Top Free DIVI Child Themes for WordPress

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Top Free DIVI Child Themes for WordPress to download in 2022

Growing websites used to be exclusively the domain of programmers. Fortunately, you can quickly create an internet presence nowadays without much technological knowledge. It does, however, provide certain difficulties. Starting a website from scratch is complicated, even when using WordPress. You need a top-notch net design in this cutthroat business. Additionally, search engine optimization-ready architecture, intuitive human skills, and optimised pages are required. Thankfully, visual web page builders are improving and becoming more sophisticated. Drag and drop capabilities make creating web pages even easier.

Web page builders can save a tonne of time and work when used in conjunction with very effective WordPress solutions. not to mention keeping your expenses constant throughout the budget. A Divi child theme is your best option if you’re looking for an efficient and straightforward way to build your own website, especially if it’s free! The unique beauty of Divi’s child themes is that you may build a website using them without any coding or web design experience. They are also created as pre-built website templates.

You can construct a pre-built website template that can be applied to another new Divi website by using a Divi child theme, which inherits the functionality and styling of a parent Divi theme. Within the collection of Divi themes examples, Divi now offers more than 300 child themes, both free and premium. The price range for premium themes is 25 to 150 euros. However, if you decide to give it a shot, you may start with a free Divi Child theme that is available to download without charge. Let’s look at their top selections.

What is Divi?

Top Free DIVI Child Themes for WordPress

Elegant Themes developed divi to offer the most intuitive net web page growth to anybody. More than only a theme, it is an evident constructing framework that goals to switch the usual WordPress editor. The web page builder permits you to lengthen the functionalities of WordPress without having to study to code. You can add effects, design elements, animations, and extra. The drag and drop constructing mechanism totally takes benefit of true visible enhancing. Those with growth expertise can customize net pages additional. You can simply add customized CSS to create superior controls. There are dozens of unique web page components with hundreds of design choices that present infinite prospects.

Advantage of utilizing Divi Child Theme

One of Divi’s biggest advantages is the abundance of child themes that are accessible through third-party builders. Additionally, many developers offer free child themes that can be used on nearly any website. We’ll examine various free Divi child themes in this article. There is no set order for them. Are you a Divi developer or designer? Here at Divi Cake, we enjoy helping the Divi community, so if you have any Divi child themes you’d like us to highlight in a future post, please leave a description and a link in the comments! Being able to employ a variety of outstanding web design materials is one of the nicest aspects about using Divi. Most likely at the top of the list among these sources are topics involving children.

One of the best Divi development businesses in the world carefully crafts child themes that handle the labor-intensive aspects of creating websites, such as aspect style, design, font selection, and structure design. You may devote more time to the other crucial facets of website development, such as cross-browser testing, search engine optimization, and page speed and performance, by using a child theme on your Divi website design. We’ll highlight some of the best free Divi child themes in the next article for you to use on your upcoming website. If you’re unfamiliar with Divi, it won’t harm to try out one of these free Divi child themes.

A thorough Divi 4.0 guide is available on Collectiveray if you want to learn more about Divi.

Best Divi Child Themes to download for free

There are 13 totally different classes you can select from in the event you determine to use a free Divi child theme. For a few of them, you may be requested to sign up earlier than downloading it; however, that’s all it takes to begin utilizing it. We got here up with our top free Divi Child Themes record.

What is a child theme, and why I’ll use a child theme?

A WordPress tiny theme is a theme that utilizes the parent WordPress theme’s performance and core type. That implies that you may create a child theme to swap between as needed while keeping the parent theme’s core kinds and functionality if you’re using a parent WordPress theme. You won’t lose the ability to replace your parent theme if you use a child theme and customize it to fit your particular style and performance. Your customized typography and performance would be equal if you replaced your parent theme at any moment. If you don’t use any other theme and replace your current one, you’ll lose all your personalized features and functionality. That is why a child theme is required.

