Digital Marketing Strategy for Competitive Market

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Visibility in the online world is all that matters. If you’ve created a new website, you’ll likely aim to get maximum visibility. As visibility increases traffic also increases. Many factors affect SEO rankings.
Choosing the right, web hosting is also important for website ranking, performance, and online appearance.
When more people are interested in your website, this leads to sharing on social media and other platforms with them. This all leads to your website generating more traffic. Getting listed on Google and the other popular search engines are one of the most effective ways to direct targeted traffic to your website, free (or more accurately unpaid).
Search engines such as Google, Bing or Yandex use their indexing robots to browse and record content from random websites. This process is done automatically, so if you specifically forbid
search engines to index your website, they will eventually find it. It could take a while, though.
With around 380 new websites created every minute, even the estimated number of websites built every day is huge and it takes months to index all of them. There is no guarantee that robots will find all of the pages, too.
Following is the list of popular search engines and directories you use to submit your website.

Top 50 Search Engine Sites to Submit your websites with their MOZ Ranking are as follows


Additional Search Engine Resources

Most search engines have specific ways to submit web pages to their index. Here are links to the official search engine pages to submit your site to:
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