Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye

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9 Undeniable Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on for 2023

In March 2020, the pandemic hit the world and everyone was caught off guard. It also made a mark in terms of mandating digital adoption for almost all businesses. It was the only way to maintain that influx of cash and a strong market presence. Two years later, things have taken a drastic turn.

Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye

Whether you talk about lead generation, improving brand awareness, or whether you want to get response sales funnel; the last two years witnessed a major shift. And, many new forms will continue to be so in 2023.

Let’s now take a look at some of the turkey trends that are likely to shape the digital landscape this year.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

UX Statistics

  • The latest trend, ChatGPT, can evaluate user activity and forecast what people might require or desire from a digital productWith ChatGPT’s 570 GB of text in its training dataset, this information may be leveraged to improve the user experience, making it more tailored and user-friendly.
  • 28% of small businesses still don’t have a website.
  • 94% of first impressions of a brand’s website relate to its design.


Featured Snippets in Google Search

Any time you search for something, you see those brief little excerpts appear in the SERPs. Mostly they tend to answer FAQs. Search engines automatically pull the content from indexed pages of a site as a featured snippet.

Other common featured snippets types include – tables, steps, lists, definitions, etc. They offer an excellent opportunity to secure more clicks even if you don’t have higher Google Rankings.

In fact, featured snippets tend to get about 8% of all organic clicks. So, if you can manage to secure your content in this section, you could give a serious boost to your organic CTR rate.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Many industries are already using AI to automate so many of their business processes. Marketing is no exception to that. The main purpose of artificial intelligence is to automate repetitive tasks. It could be data reporting, analytics, crunching numbers, and keyword recommendations.

Aside from that, many courses and degree programs already specialize in Advanced AI. This includes the artificial intelligence MBA program, AI course certificate, and many more.

A growing number of marketers are using artificial intelligence to build ecosystems that better predict the future. These models take into account things like browsing history and previous purchases to make such predictions. Another way in which AI is revolutionizing marketing is via AI-powered content writers. Take Jasper, for example. It’s the best AI content writer software you could use.

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Going forward, artificial intelligence will work in conjunction with SEO techniques to boost paid search as well as organic rankings.


Audio-visual Content

A few years ago, Google emphasized the ‘mobile-first’ concept. Now with better data plans and 5G in the making, streaming video content is easier than ever. What’s more, people love to record short reels and watch TikTok videos on the go. We can see a growing appetite for consumers to consume audio-visual content.

And so, video marketing will be a huge part of 2023’s digital marketing trends; including YouTube. So, if you’re yet to dabble in the video production department, now is the time to start considering it.


Hybrid Gatherings and Events

These events combine the ‘virtual’ component with the ‘live’ event that’s happening. Think of virtual conferences, trade shows, seminars, meetings, workshops, etc. Hybrid events are gaining more popularity because they are a lot cheaper to orchestrate than traditional events.

They also encourage the participation of people from around the globe who cannot buy expensive plane tickets to see the event. Hybrid events are also environment-friendly as they reduce the carbon footprint of the event.

What’s more, they also help with social distancing, food and beverage cost reduction, and biosecurity.



Geofencing essentially involves triggering a certain action the moment a person with a mobile device enters a defined location. For example, the moment you enter a retail shop or a hospitality business, you may receive notifications, coupons, security alerts, and other engagement features. Businesses are getting creative in terms of using geofencing to exploit endless marketing opportunities.

You can set up a geofencing perimeter so that anytime a customer is in some other establishment, you can encourage them to walk into your retail store. You could further lure them in by pushing coupons. In 2023, geofencing is going to be big among serious marketers. You can check geofencing companies also.


User’s Experience or UX

According to a Groovemail review, the world of UX design is likely to go forward in ways that go beyond just the metrics. There would be a huge focus on human beings for whom the UX is designed; rather than just attracting favourable metrics.

Here are some of the User Experience design trends that 2023 is expected to bring.

  • Personalised experiences
  • Interactive cursor placement
  • Micro-interactions
  • Dark mode
  • Integration of virtual and augmented reality
  • Gaming experiences
  • New 3D tools

Quantum Computing

Big data has been a topic of discussion for several years now. But, now it’s going to be a practical part of marketing. The information is growing bigger which means there’s a need for more powerful transistors and more ones and zeros to process that mountain of information.

But, classical computers are unable to process such complex information and offer a solution to complicated issues. This is where quantum computers come into the picture. While it’s still all very abstract, once in full gear, it will be a game-changer for almost every industry. It will change the way we make new materials, market products, explore space, safeguard data, predict climate change and weather forecasts, etc.

It’s a matter of time before quantum computing allows marketers to work with more efficiency and solve problems they didn’t even know existed.


Social Commerce

It’s one of the best tools to grow an eCommerce business. Social commerce uses social media channels to sell services and goods rather than relying only on e-commerce sites and standalone portals.

You basically promote a product link on social media that takes the user to the online commerce store.

Here are some social commerce trends to watch out for in 2023:

  • Frictionless experience for better loyalty
  • Micro-Influencers continuing to help with with brand promotion
  • More user-generated content
  • More use of AR, AI, and ML in the social commerce sphere
  • Conversational shopping aided by voice technology to become more popular
  • Low-priced goods to sell better on social platforms


Voice Search

For some time now, voice search has been a huge part of the marketing arena; thanks to search capabilities around Alexa and Siri. However, search engines still rely on written content to generate results even for verbal queries.

This has been frustrating the marketers as it often results in ‘zero-click searches’. There’s still no way to analyse traffic using Search Console or GA. But, in 2023, there’s expected to be a breakthrough in voice search and verbal queries for marketers.

Bottom Line – Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye

So, that was a quick recap of some of the biggest marketing trends that are likely to shape the year 2023 and beyond. Which trends do you think will make it big this year? Let us know!



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