Divi is a superb WordPress website theme with a highly effective web page builder and one of the most selling WordPress themes available in the market. If you already use the Divi theme, you know the way cool the theme is! You could make any type of website using the Divi theme and builder. You do not have to have any coding abilities to make a website if you use Divi. There are many Divi child themes from third events, and there are additionally some free Divi child themes.


Divi Resume – Free Child Theme for Divi

Divi resume is a really stunning free child theme for portfolio and artistic designers who wish to showcase the best works with the website. This minimal design child theme can also be good for freelancers and enterprises. I really like the banner design of this free child theme. You can see if the demo it’s an excellent match for you or not. Demo + Download

Krier creative free Divi child theme

Top Free DIVI Child Themes for WordPress - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers Krier inventive is a Four pages Divi free child theme for inventive businesses. This is a responsive divide child theme, and it’ll completely match each machine with iPhone and iPad. If you’re an inventive designer, freelancer, or developer, this child theme will be nice for you. This Divi child theme could be obvious and delightful. The developer stated it’s format equipment, not a child theme. You could make any design and website with this free Divi format equipment (child theme). It has a touchdown web page, about us web page, providers web page, and speaks to the web page. You can add new pages in case you assume you want on your website by this child theme. Demo + Download

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Corpo Divi child theme

Corpo is an enterprise child theme with a black and yellow and black shade scheme. This child theme has an excellent banner with CTA. Divibay designed the Divi child theme for enterprise, company, skilled, and startup makes use. This Four page Divi child theme will give your website a really skilled look. If you wish to make an entire enterprise website on Divi, this child theme can save you time. Demo + Download

Divi All Purpose Child Theme

The Divi All Purpose Child Theme is a free divi child theme that may be used for various purposes. This free divi child theme has four fully different house web page designs. A default home page, yoga homepage, espresso homepage, and journey homepage are all included. This child theme’s weblog web page type will blow your mind. They’ve designed the divi child theme’s blog page in a really creative way. You could even enjoy the one-of-a-kind weblog submission format.

The sidebar can be useful as well. I can honestly state that it’s an amazing format, and you’ll get all of them for free. It has a custom footer and header design that matches the theme style. With the child theme, you’ll get a service page as well as a testimonial page. If you look at the free divi child theme, I think you’ll find it useful.

Demo + Download

Divi Business child theme

Divi Business is a free Divi child theme for enterprise websites. This is a really high-quality child theme for inventive businesses. This fashionable {and professional} design child theme will give your Divi website a surprising look. The one-click setup function will give your subsequent challenge a soar begin. This child theme comes with 6 pages. It has a {custom} overlay hover results and makes your website look superior. The design of the footer can also be nice. Demo + Download

Moody free Divi child theme

Modi is a Divi child theme for businesses and firms that is completely free. This child theme’s design is clean and trendy, and it may give your website a premium look and feel while maintaining a user-friendly interface. This Divi child theme includes a lot of options for motion and hovers effects. They created two homepage versions, and each residence page has a fantastic slider with text and buttons.

They included every basic web page you’ll need for your business website. If you want to do blogging with the website, you won’t want to overlook the blog page. If you’re building a business website, I hope you enjoy this free Divi child theme. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the greatest free Divi child themes. If you know of any more free Divi child themes that I haven’t mentioned in this article, please let me know. I’ll try to include the divi free child theme that you mentioned.

Demo + Download


LoveDivi’s Amped is a one-page all-purpose design. It’s made up of many full-width parallax backdrops with stylized title textual information in the overlays. Other sections include a call to action, a photo gallery with a link to see more, themed individual modules, and an area for partner logos that leads to the footer. A parallax contact type can also be placed above a photo. It’s an excellent option for indicating services or items on any website.


Best Divi Child’s Landing is a multi-purpose one-page child theme. Over a full-screen backdrop photo, it places a title, description, and two buttons. When you scroll down, you’ll see an eye-catching CTA with a slider on one side and textual material on the other. The textual content is divided into three titles, each containing the written content for that title.

