Emerging Technology Trends Set to Rule in 2022

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Emerging Technology Trends Set to Rule in 2022 – Full Guide

The contributing factors:

If we look at the last couple of years’ timeline, the technology domain has seen some unprecedented changes in demand, consumer behavior, digital transformation drive, automation, digitalization and many other such aspects of the business. Not only has there been an increased demand for technology solutions amongst the customers and open market, but the enterprises have set course towards a digital world because of the ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the effects of Covid-19.

Emerging Technology Trends Set to Rule in 2022

Whether you look at the market trends or the statistical progress of digital enterprises or the number of Tech start-ups getting funding and unicorn titles, it is evident that Technology is dominating the world with its advancements and use cases. But, with increasing demand for technology, there also comes the challenge of constantly evolving technology and various technology trends that are emerging with the increasing demand.

Technology Trends:

Talking about technology trends, many different technologies are revolutionizing the business world. For instance, there are cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and IoT that are helping enterprises in increasing business efficiency and provide capabilities such as micro personalization and predictive analytics to increase customer satisfaction rate and profitability.

Apart from that, various other technology solutions are used for effective data security and management such as Blockchain and Mobile Device Management software solutions. Along with these, enterprises are heavily relying on Robotic Process Automation solutions and custom web applications USA to integrate process automation and create a connected and personalized IT infrastructure.

All these technologies have different applications, advantages and challenges for an enterprise. Not only that, the technologies can also have different end goals, use cases and impacts for each enterprise based on their personnel, business processes, end goals and target market. For instance, AI alone can be used for customer service, marketing, user experience personalization, manufacturing process governance and others. Thus, for an organization that has limited financial and human resources, how can one understand which technologies can provide optimum returns on investment?

To help you make this decision, we have created a list of emerging technologies that will have maximum impact in 2022. Along with that, we have also provided the possible application and business processes that a business can digitize and improvise using these technologies.

Emerging Technologies of 2022 and their effective applications:

Emerging Technology Trends Set to Rule in 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

If we are to consider technologies that have maximum applications and impact on manufacturing enterprises and giant corporations, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will top the chart for 2022! With the increasing need for process automation, production efficiency, customer experience personalization and data-driven decision intelligence, AI and ML are the driving forces that are essential to attain all these feats.

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Effective AI and ML applications:

  • Corporate governance
  • Data analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Real-time monitoring and response
  • Data Analytics

Enterprise and use AI for all these and more based on their needs and the end goals that they wish to attain.

Robotic Process Automation:

The base of Industrial Revolution 4.0 is data exchange and automation. With industries trying to digitize and automate their mundane manufacturing, customer service, packaging and other such aspects of the business, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will emerge as an essential technology for enterprises in 2022.

Right from reporting to initial communication to various business and production and inventory processes, RPA can be used to automate and connect all these processes and provide your human resources capabilities to focus on essential tasks. Along with that, RPA also removes all possibilities of human error from the targeted processes.

Effective Application of RPA:

  • Customer communication process automation
  • Data entry and data mining automation
  • Mundane Manufacturing task automation
  • Non-productive Operational task automation

With RPA, an enterprise can boost its efficiency, productivity, decision intelligence and profitability.

Industrial IoT:

Increasing interconnectivity and smart automation are the future of manufacturing and online businesses and Industrial IoT is all about that. For businesses that wish to create a smart factory with seamlessly interconnected processes, industrial IoT is the best bet in 2022. Right from real-time governance to creating smart applications and processes with the help of smart devices and AI, applications of industrial IoT are endless.

Effective applications of industrial IoT:

  • Creating digital data points
  • Smart applications and smart processes
  • To make automated and smart factory
  • Digital Data exchange without human interference
  • For effective corporate and manufacturing governance

With industrial IoT applications, businesses can truly personalize automation and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Data security is one of the biggest concerns for industries and domains across the globe. With more people interacting with businesses creating all sorts of sensitive data, enterprises are investing in Blockchain technologies that can help them establish decentralized ledgers for effective data security and secure data transfer. For industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, social media platforms and others that hold sensitive user data to manufacturing and service industries trying to protect their trade secrets, Blockchain can be used for all!

Cyber AI:

With enterprises and corporations digitizing their data and business processes, businesses are becoming prone to cyber threats. With the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks and data breaches in recent times, industries and enterprises are making hefty investments to fight these threats with Cyber AI solutions. The idea is not just to identify a breach attempt in real-time and respond to it, but to help evolve AI in identifying system vulnerabilities, create predictive models and ensure effective web governance with contingencies.

Metaverse and Web 3.0:

With privacy and data security being the need of the hour, 2022 will be an essential year for Web 3.0. Defining Web 3.0 in layman’s terms, it is an open version of the internet where technologies and applications will be used to create a data-driven and semantic web that provides a more personalized experience to internet users. Blurring the lines between physical and digital, Web 3.0 and Metaverse will create an inclusive web where people even from distant geographic regions can connect in a virtually created world of web.

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Effective Application of Metaverse and Web 3.0 in enterprises:

  • Creating effective data security with Blockchain
  • Connected offices and resources with Metaverse
  • Decentralized data distribution and effective access control
  • Delivering Immersive and realistic experiences to the customers and personnel on the web

With Metaverse and Web 3.0, corporations and enterprises with a global presence can connect on the web and have a realistic experience in a digitally created ecosystem.

Mobile Device Management Systems:

Landing back to the physical corporate hustle, with increased digitalization and enterprise mobility comes the need to protect the devices, data and essential digital assets. Adhering to these demands, there is an increased demand for Mobile Device Management systems that can help corporate enterprises establish effective governance and data control. With MDM systems, enterprises can gain remote access to the devices and can also create effective encryption to protect the sensitive data on the mobile devices from getting into the wrong hands.

Enterprise Mobile Applications:

Whether we talk about AI or IoT or ML or VR and AR applications, all these technologies require certain applications to interpret the data sent from the smart devices and also provide essential commands to these smart devices and applications. Along with that, there is also a need to connect various technology solutions and all these things can be done with personalized enterprise mobile applications USA. With the digital world and technologies emerging exponentially, Mobile Applications will become the cornerstone of the entire IT infrastructure.

Make futuristic investments that are aligned with your business goals:

While all these technologies have many different benefits and applications in various aspects of the business, to make informed decisions and profitable investments, you must invest in technologies that align with your future business goals and customer requirements.

To ensure that you make the right decision regarding technology solutions, what you need is a dedicated IT service provider that can collaborate with you as a technology partner and consult you in taking the right steps. Collaborate with an IT service provider that has a proven track record in your domain and an extensive portfolio of delivering futuristic and personalized enterprise solutions.

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