Distinct Types of Internet Connections

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What Are the Distinct Types of Internet Connections You Must Be Well-Versed With?

There are various connections that can be used for internet access. All these connections come with their own range of speeds that can be used for various purposes. Here in this blog, you will learn about the distinct types of internet connections available in the market.

Dial-up connection

A dial–up connection is introduced between your ISP server and your computer through a modem. A dial-up connection is one of the cheapest and a traditional connection that isn’t preferred nowadays as this kind of connection is slow. To access the net in a dial-up connection, you require dialling a phone number on your personal computer, which is why it needs a telephone connection. This needs a modem to set up the dial-up connection, which would function as interference between the telephone line and the computer.

Broadband connection

A broadband connection is a high-speed internet connection that is quicker than traditional dial-up access. This is offered through either the telephone or cable composition. It does not need any telephone connection, and that is why here you can use the telephone as well as an internet connection simultaneously. Here in this connection, more than one individual can get hold of the internet network simultaneously.

This is a wide bandwidth data transmission system that transports various signals as well as traffic types. Here in this connection, the medium which is used is optical fibre cable, coaxial cable, twisted pair cable or radio.

DSL (digital subscriber line)

DSL’s full form is a digital subscriber line. This offers an internet network via the telephone network. DSL is a kind of broadband connection that is thoroughly on, and there are zero requirements to dial a number to connect. DSL connection uses a router to transport data and the speed of the connection ranges between 128 k and 8 Mbps based on the offered service. A DSL connection converts the data at five million bytes every second.

Internet Connectivity

The service by DSL can be simultaneously delivered with the wired phone service on the same telephone line owing to the high-frequency band for the data.


This is a kind of broadband access modem that offers quick access to an internet connection. The connection speed differs, meaning the speed may be different for uploading or downloading the data available online. This uses the cable modem to offer an internet connection and operates on the cable television lines. Cable speed connection ranges anywhere between 512k and 20 Mbps.

Satellite connection

This kind of connection is offered majorly in rural regions where the broadband network is not available. This allows access to the internet network through a satellite that is present in orbit of the earth. The signal traverses from a good long distance to the satellite from the earth and back again, which tends to offer a delayed internet network. Satellite connection speeds usually range between 512 k and 2 Mbps. Ships use satellite connections for communication.

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Wireless connection

As suggested by the name, a wireless connection does not use telephone lines/cables to connect to the internet. A wireless connection uses a radio frequency band for connecting to the internet connection. Also, it is always on the connection, which can be easily accessed at any time. However, the available speed might differ for distinct regions. It usually ranges between 5 Mbps to20 Mbps.


Cellular technology endows wireless internet access via cell phones. Speed might differ based on the internet service provider. The most common ones are 3G-4G, i.e., 3rd and 4th generation. The 3G cellular speed is nearly 2 Mbps, and the 4 G cellular internet network is nearly 21 Mbps, wherein the aim of 4G is to attain high mobile speeds of up to 100 Mbps. However, the present speed of 4G is 21 Mbps.


ISDN’s full form is an integrated service digital network. This is a circuit-switched network system, which is telephone linked, but it offers access to a packet-switched network. This transmits both data and voices over the digital line. This even offers a packet-switched connection for the data in increments equaling 64 kilobytes per second.

ISDN connection offers higher quality and better speed than the conventional connection. This provides a maximum bandwidth of 128 kilobytes per second in both the downstream and upstream directions.

Internet leased line

Internet leased line serves as a dedicated data connection that has a fixed bandwidth. This line allows medium, small, and big businesses to connect to the internet in a reliable, secure, and highly efficient way with maximum download resilience, capacity, and uptime.


Many smartphones and cell phone providers provide voice plans along with internet access. Note that a mobile internet connection offers good speed and enables you to simply access the internet network easily.

WIFI hotspot

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WIFI hotspots serve as a site that endows internet access over a WLAN which is also known as a wireless local area network through a router which connects to the internet service provider or ISP. Hotspots use WIFI technology, which permits electronic devices to connect to the internet or exchange data through wireless mode via radio waves. Hotspots may be phone-based, commercial, or free-standing in nature.


Options for internet connection differ based on the availability of internet service providers and by region. You as a customer must consider a few of the crucial parameters before choosing an internet connection, such as internet package, connection bandwidth or speed, reliability, cost, availability, and convenience. To decide which internet plan is best for you, it is recommended that you review the different types of internet connections as well as connection speeds that are available in the market.

When deciding between the internet speed and the internet connection kind, it is crucial to understand the distinction between each connection.

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