Throughout the design, attention-getting dividers are used as highlights. It also has a challenging section, amount counters, bar counters to demonstrate abilities with an embedded video, blurbs with hover animation, and advanced tasks section, group members, and much more. There are some amazing hover animations in the weblog section. It’s an excellent option for any creative group.


The image is a Candy Themes one-page image theme. It has a parallax full-width slider. A two-column information section has an image on one side and textual content on the other. The image portfolio is presented in the form of a photo gallery.

Counters are used to display statistics of entirely satisfied customers. Testimonials have a stylish style, with text and images overlaying a parallax backdrop image with a dark overlay. It also has a blog section, a contact form, and contact information with icons. It’s a great option for a portfolio, a blog, or a freelancer website.


LoveDivi’s Altitude is a one-page all-purpose design. It’s made out of a variety of single-column backgrounds with two-column alternating overlays and a handful of my favorite colors to generate various design angles and evoke images of the rough outdoors. Large sections of textual information that are easily visible overlap the columns. It’s even made up of overlapping photos. It’s a wonderful choice for any website that wants to showcase the beautiful outdoors.


Julio is a child theme from Global Mente that can be used for a variety of purposes. It has a lot of pages on it. A full-width slider, blurbs, a full-width challenge section, and a CTA can all be found on the home page. Pricing tables, toggles, blurbs, tabs, counters, individual modules, and more are among the many themed modules available. For creative firms and freelancers, the design is great.

Idea from the past

Sunflower Child Themes’ Vintage Idea was created to help you grow your business. It has four pages with a stylish color pattern that runs through the backgrounds and icons. The name of the motion button in the menu draws attention to the location where it is needed. To the class, a styled subscription field and a talk to kind have been added. It’s a fantastic option for companies and organizations.

Multi-Purpose DP Moody

DP Moody Multi-Purpose is a portfolio indicator created for enterprises and online businesses. It has 10 pages, including two distinct home page styles and an about page, services, portfolio, blog, gallery, FAQ, 404, and contact page. Pages contain a variety of styled modules with hover and animation effects. It features a unique menu and a footer with several social icons.


Yellow is a one-page child theme that works well for online businesses. It uses a bold yellow color design and focuses on tasks and suppliers. The hero section features a CTA with photos that link to the other sections. The design of a bit about the firm is similar to blurbs. Several sections contain information on the company. The providers and courses are presented in a variety of blurbs. It also has a gallery for the challenge, individual modules for the group, and a stylized contact section. Hover results appear in almost every module.

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Divi All Purpose


Divi All-Purpose was designed to create any sort of enterprise website. It comes with 6 pages and consists of Four completely different dwelling web page designs for enterprise, espresso, journey, and yoga websites. Backgrounds embody numerous styled patterns. Sections have numerous rounded dividers. Blurbs make use of 2-colour icons. Other options embody a {custom} header, footer, and several weblog layouts.


Viso was created to be used in online publications. A full-screen hero image can be seen on the home page. The next section features circled images of classes or posts. It comes in two different weblog article formats. Both have a full-width image with a circled title and two columns of text. The first shows three related posts, whereas the second shows one on the web page’s backside. Circles encircle the related posts.

Blogger in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Blogger was created with fashion bloggers and YouTubers in mind. It’s a one-page design with a full-width background image and a CTA for the hero part within the overlay. The data is presented in a two-column style. Tilted photos are used to demonstrate topics. In the footer, there’s a full-width image with contact information overlayed.

Business Professionalism

Professional Business was created for every type of business, including startups, small and medium businesses, and portfolios. It has over a dozen pages, including two home pages, two about pages, three service pages, three portfolio pages, two group pages, two testimonial pages, 404, FAQ, and a lot more. Numerous themed modules with hover results can be found on the sites. Particle results, social symbols, and a custom testimonial slider are also featured.

