Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

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Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Many people love protecting the environment. However, it might not be so eco-friendly when moving from one place to another. Because the process is full of challenges, some office movers are not kind to the environment, and most packing materials create a lot of waste.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have an eco-friendly move. Whether you are moving your office items or you have a mountain of household boxes, there are several ways to protect the environment as you move.

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Below are some of the best ways to reduce waste and relocate in an eco-friendly way.

9 Eco-friendly moving tips to consider

1. Downsize

Moving is an excellent way to start afresh. Although it may be tempting to put everything in your boxes and move, downsizing is a perfect way to protect the environment.

Packing everything you have means you will take more time to load, use many packing materials, and later throw away the thing you do not need in the future. But downsizing before you move comes with numerous benefits.

First, you will have a chance to decide what you need in the new home. If you find things you do not need, there are various ways to get rid of them.

Also, downsizing means having few boxes and a more organized move. Hence, you will use less energy, less gas, and less packing material when you only move what is necessary.

Though it will take more time and effort, you will mind the environment and be happy when you move to the new house with the things you need and love.

2. Gift, donate or sell some items

After sorting out the items you need to move to the new place, great ways to care for the environment are gifting, donating, or selling things you do not need.

Gift – gift your friends or relatives valuable items that you are not taking with you. It shows you care for your friends and the environment.

Donate – if you have other valuable items such as electronic devices, furniture, clothes, books, toys, and food, you can donate them to needy organizations. Some of the organizations may even come for the items at your home.

Sell – you can organize a garage sale or sell the items online. The money you get will help with your moving budget.

3. Look for free re-useable cardboard boxes

An average move takes 60 to 70 boxes. But it depends on the size of your house and the things you need to relocate. So, before you purchase the moving boxes, look for free ones.

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Typically cardboard boxes are used three to four moves. They are suitable packing materials, but they are not easy to store. Thus, many people would like to give them out after moving.

Contact your friends or relative who has moved recently or online at sites such as Nexdoor and Craigslist to search for free re-usable cardboard boxes. After moving, make sure you pass them to other movers.

4. Get rid of any hazardous materials in an eco-friendly way

When moving, the worst thing you can do to the environment is dispose of the wrong items harmful to the environment. Keep in mind that  commercial movers will not move any dangerous things. Therefore, you need to dispose of such items in an eco-friendly manner.

Some of the materials that are not good for the environment include corrosive, flammable, or explosive items such as gasoline, acids, kerosene, diesel fuel, engine oil, motor oil, fertilizers, pesticides, paints, weed killers, and many others.

It would help if you were very careful how you dispose of any of the above items. Make your move an eco-friendly one by discarding the materials in a good way. Also, it would help if you were cautious when disposing of old batteries.

It is also good to give away things that are forbidden to be moved by the movers. But if you are not sure what you should do with the dangerous items, you can contact your local environmental protection agency for advice.

5. Rent re-useable crates or boxes

Plastic crates are some of the best packing materials you can consider when moving. You can use them up to 400 times, making them the better eco-friendly option for moving.

Since they are durable and sturdy plastic, they are great for local moving. A moving company will drop them at your current home and then pick them later at your new home. Other companies ask you to pick and then return once after moving.

6. Consider eco-friendly packing materials

Another eco-friendly moving tip is using eco-friendly packing materials. Some items you can consider include newsprint, blankets, and Kraft paper to pad your belongings.

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

You can also save money when you do not rent moving blankets but instead use duvets, sheets, towels, and other household items.

7. Purchase paper tape instead of plastic tape

Like you have avoided plastic bubble wrap, you also need to avoid using plastic tape. Consider paper tape over the plastic tape. The paper tape is practical and more eco-friendly to use.

8. Hire an eco-friendly moving company

An excellent way to make your relocation move eco-friendly is to involve a professional moving company that minds the environment. Happily, many movers, such as NYC movers, care about the environment.

One of the best ways to ensure you hire an eco-friendly moving company is to ask them what measures they observe to care for the environment. If a company shows green moving services, they care for the environment and world resources.

9. Stay green after moving

You have hired an eco-friendly company, gifted or donated some items, and disposed of dangerous materials in a friendly way; you are a true champion.

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Since you have proven that you care for the environment, staying green is a good option after relocating to a new home.

Some of the things you need to do to continue being an environmentally friendly person include:

  • Keep cardboard boxes for your next move.
  • Using re-storage containers.
  • Giving away packing materials that are still usable to friends and people in need.
  • Recycling packing supplies.
  • Cleaning the new house with eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Bottom-line – Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Moving in an eco-friendly way is an excellent way of protecting the environment. From hiring an eco-friendly moving company to checking the packing materials you use, these are remarkable ways to save the environment.

However, planning an eco-friendly move is just the beginning. You need to ensure you, your family, and the people around you live a greener and more ecological lifestyle.


  1. It is necessary for all of us to make sure to reduce plastic waste and the tips you have shared with us are a step towards a better future.

  2. It is necessary for all of us to make sure to reduce plastic waste and the tips you have shared with us are a step towards a better future.

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