These capabilities are available on social networks nowadays as well, however the primary function of media sharing networks is the sharing of media. I It would be better for you to start with an image or video on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. (ii) You should think about your resources and target markets while deciding whether or not to use these networks for your firm. You may launch well-planned campaigns using these platforms to increase your audience and create leads.

Discussion Forums: Reddit, Quora, Digg

Types of social media

Use of quora in social media marketing

Social networking platforms with media sharing capabilities are used to locate and share online images, live video, videos, and other types of media. Additionally, they will aid you with lead creation, target marketing, and other activities. So that target audiences can be identified and converted in the most persuading and result-driven manner possible, they provide consumers and companies with a location to discover and share media. These capabilities are available on social networks nowadays as well, however the primary function of media sharing networks is the sharing of media.

  • It would be better for you to start with an image or video on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.
  • You should think about your resources and target markets while deciding whether or not to use these networks for your firm.
  • You may launch well-planned campaigns using these platforms to increase your audience and create leads.

Bookmarking & Content Curation Networks: Pinterest, Flipboard

Choosing these social media platforms will enable you to discover, share, discuss, and save a selection of recent information and media that are also trending. They are quite beneficial for spreading brand recognition for your company, and selecting this one to carry out various Social Media Marketing campaigns can aid in increasing website traffic and client interaction. This is the greatest option if you want to conduct some unconventional, extremely creative advertisements that can both inform and entice your audience.

  •  You must a bookmark-friendly website in order to execute a Social Media campaign on Pinterest. For the feeds used by Bookmarking and Content Curation Networks to access and share your content, you should optimise your headlines and images.
  • Flipboard gives you the option to build your own Flipboard magazine utilising the most captivating content, which you can then show off to your viewers.

Consumer Review Networks: Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor

You can learn, discuss, and review various details about a variety of goods, services, or brands by using customer review networks. Positive evaluations increase the credibility of a company’s claims when they appear on these networks since they serve as Social Proof. Today’s businesses need positive evaluations on these platforms in order to operate successful social media marketing campaigns. Another thing that will be crucial for the success and productivity of your company is to address all the complaints that your consumers are submitting on these review platforms.

  • Users of these networks have access to a space where they may provide reviews of various goods and services they have used.
  • Any brand will benefit greatly from review content because it will encourage more and more potential customers to try out your services.
  • You can launch location-based social media campaigns using Yelp and Zomato, two different sorts of social media networks that provide location-based review services.


Blogging & Publishing Networks: WordPress, Tumblr, Medium – Different Types of Social Media

These social media platforms are the best ones to use for creating, finding, and commenting on online articles, blogs, and other information. One of the most effective ways to target, attract, engage, and convert a target audience is through content marketing. It will serve as the cornerstone of effective online marketing efforts and be crucial to conversion funnels in digital marketing campaigns. The conventional blogging platforms include WordPress and Blogger, while the most recent blogging and publishing networks are Tumblr (a microblogging service) and Medium (a social publishing platform).

  • These networks are essential for companies that wish to employ content marketing efficiently. In addition, you may post this content on a number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.
  • The content you utilise on these networks can also help you carve out a market niche for your company, and people looking for information in that market niche will undoubtedly visit your blog or website.

Social Shopping Networks: Polyvore, Etsy, Fancy

Such Social Media networks are for you if you want to learn about the newest marketing trends or want purchasing advice. Additionally, they assist you in making purchases on these Social Shopping networks, sharing fascinating content, and following various businesses. Such social media platforms can be used by businesses to promote their brands, increase interaction, and sell items on fresh, efficient channels. These platforms change e-commerce by enhancing it with attractive social components.

  • To make the most of these networks, you should build a website that combines social and retail functions.
  • Since small firms and startups can sell their products without a physical office or store, these networks are incredibly result-driven for them.

Interest-Based Networks: Goodreads, Houzz, Last.fm

You can connect with people who share your interests or hobbies using these types of social media platforms. You can quickly locate the audiences who are eager to learn more about the various goods and services you provide. This makes it one of the top networks for interacting with your audience and establishing a unique online identity. Using interest-based networks would enable you to execute a more targeted campaign when compared to major social networks.

  • Selecting these networks will enable you to concentrate only on a single good or service associated with any certain topic, such as home furnishings, digital marketing training, music, books, etc.
  • These networks are the ideal venues for connecting with audiences in a certain niche.


FAQs – Different Types of Social Media

1. What are the 6 types of social media?

Not only are social media behemoths like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter involved? That’s why we’ve compiled a thorough overview of all the various social networking platforms.

2. What are the 7 functions of social media?

Identity (social media accounts), Conversations (comments, calling features, etc.), Sharing are the 7 functions of social media (pictures, videos, information, etc.), Relationships (seeking and sustaining relationships), Reputation (social status), and Groups are the four pillars of presence (social influence) (communities and sub communities).

3. What are the features of social media?

Varied social media platforms offer different functionalities, which can include publishing news, sharing reviews, sharing photos, videos, and music, as well as promoting interests and hobbies.

4. What are the benefits of social media?

You can use social media to spread knowledge, develop connections, share your expertise, connect with followers or peers, gather data for market research, establish your authority in your field, and more. Varied social media sites have different user bases and perform various functions. You might choose to target specific groups based on your business and marketing objectives.

Summing Up – Different Types of Social Media

As we wrap up this essay, let’s discuss a few additional social media platforms that, while less well-known than the ones mentioned above, may nevertheless have an influence if your company is a good fit for them. The first item on the list is a sharing economy network, such as Airbnb, Uber, or TaskRabbit, which enables peer-to-peer advertising, buying, selling, sharing, and trading of a variety of goods and services. Then there are certain anonymous social networks like Whisper, After School, and Ask.fm, which are typically used for complaining, gossiping, and spying activities. These social media networks are not going to help your business much, but you can use them if you want to post something anonymously.

You can discover which network best suits your brand and how you can use these platforms to reach your company goals now that you are aware of the many social media platforms and fully comprehend the opportunities you have with each. Check out these playlists on our YouTube channel if you want to learn more about how to use big social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to your advantage: – YouTube tutorials – Facebook marketing tutorials – Instagram marketing tutorials Every week, we publish new videos that go in-depth on various facets of growing on these social media networks. Check out our really helpful community here if you want to continue the discussion and learn from 25,000 other marketers and creators just like you.