Charity Theme by Divi

The Divi Charity Theme was created for any philanthropic organization, including non-profits, churches, political events, and more. It has over ten pages, including a gallery, a blog, and services, several themed modules with hover results, a 404 page, and so on.


Industrial is a versatile theme for any building or similar business. The layout is perfect for showing crucial business elements such as services, team members, testimonials, and more. The homepage is divided into several areas where you can highlight various types of content. Additionally, for better brand identification, you can place your logo in the primary navigation section. Even on tiny cellular devices, the child theme flows beautifully.

It guarantees that your company’s key features are prominently displayed. It also has a bespoke cellular menu that you may personalize for a better experience. The menu bar, menu background, and even the text colors can all be customized. You can also create a sticky cellular menu to make navigating on small screens easier.


Restaurant Theme by Divi

The Divi Restaurant theme was created for restaurants, bars, and other food-related businesses. It has a modern and professional design language that perfectly complements your restaurant. The theme has a lovely and clean parallax design that looks amazing when scrolling. To expand your online presence, it is simple to develop appealing web pages. With Divi as the theme’s foundation, you can easily alter any web page and component.

Because of the theme bundle, you may build your website in a matter of minutes. It comes with over 15 pre-built pages, including Home, About, Blog, Contacts, Gallery, and more. You can even construct professional-looking menus that feature your specials and a variety of options. With the supplied simple weblog design, you can keep your regular consumers up to date.


All-Purpose Divi

Divi All Purpose, like its name suggests, aims to suit a wide range of uses, from company websites to online portfolios. It includes all of the essential elements of a web page, allowing you to create the ideal online presence for your needs. The adaptable child theme can be used over and over again without having to repeat design languages. It already has four different types of home pages that you can easily change.

It also includes six pages, in addition to the home pages, that you can publish rapidly. Simply type in your content, such as texts, photos, and videos. It also includes a custom-designed header and footer. You may also post updates without cluttering your website with content, thanks to the clean blog feed. You won’t have to worry about adapting your website to different devices because it’s mobile-friendly.


Business Divination

Divi Business is the perfect option if you want your website to have a more professional look and feel. It is made up of six pages that you can easily change and reuse. The theme includes an extremely effective hero section, similar to a couple of the kid themes on our list, that can surely capture the attention of any potential clients.

You can include a short sign-up section, in addition to the written content, background photo with shade overlay, and buttons to ensure that your leads become clients. The rest of the pages combine a strong base palette with an accent color that complements other aspects of the website. Each component will have animations activated when the client clicks, scrolls, or hovers over it. The theme also includes a pricing page that is ready to use. All you need is your content, and you’re good to go.

The Blue Sea

Mar Azul was established specifically for online coaches, health consultants, lifestyle gurus, and other related professionals. The dynamic Divi child theme assures that your website visitors will most likely become paying customers. A video background, great branding, and textual content content material make up the hero section. As a result, you can make an immediate impression on your customers within the first few seconds of visiting your website.

The entire website has a unique format design that reflects the personality of your business. You may easily add content to various parts of the web pages to tell an engaging story. You can also include customer testimonials, sign-up forms, and other features. It also has more than seven distinct pages that you can personalize to fit your personal style.

Free DIVI Child Themes for WordPress  – Conclusion

You can create websites using only the Divi theme and never writing a single line of code. Its simple drag-and-drop features ensure that you are concentrating on your design in order to get a pixel-perfect net model of your model. But with so many options already built into the theme bundle, it could be confusing, especially if you don’t know where to start. The child themes mentioned above will make starting out easy for you.

You should use one of their pre-made pages as the foundation for your design. It takes no time at all to customise because Divi powers it. You can also play with a variety of settings, animations, and other page elements that could improve your website. We hope our checklist was helpful to you in choosing the top Divi child theme. You’ll find the ideal child theme that can exactly meet your use case, whether you desire a personal website, a professional corporate website, or an online presence for your business.


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