Easy Steps for Finding a Work Mentor in Your Field

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Easy Steps for Finding a Work Mentor in Your Field

Many think they’re on their own once they get into the working world. Whether running a blog or clocking in at a corporate office, they must figure everything out for themselves. This isn’t true and can lead to burnout, even if you love your chosen field. Finding a work mentor in your field to help guide you through the early years of your profession can help. Keep reading to learn some easy steps for finding that mentor.

Easy Steps for Finding a Work Mentor in Your Field

Find Inspiring People in Your Network

Who do you already know in your field that has more experience than you? Do you find them inspiring? These people are your best potential mentors. You already have a connection with them and find them personally and professionally inspiring. While you can look outside your network for a mentor or start networking with more people to try and find a mentor, the people already in your life are the best place to start.

Sell Yourself

Unless you’re finding your mentor through a designated mentor program, the person you want to mentor you probably isn’t thinking about mentorship. Schedule an in-person or video meeting so you can sell yourself face-to-face and get them on the same page as you. Explain more about who you are, personally and professionally, and how they inspire you. Point out how a mentoring relationship can benefit you both. Graciously take no for an answer or give them time to think about this new relationship if they’re not immediately ready to say yes.

Create a Plan

A potential mentor may ask about your plans for these meetings and growth. Even if they don’t ask, creating a plan is a good way to keep your mentorship on track and ensure you grow. Plans should include how often you’ll meet, whether in-person or virtually, specific goals you have and a potential end date. Mentorships are a great way to prevent corporate burnout, but most can’t last forever. An end date also offers both of you an out if the relationship isn’t working as planned.

These easy steps can help connect you with a work mentor in your field who can take your career to the next level. If your first choice of a mentor doesn’t work out, consider who else is available and whether a constructive relationship will benefit you both. While being a mentee or a mentor isn’t easy, the relationship has its benefits and can help you both grow.

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